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-/- Shadow ofFairy Tail -/-


Inky black shadows crept across the ground unnoticed in the orange rays of the setting sun. They were creepily thin, giving off an almost sleek appearance. Soundlessly, they stretched, passing through nooks and crannies effortlessly as they approached their target. A small family, two young girls no older than seven and their parents; they were happily enjoying a stroll around the lively city. The shadows crept forward uncaringly; they reached the tail end of the families joined shadow. An unidentifiable squeal of power was all that warned the family something was amiss before the shadows exploded outwards. A sickening squelch rolled through the air while blood splattered against the walls; screams of horror filled the area.

No one caught sight of the murderous shadows as they retreated back to their source. Like a spring, they zipped through the path they previously took five times as fast. Out of the city they traveled, crawling across hills until they came within sight of a river. The shadows slithered casually to the sandy bank; they coiled around a sandaled foot and merged with a preexisting shadow. The conjurer of the shadow stood still for a moment, as if pondering something, before turning to leave. Just as the person lowered their knees for a leap, they stopped; a reflection caught their eye: their reflection.

The figure was no doubt a male; his chest was noticeably chiseled rather than round. Brushing the six foot range, the man had a solid build; most of his muscles were substantially large. The color gray was found all over his clothes accompanied by a few patches of white, giving a rather inconspicuous appearance. However, any hope of avoiding attention was crushed by his white mask and unruly blonde hair. It was a mask of some sort of canine while his spiky, vibrant locks gave a mane like appearance to it. All in all, he was a very strange looking fellow.

For moments on end, the man stared into his reflection through the small holes located on his mask; reflecting. A small swirl glimmered into view, slowly whisking away all the light from the sun like a black hole. The man looked closer, maybe it was the wake of a fish? The atmosphere became darker, the winds picked up violently, but the waters remained undisturbed. It suddenly clicked; it was a reflection! The man's head snapped up in the direction of the sky, his hands itching closer together in preparation.

It appeared to be a hurricane; an impossibly small, dark, lightning producing, category five-hurricane. Trees were nearly uprooted by the sheer pull of it, even stones and rocks were being slowly levitating higher and higher into the air. The man crammed his hands into an odd looking sign and concentrated intensively. The gesture must have been a prayer, because nothing happened. Letting out a low yelp of surprise, the man was whipped into the air violently like a bratty child does to their toy. Not given the time to even scramble, the strangely dressed man was sucked into the eye of hurricane like phenomenon.

The man felt his power being sucked from him, then being replaced with something else, something tiring...

His world went dark.

It was cold, uncomfortably so. He felt air rush across his body wildly, chilling his skin like a sheet of ice. Grumbling, the man's consciousness began to flicker. Damn fan, why the hell was it on so high? He was too tired to care; maybe he could just turn to the side…wait. Was there air blowing under him? Before the man was given any time to pounder, he felt excruciating pain. His world flipped upside down as he crashed onto something hard and compact, his lungs were immediately stripped of their reserves of oxygen. A bloody gurgle escaped the man's lips as his body recoiled from the fall.

Debris panned out across the area as the collateral of the fall lessened. Mutely, the man lay still, gaining his bearings. The sky was noticeably cloudier than before, perhaps a little darker as well. He was definitely not in the same area as before; this land had a more mountainous ecosystem compared to the hilly town he was just at. An explosion sounded from the left, crushing his inner musings, followed by a beastly roar that sent a tremble across the ground. His hand twitched as he attempted to move, but nothing more than a painful spasm awarded his effort.


An eerie silence crept over the man, nothing made a sound; the wind refused to blow, the birds stopped cooing, even the crickets ceased their constant chirping. A set of feet crunched over some grass; a cold sweat broke out on the back of the man's neck. Two voices, a male and a female, both were equally frantic. They neared quickly; he could practically hear their heavy pants. A rush of adrenaline filled his body; he squirmed as his broken bones protested to move, but continued nonetheless. The man managed to get to a knee before he was rounded by the two voices. His plans of escaping were foiled as his knee gave out causing him to fall face first; cracking his mask.

The world spun; his conscious started to dim. Why did it feel like he was falling? More importantly, who was this 'Lisanna' they kept shouting about? Everything was going by too fast…he still needed to report his mission as a success after all. He only heard one last thing before he completely lost it.

"He might know something. We should take him back with us…to Fairy Tail."

Yet again, the world went dark for the masked man.

(End of Prologue)

Yeah, I don't really know what made me write this. (I was watching Sword Art Online before watching this. By the way, watch that shit-IT'S AMAZING!) Maybe it was the fact that Fairy Tail is becoming increasingly popular compared to other crossovers…that might be it. It seems like some real shit stories are gaining a lot more attention than they should just 'cuz everyone is getting into Fairy Tail. Honestly, there are only about a dozen Naruto X Fairy Tail fics I like, and over half of them are from NeonZangetsu! I was blown away when I first read Lanky Nathan's story…and I've keeping up with it for the past four or five months.

Disregarding my drabble; I think I just needed to get this out of my system. I've hit a bump with my other stories, they're like three thousand words into each chapter, and I'm just confused on where I want them to go. Either way, I know I'll continue this, it'll give me an excuse to continue watching and reading the anime/manga…I was on episode ninety…three, I believe? Oh well, sorry about such a short prologue, y'all know I don't make very big ones.

Oh, this will not be a harem story, fellas. Buuuut! That's not to say someone might not have more than one love interest. C'ya-

Maelstrom-claymore, out.