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Hazuki slowly approaches Yuko, with Mio also following her as they both hug her in excitement, but also crying tears of happiness.

"I'm really hugging you…I'm blessed…" said Hazuki.

"I'm sorry that when you likely died…I was too selfish to notice your death…" said Mio.

"You wouldn't believe the road I had to see you two again…" said Yuko.

Keena then steps in a bit, "You're…the one they talked about, right?"

Hazuki and Mio then release the hug to allow Yuko to have some space, "Mm-hmm. I noticed you're not from this universe at all. I noticed you fight these infectees in the first forms, hiding in a corner."

"Say, you wouldn't mind telling us how you supposedly never got dead, right?" said Gavin.

"That's exactly what happened. I never died at all. It goes like this…"

[Opening theme]

Ain't that the way it always starts
A simple round of conversation
Became a shameful equation
I flipped from station to station

Hey, don't go and turn the other way
Don't say there's nothing more to say
Come on, hear me out

Hush, hush, settle down
Button up, don't make a sound
Shame, shame, go away
Come again some other day

You used to say I couldn't save you enough
So I've been saving it up, I started saving it up
And when you said I couldn't give you enough
I started giving you up, I started giving you up

You are not me

Arlandria, Arlandria

You and what army?

Arlandria, Arlandria
Oh, God you gotta make it stop!

Oh, God you gotta make it stop!

Episode 11: "Good Kids, Mad City"


"The plan did go well, Mio. Just that I decided to take it to a whole unique spin. See, turns out the SVC sort of noticed how suspicious our plan was, so as soon as we left from your point of view, they told me a few unusual questions. As soon as they told me that it seemed that I wasn't lost, and could throw me in jail, I couldn't even risk that."

Yuko is able to punch one of the guards as the driver guard tries to punch her back, but she blocks it and then punches him, causing the car to go slow.

"My own private plan was in motion, but in order to do so, I had to fake my death somehow. I secretly kept a pill to knock me in a coma-like state for two days. My body wasn't taken to casket, but to the actual SVC building. My body was stored in some sort of basement. My plan's been working a tad too well. Luckily also, there weren't any guards. I then heard police sirens. After a few more hours, I noticed some of the blood splatter around in some rooms of the building. I then found supplies to keep my stomach quite serviceable. I also found a secret weapon room where, turns out, they were also planning to sell weapons likely worldwide. I found the minigun in there. It's futuristic-like, with advancements such as including shirking the weapon unlimited ammo and no needing reload. Lucky for me, the minigun is the only weapon anybody has, as the remaining weapons are indeed destroyed by the government due to possibilities of theft from these weapons."

"I kept trying to find you two in our hideout, but turns out it got destroyed, and since I never found where you all actually lived, I kept being patient by moving in on abandoned houses. In the past few days, though, after seeing that Eiko girl, I donned a disguise as a heavy precaution although I do admit it wasn't really necessary."

(Flashback ends)

"That's all up to this point."

After a few seconds, Hazuki then says, "I'm guessing you secretly learned how to fight, too?"

"Don't think I'm that good on hand-to-hand, so I figured I'd be more of a shooter."

"Sorry, I…just am a little bit flabbergasted on how you were able to survive all that…"

"I have a tough heart, too."

"It's amazing how you three just don't ever back down." said Lily.

"Yeah, now you can be a power trio, especially with your hair. Brunette, blonde and…pink." said Michie.

Yuko laughs, "Exactly."

Keena also laughs, then shakes Yuko's hand, "Welcome to the team! The more support, the better!"

"Couldn't agree more!"

"All we now need to do is cross that bridge to lead us to the used to the building to really know what's going on." said Mio.

"I walked with Kono through there before. I was pretty surprised that we weren't caught, though. Although knowing now, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a possible trap waiting for us." said Hazuki.

"You might be right…" said Keena. She then notices something up in the air. "What the…?"

"What is it?" said Gavin.

"Something heading our way—GAH! IT'S A GRENADE, RUN!"

The group quickly run ahead as the grenade explodes behind them.

"Shit! They definitely know we're here now!" said Michie.

"The grenades aren't coming from the building, but…I think they're coming from the bridge!" said Mio.

"There's more of them incoming!" yelled Lily as 3 more grenades head in their way from their as they also explode, also barely outrunning them this time.

"Eiko's calling us out, is she?!" said Gavin.

"Or one of her allies…!" said Keena.

"Damn it, she's gonna take that path now?" said Hazuki. Then, two grenades land inbetween them, trapping them.

"No problem!" said Keena as she quickly casts a barrier spell from her wand that is able to shield them from the explosions.

"I love the smell of magic shields in the morning." said Keena.

"You could also have said explodey smoke, Keena-kins." joked Gavin.

"Okay, explodey smoke and shields in the morning." she joked back.

"We really need to get going, otherwise we're toast bread walking." said Hazuki, which cause a stifle of laughter from everyone else.

