Summary: Can we live in peace? One question that's haunted me since the Cyniclons took over, but also one I know will never be answered. My name's Kaki Akiwa, I'm the only rebel of the humans. I stand up for myself, though I do take more beating than anyone, I don't care. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get humans and Cyniclons living together, even if it kills me. Which it might, now that this dick called Diatchi's involved with everything.

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The summer sun was beating down on me as I stood outside the 'home' for humans. Over a hundred years ago, the Mews had lost the battle to Deep Blue, or whatever you called him. Either way, they were wiped out, humans were enslaved, oh and the Mews and those three aliens, Kish, Pai and Tart, I think, were killed. The Mews were killed for trying to stop Deep Blue, while the aliens were killed for treason, or something along those lines.

Anyway, maybe I should tell you a bit about myself to start with. My name's Kaki Akiwa, I'm a human and I'm enslaved, but not to anyone yet, and I don't plan on being enslaved to anyone. I have dark blue hair that goes to my mid back and shines in the light. My eyes are a golden colour. My favourite things to do are skateboard, hang with friends, when we're not getting beat that is, and to sing, but if we did the whole singing thing, we'd get beat.

It's not uncommon for a human to get beat, most of us are beat for no reason and punished. Like me, I'm meant to be in punishment right now by working outside the human home, while all the aliens walk passed. Though I seriously can't figure out what's so different between us, I mean, sure they have big pointed ears, but the rest is the same, right?

I hissed as I felt the, all too, familiar feeling of a whip colliding with my skin. Looks like I've been day dreaming again, oh well, these aliens don't scar me. You could say I'm the rebel of the human home; I'm the only one that dares to stand up to the aliens, or speak my mind.

"Whip me one more time and you'll be meeting my fists again," I hissed to the guard behind me, numerous Cyniclons stopped to look in my direction, including one with electric blue hair. He always hung around these parts, so I didn't find it strange. The guard just snickered before raising the whip again.

My eyes narrowed as I watched the leather come down, my hand flew in front of my face catching the whip before pulling it out of his hands. The guard looked at me shocked; I just threw the whip to the side.

"I'm not as low to fight with weapons, if I wanna fight, I'll use my own hands," I glared at the guard as I walked forwards, before I could hit him though, one of the other guards ran out with a gun. I rolled my eyes before turning around, the first guard grabbed the whip again, I braced myself for the pain that was to come.

I was ready for the whipping I would get, even if it was out in public, I stood for what I believed in, I wouldn't stop at anything to get my point across. Heck sometimes I just did this for fun, though the whipping wasn't so good.

I had guards monitoring me twenty four seven, I was the only human that knew how to defend themselves. When the Mews died out, the aliens made it so we couldn't even learn basic defence. They said we'd never need it, but somehow I managed to learn it. Honestly, my parents say it came naturally to me.

I felt the whip connect with my back, but I didn't wince, I didn't yelp, I didn't make any noise what so ever, I was all too used to this. My hands rested on the wall as the Cyniclons around me watched in shock. My eyes met with the electric blue haired eyes, they were a shocking shade of jade green. I saw the hatred in them, the coldness, the anger, the rage. Instead of being shocked by this, I smirked, what else was I supposed to do?

I wouldn't give any of these Cyniclons the satisfaction of my cries of pain, even if this did sting like hell. I heard the doors to the human home open, I assumed more guards were coming to help with the beating, instead I heard the familiar gasp of my mother.

"Kaki, leave her alone," my mother barked at the guards. I turned to see two more had exited with her, but that didn't stop her from yelling. The guards forgot about me as they advanced on my mother, I spared on last glance at the crowd of Cyniclons before pushing through the two guards to my mother.

"Go inside," I ordered, I felt one of them whip me, my right eye closed in pain, but I never yelped, "Now, GO!" I yelled, my mother listened as she ran back inside, I could tell tears were falling from her eyes, even though she wasn't looking at me. I was her 'baby girl' after all, she wouldn't take this lightly.

As the entered the building, the whip collided with my back again. My head jolted back a little, making me able to see a red mark on my wrists, they were identical. I growled as I heard the whip rise in the air once more.

