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Chapter 7


The room was filled with a tense silence, except for the small sounds from the sound maker and the male assassin puffing on a cigarette. He usually did that when he was nervous, even though he'd never admit it. The steaming of the kettle was loud on the stove, whistling like a train ready to explode. Katara stood slowly, as if in a trance, and padded her feet on the cool tiled kitchen floor over to turn off the gas stove. Like the flame that disappeared, so did Katara's composure. She hit the countertop angrily and whipped back around to face Jet, about to give him a piece of her mind. Her eyes were wide in surprise when she saw Jet already standing behind the counter, a small smirk on his lips, while his eyes held a silent plea. She swallowed her pride for a minute and decided to let him explain himself first. Without saying a word, she snatched the still-lit cigarette from his mouth and threw it on the floor, smashing it, and then she swept it up onto her dustpan and threw it away.

A look of anger flashed across his face, but he quickly schooled it back into an unruffled expression.

"What kind of mission?" she finally questioned, keeping her interest out of her tone. As she waited for his answer, she pulled out two Christmas-adorned clay mugs and poured the cinnamon truffle tea into the cups. She frowned as he kept his silence, for he knew that she was notgoing to like the mission objective. She snapped her fingers impatiently, imploring him to go on. He took a deep breath and grabbed his element pad and laid it on the counter. He was visibly nervous as he clicked multiple buttons by mistake, until he finally made it to the correct screen. It was a video of Long Feng, and in the top corner it said 'Live!' Her eyes widened as she saw he was in a room with deceased bodies. He was observing them with a smirk on his ugly and threatening face.

"I don't understand," she stated referring to the live video. "What is this?" her voice was suddenly cut off as she saw there were certain symbols on each casket. The agent walked to a blue and silver colored one. Water Tribe. That was, until Jet suddenly shut it off. She looked pissed off at his sudden movement but surprised all the same. He had a grave look on his face. He placed the tab down once again and held Katara's hands in his, a serious look etched into his rough features. She was going to object to their intertwined hands but let it go since he was visibly disturbed.

"Katara, this was all a sham." He said nervously, "Long Feng lied to you, lied to me."

"How?" her voice was strained, but held a serious tone.

"As you are well aware, Yon Rha was ordered to kill your mother, which he did. He was being directed by a mysterious source that provided equipment for him. Long Feng is doing the same. He has a hidden source as well and his men are the people who killed your father. Your contract for taking the place of your friends was supposed to be over two months ago, I was going to tell you but I was…detained. I fled from the facility and had to find you as soon as possible. The thing is they knew I would be coming here I actually got into a fight five blocks from here an hour ago. Now that you know the truth he is going to end you." He explained in a hurried and worried tone.

She could tell he wasn't finished yet and gave a silent message with his brown eyes. She immediately understood. They were going to strike her brother and her friends first. Her eyes suddenly narrowed and she pulled her hands away from his.

"Why should I trust you?" she questioned. Her remaining questions were cut off as they saw men in Dai Li uniforms on her balcony. Jet frowned slightly but she gave him a 'Go with it' look and walked toward the balcony doors and opened them. Her face was stoic and unreadable. The men walked inside with much fervor, and looked around anxiously. She closed the door behind her and locked it with an audible sound and turned back to her unwanted and unexpected guests.

"Gentlemen what can I do for you?" she asked. They turned around still searching around with their eyes but finally their snake green eyes landed on her and they smirked inwardly.

"Master Long Feng was wondering if you've heardanything lately." One of them said.

"No I haven't. Is anything wrong or needed of me?" she asked slyly. The agents turned to Jet and snarled.

"We have direct orders to end him. Forgive us if we leave blood on your carpet."

"Excuse me?" Katara said, infuriated. She noticed the men had drawn their weapons and Jet was ready to fight, as always, but for the first time Katara didn't want to. She told everyone to calm down and that no one would have to suffer any permanent damages. That was all too late because the maiden was held by her arms by the first two men and immediately the third agent kicked her square in the face. She fell to the ground with a moan as a trickle of blood leaked from her mouth.