"I wasn't sure if that was intentional or not." joked Lily.

"Either way, it's friggin'hilarious!" said Michie.

Hazuki then breathes a sigh of relief.

Back at the former SVC headquarters, Eiko is seen communicating through the Student Handbook.

"Hm, that shall lure them out of hiding, or maybe even splattered a little bloodshed."

A slightly familiar female voice is heard on the other side of the line, saying, "I badly need to face her again…I bet she'll be scared of me when she sees me again."

"Pardon for the delay. And even if if you lose, try and try again."

"Oh, I'll be patient, alright." They both then hang up.

"Weather I may regret it or not, it's funny how they followed me. Still…I shouldn't be wary of that fancy-dressed minigun girl…she's likely to already meet them by this point. I won't give a shit either way."

The main group now approaches the bridge en route to the former SVC headquarters.

"Hey, Keena…" said Hazuki.

"Uh-huh?" said Keena.

"Were you really this frustrated back at your world, were you belong in?"

"I admit I'm even more curious, too." said Mio.

"You secretly some sort of brawler or something?" said Yuko.

"Well…it's not really to brag, really…" said Keena.

"It ain't nothing to brag, Keena-kins. It's always cool to share how you are now." said Gavin.

Keena responds with a laugh, "Right on. Hazuki, Mio, Yuko, all I can really just say is that some sort of events happened back at the Academy I'm in. Throughout all of it, I felt sort of out of place, you know? Let's just say I felt like wet paper. I actually could fight, but it felt like there was something holding me back. I really indeed hated always being in the backburner, being oblivious and all. I do admit I was a little too secretive in myself to actually fight. I figured being too nice could be the reason why, but I still am nice even with all the fighting."

"You did mention killing a person once." said Mio as Yuko responds with a gasp.

"Don't panic, Yuko…he just deserved it. I would never kill unless he or she really badly deserved it."

"Hey, now that you brought it up…would Eiko be an example of that, too?" said Michie.

"No. We're just going to stop her and her comrades. We only need to knock them around a little, send them to jail, and that's all we'll write. We're then finished with this whole business and go back to our hanging lives."

"We'll then celebrate with rice!" joked Gavin.

Keena laughed a bit, "That'll be likely. "

"On the meantime, we'll all march on." said Yuko.

Evil laughter is then heard.

"Hold on, guys…" said Mio.

A familiar voice is heard, "I wanted to badly lure you…Keena Soga!"

"How'd she—wait, she sounds—oh, no way…" said Keena.

The figure appears from above, landing on the ground, revealed to be a girl with familiar raven hair.


"And to think I would be handicapped and miserable, but this is just more proof how I follow Eiko." said Samantha as she stands up with now a metallical arm where her right arm used to be.

"You throw those…grenades from that?!" said Mio.

"Damn, Keena, she really must have given you one hell of a fight once, huh?" said Hazuki.

Keena sighs, "I lost it at that time…I was really hoping I wouldn't see her again."

"Oh, so you feel bad now. I actually kinda wanna thank you, ya know."

"If I could, I could just use my magic to make your arm back to normal."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Before you even think about it, it's immune, so it's pretty pointless."

"Either way, my Keena-kins is gonna knock your blocks off! And by blocks, I mean your arm!" said Gavin.

Keena takes a deep breath, "Let's huddle."

The main group then huddles up.

"Hrm, so much for taking this seriously." said Samantha.

"Guys…you go on ahead. She wants to fight me and fight me only." said Keena.

"No way. Can't we all take her on?" said Gavin.

"You guys need to move on. It's all your objectives and all."

"You think there could be a trap?" said Lily.

"Not really, but she's apparently kinda dumb enough to not care about letting you pass. She has a bit of a…loofy boyfriend."

"I would know, I kicked his ass." said Gavin.

"However, it's best that me and Gavin should stay here while the rest of you move on ahead."

Hazuki nods, "Agreed. However, is this like some sort of unfinished business for you?"

"More like for her. I'll be more careful with her. If I knock her out soon enough, we'll join you quickly.", Keena then chuckles a bit.

"What's so funny?" said Michie.

"I just had an 'action hero' moment…it's kinda awkward."

"Oh, I can relate. Sneaking out that building had me feel like that, too." said Yuko.

Everyone then begin to laugh a bit. Samantha then notices and gets annoyed, "You're making me get curious, and I hate that!"

The group then stops huddling up and Keena then moves a bit forward as the wind picks up with their hair flowing. "You just want me, right? Can my friends go on?"

"Oh, they can move on. Not like they have a chance in hell on what's ahead."

"That's good enough odds." said Lily.

"As well as the challenge we need." said Michie.

"Hm, you two. I admit, I feel bad for the both of you after what Eiko told me not too long ago." said Samantha.

"Oh, anti-same-sex comments?" said Michie.

"She should try better." said Lily.

"Heh…well, go on ahead." said Samantha.

