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The following is a non-profit fan-written story. Demon King Daimao and its characters are not owned by me, it's owned by Shotaro Mizuki, Artland, and Sentai Filmworks. Support the official release.

Author's Note:

I like the show, I reallly do. The characters are notable, the animation is crazy, and while the dub was supposedly rushed, it was also a blast. However, it does have writing issues, and other things that bothered me, so this fanfic is sort of my response of a second season, however, the focus is now officially switched for Keena's perspective, and for now, some characters are written off for the moment, and there might be retconning and an OC will be involved, as well.

While there may not be as big of a fan base, I'm mostly doing this for entertainment purposes, and I won't mind any criticism. Also, this is possibly my first time writing a major fanfic, but either way, I won't mind. Well, here it goes:

Chapter 1: A Notable Meeting

On a dessert setting, with no clouds on the sky, and a sun that's really bright, in plain land, and a road with no cars crossing around…however, the a red, modern-looking car suddenly appears, and inside the car, there are 3 figures, wearing balaclava masks and turns out, they're thieves, alongside 3 huge bags of money on the right seat of the driver's side.

The thieves all inside are whooping and hollering, as the one driving yells out "Oh, we really hitted the jackpot, guys! The cops just keep getting lazier these days!"

One in the backroom seat says "They're like referees in wrestling; they're just that blind, too!"

"C'mon, let's count the cash!" says the thief next to him.

The driver rolls his eyes and says "It's $60,000,000, genius, what's the point of counting 'em?"

"It helps to boost how awesome of a team we are, am I right, fellas?"

The driving thief laughs, "Sure, why n—huh?" He notices a small figure appearing behind through the wing mirror, riding a motorcycle. "Possible witness at 6 o'clock…"

The other thieves also see it, and one of the thieves in the back seat then says "Permission to shoot, sir?"

The driver then chuckles "We'll go beyond that…how about we use the Stovepipe, gentlemen?"

The two thieves look in confusion and one of them scratch his head, and then says "I don't recall ever bringing…whatever that is-" the driver then immediately says "Bazooka, guys, bazooka." The two thieves then go "Ohhhhh…" as they then slowly then pick up the large weapon and go out through the car window and points at the figure. "Locked and loaded, sir!"

The driver then responds "Since it has a heat seeker missile, there's no way it could fail, so…FIRE!" The thieves fire off the missile from the bazooka, going at the direction of the figure, as an explosion is heard and seen in that direction.

The thieves cheer in their success "HOLY HELL! It worked!" "Not only are we rich, but we got to see an explosion! It's like some sort of action movie shit going on now!" However, as they say this, the driver would look a bit terrified. "G-guys…l-look again…"

The two thieves in the back then sees that the person in motorcycle is flying and is already above them, then lading on the road in front of them, as they all looked shocked in terror and speechless, the person then takes out a wand, twirling it, casting a spell so that the motor stops running, stopping it shortly before the motorcycle.

"Who the hell is that, WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!", the driver freaks out, as the backseat thieves then load their pistols, leave the car and attempt to aim at the mysterious driver. One of them then says "This is like some Ghost Rider shit, you know, only no fire or chains!" "Is that supposed to be some sort of antenna to stop things?" "Don't matter, just shoot!"

They then try to shoot at the motorcycle driver, but once again, twirls the wand, but this time creates a shield to defend of the bullets, which get disintegrated when they hit the shield. Once again, the thieves looked scared and shocked, as the thief driver then gets out of the car and says "What sort of being are you?! Too secretive, huh?!" One of other two thieves then says "Dunno if that works, dude…".

The motorcycle driver then speaks "Oh, well since you said it…", as it turns out, that was said with a female voice, then takes off her helmet, revealing red hair, with small bangs, the back part of her hair tied with a hair band and two lock of hair sticking out from the top of the head.

"A girl?!" The three thieves then are a bit distraught.

"Oh, why yes, I'm a girl, and it's not polite to steal from other people, especially if it's money, I mean, the economy is still recovering and everything and that is just plain selfish, you know. Why not give the money back to the bank?"

The driver thief then responds "Like hell! You look too nice to beat us up, so you might need to get out of the way, or we'll do it for ya." The thieves grin from that last statement.

The girl then shrugs "I won't even use my magic. It'll be all fair, and you'll even throw the first punch. Go ahead."

One of the thieves then cracks his knuckles and says "I've punched girls in the stomach before, but maybe you'll be the first one to be hit in the face!" he then runs straight to her and attempts to punch her, but is able to catch the fist, as the thief yelps.

"I think I made a nice little catch, but your hands are dirty, so..." she then drags his arm and throws him to the ground. Then almost immediately, the other thieves attempt to attack her. She quickly jumps over both of them and kicks one of them in the stomach, causing him to fall on all fours, as the other thief tries to attempt to punch her, but she quickly slides below him and kicks him in the back, knocking him down.

The driver thief, lying on the ground, straining a bit, then says "Are you...a witch?" The girl then responds "My name is Keena Soga, and I'm just a girl with a sense of righteousness!"