I listened to it coming down, before it collided with my back, I spun, caught the whip, pulled it out of the guards hands and kicked him square in the stomach. The other three looked at me in shock, while the second guard pulled the gun on me again. I smirked as my bangs hid my eyes.

"Listen up, and listen good," I ordered, my voice was low, dangerous, one wrong move and I'd kill one of them. The crowd around us listened intently as well as I spoke, "Beat me all you like, beat me, shot me, whip me, put me in the medical ward, I won't retaliate I won't give two fucks," I looked up, my eyes held anger, rage, "But touch my family, and I will retaliate. If I see one more bruise, red mark or I hear my parents crying, I will hurt you. You know I'm capable of it, I know I'm capable of it, if you really want me to lash out then carry on, I'm one mistake away from lashing out at you," I explained, with that I dropped the whip, looked each guard dead in the eye, the one who held the whip and the two who came with my mother ran back inside.

I turned to the one with the gun; he was the only one left. He put the gun away when he saw I wasn't going to hurt anyone before picking up the whip. As he walked passed me I felt his fist connect with my jaw before his knee connected with my stomach. Two things I weren't expecting, two things that made me yelp, a very, very rare sight.

"Step out of line one more time Akiwa, and you won't live to tell the tale, now carry on with your work," the guard ordered as he walked inside, I snickered as I smirked; showing off my teeth, my bangs covered my eyes once more as a trickle of blood escaped my mouth.

I held my stomach for a second longer before finally standing to my feet. I looked to see the crowd of Cyniclons had left. The only ones left were the blue haired one and his four friends. I looked at each of them, meeting their eyes before my eyes rested on the blue haired kids eyes.

"You're not very smart are you?" he asked, his voice was cold, hard, but I didn't care, I just ignored him. I turned around to see all five of them had teleported in front of me. "I asked you a question, don't walk away," he growled at me, I just looked at him before running my hand through my hair.

I looked the blue haired kid up and down; his clothes were pretty much normal, but like designer. He wore ripped black jeans with black converse, he didn't have a top on, not that I could blame him, it was incredibly hot today. I just shrugged before walking back over to the job I had to do, believe it or not, it was gardening.

"I said don't walk away from me," the kid went to grab my arm; I spun around, catching his hand in mine before he could touch me.

"Touch me, I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you can do, I will hurt you," I hissed before throwing his hand back to his side. I turned back around to carrying on with my job as I felt the air ripple around me I knew the five aliens were gone, I have no idea who that guy was though.

"Kaki? Oh thank god you're alright," my mother smiled as she hugged me, a little too tightly. I winced as she let me go, "Oh, I'm sorry, are you ok? You're not hurt? They didn't shoot you? Oh my, we need to get you to the hospital wing sta-,"

"Mom, I'm fine, this is nothing compared to what I've had done before," I smiled at my mom, who gave me a sad smile.

"I know, I just wish you didn't have to put your life on the line to save everyone around you," she whispered, I smiled slightly as I thought about what she had said. It's true, I do put my life on the line, I take beatings for my friends, for my parents, for the children in this place and the elderly people. I was lucky people between eighteen to, around, fifty took their own beatings.

Honestly, like my dad's said many, many times, I don't know how my mental health's in check or how I'm still as strong as I am. I guess I don't really care, as long as I can keep the people around me safe, that's I need to keep me going.

"That boy you were talking to, the blue haired one, do you know who he is?" my mom asked me, I looked into her eyes, they were serious, frightened, worried and there was something else I couldn't put my finger on. I shook my head, no.

"Come with me," she ordered, I shrugged, I was gonna get another beating from the shitty gardening anyway. What? I'm not one of those girly girls like love gardening and pretty sparkly stuff.

I followed my mom through the large building, we avoided guards, greeted people we knew, spoke to some of the guards, mainly female, who were nicer to us, though it was out of pity, which I hated.

"We're here," my mom whispered as we walked into a large room, there were tones of male guards in the room, who all turned to look at us.

"Well, this could have gone better," I stated as I rested my hands on my hips, my mother's golden coloured eyes widened in shock, "What are we here for anyway?" I asked her, my mom gulped before looking at me.

