"Kev?" Sam said into the receiver of the phone as soon as she was settled in the temporary office the DCI at Greenock CID had sorted for her. She had made it very clear that Hollie's disappearance was part of their on-going investigation and therefore would be handled by Greater Manchester police. Her Scottish counterparts hadn't seemed interested in arguing the point and left her to it. "Tell me everything we know so far about the kidnap that was reported this morning."

"Andrea Williams reported her nineteen-year-old daughter Natalie missing at just after eight o'clock this morning. Miss Williams says that the last time she actually saw her daughter was about half past eight on Tuesday morning before she went to work at a Hairdressers about twenty minutes' walk away from their house." The DC told her, obviously shuffling papers around as he looked for the information.

"Wait… she hadn't seen her for almost forty-eight hours before she reported her missing? Does Natalie often go off without saying anything?"

"No, Guv. Miss Williams is a barmaid and she explained that she didn't get home from work until almost midnight on Tuesday, so she assumed that Natalie was already in bed. Then she overslept yesterday and thought that her daughter must have already left."

"Right… so didn't Natalie's employers raise the alarm?"

"Yeah, they phoned at lunchtime on Tuesday to find out why she hadn't turned up. That was when Miss Williams realised that something was wrong."

"Yet it took her about another twenty hours to report it?" Sam asked in disbelief.

"Guv, apparently she phoned Natalie's father when she realised something was wrong. He tried to persuade her not to involve us."

Sam groaned. "Great, so Andy Evans knows that his daughter is missing and I'll bet he's jumped to the same conclusions as we have." She rubbed her forehead in agitation. "Kev, I want you to make sure none of the Evans brothers or their associates get near the Wilks family. All we need is for them to fight this one out."

"Are you convinced that this is linked to the Evans-Wilks feud, Guv?"

"Mmm… it's looking likely. The lead Jo and I are following up fits as well; Andy's second eldest daughter seems to have been kidnapped on her way to school yesterday morning; seventeen-year-old Hollie Evans." Sam tensed slightly, wondering whether to tell him about Jo's connection to the teenager. Deciding against it, she shuffled the papers on the desk and clamped the phone between her ear and her shoulder. "Can you look into the rest of the Evans' children; make sure we're not looking for any more."

"Will do."

"Alright, let me know when you've found out. Also, see if you can find any CCTV or witnesses to try and narrow down the timescale for Natalie's kidnap." She requested before hanging up. Dialling another number almost immediately, she waited for the call to connect. "Hi, this is DI Nixon. Can you run an ANPR check on a dark blue Ford? Yeah… it's X-Ray three four four Mike Papa Kilo… Great, thanks." Within minutes the phone rang and Sam snatched it up eagerly. "DI Nixon. Yes… fantastic. Right… thanks."

Hanging up, the blonde DI turned to her computer, tapping a name into the database and waiting for the results. Frowning, she leant forwards, scanning the information hurriedly. Hitting print, she waited for the paper to leave the printer before moving back to her desk and reaching for the phone.

It rang as she was about to lift the receiver. "DI Nixon." She said, slightly distractedly, still staring at the information in front of her.

"Guv, it's Kevin." The DC said. "I've done some digging on the Evans family like you said."


"Well Andy Evans has a wife and four ex-partners. He also has nine children."

"Bloody hell…" Sam murmured, thinking of the implications for Jo's family. "He's been a busy boy."

"Yeah. The two kidnapped girls are his eldest. Natalie Williams, born 21st September 1993, mother's name is Andrea Williams and Hollie Evans, born 6th December 1995, mother's name is Nicola Boston." Sam flinched involuntarily at the mention of Nikki, relieved that her DC couldn't see her. "Then Evans moved to Bradford and met a Caroline Jessop. They have two sons; Callum, born 24th April 1999 and Leon, born 18th August 2001. We checked up on them and discovered that they're currently on holiday in Lanzarote with their mother, her new husband and their four-year-old daughter."

"Has someone checked up to make sure?"

"Yeah, I had Emma checking it out." He assured her. "All five of them definitely got on the plane."

"Great, that's almost half of his children mentioned."

"Right, after his relationship broke down, Evans moved to Liverpool, where he entered into a relationship with Poppy Martigan. Now, they have two daughters; Paige, born 4th May 2007 and Tia, born 29th November 2008. We sent someone round to speak to Miss Martigan at her mother's house where she's lived since she broke up with Evans in early 2009. Both girls are safe and sound."

Sam nodded, leaning back in her desk chair and swivelling it slightly as she listened. In her opinion, Andy Evans sounded like the kind of man who was part of the reason she was off men for good. She wondered what Nikki had ever seen in him. "And the last three children?"

"Evans married Jennifer Kent in July 2010." Kevin said quickly. "They have a son, Cody, born on 30th December 2010 and twin daughters, Faith and Serenity, born on 1st August last year. We tracked them down at Jennifer's mother's house in Bolton."

"Right, so out of Andy Evans' nine children we can account for the whereabouts of all but the eldest two girls?" Sam clarified.

"Yes, Guv."

"And without going into so much detail, are any other members of the Evans family missing?"

"Well," Kevin started slightly hesitantly, causing the DI to sit up slightly straighter in her seat, "you know what the Evans family are like when we're around. We did think we were looking for a third missing teenager for a while, though. Martin Evans' seventeen-year-old son, Joshua, hadn't returned home for several days. Martin's wife, Verity, was reluctant to tell us; I'm assuming that, like Andrea Williams, she'd been warned not to speak to us about it."

"You said you thought we were looking for a third? What happened?"

"While we were there, he turned up. When he spotted us he legged it so we chased him and ended up nicking him for burglary."

"Typical." Sam muttered, shaking her head. "Listen, I ran a partial index check on the blue Ford that was spotted following Hollie Evans. It's registered to an Alan Henderson."

"Who's he, then?" Kevin asked.

"Alan Henderson is the father of Jonathon Henderson. I ran Jonny Henderson through CRIMINT, although I didn't really need to, and he has form for burglary and assault. Jonny is also married to Dean and Adrian Wilks' cousin, Annabelle."

"So he might have taken his father's car to kidnap Evans' daughter?"

"That's what I'm thinking." Sam agreed with a nod. "OK, keep me informed of any new developments."

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