Hi there! So this is an on-going collection of the Sydrian fics I write (which I've been posting on my blog) but decided to post here because every time I come looking for new Sydrian fics there aren't really any, and I figured there might be other people in that same position so… I'd give you something to read. They're all unrelated and not very long (check my account for my longer sydrian fic) but they're just a bit of fun. So, enjoy!

1. The Window

Sydney wasn't happy about this: not at all.

But she couldn't refuse a direct order from the Alchemists, and so with a painful awareness of everything hanging between them, she'd driven the suburu to Adrian's apartment and was currently perched awkwardly on the yellow couch, fingers wrapped around a can of diet coke. Despite things being tense between them, he'd still had his fridge stocked for her. She tried not to think about that.

The boy in question was staring out the window; the same window that had seen two of their most important moments together. Her mind didn't linger too long on the first important moment, when he'd told her he could paint her. She couldn't allow him to do anything of the sort. She was unable, however, to drag her mind from the second moment, probably the best but the most painful they had shared. Throughout her relationship with Brayden, she'd begun to wonder if there was something wrong with her. Surely, a kiss shouldn't be so… bland. There had never been anything romantic between the pair of them, not really. It was robotic. He'd wanted to kiss her (could she ever actually claim she'd wanted to kiss him?) so she'd allowed him. That's what people who were dating did.

But what about people who were in-

She shook her head. It wasn't appropriate to think about. It wasn't worth thinking about. Sydney had spent a long time practising her self control. Shutting herself down to emotion and using her brain was her forte. Emotions? They were volatile. They were passionate. They were dangerous. Brayden's 'lack of control' the night they'd discovered Sonya was missing hadn't been like Adrian's at all, and the thought made her heart race a little faster. Adrian was dangerous. That. She could have that.

No, she couldn't.

Almost as if he'd heard her thoughts, Adrian turned and crossed his arms, surveying her. Her skin felt as if it was burning from the places his intense gaze touched, roaming over her face and down to her necklace.

"You said the Alchemists sent you," he began, his tone neutral. Sydney nodded. "What is it exactly -" he chose his words carefully, "that you need from me?"

"I want -"

"Oh, no, Sydney," he said, cutting her off, the intensity of his gaze increasing, if that was possible. "We both know what you want, and this isn't it."

She looked away quickly and cleared her throat. Another time, before all of this, she would have snapped back at him in the quick way they were both used to. But this wasn't a friendly game any more. This was a deadly game, and Adrian was going in for the kill.

"Why can't you just admit it, Sydney?" Again, he used her first name. It was serious when he did that, but she stood up quickly, brushing his question off.

"This was a mistake," she said, picking up her purse and crossing to the door. "I'll -"

Faster than she knew he could move, he was in front of her, blocking her path to the door.

"The only mistake here is you denying your feelings," he growled. "Sage, I know you think we can't be together because of the Alchemists but -"

"It's what I've been told my entire life, Adrian! What do you expect me to do? I don't know anything different."

"You know me," he said softly, his eyes becoming molten fire. He stepped close and she stepped back.

"You know what they'll do to me?" she whispered, holding a hand up to stop him. "If they knew I - that we kissed? If they knew the truth, I'd…" she trailed off and a faraway look took over her features. Adrian wondered where he'd lost her to this time. "I'd never see you again."

"I wouldn't let that happen," he said, and the conviction in his voice was strong enough that Sydney almost believed him. But she also knew the Alchemists.

She shot him a weak smile. "There's not any amount of money in the world that could save me from that, Adrian."

She ducked around him and to the door. She started to open it but he was there again, this time with a hand rested on the door frame next to her, trapping her in the protective circle his body made around her. She swallowed hard and looked up at him.


He ducked his head closer to her, tilting it slightly to stop just in front of her lips, ghosting against them in a touch that sent her heart and her mind reeling. They seemed to be joined in battle at this point, urging her on silently: kiss him, Sydney.

She took in a deep breath to clear her head, but it was useless. All it did was send his familiar smell spiralling through her and entwining in the deepest parts of her, pulling her close to him. Hesitantly, she leant forward, catching his lips between her own. Adrian, sensing the battle had been won, moved forward to press her against anything that could let him kiss her harder - but the door was already open, creating a barrier between them, one that stopped him from touching her and crushed her as he pushed against it. She gasped and broke away from him as the pressure fell on her and he quickly stepped away. Instantly he could see the horror in her eyes - what have I done - and his heart plummeted as she slipped from the gap and ran back to her car.

He called after her, but it was useless. And so, Adrian returned to the window, wondering where this memory would fall in importance when the final chapter of their story had been written.