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This chapter…is gonna be huge. Dunno if it's gonna change anyone's life or anything, but after watching episode 7 again, maybe I shall turn it up to the edge in terms of shock on this. It's straight and to the point, and it's also gonna be epic. After this, it's gonna cool down a bit and have some character development again, so enjoy this one mightingly.

This chapter's also a bit looser, so expect me being as loose and a bit more humerous as I can with these characters, and maybe an obscure reference…or two…or a few more. And if I get angry emails on this, again, I don't mind criticism. Except death threats. Those are not cool. With all that out of the way, a small warning: wham episode incoming.

Chapter 2: Set It Off

The alarm continued ringing, as the students in the classrooms notice the attack of human sized sea cucumbers , which shoot out laser beams, causing small explosions off the ground. Lily and the rest of her crew are just about to enter the battlefield.

"What in the name of Jules Verne is this?!" shouts out Michie, witnessing the spectacle to behold.

Lily then grows and says,"Sea cucumbers…many of them…it has to be someone who knows the Academy somehow."

"Sea cucumbers?! No, no, no, nononono! Nuh-uh, I'm staying the hell away from them! They squirt out nasty stuff!" yelps Kanna, blocking with her arms.

"You're lucky, they don't seem to be shooting out their own entrails." Lily responded back, casing Kanna to quickly retort "There goes my appetite…" as Lily then yells "Let's cut them up like linoleum knives!"

Just before they're about to rush in, Lily's teammates stop, looking a little confused, as Kanna starts saying "That's the best you could think of?"

Lily then sighs, "Not the time to joke for this…", causing her to facepalm.

Michie then smiles and chuckles, "I liked it, Lily. The word "linoleum" actually does sound cool."

This causes Lily to blush a little, "T-th-thanks, Vice President, I mean Michie, erm…", as then Kanna doesn't help but chuckle and Arnoul just rolls her eyes a little. Lily then clears her throat and yells, "Chaaaaarge!"

The Student Council Members then take on the sea cucumbers, 8 in total, as Lily first starts off the attack, using her long, stretchy arm abilities to uppercut two sea cucumbers, but they conter attack with a full on double laser attack against her, but jumps high enough to avoid them and lands two more mashed fists on them, killing them for good. She lands on the the ground safely and says "No one's gonna be in a pickle at this rate."

Kanna, now in her wolf form, faces two more sea cucumbers, still groaning a bit, "Don't wanna bite them, don't wanna pounce them, so maybe I shall try this attack…", as she backs a bit, then charges them, jumps a bit and twirls like a drill through them mid-air, making holes out of them as they immediately fall to the ground. Kanna then yells out "First blood! Whoo! Or is that juice…?"

Michie deals with two more of them, she then chuckles by saying "Don't even need to touch them.", snaps her fingers to have two bats appear from the sky, and with high speed, the sink their fangs on the sea cucumbers, sucking them, causing them to dry out. "Nicely done, you two. Yes, I'm still trying up coming with names for you bats…oy vey."

Arnoul, then facing the remaining two sea cucumbers, decides to smile a bit in a cocky way, saying "Guess I'll use it for the hell of it.", as she snaps her fingers, summoning her mecha from behind her, causing the sea cucumbers to dry out from how menacing it looked.

Kanna, back to her human gets heavily impressed, yelling "WOW! It's like their bowel movements imploded somehow! Gimmie a hi-five!" An awkward pause ensures, all looking at her oddly. "C'mon, don't leave a sister hangin'!"

Lilly clears her throat, "Anyways…that was a little too easy…most likely a distraction…we need to split up, guys! Michie, come with me to go to the north side, Kanna and Arnoul, you two should go west!" "Right!", all three responded, as they go with their respective sides.

As they seperate from each other, Kanna then tells Arnoul, "Hey, fon't you think those two have been a bit too close lately? I know they've been friends for years, but it seems like the past few months have almost lovey-dovey for them. What do you think?"

Arnoul groans and responds back, "Respect their privacy, please."

"Oh, sure, sure." She then whispers. "You're totally into yuri." As Arnoul just ignores her.

Meanwhile, with Lily and Michie, as they go through the hallways, as they eventually see Keena.

