I've never given birth in my life before. So… uh, I'm sorry if the labor description isn't accurate.


Sleeping pills and coffee were his two most favorite things in the world.

This way, his insomnia wouldn't keep him awake at night and cause him to feel drowsy in the morning. He loved the feeling of the sleeping pills too – the calm numbing that ran through his veins.

After the events of the night, he stumbled into bed, drunk on misery. His head throbbed and the knot in his stomach wouldn't go away.

Of course, he couldn't sleep, as tired as he was.

Sighing, he reached for the small bottle and popped a pill in his hand. I could take more.

The thought alarmed him. He'd thought about a lot of things… but never suicide.

Neil ran his fingers over the miniscule pill, feeling it's smooth texture.

Then after a moment of hesitation, he slipped five more. He took a deep breath, and his hands trembling, popped it into his mouth.

And swallowed.

He felt his mind wandering far, far off. His eyes rolled backwards, as he collapsed on the bed, motionless.

"Eva," he murmured. That was his last word.

In delirious pain, Eva panted and screamed. Doctors and nurses in white clothing and masks swarmed around her, reassuring her that everything was alright. She couldn't think straight. Her insides felt like they were on fire.

Yet still, a thought stirred in her mind.

An hour after her water broke, she lay on her hospital bed, feeling faint. A young nurse with short hair came into the door to inform her that her husband couldn't be there. Business meeting. Very urgent.

Of course, she knew that their family depended on him working, that he kept them standing on their feet.

But couldn't he be here, just this moment?

The thoughts vanished as she felt a sharp stab in her.

She woke, unaware of where she was and what had just happened.

The doctor – a greying man with kind eyes – was holding a bundle in his arms. "It's a boy." He handed it to her, and she held the tiny creature against her.

"I know what to name him," she murmured.

The doctor looked shocked. "You – you're not going to wait for you husband?"

"No. His name is Neil." The baby gurgled. "After someone that I should've loved." Then she burst into tears, holding him close to her chest.