Suddenly, a ringing noise is heard, as Keena is then seen waking up from her bed in her dorm room of the academy.

"Mng...another superhero dream...? Guess that means I'm still hopeful, yay!" She then looks at the clock, as it reads 2 A.M. "Wait, what? Oh, darn it! I forgot to adjust the buzzer...but I don't feel like getting up..." She stays still for a few seconds, then suddenly goes back to sleep, snoring cutely.

As the morning arrives, the Academy is now filled with many students outside, all chatting, as some also fly to their classes using their magic and mana.

Keena then wears her traditional outfit and walks out of her room.

"My name is Keena Soga. I've been in the Academy for a while now, and still hopeful on making friends, as,'s been a bit tricky lately. Aa-chan—I mean, Akudo, Junko and Kurone have left. All I know is that Akudo and Junko are on Europe, and Kurone is back on her homeland as there's an incident going on there, even telling us that she'll be able to handle it. Hiroshi's with Yuko, as they're romantically involved, and since she's an idol, he's included along, too. Believe it or not, they're currently in Asia in one of her tours. Supposedly, they might come back soon. I don't know Fujiko's whereabouts, though, but she has been spotted throughout school, which seems a little too secretive.

This means I'm pretty much the only notable girl left who was involved in the group on saving the Academy only from a few months ago from that Boichiro person...however, I've been feeling unusual lately...looking back, I seemed useless against him or anyone for that matter...despite the fact that I have potential, everyone else seem to either always save me or I just can't defend myself...but I remain calm and despite how annoyed that must have been, I never seem to show it. Sometimes I feel like I could scream every time I remind myself of it...but I don't want trouble...however, one of my classmates loves to remind me of it, unfortunately, and I always have to act cheerful, no matter what..."

As Keena takes her seat on in the classroom, nearby, a raven-haired blonde girl named Yumi Chikako laughs like noblewoman. "Well, well, well, you arrived really early for once. Must be quite a record for you."

Keena responds with a nervous chuckle, "Well... that's oddly nice of you. Guess you must feel like being a little nicer, then?"

"What are you talking about? I'm always nice. Nicely honest." As she laughs again, some nearby students also laugh a bit. "Want to know what's also honest. I'll have one incredible future compared to everyone! I might even be the next Yuriko Koike! Maybe even better than her! I'm popular, as well, so it'll be like a premonition!"

A girl student with short brown nearby called Satomi Hinata has her eyes glisten with glee at her. "Such confidence! Senpai here is easily the most high-spirited girl in this classroom, what class!"

"Such appreciation is nice, much thanks!" Yumi then points to Keena "I might be a pretty good fighter, too, and people like you will keep struggling. And it's not truth, it's fact.", she says with a clear affirmation.

Usually, Keena would let it slide, but this time, she finally has fed up a bit and stands up to face her. "Look, I know it's good that you're confident, but you don't need to speak up that loudly. Not to mention you bring down on others. Could you maybe tone it down? Please?"

Yumi then snickers "So...that's your comeback line? It's a start, but there's still not much ''oomph'' in it, but hey, I guess I'll try."

Keena then has a sigh of relief, then smiles. "Thank you very much for that. You see? That's a sign that you're going to become a good person, leaning to accept." She then giggles, as she takes her seat again. A student is heard saying "Hey, the Student Council President's gonna arrive with a small speech soon!"

Yumi then ponders, thinking a bit, speaking softly, "If we're ''friends'', maybe she won't mind this." She clears her throat, "Oh, Aa-chan, Aa-chan, I brought this rice as a side dish just for you!", imitating Keena badly, some students laugh. Keena herself groans and rests her face on the desk.

"Aa-chan, Aa-chan, I don't care about my friends, just you, I'd give my life for you!", she continues. This made Keena a bit more frustrated and tries to hide her face even more, quickly thinking "I was that giddy at him...? I never even had a crush on him. There's no way it can't get worse..."

"Hey, Aa-chan, maybe...maybe you could take my virginity and have babies, making them just as useless as me?" , she laughs once more...then Keena quickly tackles her and punches her face hard, "SHUT THE HELL UP!", as she pants in anger, then notices and she's knocked out cold, with her nose bleeding a bit, and gasps. Satomi is heard saying "Keena throwing a Sempai?" and faints.

The students chat around involving the incident, including one male student with a sense of humor saying "Keena's got ovaries after all!".

"It's not like's not like that...", Keena says sadly, but then, a loud "Everyone, quiet!" bursts from the room, coming from none other than Lily Shiriashi.

"I was able to see everything...Keena, we'll have a talk right at the Student Council Office...never thought I'd say that. It's going to be a bit of a long discussion, so follow me."

Keena then nods, "But...what about Yumi? She needs medical attention..."

"They're going to arrive shortly. Let us go now." As Lily leaves the classroom, Keena also follows, shortly before leaving, she bows and says "Pardon me very much...I'm really sorry..." as she then follows Lily to the student council room, where Michie Otake, Kanna Kamiyama and Arnoul are also there. Both of them then take their respective seats.

