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Chapter 6


The room was dark. The only light coming in the room was through the prison bar window, close by. A female figure drenched with water was tied to a chair, a look of defiance in her sparkling blue eyes. She wore a cornflower blue colored tank top, and baggy dark blue shorts. Her hair looked a wet mess as it stuck to her face, her features contorted into a calm look. Because of her talking so much she had been gagged. They had stuck a rag down her throat, but she easily breathed in and out of her nose. Her captor stood with an evil smirk on his face as he tossed a gun back and forth between his large and dirty hands. His hair was grey and he had the ugliest side burns known to man, and his eyes were golden fury, hidden by a scary but kind façade. The assassin showed no fear when she looked at him, she sat straight, still trying to rid of the restraints on her hands. How did she get in this position, you ask? Being a rank A assassin isn't always a privilege. It could be fun or could be pure hell, and that's how she was feeling. The rush of excitement, but anger as well.

-20 hours earlier-

The students in the Northern Water Tribe Facility gave a small bow as they saw the esteemed Painted Lady before them. When Katara had left the Southern facility she was easily accepted into the Northern Facility. It did have its perks. Respect is one of them. The Painted Lady was feared in these parts and she would say she actually enjoyed it. She had killed Yon Rha a few months ago but that didn't make her feel better, instead it haunted her, but she ignored it and went on.

"Students we have shown our respects to our Painted Lady, but now salute to our Headmaster." A guard yelled doing a water tribe salute. The doors open and in came a curvaceous figure. She wore a nice business suit, added with her own rich kid style. Her white hair was in a traditional water tribe style, and she wore a look of coldness on her face. She gave the kids acknowledgement and they turned back to their training. Leaving a staring chief and assassin.

"We have much to speak of." The white haired woman mentioned and walked from the room, the Painted Lady following her. The minute they reached the office they scowled at each other.

"Take off your mask there is no need for that here."

"Go to hell, Yue. I hardly trust most of my family why would I trust you? I'm not an idiot. I haven't been for seven years since joining as an assassin." Painted Lady said angrily. "Now why the hell did you call me here, I still have some cleaning up to do."

"I hear that you are going to supreme assassin rank. I applaud you. But in order for that you have to do one more mission for me. He was associated with Yon Rha so I figure you would enjoy it." Yue explained drinking some whiskey.

"I'm listening."

"His name Zhao he is one of the "Fire Lords" honored associated acts. I need you to end him. He's an ass and he threatened us one too many times. You may not believe this but I do care for my students more than you realize. I don't need them to be injured by his hands!" There was only silence.

"…Please Katara." Yue pleaded.

"Fine I'll do it. Only because the son of a bitch was in association with Yon Rha. When do I leave, and what's the plan?"

"Be captured and gather information that we need, you'll find out the coordinates from Kiyu in the technology corridor. Before you leave, tell her to contact my step-brother, and that he must come In two hours approximately. Lastly I will be…sleeping so make sure no one wakes me up. Tell that to the staff…Good luck Katara, and thank you."

Katara nodded and gave Yue the signature water tribe handshake and left the room. Yue quickly stood and locked the door. She opened a special drawer and took out a beautifully shaped curved bottle, filled with a clear liquid. She took in a shaky breath and smiled. Pure water tribe happiness was in this bottle and she had everything to herself. She smiled in contentment as she savored this moment. She looked around the office, feeling alone for once. Peace overcame her, and for the first time she smiled.

"Pure Water Tribe Happiness." She chuckled. She opened the cap on the bottle, and downed it in one gulp. The taste was not pleasant at all, and it stung. She closed her eyes taking her final breath, and collapsed on the ground. The bottle rolled from her lifeless hands, and revealed on the back. "Water Tribe Cyanide" Yue still had that smile on her face.

-Current Time-

Yue's death had been classified two hours after Katara had left for the mission. Now Katara knew she had to keep this promise to Yue, that she would kill Zhao. And she would not have any problem since the bastard was taunting her.

"You know I actually knew your mother, she could move her hips perfectly." He teased evilly. Katara said nothing. She smirked inwardly as she felt the ring on her pinky finger. She was easily able to maneuver her hands, even with the rope on, and she pushed a button on the back. Out of the ring came a tiny soundless saw, and it began to cut through the ropes. This was very easy considering that pompous man kept talking about her mother. He didn't even notice she was right behind him, until he turned. She jabbed a knife right between his eyes. A look of shock was on his face as he began to die. She leaned down to see his eyes shuddering. Her usual lively blue eyes turned a darker shade.