Lily then says "Keena! Do you know who could be doing t-"

Keena then responds "Yes…somehow, as if today couldn't get any worse…"

Michie then quickly questions, "Just tell us who's responsible for this. You must have faced him and lost or something, right?"

"I don't even want to say his name, we just need to deal with this…awful excuse for a human being.", saying it with the most frustrated way possible as she opens the doors leading to the north side of the Academy, where a few more human-sized sea cucumbers are around the area, where some of the students who are brave enough trying to fend them off wheather it's defensively or offensively.

Lily then would have a confident look on her face, "Don't think they need any help."

Some evil laughter is heard from afar. "It's like some sort of avante-garde art, eh?"

Michie, having vampire powers, thus having superhearing, immediately notifies where the noise comes from, as she points to the rooftop, "Might be obvious, but it's probably him."

The three spot the mysterious whitesuited figure as he jumps from the rooftop to the ground. "It's imppressive how it feels like I'm my own one man army, MWA HA HA! I migth as well tdo this daily!"

Keena growls, "I never wanted thought I would see you again…Mr. X!"

He then gasps in a joking matter and laughs once more, "Hey, I know you! Didn't I almost kill you once and put you in a dog collar along with that one boy's sister?", he says with a really pleased glare.

"FUCK! YOU!", yelled Keena meanencingly, as she continued "You almost attempted to molest me and I never even bothered to fight back somehow! Korune should have punched through your goddamn brain and left you for dead! Those are my two cents of you, mister!"

Mr. X laughs once more, "Oh, such a sharp tongue, young lady. Maybe I won't immediately kill you. Maybe I'll invite you to join me in evil and-"

"How about this? You shut your mouth. Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and I'll shut it for you.", as she keeps staring at him madly.

"Oh, ho, ho, you're pretty serious, are ya? You could try to land a first punch on me, and maybe I'll flinch, maybe I wont, but either way, it's inert! BA HAHA BWA HA!"

Lily then tries to get ahold of Keena, "Keena, listen, I understand your reason to beat him up mercilessly, but can you get past the anger for a bit and remember any of his abilities?"

Michie then raises an eyebrow and is then weirded out by Mr. X's…poses, "Does he get more power by opening his cape wide and humping the air?"

Keena groans once more, but then says "He makes a screeching noise and disables our magic and mana…we really need to find a way to counterattack that."

Lily then nods in affirmation, "Okay, so let's both try to knock him down, and it's okay, I won't go easy at all at him.", as she adjusts her hat.

"Can't we just…well…beat him until he's alive no more? I still can't forgive that bastard for what he did to me. Technically, I think it's immoral not to kill him."

Michie continues to get weirded out, once again commenting, "Okay, maybe it's also just me, but he might be a porn star gone bad, you two heard me, right?"

Both Keena and Liily answered at the same time, "We really didn't need to hear that.", as Michie then covers her mouth, saying, "Sorry, won't cemment humorously anymore, wait…what's gonna be the plan?"

"Maybe I'll talk to him for a while, maybe give him some questions…there's no way he'd be the kind of guy who would track us." Lily responded back as she then attempts to approach Mr X. "Hey, you wouldn't know who migth have sented you here, right?"

"Oh, that's a secret, little girl. All I can say is that the person who sent me over here would give me some major moolah, you know, and I figured I'd be the man for the job. Hard to believe the plain would go over that easily, you know! I, Mr. X shall take over the Academy and not only be stinkin' rich, but also rule a bit, maybe!", he would maniacally laugh after the comment.

"So…you're only doing this for the money, huh?"

"No, my dearie, I'm doing this for a SHITLOAD of money! Bwa ha!"

Keena then joins side to side with Lily, saying "Oh, the greedyness of the dollar. What I'm saying may not be related to that, but I admit…today hasn't really been that good. Today feels like I've changed…is it for the good? For the best? In fact, today's the first time I have said…quite colorful stuff actually. I wish I could giggle without a care in the world and eat rice…but for now, maybe you appearing again might be a good thing, becausee not only will I get sweet revenge, I got Lily to back me up."

Lily smiles, nodding "However, we should be away from here. It was already a bit of a pain to reconstruct the school all over."

