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Chapter 8

Long Feng rubbed his sweaty forehead. He was a nervous wreck. His best agents had slipped right from under him and now his job was at stake. The agencies were all ruled by one headquarters in particular and that was F.N.I. (Fire Nation Incorporated) A ruthless, business mogul was the owner over the whole operation, and everyone feared him. Today was a new day, and sadly Long Feng would not be dealing with the head boss, but instead with the ruthless co-owner.

His eyes were glued to the door of his office as he heard the footsteps grow closer and closer, to stepping into his polished office.

With the sound of the brass door knob jiggling, the door finally opened. A man in sunglasses and an expensive black suit was holding onto the door knob, a frown on his face. Finally a woman entered the room. Her jet black hair was pulled into a tight bun, with two strands framing her face. There was not one piece that was out of place. Her golden eyes held a mysterious type of evil. Finally she wore an expensive trench coat, and high heeled black boots.

"My lady…?" he tried to sound in shock. "What are you doing here?" he pulled out a document and began to write, giving her the idea that he had been working.

Her facial expression was twisted into an unhappy feature and she snarled. "Long Feng I have no time for your lies." She said swiftly, walking toward the desk. "Father asked me to come and give you a visit today because he noticed two prized agents, were off the grid." She picked up a piece of small architecture off his desk and observed it coolly. "Why is that?" her voice made him go rigid.

"R-Really?" he feigned innocence. "Which agents? You know this is a high maintenance facility." He chuckled nervously.

"Your lies have grown old." She said simply. "Now thanks to your screw ups father is extremely upset." She explained, throwing the artifact on the floor, crushing it under her pointy boot clad heel. "He yelled at me for no absolute reason. So you can pay the price." She sneered.

Her lips held her famous sadistic smirk. "You are now fired from your position as leader of this certain facility. We no longer need your services. Pack your bags." she turned on her heel and proceeded to walk out of the door, before she heard a click. She turned back around to see the ex-agent holding a gun, pointed right at her head.

"Are you going to shoot me?" she chuckled in surprise that someone would try a useless attempt.

He never answered instead his hand pulled on the trigger, waiting for the bullet to hit the murdering princess in the head, but instead it did nothing. He stood there continuously pulling the trigger but nothing happened.

The princess in front of him gave a smirk before dropping eight bullets on the ground. Her smile frightened and intimidated him. He threw the gun on the ground and raised his hands in surrender.

"Long Feng that's why it's important you lock your office." She scolded him lightly. "Anyone could come and wisp information from under your nose, and then you'll wonder why." She pulled out a gun and handed it to her bodyguard, her red lips pursed.

"Take care of him," she looked at her manicured nails, as if they were the most fascinating things on the planet right now. "I wouldn't want to get my hands dirty." She added.

Long Feng pleaded for his life but it was to no avail. One bullet went into his throat leaving him gasping for air, two more hit him in the heart, and the last one in the middle of his head. He fell forward his head banging on the desk, and finally landed flat on his face.

Azula gave a happy nod to her bodyguard in thanks.

"If you'll excuse me we'll have to clean his bank account out, and give all of his money to father." she pulled out her bedazzled keys out of her large black Gucci purse. She turned to exit the office but before doing so, she gave the corpse one last look. "Take care of his body. Hide it in a ditch somewhere, and look for a new person to take his place." The guard nodded at her every order. "Also make sure the cleaners rid of the disgusting stench of death. Lastly make sure to come over tonight." Saying the last part she kissed the bodyguard's lips and he returned the action.

She pulled back wearing that same smirk before disappearing from the office.

She felt sudden guilt wash over her. She wasn't even supposed to be a part of her father's killing spree. He ordered her to do all of his work mainly the killing part while he took credit. Her hands were dirty with blood and she felt disgusted. She opened the door to her vehicle and slid inside, closing it behind her.

She hated her life.

Beifong Ranch

"K-Katara you're alive?" Sokka was in shock seeing his baby sister—by one year—standing in front of them, with Jet. The explosion had went off a couple hours ago. The news claimed that it was caused by a gas leak, but that was being a denied conclusion by Jet.

Katara smiled bitterly before answering with sarcasm. "No I'm not alive." She chuckled a little.

Her brother gave her a hurt look. He was angry that she had been alive all these years and never told any of them. He was confused and angry.

"What are you doing here?" Toph asked.

"That's classified information runt." Jet said before Katara would ruin everything. This mission is secret and classified and he'll be damned if any more lives became endangered because of his stupid actions that he used in the past.

"Look I'll explain everything to you guys later, we just all have to lay low." Katara turned to see Aang looking directly into her blue eyes and scoffed.

"You just can't leave us out on details, like you being alive for these past years." He grunted in disapproval.

"I know. I did it protect all of you, give it a rest. I'll explain when I do." She pulled out a piece of equipment out of her duffel and handed it to Jet. "Scan the perimeter." She ordered.

"Why do I take orders from you? I'm the alpha!" Jet whined.

"I'm in an expert class, I'm the alpha. Now go." She pointed to the door.

Even though she had been reunited with her friends and her brother, she knew everything was about to get much worse. She was just happy she could be there to protect them this time.

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