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Wally was broken. His body in shambles, but healing regularly. That didn't help the situation at all though. When bones were sticking out of your skin and organs were so severely damaged that they mashed together, healing was not what you wanted to do until they were fixed. The league was attempting to block out the pain, especially the steel heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman who had never experienced it before, but it was hard to ignore. Tears threatened to escape their eyes.

"You're not so spunky anymore are you," Joker looked to Robin, "I think it's time to switch playmates." Wally would have said something, but his jaw was broken from a particularly painful backswing. As the Joker began to stalk to Robin, Wally could only think about how worthless he was again.

"Mista J," a fuzzy noise sounded from an alarm by the door, a heavy Brooklyn accent indicating it was Harley Quinn, "Our guests are here!"

"Ooh! Coming, Harley! Get ready to greet our VIPs," Joker turned to the two boys, the permanent smile frozen on his face, "I'll deal with you kiddos later." The pair held back a sigh of relief. Wally let himself slip into darkness, and the league felt the pain dull and become numb.

As soon as the door slammed shut, Robin looked over to Wally. He cringed at the site of his limp friend, and he feared for the worst.



"KF, come on I-" Harely Quinn kicked open the door, carrying a metal object in her hand. She placed the material on the floor and began setting the wires together.

"Settin' this up for Mista J, and-" She caught a glimpse of Kid Flash, "Oh! That looked like it hurt!"

Robin's eyes widened as he caught sight of the material she was carrying. There was no time to wait for help; they needed to get out of there and fast. Rotating his wrists, Robin was pleased to discover that he was regaining motion in his limbs. He reached down into his belt, and found it was empty. He expected that.

But a good Bat doesn't rely solely on his belt.

Robin reached into the top of his boot, felt around for a while and then grabbed a small metal object that slid out. Placing both hands behind his back, he flipped the switch and a small plasma knife emerged. He silently set to work on his chains as Harley struggled to set up the metal box.

Three dark silhouettes lined a dimly lit room.

"They have the founders, shouldn't we initiate phase two?"

"Now, Now. We still have plenty of time before we act. You know what they say, patience is a virtue."

"Don't talk to me about patience; I've been waiting on this longer than you have. All I'm saying is we could take them down now. Why are we waiting?"

"I agree. My powers may not work much longer, and I shall not focus on this long while my son lies unattended."

"Trust me," the figure suddenly materialized behind the other shadows in a blink of an eye, "This is not only the most effective way, but the most fulfilling."

Barry and Batman approached the abandoned factory. Flash, as a novice, had a problem of acting before he thought things out; he knew he was making the same mistake as he ran right through the open doors and into the dark building, but didn't care enough about his own safety at the moment. What surprised him was when Batman, the supposedly cool-headed one, joined him too. There was nothing but darkness around them, until a sudden spotlight flooded the room with light.

"Greetings, greetings! Welcoming the main acts of the show, ladies and gentlemen, Bat-breath and..."The Joker rubbed his chin, "Sorry, I don't really know you well enough for that yet." The pair of superheroes were surrounded by mirrors, the double door shut behind them to complete the glass dome. It was small enough to fit in the wear house and limited mobility. Joker was speaking from one of the mirrors, and Mirror Master shone from another one.

"Where's Robin and Kid Flash?" The Bat-glare was out full force. Joker laughed at the sight of it.

"Easy, big guy. They're right below the building, with the bomb," Joker turned to someone behind him, "Harley, you did set up the bomb right?"

"Yes, Mista J! All finished and ready to explode!"

The Two heroes eyes' widened.

"Goodie. Now, we're going to play a game," Joker stalked through the mirrors one by one, "The bomb by your little minis is set to go off in 4 minutes and 43 seconds. So if you don't escape this dome in time," Joker made a wide motion with his hands, "KABLOO-EE! Rules are that you aren't allowed to break a mirror, or else I'll push this," he flashed a remote detonator in his hand, "and you'll all be blown sky high."

Flash contemplated this; it seemed impossible, but he was ready to try anything.

"Sounds great, when's it start?"

"Now," Mirror Master resurfaced so that his face was on every mirror except for the two in front of Flash and Batman. Staring at their reflections, the two wondered what exactly was going to happen next. That was until their reflections suddenly stepped out of the mirror, two perfect, though backwards, copies, ready to fight.

"What the hell?"

"My newest invention. All I need is the reflection of a person, and my atomic manifestation ray is able to bend the light waves and increase the energy levels of each photon. Then, I take these from being pure energy and convert them into mass, solidifying images captured in the mirror. Basically, I can create copies of anybody."

Realizing the dangerous implication of that, the pair of superheroes got ready to fight. Batman started piecing together the puzzle in his head. The kid was a trap most likely, a mirror image. But how did they know where they would be? They could have been waiting it out or...Gordon. Thinking back on it, Batman remembered Gordon had been favoring his left-hand for movement much more than his right. A characteristic held by left-handed individuals. He was a reflection too! Cursing himself for not realizing this sooner, Batman was ready to fight with renewed gusto.

"Mirror Master," Flash completely ignored the situation at hand and turned to talk to his regular rogue, "I thought it's against your club's policy to team up with people like him?"

"Since the last time you put me in jail, I decided that I'm through with the cat and mouse chase. If one person could end it, it's him," Mirror Master phased so that all of him was visible in the mirror, "Plus, Wayne tech had the atomic stabilizer I needed to complete my newest project. It was too convenient to pass up."

"You know, it's not my fault that you decided to-" Suddenly, a red fist connected with his face and sent him flying, until something behind him smashed him back to the ground. He looked up to see the impostor Flash smirking back down at him.

"Always wanted to do that," Mirror Master turned, "Anyways, you have 3 minutes left."

