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DKD fans will be glad to know that a couple of the main characters will appear in a dream sequence, as I thought they should at least make a small apperance at the moment…however, if you are a Junko fan, well, better hold your belts tight. It's not gonna be pretty. A bit more of a comedic chapter, but no worries, there's indeed a scene with CIMO8 featured.

Again, if anybody else thought the ending of chapter 4 was rushed, again, don't afraid to criticize. Even I admitted it went by a little too fast, but I'll try my best to be a bit more careful from now on.

One more thing; there could be a few other projects that I might be doing in planning, including a revival of Space Ghost Coast To Coast, a possible Dream Eater Merry fanfic featuing ChizuruXIsana and, should I have patience, a sequel to Loups=Garous. We'll see.

At CIMO8 Headquarters, the current notable members kneel in the sight of Eiko, as they all say, "Ma'am!".

Eiko then says "At ease, ladies and gentleman. As you may already know, our first attack since our…well previous attack didn't really go to well. They found our bomb, kicked our asses and we sort of underestimated them. But I'm not the kind to get discouraged easily. Any questions?"

Minnie then raises his hand, "But ma'am, I just noticed. Aren't the po-po gonna reach to ya?"

"Nonsense. I made sure the whole prison get blown up. Thanks to my cousin. The blast would've killed every single being inside. Not to mention our headquarters are private and underground. So the cops can just find everything they want, because they're not gonna find this."

Xavier then raises his hand, "And my precious Sammy? How's the arm process?"

"She's gonna be alright. In fact, that Keena made a mistake to let her live. Now next time they meet…Samantha Isle is gonna be more improved than ever."

"You da boss, ma'am!"

Minnie then attempts to go for a rap verse, "Eika Teruya, she'll so sue ya, she a born killer, and quite the thrilla!"

A small pause occurs, but then Eiko says, "Okay, that was actually cool. Keep it up."

Annie does a noblewoman's laugh and says, "She was born for this."

"Okay, you are all dismissed at the moment, but remember this: you all do need a little bit more trraining so we don't get completely outmatched, you got it?"

"Right!" They all said in unison as they leave in the opposite direction.

"I'm quite the mature leader. Hm…there's one more thing missing…"

2V then appears from the shadows, carrying a glass "Your wine, madam?"

Eiko then squees in excitement and claps once, only to then realize how she just acted and quickly grabs the glass. "You never saw that."

(theme song)

My mother told me

"Poor girl, be strong"

Some say I won't last

I say they're wrong

And we won't back down this time!

We are unstoppable

No, we can't be defeated

We are unstoppable

No, we don't need a reason

We are unstoppable

Yo, yo yo, yeah, oh

Yo, yo yo, yeah, oh

No, we won't back down this time!

We are unstoppable

No, we can't be defeated

We are unstoppable

No, we don't need reason

We are unstoppable…!

Episode 4: Rock The House

Keena is seen snowing softly and cutely, as she then has a dream..

"Uh-oh, a dream…but…there's nothing but blackness around…"

4 figures then appear behind her, as she goes into fighting stance.

"What's up with this…?"

The 4 figures then reveal to be Kurone, Akudo, Hiroshi and Junko, all smiling, with Kurone first saying, "You seem to be in good terms."

Keena then gasps, "But...wait…even if this is a dream, this is odd…but…it's always nice to even see you."

Akuto then says, "It's still a long shot, but we'll all team up someday again."

"It's a nice notion Akudo, but, at least I have new friends now, and we're actually having quite the adventure at the moment."

"You don't call me "A-Chan" anymore?

"No, and I still feel like a dummy for calling you that. It was meant to be sisterly, but now it just sounds stupid."

"Must be a sign of growing up."

"Well, more like growing out of a phase."

"Hopefully, they let you use the rice cooker in your room this time."

"Oh, it's been like that for a bit, actually." She then approaches Hiroshi, "How's the tour with Yuri?"

Hiroshi laughs and then says, "Well, as long as I'm sticking with my girlfriend, I don't think I feel uncomfortable through the tour."

"Guessing you two kiss a lot?", she then giggles.

Hiroshi blushes and scratches his head, "M-maybe…"

Kurone then replies, in her usual monotone tune, "One more step closer and you'll be "brave" to lose your virginity.", causing Hiroshi to respond back, "Oh, come on, did you really have to pun that?", to which Kurone replied back, "It just had to be done."