The rest of the group except Keena and Gavin go on ahead.

"We'll catch up, guys!" said Keena.

"Don't know who she is, but I know you'll win!" said Hazuki.

"Go get her!" said Lily as she stretches her hand all the way to where Keena is and they both fist bump. Lily then unstretches it and runs with the others.

"Isn't your boyfriend gonna join them?" said Samantha.

"We aren't gonna separate from each other, you know. Hm, come to think of it…"


"Where's your boyfriend, anyways?"

"Part of the plan."

"The plan being that he pussied out hearing about me?" said Gavin.

"Flawed, Samantha, flawed." said Keena.

"Nah, he's only afraid what he might do to your boyfriend. It'll be messy."

"Then why can't he do it now?"

"He just can't."

"Why can't he?" said Gavin.

"He likes it not being messy."

"Why doesn't he like making it messy?" said Keena.

Samantha then approaches Keena, "You don't seem to fear my arm at all, do you?"

"I'm a hero now. Maybe I would before, but now? No way."

"That's problematic for someone like you to say."

"I got 99 problems…but a bitch ain't one!"

Keena then attempts a punch on Samantha, only to dodge, then tries kicking her, also causing her to dodge. They both then exchange punches for a while, then then separate from each other.

"Bored playing fair already." said Samantha as her arm then turns into a chainsaw.

Keena then blinks two times, "You're not gonna say it?"

"Say what?"


"I have no damn clue what you mean."

"Well, that wasn't sweet…"

Samantha then swings her chainsaw around as Keena continuously dodges her slightly struggling swings, as the chainsaw seems to be a little heavy to wield for her. She then decides to stop swinging it.

"I admit I still need to learn this darn thing…" said Samantha.

Keena then goes for a spinning backfist, saying, "Here's something I learned though.", but Samantha reverses it into an arm drag, saying "Not learned enough.", as she tries to attack her with her chainsaw, but Keena backflips in time. Samantha withdraws her chainsaw and instead turns into a grenade launcher.

"Yeah, no way you'll beat me with that." said Keena.

"Oh yeah? You're gonna drink your words."


"Instead of eat your words, drink. Like you're spilling blood of your mouth. Twisting a common catchphrase."

"I admit, you may need to work on your villain-y stuff more."

"It's good as it is!" said Samantha as she blasts grenades out of the launcher as Keena continues to run around as each grenade explodes, causing smoke to surround the area a bit.

"Well, I'm not liking this…"

Keena then walks behind Samantha, with her still not noticing.

"Get your redhead rear back here!"

Keena giggled a bit, "How about behind you?"

Samantha then turned around, "Oh, thank—wait."

Keena then uppercuts her as Samantha gets thrown up in the air for a bit and lands on the ground.

"I call that 'Smoke Womanmuscle'. Wait…that somehow sounds a bit weird." said Keena.

"You go, Keena-kins! You just went all Bugs Bunny on her!" said Gavin.

"Well, it's all built up on sleuth concentration, Gavin-gins!" said Keena as she winks.

Samantha slowly gets up and says, "Well...that's kinda riling me a little, ya heard?"

"Don't feel bad; you're not a bad fighter. I do admit that you're counting on the metal arm a lot…" said Keena.

"Not really. This fight's still starting. I got even more tricks up literally up my sleeve. Not joking, either."

"Let's keep dancing!"

They then exchange blows once again for a while, with much dodging, including Keena standing on top of her, and then doing a headscissors takedown on her, but Samantha quickly recovers, with Keena trying to kick her, with Samantha countering by rolling her leg to the ground, then punching her in the stomach twice, with Keena blocking the third one, and then quickly recovers up.

Samantha then growls and turns her arm into a rocket launcher.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding!" said Gavin.

"Say your prayers, Keena!"

She fires a missile off as Keena gets in position, deciding attempting not to dodge it.

"I can do it…I can definitely do it!" Keena yelled as she punches the rocket with her right fist, sending it spiraling out of control and heading fast to a side of a ridge, making contact with it, causing it to explode.

Samantha looked in disbelief and Gavin looked amazed, as Keena pants a bit, shaking her right hand a bit. "I can't tell if I'll do that again or not…"

"Unbefreakinlivable…" said Samantha.

"Love of my life kicking ass right there." Gavin said with a blush.

Keena then stands up directly again as she stretches a bit and jumps. "I'm still just warming up, Samantha! Take even more best shots, cause I'll always be an easy target to miss! It's time to really show what we got!"

[Ending theme]

I can still remember
The words and what they meant
As we etched them with our fingers
In years of wet cement

The days blurred into each other
Though everything seemed clear
We cruised along at half speed
But then we shifted gears

We ran like vampires from a thousand burning sons
But even then we should have stayed

But we ran away
Now all my friends gone
Maybe we've outgrown all the things that we once loved

But what are we running from?
A show of hands from those in this audience of one
Where have they gone?