"I was going to ask the head guard who the boy was, but it seems we've walked in on something," my mom whispered as she looked at the large screen in the room. I followed her gaze, two faces I knew all too well, while the blue haired kid was on it as well. I started putting the pieces together mentally in my head.

"Oh shit," I whispered so quietly almost no one heard it, "AW FUCK!" I yelled this time, the dude was Deep Blue's grandson and the other guy, well I assumed it was his father.

"Kaki, language, that's-,"

"Deep Blue, that's his son Tatyusa Blue and then I don't know the other one," I stated as I looked at the kid from earlier, who was glaring daggers at me, I just rolled my eyes as I folded my arms over my chest.

"Diatchi Blue, Deep Blue's grandson and Tatsuya Blue's son," my mom stated, I tapped my chin for a moment.

"Well, that explains why he looked familiar," I smiled after a short, but awkward, silence.

"Mater Blue's, we apologize for the recent disruption," one of the guards said.

"Who you callin' disruption?" I asked as I looked at the guards, my hands were on my hips now as I cocked a brow at the man. I felt the clothes on my chest rise up a bit. What? We literally had rags for clothes. I wore a blight blue tank top, with matching short skirts, with no shoes. I swear these Cyniclons are more perverts than they are aliens.

"We're calling you it Akiwa, now be quiet," the same guard hissed, I smirked at him before I began whistling loudly.

"Kaki, please stop it," my mom whispered as she began backing out the room.

"So, she's the disturbance from earlier as well?" Deep Blue asked, to say he was over a hundred years old; he really didn't look like it. His hair, clothes and facial features, from what I'm told, are the same as when he first invaded earth.

"Yes Sir," one of the guards answered, Deep Blue frowned before looking over at me, I just cocked a brow at him before waving awkwardly.

"I'm disappointed that you were not able to deal with such a small weakling on your own," Deep Blue said in disappointment. At that my eyes went wide in shock as my hands dropped to my side.

"Who you callin' weak grandpa? Get your ass down here and I'll show you who's fucking weak!" I began yelling as my mom dragged me out of the room, my back to the screen as I began shouting over my shoulder.

"Stupid alien, thinks he's all that, I'll put him in his place one of these days," I muttered to myself as nightfall crept upon the Earth, one of my roommates, also my best friend, looked at me with disapproving eyes as I slipped on a pair of black trainers.

"You're going out again," it wasn't a question, it was more of a statement, I looked towards her.

"Yeah, so what? No alien's gonna keep me locked up in here," I stated as I looked at myself in a cracked mirror. My clothes were all dark colours, a dark blue t-shirt I swiped, along with some black short shorts.

"Just be careful," another one of my friends muttered as she studied my looked.

"Yeah, you've been doing this for a while, it's only a matter of time before you get caught," I turned to the corner of the room, where my other two friends sat.

"Plus with the condition your back's in, don't you think it'd be best if you stayed inside?" my final friend asked, yes I only had four, it was hard to make friends in this place, so you had to make them with your roommates.

"So what? I've had worse done to me than this, it's just a scratch," I stated, though it wasn't just a scratch. Through the extra whipping from not finishing my job, the scolding hot baths and then having been pushed back to our rooms, I was pretty much in more pain than I would like to be in, but I wouldn't let that stop me.

I grabbed my black hoodie off of my bed before grabbing a black scarf and covering my face with it. I looked like a classical thief, just without the gloves. I listened to all four of my friends sigh as I smiled innocently at that them, through my mask of course.

"Just be careful," I nodded my head as I escaped silently out the door. I avoided each and every single guard like an expert before making my way to the garden at the front of the building. Once there I picked out my black skateboard that was hidden just around the corner of the building, where no guard goes. I smirked as I hopped onto my skateboard, kicked off the ground and began going where the wind was going.

I laughed silently as I walked down the empty streets, though every once in a while there would be a Cyniclon or more that passed by, but I didn't really care. I looked into the closed shops for some new closed, four finger discount. Yes I was your average thief, but you really couldn't blame me, if someone didn't get the clothes for us, no one would… Well maybe Tatsuya would, he is the nicest of the Blue family.