"Come on, big brother, help me out here!"

Akuto then replied back, "Don't look at me, you should be a little more energetic on her." This cuases Kurone to say, "Double whammy."

Hiroshi then sighs, "This doesn't feel right…"

Kurone then says, "Here's another funny: What do you call the three rings of marriage? Engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering."

After everyone then laughing, Keena then says, "Your sense of humor is quite interesting still, Kurone."

"Don't thank me, thank Kevin Hart."

Junko then slowly approches Keena, "H-hey, um…glad that I could see you back."

Keena then turns around, says, "Oh, you…" but then frowns a bit as she slowly walks to the opposite direction.

"W-wait, what's wrong with me? If it's about how I never really talked to you…"

"Junko…you never really tried being friends with me. I did try, but you were too occupied being selfish in trying to either try to befriend Akuto or kill him. You're kind of a constant enigma, never understanding the word "misunderstanding", always trying to look cool that you're in a notable family. When you and Akuto were on an arranged marriage, you never bothered to invite me, so I had to stay alone on the Acadamy. Look how good that turned out! Do you also even remember what happened on the beach school? I accidentially caused a sea cucumber to spray all over you, and despite me trying to tell you "sorry" and trying you just told me "to stay the hell away", which hurted my feelings! You're just a quick-to-judge kind of person! You care for yourself, your family, maybe Akuto, but nothing more! You don't care about having friends! At least I was shy, which explains why I struggled, but look at you, you were class representative! You've hurt my feelings twice and God knows how your selfish behavior could've hurted more. I once said you and Akuto were best friends…but maybe I should've shared more… I've changed a bit, and while the previous me wouldn't be annoyed, I am now. I hopefully should never see you again, you shallow-headed, uncaring, bitchy JACKASS!"

Keena then wakes up from the dream, panting a bit, then covering her face. "I would never say that to her…", she said, as she sighs. "If she ever comes back, first thing I'll do is say sorry 100 times…maybe more than that…", she looks at the clock, which says 7:01 AM.

"While I'm happy with my new friends, bitter pasts can sometimes return to haunt me…especially Junko, who I doubt even recognizes me. We'll come to it when that day comes. On the meantime…"

"A party?! No way! I don't think the Academy ever had some sort of party!", said Keena, now alongside the rest of the group, with equally anticipated faces.

Lily then responds, "Since we're against them, we might as well have as much fun before we go into more battles. We'll still have a defense in case they might attack today, but on the meantime, it's best to have a litte fun, take out some stress."

Gavin then says, "That's out Lily! Wait, does the principal know about this?"

"All the Academy's officials approve of it. We even recently invested in a pool. It's pretty big and wide as well, so there's enough room."

Michie then says, "Hopefully there's karaoke! I wanna see Kanna fail miserably!"

"I can sing good enough, thanks.", replied Kanna,

Keena then notices something, "Wait, where's Arnoul?"

Everyone else but Lily then have a slight converned look, "Um…", as then Lily says "Turns out while we were searching, then fighting, someone pulled her switch on her rear, disactivating her."

Gavin then says, "Poor Liridans…it's like the worst kind of weaksauce weakness."

Kanna then scratches her head, "Meaning..?"

Lily says, "It means she's kind of down because she let her herself wide open."

"Shouldn't we try to cheer her up?", said Keena, in a bit of a worried tone.

"We're trying our hardest. We even had Michie and Kanna do a comedy routine, and it still failed."

Gavin the snaps his fingers, "Ooh, does it involove the Aristocrats?"

Michie and Kanna look at each other, then look at Gavin, with Michie then saying, "How did you know.

"Damn, it was? She sure is different when it comes to jokes."

Keena then thinks a bit and gets a solution, "Bingo!"

Kanna then quickly says, "Did I win?", causing a small chuckle from everyone. "Oh, never mind."

"Actually, I got a solution to really motivate her! It's time…for the rice of awesomeness!"

Everyone else reacts with a blink, "Huh?"

In Arnoul's room, she's lying headdown on her bed, with her music speakers playing "Unretrofied" by The Dillinger Escape Plan as she sighs. "I once said that if I ever get my tail pulled, I failed myself. I may be an android, but I want to have some sort of career in the near future. I want to reach higher, have a fanbase…if I can't even watch myself, why should I care?"