In a sudden flurry, the chaotic battle ensued. The two Flash's were nothing but a blur of red, moving from each end of the dome throughout time. The dark knights did the same, slower in movement, but with heavier force behind each strike. This battle went on for at least 2 minutes, and at the high energy they were both fighting at, the pair began to tire.

"Batman," Flash yelled between strikes, "any ideas?"

The detective was silent as he was battling through his clone. Suddenly, he yelled over to Flash.

"Flash, vibrate your hand through them!" Flash stopped his fight suddenly and vibrated his hands at top speed. He stuck them through the impostor, who's face portrayed horror before he suddenly exploded in a flash of light. After the blinding affect passed, he ran over and did the same to the copy Batman. The same effect happened. Flash opened his eyes after the blinding light passed.

"How'd you know?"

"I just assumed that their atomic structure would be unstable. Transferring high amounts of energy would upset their molecular foundation." Flash stared at Batman.


"Doesn't really matter. It took you a little too long to figure it out," Mirror Master's face shown through the mirrors, "you have less than 5 seconds. And remember-"

Batman and Flash no longer listened. The pair ran towards the edge of the dome, and Batman pulled his fist back and destroyed the mirror blocking there path.

"-if you break a mirror, the bomb goes off."

Flash and Batman looked at each other, before Flash picked up a struggling Batman and ran out of the building.

A couple steps out and the building exploded, swallowed by flames.

Dr. Fate made his way back to the medical unit. The doors slid open, and J'onn, who had been watching over his fallen family, turned around.

"Have you completed the counter spell?" Dr. Fate nodded.

"It is complete."

"Let's begin then. I fear that Flash's body cannot handle the undue stress much longer." Dr. Fate moved over and placed a hand on Flash's temple. Motioning for J'onn to come over, he then placed a hand on his head as well. The magic incantation escaped his lips and the room echoed with the strange aura that magic usually entails. It was a long; it took a good five minutes before J'onn felt himself leaving his body, and slowly passing the barriers of Flash's mind. The same dark mist that engulfed J'onn earlier and brought forth flames was burned away by Fate's light. The pair went deeper and deeper into the mist until, finally, there was a burst of color. They entered the colorful window, and suddenly found themselves tumbling down into an even deeper darkness, a bottomless hole.

Batman stared hopelessly at the burning building before him. It was all his fault. From leaving them, to not solving this earlier, to breaking the mirror; their deaths loomed on his head forever. What kind of hero was he when he couldn't even save his own son? He felt his mind screaming at him to run into the flames, to find Robin, but his mind was numb.

The current Batman stood with the league, silent and motionless. He remembered how he felt at that time. But looking back to the burning building now, he felt a completely different guilt plunging at his heart. One deeper, more raw...


Wonder Woman sensed his tense demeanor and pained facial expression. In support, she placed her hand on Batman's shoulder. He didn't push her away.

The Flash in the memory stood eerily still. Like a statue, he stared at the building and for once said nothing. Both him and Batman looked broken, standing among the fire and wreckage without care for their well-being.

"Batman!" The pair whipped their faces to the raspy yell. They saw Robin underneath a pile of wood, covering something next to him. Flash ran over and immediately removed all the wood shambles pinning him down. After lifting the last one, Barry saw that the thing that Robin was covering in Wally; a complete mess, and barely alive. Flash vision flooded with red, his instincts called for revenge, but he tempered them as he lowered himself to inspect Wally's state. Batman was equally appalled by Wally's state.

"What happened?"

"Geez, do you think that I'm totally useless? I got us out once Harley left," Robin quickly looked down at Kid Flash, "but...he saved me. He wouldn't let the Joker hit me. I couldn't let us die after what he did, right? I had to return the favor."

Barry gently picked up Wally, who was unconscious. He turned to Batman.

"I need to get him to a hospital; he's healed but...I'll have to re-break and set everything. He's healed all wrong," Barry looked straight at Batman his eyes silently pleading, "I don't think I'll be able to help you with this case, Bruce." Robin stepped forward.

"Make sure he's okay, Flash. When he wakes up, tell him I'll come down to Central to help him with comebacks."

Batman understood that Barry had to go. In fact, he would have been mad if Barry placed the mission's priority over his sidekick's.

"Don't worry. I'll catch Mirror Master and Joker. They'll pay for what they did." Right before Barry zoomed away, he turned to Batman with parting words.

"Remember: Justice not Revenge."

He left with Kid Flash in his arms, leaving a streak of red. Batman never forgot Barry's words, even when he was gone. Suddenly, he turned to Robin and hugged him. The young sidekick was shocked, but did not complain as he returned the favor.

Flash saw his mentor zoom away in the memory, and his body coiled like a spring. When the scene suddenly started to fade away, Flash sprung out of his seat.


He ran at full speed towards Dee. Dee was quite literally mid-blink when Flash made it over to his seat. The scepter was almost in his hand, a mere centimeters away.

Then a bright light erupted in the center of his mind, and blinded Flash. He covered his eyes for only a moment.

When he looked up, Dee was gone, and so was the scepter. Wally turned around and saw him sitting back in what had originally been his chair, smirking.


"Flash, I told you to take a seat." Once again, his body was no longer under his control as he was forced to sit into the metal chair. He saw it through the glass...the memory, it was starting.


"Lucky for me that your comrades came when they did, or else you would have been able to grab this." He waved the golden rod in the air. "I'll have to thank them for their sudden entrance. I guess this will be the last memory, it won't take long for your friends to start rummaging around here. But in the mean time" Destiny smiled at the shattered expression of Flash, "you have no choice but to relive this."


A sense of resignation overcame Flash, his face reflecting the empty feeling pooling in his body. He didn't want to remember. He didn't want to see it again.

He didn't want to watch Barry die.

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