I shook my head as I boarded my skate board again, asking a Blue for clothes, or anything for that matter, I really must be going insane. I skated down some alleyways until I skated into someone, though I don't think they knew who I was.

"What where the hell you're going," I knew that voice, I'd heard it once in my life, but it was a voice that stuck in your head. I daren't look up, but I had to, I had to make sure I was right. I looked at the person's feet, black shoes, black ripped jeans, a black top with a bleeding skull on it. I looked at the person's face, blue hair and jade green eyes. I silently gulped, if he recognised me, I was fucked.

"You ok?" one of the girls from this morning asked, I looked at her, disguising my normal confident but warm eyes with cold, hard eyes.

"What's it to ya?" I asked back in a hard tone before kicking the back deck of my black board up, my right hand caught it. I don't think any of them realised I was the girl from this morning, considering my voice was muffled by the scarf around my mouth, which I pressed harder to my mouth after smelling a familiar scent I didn't like.

"You're doing drugs," I stated as I looked at Diatchi, who just gave a confused look at me.

"Nah, not me, him," he said, his voice was different from this morning, it was calm, kind. He really didn't know who I was; did he even know I was a human? I looked behind him to see someone who wasn't with them this morning, "He's just a bum who needed a smoke, so we got a local drug dealer to give him something," Diatchi stated as he draped an arm over my shoulder.

"Don't touch me, I don't care who you are, where you're from, or what you can do, I will hurt you," I made the mistake of copying my exact words from this morning. Diatchi's arm instantly flung away from my shoulder as he and his friends looked at me in shock before glaring at me.

"What did you say?" one of them asked, I smirked through my scarf; I really wasn't looking for a chase tonight. Looks like I got one anyway.

"They're a human," a second one of his friends said, good they didn't know my gender, which was a relief; otherwise, I really would be fucked.

"Well, I'm outta here, peace," I winked as I gave them the peace sign before skating off as fast as I could before coming back to the human house. I hid my board as I blended in with the shadows, I watched as Diatchi and his friends walked into the house, shit.

I quickly ran in, avoiding all the guards wasn't hard considering they were talking to Diatchi and his friends. I quickly went into my room.

"What the hell's going on? Diatchi Blue and his friends are here," one of my friends all but whispered, I glared at her.

"Don't you think I know that, get me my pyjamas, now," I hissed as I took my scarf and the rest of my clothes off. I hid them under my bed before quickly getting dressed in my pyjamas.

"They're coming," the youngest of our group whisper yelled as I turned the lights out before diving into my bed. The door opened a minute later as the guards turned the lights back on, the girls groaned before sitting up.

"MY EYES! OH GOD MY EYES!" I yelled as they adjusted to the light, "All better," I smiled innocently as I looked at the guards; the girls had already stood up. I did copy them reluctantly as I rose to my feet.

"Something you need?" I asked as I placed my hands on my hips, I didn't even try to supress the annoyance in my voice, or anything for that matter, I had to acted like I'd just woken up after all, and I'm pissed when I just wake up.

"Actually yeah, were you just out around town?" Diatchi asked, his eyes had reverted back to their cold manner as he looked at me.

"Dude, you on crack or something?" I asked with amusement in my voice, "We can't get out of here," I stated, "Plus, do you really think I could with these on my back?" I asked again as I turned around before lifting my shirt to show him the cuts, scars and whip lines on my back.

When I turned back around Diatchi was talking to the guards, while his friends glared at me, I was trying my hardest not to smirk at them.

"Alright," Diatchi said as he stood in front of me, his face inches from mine, "But if I find out it was you, I'll make sure you die slowly and painfully," he growled, I folded my arms as I yawned, tapping my mouth as I did so.

"Ok, now unless you're gonna kiss me, get out of my face," I hissed, Diatchi moved away slowly as he studied my features, taking in every inch of my face. When Diatchi, his friends and the guards left, I felt the girls glare at me, I just continued to stare at the door.

"Oh, he's gonna be a fun toy," I smirked as I saw most of the girls roll their eyes or groan at my comment. I just smiled innocently before climbing into bed and closing my eyes, sleep found its way to my brain easily.

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