Michie then starts to whisper to Kanna, "Hey, I've seen her. She was with Fujiko during that assault from months ago." Kanna whispers back, "She must have just had it rrrrrough." "Guess so—stop it with the puns." "What? Force of vocal reflex."

Keena then takes a deep breath, "This sounds a bit embarrassing..."

Lily then says "What's there to worry about? I've heard of you, you're fun to hang around, from what I've heard."

"N-no, that's not it, I...don't know your name...don't think I met you, but I've heard of you before..."

"Lily Shiriashi is my name."

"Lily? That's a cute name. You seem more like a...Rosie to me."

Lily and the rest of her council friends laugh, "Glad to see you have a sense of humor even after that."

" wasn't on purpose, though..."

"I understand. So I saw everything, and...personally, I would have gone as far as threatening to punch her, not actually do it."

"She needed a little...reality check, that's all. She not only thought I loved Akudo, but I didn't at all. He was only like a brother, but apparently, I was that clingy to him. Also, I'm not useless...I can fight...just like that."

"Sounds to me you just plain overdid it."

Keena then twiddles with her thumbs, "Sort of..."

"All I can say is this: it's good to see you brave up like this, but—"

"You're not asking me to back down, r-right?"

"If there's an actual fight, I'd say give 'em hell, but only if you're absolutely sure. Sometimes backing away from a fight is a proper strategy, too. Best not to be mindless, and, I would know, I've been in one hell of a fight before."

"I know, but maybe sometimes, I could defend some people, not always have someone else defending me and only me, I mean, look at you, your powers"

"I can stretch my arms and legs and also form weapons like hammers with said arms."

Kanna then joins the conversation, "I can turn into a mean bad, wolf! No dress, though, that could be a pretty damn good prank."

Michie rolls her eyes, saying "No one told you to be in the conversation, Lassie."

"...That's a strange insult."

Lily then sighs, "Kanna, quiet, we're in the middle of an important conversation. Anyways, Keena, I'm also aware you once skipped tons of classes."

Keena then gulps "Y-yeah...I kind of just have a bit of a lack of paying attention, but that's all water under the bridge now. I've been assisting classes without a problem."

"Glad to hear that, then. Is there anything else you want to say?"

"Well, I'm kinda curious to hear more about you, maybe how your childhood went, how you got your powers?"

"It's...a bit personal...maybe someday."

"O-okay, oh, wait, I remember now, I remember seeing you kiss Akudo once as a rewa-"

"Don't. FUCKING. Remind me." Says Lily with the most stern and regretful tone of her voice, covering her face with her hands. The rest of Lily's crew also react with a bit of caution.

Michie whispers "I didn't know she'd react so strongly to that..."

Keena gasps, and covers her mouth, "I...I didn't mean to upset you..."

" fault...I felt like a goddamn idiot that day...didn't mean to scare you, Keena."

"Well, guess we just had our small anger moments of the day." Keena tries to smile, but still is a bit frowned upon. "Still...I made her unconscious with this fist without even a second're gonna send me to the Isolation Cell, aren't you?"

"Not really. It's only when its magic related, but instead just a heed of warning: if you do this again, you will be on probation and perhaps even suspended. You are excused for the rest of the day, however, and I'll notify the other teachers and the principal on it. Just because we're now good friends doesn't mean we'll easily let your actions slide, that's sort of abusing power."

"I can promise you that, Lily! I'll even try to cheer Yumi up!" Keena finally smiles as she says this.

"It's okay, you don't need to. I'll talk and deal with her because she respects me." Lily then winks at her.

"Understood, Lily!" says Keena gleefully. "Shall we shake on it?"

"Of course!", said Lily as they then shook hands, the rest of the student council also approve of this as they all smile.

Just before leaving, Keena says "See you again!" as she closes the door.

Lily smiles, also feeling pretty proud, "Something tells me I wasn't nice enough. What do you guys think?"

Michie starts by saying "Lassie was touched." Kanna then nods, "I can't believe her friends are g—oh come on, no more name calling!"

"You once called me Bella Swann. It's a freaking disgrace, you know. I would've called you Marmaduke, but you're not a male, and Lassie sounds funnier, anyways." She then laughs hard.

Kanna rolls her eyes, "Oh come on, I doubt our SCP found that funny, right, Lily?"

Lily, trying to hold her laughter, says "Noooooope!"

"See, even though she sounded weird, she totally didn't find it funny at all, so ha!"

Arnoul, after staying quiet through the whole conversation, finally says "I'm pretty sure she just lied to you."

"Do you only speak on summarizations just to annoy me?"

"...sort of."

Keena is seen walking on the hallway, then going to her room, then rests on her bed.

"Hopefully, what happened today doesn't happen ever again...maybe it could change Yumi's ways...I'm trusting in Lily and she's trusting least I have good company now...and I no longer feel lonely. Yup, everything is gonna go smooth-"


Keena gasps and immediately jumps out of bed and opens her window, flying high above, notices a figure ahead on the ground.

"Who could that be...?" However, after analyzing it carefully, she quickly notices it and quickly gets angered from seeing him. "This bastard's on the loose?!"