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Well, not quite, but they might as well have been.

Six of the founding members of the Justice League (the only one absent being J'onn, who was manning the Watchtower) were frozen by some invisible force smack dab in the middle of Metropolis for the entire world to see. Just earlier they had been investigating an incident involving strange occurrences with immobile citizens, and now they were much closer to the case than they had originally anticipated.

"Hey Supes, wanna explain why we can't move?" the Flash couldn't stand being immobile for more than a couple seconds.

Superman's eyes glowed as he surveyed the team's situation.

"There's some strange aura around us. I can't really identify it."

"Magic." Batman grunted and a familiar glare settled onto his face.

"Aw, man. I hate magic." Green Lantern rolled his eyes.

"The least they could have done was freeze Flash's mouth."


Joking aside, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and the Flash were all feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment. It didn't help when a familiar shrouded figure approached them from the shadows.

"John Dee?" The skull face, the cape, the whole sha-bang. The telepathic terror that attacked them in their sleep was somehow visible now when they were wide awake. A nightmare was brought back that few of them wanted to face.

"Wonder Woman, I think it would do you good to remember my name is Dr. Destiny." The skull face somehow managed to form a crude smile.

"How did you recover? And how did you freeze these people? I don't remember you being able to use magic." An unsettling laugh filled the street as onlookers began to shuffle farther away from the scene.

"Batman, I'm not dumb enough to give you any leads on how I did this," Dr. Destiny took a couple steps closer to the bound superheroes, "But I can tell you what I plan to do next.

"I've been shifting through all your memories for the past couple nights while you were asleep. I know you all better than you probably know yourself." Dee relished the shocked expression of the meta-humans. "Don't be alarmed. I don't plan on telling anyone anything. At least, not until I first destroy the Justice League from the inside. I thought, 'Dee, why not create some self-sustained torture? Destroy the team bond? Watch them discover the darkness in even the purest soul...' I think I got the perfect plan.

"I'm going to trap your collective consciousness into the mind of the darkest, most tortured member of the league as you relive his most painful moments."

The team tensed and all looked towards Bruce.

"No offense, Bats, but I really don't wanna know what goes on inside your brain." The others silently agreed.

"Oh but Wallace," Flash cringed at the sound of his full name, "I wasn't talking about him."

Destiny took slow deliberate steps towards the red-clad hero. Cherishing the looks of confusion on the other's faces and fear hidden deep in the eyes of the scarlet speedster.

"I was talking about you."

The silence was deafening. The other members looked at Destiny to find some hint of a joke. Even Batman looked shocked.

"What? Little ol' me?" Flash's trademark smile was slightly off-set, his voice a pitch or two higher than usual, things only apparent to Superman's sharp eye and ear.

"Don't play this off with a joke, Wallace. I know everything about you, and soon the rest of your team will too."

"Hate to be a bummer, but the darkest thought I ever had was that I might die before I get to visit Themyscira," the Flash shrugged, "I can rest easy now."

"Then you won't mind this little excursion at all." Dr. Destiny threw some cans on the ground, which quickly began emitting a grey cloud of gas. Each hero felt their vision begin to blur, before steadily declining into darkness.

"Good night, heroes. Enjoy your nightmare."

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