A/N: Hello! My friend and I have decided to make a fanfiction with Sebastian and Claude writing letters to each other. We got the inspiration from a fanfic called Secret Desires Of Bocchan by TheLightBulbPokemon. If you haven't read it, you should :3 Anyway, my friend (let's call her Rin for now) is Sebastian, and I am Claude.

Disclaimer: We do not own Kuroshitsuji or any of the characters in it.

Dear Claude Faustus,

Please stop bothering the Young Master. You may got a bit too attached to him after the little "exchange" of ours, though this is going slightly too far. I hope I won't catch you peeking in the bathroom window while the Young Master is having his evening bath again. I doubt Trancy would mind you stalking him while being naked on the bathroom, nor bedroom.


Sebastian Michaelis.