Mr X. smiles once more, "Oh, how responsible of you. Who are you, Class President, hmm?"

"Student Council President, actually, of course."

"Oh, how cute. I'll be waiting a couple of miles away and don't even try to make me wait forever. Otherwise, I might summon A WAY BIGGERONE…as a consequence for disappointing me, so I'll jus give you…10 minutes. Ta-ta, 'til we meet in a bit!"

He then walks away to go to a forest nearby, bringing his sea cucumber friends alongside with him.

Lily then thinks a bit and asks Keena "You heard about the Cabinet Intelligence Magic Office?"

"Y-yes…I think so. Supposedly Eiko was part of it, and…Boinchiro as well.", Keena replied.

"I migth already have conclusion on this turn of events, but we gotta take care of him first, you and me."

Michie then suddenly says, "Wait, Lily, what about me? Where's my role on this?"

"You're our plan B. You might need to go and hide good enough so that he doesn't notice you."

"Alright! I won't let you down!", as she also blushes a bit after that reply.

"Keena, let's go onwards!"

"All clear, Lily!", Keena responded as Lily runs and Keena flies alongside her to the direction Mr. X went.

After seeing they leave, Michie then says "I know I have to hide, but where…underground? No, too

"You feeling lazy or something? You always seem to fly instead of running. It's kind of a bit of waste of magic."

"Well…since I migth waste most of my magic on this guy…", Keena then lands on the ground, then running alongside.

"You know CQC, Close Quarters Combat?"

"Well…in a way, you can say that."

"You can actually use your magic to gain yourself some strangth, but I advise you; you need to know what you're doing if your fighting, otherwise, the spell will then not work."

"But wait a minute, he can disable spells. Wouldn't it be pointless to gain strangth?

"Not if it's a permanent spell. It's like some sort of permanent power up, actually. Kinda like a videogame sometimes."

"Wait, you're a gamer, too? You actually look like the kind of girl to play games."

"What can I say? Fan of the Saints Row series, too, especially the second and third ones, and all that's no bull."

"Do your fellow mates know?"

"Yeah, but Michie also digs games, too."

Keena then smiles, "Well, you sure are able to have fun in free time! Maybe we can all hang out sometime, and maybe we can all eat tons of rice, too!"

"Just release all your anger on this douchebag and it migth be smooth sailing. Oh, right, you need to do the spell now."

"You got it!", Keena responds as she twirls her wand, cuasing an amount of red aura to appear and glow outside of Keena, then slowly dissolving, making her look a bit confused. "That means it worked, right?"

"Bit of an odd dissolve, but inded, that's how it works. I also should probably mention that you can't always do that spell often. Abusing magic can lead to magic being disabled for a long while."

"Now I'm pumped up and no longer will I back down, I'll show him!"

"Now, let's get the motherfucker what's coming to him.", they then make a simoultaneous high-five.

"Yeah! W-wait, where is he anyways?"

As if on cue, Mr X. jumps from one of the trees and faces them then laughs maniacally, "You two actually did arrive! I almost thought of already attacking there again, seeing as how I would lie to you seeing that I'm pretty evil, you know!"

Lily then shrugs, "How cliché does that sound?"

Keena raises her hand and says, "Oh, oh, like from a generic action series, right?" "Took the words right out of my mouth."

"You both think it's very funny, but it's not as funny if I do this!", he then starts a screeching sound, causing Keena and Lily to flinch a bit.

Keena, covering her ears, then says "I think that's a new trick…"

Lily then replies, "I'm guessing it didn't penetrate the ears before…"

"Bwa hahaha! What a croc!", Mr. X replies, "Attacks from you two are prevented! You might as well attack blind!"

"Actually, that might not be a bad idea, thanks!", as then Lily attempts to extend her arms to try to punch Mr. X, but he avoids easily, punching a tree, instead. "Damn…I don't think it'll always work…

As Mr. X grins, "Oh, little blondie, you must feel outmatched by my work of sound art! I think you should bow down and praise me-"

As he says this, Keena wastes no time to leap punch him straight in the face, kncking him down to the ground.

"Ramble, ramble, ramble. Are you actually gonna even try to throw a punch already?", replied Keena, then giggling.

Lily then sighs in relief. "How did you not get affected? Did you find a way?"

