Ghostly Secrets

Author Notes: This is a crossover between Danny Phantom and Yu-Gi-Oh! I claim no rights or anything associated with these two series but the idea for the story is completely my own. All I ask if you read this story and like what you see that you leave me a comment and/or a review.

Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to one's self', *mental speech*, -duel monster card speech-, bold=Atemu speaking, italic=Danny ghost speech, CAPS=SHOUTING

One - New Student

Danny Fenton had a secret that only a few knew. His secret was that he was half ghost/half human as he had ghost-like powers. The only ones who knew about Danny's secret was his two best friends Samantha Manson or Sam for short, Tucker Foley, and Danny's older sister Jasmin or Jazz for short. Danny only changed his last name to Phantom when he was in his ghost form. Danny and his friends were currently sitting in class waiting for their teacher Mr. Lancer to show up. Danny felt another spit ball hit him in the back of his head. Sighing to himself he shook the spit balls out of his black raven locks as Mr. Lancer finally entered the classroom.

"All right students calm down and take your seats. I have received word that tomorrow we shall be getting a new student as well as a new teacher as they are both arriving from Japan. I want everyone to treat them with kindness and respect. Now take out your text books and open them to page forty-two." stated Mr. Lancer. All the students did as they were asked. Danny pondered about the new student wondering what he or she was going to be like.

Meanwhile on the plane bound for America….. Yugi Moto sat with his grandfather as he looked at a picture sitting in his hands on his lap. It was a picture of all of his friends back home in Domino City. Tears were in Yugi's large Amethyst eyes. Yugi's grandfather Solomon Moto ruffled Yugi's tri-color locks.

"Don't worry Yugi. I am certain that you will make new friends and enjoy the new experiences." stated Solomon.

"I know Grandpa. It is just I miss them." replied Yugi in a sad tone as he put away the photo to gently touch the large Egyptian puzzle hanging around his neck. The millennium puzzle which housed the spirit of the nameless pharaoh or as Yugi came to know his as Yami. But last year they had found out the truth about the pharaoh and his true name, Atemu. Last year Yugi saw Atemu depart leaving him and his friends to finally gain his eternal rest…..or so Yugi thought. Several months after Atemu had left Yugi, he suddenly returned much to Yugi's surprise. Atemu had told Yugi that something had drawn him back. Yugi couldn't help but to realize that this sounded too cryptic even for Atemu. When Atemu's spirit rejoined with Yugi, the teen could feel that the pharaoh's spirit felt much different than before, much stronger. 'I hope that nothing unusual happens.' Yugi thought to himself. Dark rich laughter erupted in the back of Yugi's mind.

*Come on Yugi…your life wouldn't be ordinary unless something strange and unusual happened to us.* laughed Atemu among the mental path that he shared with Yugi. Yugi knew that Atemu spoke the truth.

Meanwhile… the final bell rang at Casper High rung out as the students bolted out of the door. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz walked out slowly.

"A new student…I wonder what they are like." stated Tucker.

"Who knows Tuck. Just as long they aren't like the other jerks that exist within the school." stated Danny. A pale light blue breath escaped from his lips as if he was cold which he wasn't. This was Danny's ghost sense which meant that a ghost was close by.

"Just what I needed… a way to relieve some stress." stated Danny. "I'M GOING GHOST!" he shouted out as a bright white ring appeared around his waist. The ring separated into two fragments one traveling up his body to his head while the other traveled down to his feet. His clothing changed as he was now wearing a black spandex jumpsuit with a white collar, gloves, boots, and belt. Danny's black raven locks turned snow white as his once sapphire blue eyes turned lime green. Once fully transformed, Danny flew off as he found several ghost snakes wreaking havoc. Danny allowed his ectoplamsic energy to flow to his hand as it was the same color as his eyes. Sam and Tucker had followed Danny as they carried the Fenton Thermos which would suck up and trap ghosts inside of the container.

"Danny drive them over here!" yelled out Sam. Danny went intangible as one of the ghost snakes moved to strike Danny.

"Over here you slithering snake skins!" yelled out Tucker as he tried to get the ghosts attention.

"DANNY…CATCH!" shouted out Sam as he tossed Danny the thermos. Danny had become tangible as he caught the thermos before surging his ectoplamsic energy into the thermos activating it as it sucked up all of the ghost snakes.

"I feel much better now." stated Danny as he flew down to rejoin his friends as he reversed the transformation to go back to his human form.

The following day Danny and his friends sat in class as they waited fro Mr. Lancer and the new student to show up. Everyone was talking trying to figure out what the new student was going to be like. Suddenly the door opened as the students rushed to their seats. Mr. Lancer first entered followed by a young teen with tri-color hair. His golden bangs hung in front of his large Amethyst eyes as his raven black hair with a dark magenta pink hair stood up spiked in the shape of a star.

"Everyone, I want you to meet Yugi Moto. His grandfather Solomon Moto will be teaching history. I need for somebody to show Mr. Moto around the school." Almost immediately Danny's hand shot up. He had recognized Yugi's name as he was known world wide as the King of Games. "Thank you Danny. You can take a seat right next to Mr. Fenton." stated Mr. Lancer. Yugi nodded his head as he went to take a seat next to Danny. Danny pulled his desk close to Yugi's so they could share Danny's text book.

"Hi… I'm Danny Fenton." Danny whispered towards Yugi.

"Yugi Moto. Nice to meet you." stated Yugi as he shook Danny's hand. The minute that their hands touched, both Danny and Yugi could feel this odd spark of energy leap between them. A questioning look crossed their faces as they withdrew their hands thinking nothing odd about it. But in the back of their minds they could tell that the other one wasn't what they seem to be as they held a secret that not many knew about.

Next Chapter…The Odd Feeling

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