"Have fun." She whispered coldly. The gag that he had put in her mouth, she had stuffed in his. Mission accomplished. She had stuffed the duffel bag with files. Mainly the ones with her family, and former friends. Including some plans from their provider. She pulled out a contraption that cut the jail bars on the small window. The breeze that blew in was cool and refreshing. The ground was also three feet below which was a relief for Katara. She threw the duffel on the dirt ground, and took in a deep breath. This window was small! She grabbed the outside part of the stone wall, and raised herself up. With her all her strength she made a perfect form, and sent herself through the window, landing on her feet. She grabbed the duffel and dusted herself off. She pushed the com-link on her ear.

"It's done, finish it." She ordered. The blue eyed beauty began to run, and jumped in water. She was right on time, as the island facility blew up. She rose from the water, and gave a signal to the helicopter, and smiled as she was being pulled up by a wired core. When she jumped into the helicopter she was met with congratulations from her co-workers. Even with this she felt empty, and cold…

Sokka and Toph

Three years had passed by rather quickly for the gang minus Katara. Ever since Sokka's sister had left, he hadn't been the same. Right now he and his friends were taking vacation, at the luxurious and private Beifong Ranch. It felt good to be away from city life. A year ago he had married the love of his life, Toph Beifong. She was asleep right now, lying on her back. He reached out and placed his hand on her six month baby bump, and smiled. Tears came to his eyes as a memory flashed through his head.

"Mommy why is your tummy big?" 1 year old Sokka questioned.

"I'm going to have another child Sokka. A companion for you to play with, and no matter what happens, never let anything get between you two." Kya instructed her son. Sokka reached out and touched his mother's belly and cooed.

"Morning Snoozles." A suddenly awake Toph murmured.

Sokka quickly wiped away the tear. In the three year time period Toph had, had corrective eye surgery. Her eyes still were a milky green but she didn't mind. She was just thankful she could see. She placed her hand over his, and smiled softly.

"Good morning Sokka." She corrected. He kissed her temple and rose from the bed. He enjoyed when his wife called him by his given name instead of her unnecessary nickname. She had also started to consider others feelings since she had become with child. She placed her hand on her belly and stood slowly. Deep inside she knew that her husband still held a deep scorn for his sister, but that simple thought reminded him, she was dead. So instead of rebuffing her, he had to embrace the gentle memories of his sister. Eight months ago they had received a letter that Katara had died, it had also been posted in new reports. That left everyone in sorrow, especially Aang. He had never been the same but had continued to move forward. Everyone had to or they would all be consumed by their dark feelings.

Toph POV 1 hour later

It's not like I don't love the little grub monster inside of me-term of endearment- but pregnancy leaves me more tired, lazy, and sarcastic than usual. The only one that really got the best out of me besides Sokka was his sister. She was dead now. Gone. Finished! After I finished my shower I slipped into a pair of pants and a tee-shirt and walked downstairs to the sweet smells of breakfast. The others scrambled to the table all but Twinkletoes who I hadn't seen since we got here. He was seriously losing his sanity. I grabbed a seat next to Snoozles aka Sokka and began to load my plate, that is until my sweet-hint to the sarcasm- husband snatched my plate and gave me salad instead. (Yes readers my husband doesn't want me to have anything fatty, but when he leaves for work, guess who eats what she wants?) I was angry and beyond pissed off, but would let it go…for now. I ate the large green "substance" and chewed slowly. Where was Twinkletoes? I needed him for his usual perkiness so I could shoot him down. My heart dropped as I heard Sokka say it's time for a game of twister. Really? I got up from my position and sat in a huff as the others played the game. Why do they hate me?

Katara POV

The taxi driver stopped in front of my tall condominium holding out his hands for a tip. I found my wallet and gave him twenty cents. Could you blame me? The guy could have killed me and he clearly did not know how to drive. Idiot. He gave curses and I only smiled at hearing him call me the b-word. Like I never heard that before. I grabbed my bag and walked inside my condo closing the door behind me. The mission with Zhao was a success but I felt dirty and grimy after just killing a person, which was a couple hours ago. With Yue dead I wondered who would take over the facility. I threw off my clothes in the hallway and immediately jumped into the shower. I used fresh cotton gelled soap and lathered my body. My problems continued to grow. Problems…that reminded me of Toph. She would always say deal with it and get over it. Ugh. Sokka didn't even know I was alive, since I faked my own death.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body. The minute I stepped out I saw Jet lounging on my dark blue couch. How did he get in my house? And how did he get in? I ran into my room stealthily and put on a worn out tee-shirt and dark blue shorts.

"What are you doing in here?" I questioned seeing him with his signature tooth pick in his mouth.

"We got a mission." He said simply.

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