"Turns out, if I'm out of his viewing range, he can't affect me!"

"We need to be really quick and agile, then!"

Mr. X then wakes up, still having the grinned expression, "That won't work this time! I won't get knocked out from simply one punch this time around! I also see you found a bit of a patern in my magic, so let me make it a bit more difficult for you two ladies!", as he pulls out two revolvers. "I'm gonna stun you then shoot you quickly with these!"

Lily growls a bit, "So you're just going for a cheap kill? How low."

Keena then responds back, "This doesn't even surprise me, actually."

Mr. X then replies, "You two sure like to make me sound like I'm the worst pervert—I mean, person in the planet!"

After a brief pause, both Keena and Lily start to laugh, with Keena first saying "You just admitted it!" then Lily saying "Nice slip of the tongue!"

Mr. X then grins and quickly clotheslines them, casuing them to spin around in the air and landing on the ground, both grunting in pain for a bit. "I only said that as a distraction. Not so smart now, you two!"

"That…just happened…guh…!"

"…Lily, did you feel like you got some sort of whiplash from that?"

"No, but JEEZ, that was a big clothesline."

Mr. X then takes the opportunity on this and aims his revolvers at both their heads, "Say adios, little girls!" as he shoots the bullets, and as both Keena and Lily yelp, they quickly avoid the bullets as he keeps shooting the bullets, both Keena and Lily continue to avoid them by jumping, crouching, Lily pulling of cartwheels and Keena rolling, as each of the six bullets of the revolvers are now emptied.

As Lily pants, she says, "All outta ammo, X? Guess it's now time to reload!"

Mr X. then chuckles, then points to his X on the face.

Keena then gives off a annoyed look, "Yes, you have a white "X" on your face, what's your point?"

He then responds with "No reloads, unlimitted ammo."

"SHIT!" , both the girls say in unison, as they keep trying to avoid the bullets.

"I could keep fireing forever at this rate, but now it's time to make it more interesting!", as just when he's about to cause the screeching noise, Lily quickly jumps and uses her fists to pound the ground to cause a shockwave that causes to destroy some trees to make him lose his balance fall and drop his guns, as Keena quickly flies by and retrives the guns, and tosses one of them to Lily, and they both aim at him.

Mr. X gets up, "A little hipocritical, ladies?"

Keena then humorously responds "Actually, we only wanted know how cool it was to try to aim at you with these, kinda like buddy cop movies, right Lily?"

Lily then chuckles, "Yeah, we won't stoop that low. I bet these guns won't even work when we try to shoot it anyways, so…", both Lily and then Keena throw the guns far away.

Mr X. then says, "Oh, how foolish.", as it turns out, the guns return in a boomerang-like effect, with Lily and Keena then crouching to avoid them, but then the guns shoot out a couple of bullets, where they keep avoiding, even going as far as avoiding by both of them pulling a successful kip-up.

"How stylish, you two!", Mr X, replies, continuing the shots.

Keena then finally has had enough avoiding, and attempts to conjure up a spell, twrling her wand "I have an idea, roll with it!", with Lily quickly replying, "Anything's better than continue to avoiding this barrage!"

"I sure hope this works…!", Keena then successfully conjures up a raincloud on top of Mr. X as it rains on him, causing him to respond, "Oh, rain? Oh, you shouldn't have, as I enjoy rainy days!"

Keena facepalms, realizes her mistake, "Darn it, I did it wrong! It was supposed to rain junk on him!"

Lily takes this opportunity of distracion then quickly attempts a frontflip kick on Mr. X, but he catches her foot. "Bwa ha ha! I got you, girlie! Now what to do with you…"

"Like I'd be scared of you, you bastard!", Lily yells out, then Keena yells out "Let her go!" and also attempts also to charge at him with a spinning heel kick, but also gets caught.

"Oh, look, you're both caught in quite a dilemma. Let me make it more difficult!", as he slams them down on the ground face-first two times, both yelping in pain, both a bit bruised and bleeding.

He then approaches Lily, "You know, throughout this whole battle I think I've begun to have a certain attraction to you, maybe I'll…play your body with a bit before killing you off!" , he laughs maniacally as he slowly shreads her clothes, as Keena grits her teeth and attempts to reach for the wand, but then Mr. X quickly punches her in the stomach to prevent her from doing so. "N-no! DAMN IT…GAH!"

