Ghostly Secrets

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Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to one's self', *mental speech*, -duel monster card speech-, bold=dark voices, italic=ghost speech, CAPS= shouting/yelling, (author notes), bold italic=dark ghostly voice

Thirteen - Clockwork Appears

After the short battle against Darkaiba, both Danny and Atemu flew in the air a bit troubled. Sekhmet was clearly testing them both. This just managed to piss Atemu off as dark energy crackled all around him.

*Atemu... stop!* yelled out Yugi mentally. But not even Yugi's voice was reaching his dark half. Then suddenly without warning time seemed to stop all around Atemu freezing him in place as Danny's ghost sense went off.

'There is only one ghost that I know of who can stop time.' Danny thought to himself as right on cue Clockwork appeared in his eldest form of an old man.

"It seems that I had arrived just in time." Clockwork stated as he floated over towards Atemu. Clockwork activated his powers causing Atemu's transformation of his current demon form to reverse as he returned back to his normal human form. This raised a questioning look to Danny's face. "Don't worry Mr. Fenton, I will explain everything back at my place." stated Clockwork as with a snap of his fingers he opened a portal to bring both Danny and Atemu back to his place within the ghost zone. Once they arrived, Clockwork proceeded to allow time around Atemu to unfreeze. Atemu looked lost and a tad bit confused. When Atemu saw Clockwork, he allowed his power to his hand. Danny flew before he Atemu stopping the pharaoh from attacking.

"Hold on Atemu. This is Clockwork, he is our side." stated Danny. Atemu powered down he then realized that he was no longer in his demonic form.

"How in the world?" he asked.

"I simply reversed and altered time around you. I had fixed time changing what had happened." replied Clockwork as his form shifted to his young kid form.

"Clockwork in English please so that the rest of us can understand." replied Danny as Yugi's ghostly spirit joined them.

"I had altered the events involving your transformation. You are still able to transform into your demon form but I would hold it off until you face against Sekhmet. You can still summon your card monsters as well as use any spell and trap card like magical spells. You still can still fuse with your card monsters but instead of them boosting your incredible powers, you will be using them like armor (Capsule Monsters Movie)." stated Clockwork.

*You mean just like what happened in that capsule monsters world that we were transported to?* asked Yugi.

"Exactly. But unlike that world, the armor will not waist your energy like it did in that world." answered Clockwork as he had heard Yugi's question as the ghost then shifted into teen form.

"Clockwork I thought you told me that you wouldn't interfere when it comes to the matter of time." stated Danny.

"That is true but from what I have seen of the future is far worse than anything I have ever witnessed. If I sat back and done nothing, then the whole entire world would be destroyed. This new threat is far more dangerous than Zorc!" replied Clockwork.

"You mean to tell me that Sekhmet has only gotten stronger since I had last faced him." stated Atemu as Clockwork nodded his head yes causing Atemu to curse in Egyptian. Clockwork's form shifted again as he floated over to the viewing mirror.

"Sekhmet has merged with the same shadow and dark magic that you possess Pharaoh as that was cause for your sudden demonic transformation. The changes that happened to you will not reverse until Sekhmet has been destroyed." stated Clockwork as he placed his hand onto the viewing mirror causing it to activate. It showed Danny, Atemu, and Yugi the future that laid ahead of them. The world laid in waste as duel monsters, ghosts, and demons alike roamed the earth killing and slaughtering humans. Clockwork removed his hand from the viewing mirror turning to the trio. "From what I have witnessed I had no choice but to intervene as your powers Pharaoh are becoming unstable as your dark powers were turning you down the same path as Sekhmet." stated Clockwork as his form shifted again. To Danny this sounded way too familiar to the time he fought against his future dark self. The Fenton thermos with Clockwork's time medallion still sat on Clockwork's shelf causing Danny to sigh in relief. "Your other half should be able to stop these darker emotions from taking over you. Both Danny and you aren't the only ones undergoing these changes. Your other half will also exhibit powers." stated Clockwork as Atemu looked at Yugi in shock and concern. "The changes to both Danny and Yugi will not be physical like yours was but the changes will happen. I hope for your three's sake that you manage to stop Sekhmet before it is too late." stated Clockwork as he turned towards Danny. "I am not certain how much longer I can keep both Sekhmet and Plasmius from finding my place as they are after your dark half which still lays sealed." Clockwork told the ghost boy as his form shifted again.

"We will do everything we can to stop them Clockwork. Thank you so much for all of your help." stated Danny as Clockwork nodded his head. With a snap of his fingers both Danny and Atemu found themselves back within Danny's room as Atemu proceeded to give Yugi back control over the body. Almost immediately Sam and Tucker began to ask what had happened as the two super powered teens filled them in.

Next Chapter... Darkaiba makes his move

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