The door knocks, as she sighs and slowly walks to the door and opens it.

"Arnoul! Feeling down? Well be depressed no more! I got…rice!", said Keena as she hands her a bowl of rice and curry with the most cheerful tone and smile possible.

A brief pause happens, as then Arnoul closes the door.

Keena then sighs, "Hrm…darn…", she then knocks again.

"Go away…"

"Arnoul, everyone makes mistakes, and no one's perfect. Your friends understand and they nicely accept you for who you are."

Arnoul sighs, "If Lily sent you here to cheer me up…"

"She cares, we all care! You Liridans have human hearts, so you gotta at least be thankful to even have friends like them in the first place!"


"What about your bandmates? Do they know?"

Arnoul then flinches a bit upon hearing that comment,"I…haven't told them…"

"Well…now they're gonna know."

Three figures appeared, one girl with aqua-colored hair and pigtails, named Aly Krauss, who's the guitarist, another girl with a brunette bob cut called Liz Xayalith, who's the bassist and a boy with a yellow buzzcut named John Whitehouse, who's the singer and second guitarist.

Liz first says, "Arnoul, if you were troubled, why didn't you tell us?"

Aly then says, "Dudette, we'd help you out anytime. Or maybe play something a little more hardcore.

John, being see with sparkles around her face, "It's not pretty to get a depressed moment, it's not healthy for your features."

Arnoul then makes a small smile, "You guys are lucky that I'm amused that easily. I'll promise I'll be more open from now on…if John can stop sparkling."

"It just comes naturally, and when I sing, the sparklies anyways, so it shouldn't matter much."

"I'm just saying it blunt for once."

Keena is seen smiling throughout thinking, "I wonder also…"

A few hours later, in sunny skies and with warm temperature, with tons of whooping male and female students jump in the big pool as Arnoul yells out, "For your pleasured ears, the band 43% Burnt shall perform tons of music to rock the hell out! Let's start with some modern classic punk! 1, 2, 3, 4!"

They perform a cover of "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads":

"You think its strange, that there's a way
Of how you looked, and how you act, and how you think
Pretend they're not the same as you.

You think its strange, that there's a way
Of how you looked, and how you act, and how you think
Pretend they're not the same as you.

Do you know about her strength in convictions
Or how she puts all her faith in religion.
Did we take the time to really discover,
How little we know about each other.

Keep us from saying anything, can't separate from everything.
And all this really means is
You're one in a crowd and you're paranoid of every sound.
You're not the friend you won't miss anyhow"

As they continue to perform, and all kinds of partying going on, Michie is seen drinking a smoothie. "Ah, it's kinda funny that I'm drinking a smoothie that resembles my hair color."

Lily is then also seen with a smoothie, but looks a little grumbled.

"Whoa, my little Lily, you look like you saw a screening of The Grey. It's a great film, but the ending indeed is gonna make people go nuts."

"It's not that, I heard two guys talking about this whole NFL thing, with the referees on lockout."

"I didn't know you were so annoyed about that. You've told me time and time again that it didn't bother you."

"I just know that some team is gonna get very badly screwed from this. Dumb calls, flags everywhere, maybe even a very obvious interception that is somehow ruled a touchdown, I can feel it."

"Aw, just drink it, and maybe you'll have a brain freez so you'll won't get as bothered."

"Okay…", Lily starts to drink the smoothie, the waits. "Nothing's happening-gah!"

Michie then laughs, "It stings a bit but it does cool your brain, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, no I'm gonna probably grumble at this smoothie."

"Hey…do you think the whole Academy knows about us?"

Lily blushes, "Well…I'll tell them eventually…maybe soon."

"We have to tell the truth someday. In this Academy's long history, there's never been a same-sex relationship."

"That's a little too conveniant."

"Agreed…I need a small lip peck."

"People then will think we're whispering through our ears, great idea!"

They both then make their tiny pecks, and luckily, they weren't seen they then sigh in relief.

Back with the band, who just finished their song, Arnoul makes small talk with her bandmates.

Anoul says, "C'mon, how about some DEP?"

John combs his hair and says, "Don't feel like screaming at the moment."

Liz then scoffs, as she then says, "I can sing that too, you know. I can even sing "Fix Your Face" if I have to.

Aly then ponders her chin, "Didn't you almost lose your voice the last time you sang that?"

"That proves I'm bitchin' tough, though."