Then, almost out of nowhere, Michie ambushes Mr X from behind with a knife, enraged, yelling "DIE, YOU SICK PIECE OF SHIT!" As she's able to stab his back and blood spurts out, however, he didn't even seem fazed by the sudden stabbing.

Lily then groans in pain a bit, "M-Michie…?"

Michie then says, "Lily! I'm really sorry that I couldn't follow your order, but I won't let him harm you or anything worse than that!"

Mr. X then laughs, "A knife, really? I'd be more impresssed if it was a sword, but a knife? I may not look like it, that got me riled up a little more!"

Michie then tries to punch him out of desperation, only for him to block her punch and knees her in the face, casuing her get on her knees and coughing some blood. Michie then responds, "It doesn't matter if you try to kill me…you'll be damn sorry to deal with me regardness…! I might even curse you!"

Keena tries to struggle to get up, looking furiated, "Need to…seriuosly…think of a way to really…ugh…", as she slowly stands up. "It's all or nothing, Keena…he definitely deserves it", she slowly twirls her wand…

Mr X. then grabs Michie by the throat and starts to choke her, with a really strong grip, as Michie tries to shake it off, but slowly losing her energy.

"Bwa ha ha! I am gonna win! This could not be any more made up if I tr-", but gets cut off by Keena appearing from behind.

"Excuse me, Mr X?"

"Hm, that's an unusual way to-"

She then punches so hard, that her fist goes from his back thorugh his stomach, with heavy amounts of blood pouring out and then retracts it out, as he lets go of Michie, catching her breath as he falls to the ground with a thud. Keena then pants and says, "You really asked for that one…"

Lily was able to see the spectable, also struggling to get up, her clothes shredded, checking on Michie with heavy concern, as Michie coughs and pants. "You okay?"

"I'm only okay…if the bastard is dead…"

"H-he is…Keena somehow did it."

Keena then covers her face, "It was the only way…keeping him alive would just be a really bad move…it was more of a mercy kill than anything."

"It's okay. I would usually not approve of killing…but leaving this so-called human being alive would be an awful mistake…"

"This might haunt me for a while…today, actually…maybe I should have just putted him to eternal sleep or something…but…", she then sighs.

"Keena, listen. If none of us would have killed him, our lives wouldn't be the ones at stake. The whole Academy would be in danger again and maybe we won't be as lucky as last time. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, and there's always a way to rebound out of a situation. You can get through this. I know you can. We're friends with you now.

Michie then adds in, "It's justified, Keena. If you didn't do anything, both of us might have been good as dead. You did it for the sake of us. We'll still accept you."

Keena then starts having watery eyes and starts to cry a bit, then hugs both of them, "You guys…", then goes full on bawling. "Thank you both…"

Lily then sighs in relief, "The worst is over for now…"

Michie then responds, "My bats shall take care of the body.", snapping her fingers, many many bats appear and as they crowd the remains of Mr. X. then, they fly away.

Lily then replies back, "Brilliant plan, Michie.", as Michie blushes when she said that, then says "Phew…we might need to check with nurse Mitchiko on all this.", as they slowly start to walk away, then it slowly begins to rain.

Keena then notices the drops falling, "Hold on to my hands, you two, we're gonna fly for a bit!"

They hold her hands and they all begin to fly to the Academy.

"Today was notable in all the right and wrong reasons. It'shard to believe all this happened in a day. However, I do feel more stronger than ever before, but hopefully, even if that was justifiable, I don't think I should do it ever again, but as long as my spirit is strong and have new great friends like these, it shouldn't make a downer on me. From now on it could be smooth sailing. It's like this is some sort of happy ending, right?"

"Far from it. This is only the beginning of one hell of a rollercoaster ride. And I decided to take said ride. Constan Academy, starting today, it's about to get a whole lot interesting!"

Michie then says "Hey, maybe we can sing a short song on the way!", then clears her thoat, "~Take me to your best friend's house, going around this roundabout~-"

Both Keena and Lily reply, "Maybe some other day.", as they're about to arrive.