Written for the Pairing Diversity Boot Camp (Prompt: Pillow Talk), Globetrotter Drabble Competition (Manila, Philippines), Ghoul Studies (Prompt: Scared) and Rawenclaw Head of House Challenge (Write a pairing/character you have never written before).

Special thanks to colorful swirls for the amazing beta work :)

Pairing: Fred/Angelina

She was scared - Sirius Black had been found trespassing Hogwarts and he was a known criminal, wanted for the murder of twelve Muggles and countless others.

She wondered if he would enter Hogwarts again - she wondered if he would try to kill Harry - she wondered if there were others with him - she wondered if he would attack them all - she wondered if he would attack her.

"What's up, Johnson? You look more yellow than black," Fred Weasley joked suddenly, walking up and she snapped at him.

"We might get killed, Weasley, it's not a time to joke! Get serious for once in your life!"

"But if I get serious, I would become a wanted criminal won't I?" he smiled mischievously before Angelina hit him with a pillow.

"Ouch!" He pretended to be hurt and Angelina hit him again, just for the effect.

"You and your jokes, Weasley,"

"They're awesome, aren't they?" He replied back, the ends of a smile still etched on his face.

Instead of answering him back, Angelina just turned away, pretending to go to sleep. Slowly, gently, however, she felt him put an arm around her and whisper in her ear, "I know you're scared Angelina, but it'll be okay. He won't enter the castle again. Dumbledore won't let him."

Despite herself, Angelina let the tension and fear leave her body as she relaxed in Fred Weasley's somewhat-enjoyable embrace.