"Be quiet, tramp! This business does not concern you." The second agent yelled and turned back to Jet. For the first time Katara felt pain. He was a bulky man and his foot was going to leave quite a bruise. One thing she hated was a man that hit on a woman, but in this world no one really cared. Especially assassins. She stretched her arm under her couch and felt for something. Her hand finally found a cool slab of metal, a gun. She smiled in satisfaction as she eased it from under the couch, and instantly shot the man in the head that had kicked her in the face. It was good she did so, because otherwise she and Jet would have become cubes of meat fed to pigs. She pointed the guns at the other two and smiled, quickly finishing off the larger one. Jet grabbed the dead bodies on the floor and threw them out the balcony window. The only one left was the last one who was trembling on his knees as he fell to the ground.

"What's your name?" Katara questioned as she pulled the mask off the boy. He really was a boy, only about thirteen years old. She was shocked that he had even managed to get into this lifestyle.

"Sihan," he whispered. Katara gasped when she saw the boy fall to the ground with a bullet in his neck. She turned back to see Jet holding a gun. Smoke coming from the tip.

"You…He was just a boy!" Katara screamed as she grabbed the newly made corpse and threw it out of the window. "He was innocent; he was pulled into this somehow. How could you?" Katara yelled. Jet only gently closed the balcony doors and locked them, also making sure he closed the drapes. Katara on the other hand was packing some of her important things. Three sets of clothes, a protective vest, sunglasses, three pairs of shoes, toiletries, her laptop, address book, and lastly her weapons. She cleaned off her prints before walking out of the room.

"It's time to leave." She stated and the two walked casually out of the house. Jet had removed Katara's name from her apartment and the lease, and had hidden her financial records, but it did nothing to ease her mind. The assassin wasn't afraid of being traced, but that she would finally be reuniting with her friends...

1 hour later

The Beifong Ranch

The Gang (sans Katara)

Even though the years had changed them, the five friends had still remained the same. Since they were out of the agency they were free to do whatever they wanted, which was taking a small vacation at Toph's mini-mansion/ranch. It was away from the hustle and confines of city life and everyone- even Zuko -enjoyed the change of scenery. Through the past time period the person who had most changed was Toph in particular. She was now sporting a six month baby bump, and a wedding band, tethering her to Sokka. Her parents had been surprised that someone even wanted to marry their blind and "helpless" daughter, which filled Sokka with rage, causing him to avoid his in-laws at all costs, especially his freaky mother-in-law. He had never met someone so creepy…except for Toph when he first met her.

Toph had also been going through other changes as well, emotionally. Katara was like a sister to her and now she was gone, dead, finished. It had torn her apart the most, besides Aang. He would always stare out into the skies not saying a word to anyone, with the exception of pleasantries. But even those were severely less joyful than they used to be

It was going on 8:00 and the bubble-brained nomad, as Toph had deemed him due to his ditzy-ness, was still outside.When the five had gathered for dinner, Aang was silent. The look on his face was the same- a fierce snarl. He pushed his vegetables around his plate dejectedly and gave a low sigh, finally he turning to look at his friends.

"Am I the only one that misses her? I mean, we never talk about her." He admitted for the first time. His voice was rough and strained from lack of use, but he still managed to speak.

"We all thought you were still grieving, so we wanted to give you space. I miss her too. And honestly, I would do anything to have her back. She was like the preppy sister I never had, but we hardly know the truth about her." Mai said in her usual monotone.

The doorbell suddenly rang and they all immediately rose. That's how they always did when someone was at the door; they felt the need to go to it together, as a family.

They were all in awe as they saw Jet, "The Viper" and the one person they never expected to see again. Katara, "The Painted Lady".

"Long time no see…" Katara muttered, looking into her brother's fierce blue eyes. She knew that some extensive explaining had to be done, which was going to turn into a verbal sparring session. Better start explaining now rather than never. Everything was silent for the group, until...


To Be Continued…..

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