AU Prompt Fic. "Rizzles. 10 years on" Fluff, ten years later. Enjoy!

Jane stood proudly in her Red Sox jersey, watching the game in the stands, the little girl on her shoulders gripping her cap in her little hands as she shouted excitedly to the 10 year old boy next to them, wearing a match cap and jersey "Lukey! Lukey… look at me, I'm taller than you!" The young boy look up and smiled, "Only because you're on Aunty Janie's shoulders 'Tilda, I would be even taller if I was on Aunty Maura's shoulders!"

The lady in question, on the other side of Jane shook her foam finger at her nephew, "I don't think that's likely to happen anymore young man, you are far too big!" Jane smiled over at her wife, looking incredibly sexy in Jane's oversized BPD hoody and Red Sox scarf, "Here, can you take Matilda…. I'll get the young sir here sorted out" Upon hearing this the little girl reached across to her other Mommy and secured herself on Maura's hip.

Jane instructed Luke to climb upon her back as Maura guided her daughter onto her shoulders instead, reaching up to fix her mussed hair, and turned back to the game, thinking how wonderful her little family was, how well her nephew was growing up and, with a smirk, just how she was going to thank Maura for letting them all go to a Sox game instead of a museum on the only day off they all had this week….