Arnoul then says, "I declare we all perform…" she then whispers, as the band members agree. Arnoul then clears her throat, "ONE TWO THRE FOUR!", as they start rocking:

Yeah Yeah
Yeah yeah
Let me make your stasis
My-my-my-my Serpentine
I got a breathalyzer
And my body's clean

While they are nodding their heads a bit, Michie then says, "Pretty impressive that Keena got Arnoul's funk out and went as far as making her band performing here."

"Haven't seen her do anything around on the party for a while."

Keena is seen pondering, then snap her fingers, thinking, "I'll make a splash from 20 feet in the air!"

She slowly starts to fly in the air until she's about 40 fetet in the air, as she shouted "GERONIMO!" as she splashed in the pool.

Some of the students laugh and clap a little.

Gavin then walks up to her as she slowly leaves from the pool, "You sure are being wild, Keena."

Keena giggles a bit and says, "Not like I'm a literal redhead…well, I am, but that's beside the point."

"Splashing is so 1990's, though. In fact, there's a recent trend going on."

"Like what?"

"Tossing random people and saying "POOL PARTY, YEAH!""

Keena then laughs, "Sounds insane, but might catch on. Maybe you could show me?"

"If you insist. Kanna might be my first victim."

"Alrighty. Kanna, come here!"

Kanna walks to them, "What's up?"

Gavin then grabs Kanna and throws her to the pool, "POOL PARTY, YEAH!"

Kanna then yells out, "WHAT THE-?!", as she lands on the water.

Gavin laughs madly as Keena then slowly giggles, as she then says, "You alright, Kanna?"

Kanna then surfaces out of the water, also laughing, "You two are lucky that I have a sense of humor!"

Gavin then has a wooden chair on hand, "Thanks for that. Here's a floaty!", he then throws it to Kanna's direction as she carefully catches it.

"I could throw anyone I want, right?", replied Keena.

"Just as long as you're careful. Don't want to overthrow it. Also, don't forget to spin around in the air, also yelling that."


A brief pause happens, then Keena quickly grabs Gavin and yells out, "POOL PARTY, YEAH!", and then throws him to the pool. Gavin then surfaces as Keena then looks at him and as they both blush, they both think in unison, "I think…I have a crush…"

A figure then appears from behind Keena, as Keena then turns around, it's revealed to be Satomi, carrying a wand, looking furiated, "You…"

"H-hey…you don't see to look too good…"

"You punched Sempai…and it's likely that she's suffering at this point from a possible bone fracture!"

"Look, if anything, she started it, and last I heard, she's missing!"

Most of the students react with a gasp, as the band music stops and Satomi begins to cry.

Keena tries to calm her down by saying, "Listen…there's really no other way that we could say it, but…Yumi was the one who started yesterday's attack, accourding to Lily. All we know is that she escaped before we could even track her down during said attack. No matter how much you want to support her, she's…sort of part of an evil group now. She could even try to kill you, no matter what."

"That can't be! It's all your fault! You made her that way!"

Lily then steps in, "You've heard of Eiko Teruya, right? Well, Yumi and her, turns out, are cousins, and it looks like we're on the war against them, with CIMO8 on their side."

Satomi then snarls, "You too, Student Council President?", she slowly starts smiling, then slowly cacklinig, then laughing like a madwoman, "The whole Academy is turning on me…so I'll turn on all of you!"

She slowly undergoes a transformation, having her whole skin turn blue, her hair darker blue and fog slowly sorround her, also gaining long and sharp icy nails. The majority of the students fly off to stay away from danger.

Satomi then laughs evilly, "The girl you know as Satomi Hinata is dead…from now on I am known as…Icy Hail! Hopefully, everybody shall freeze in hell! I'll take you all on!"

Keena shakes her head, as her, Gavin, Lily, Michie, Kanna and Arnoul all adjust to stand in a straight line, then saying "We tried to help you…turns out you're just a cold…hard…bitch!

All 6 then say in unison, "Let's go!"

We're all young and naive still
We require certain skill
The motive changes like the wind
Hard to control when it begins

Can't help myself but count the flaws
Claw my way out through these walls

Fall back in love eventually
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper

The bittersweet between my teeth
Trying to find the in-between
Fall back in love eventually
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

The bittersweet between my teeth
Trying to find the in-between
Fall back in love eventually
Yeah yeah yeah yeah