Kakis' P.O.V

I yawned as I stretched in my clothes. A red tank top with a blue skirt, I had nothing on my feet yet. My hair was done up into a ponytail with two curls framing my face. I walked over to my curtains before opening them.

They were there, Diatchi and his stupid friends, well aside from Sparrow. I like Sparrow, she's cool. I sighed as I opened my window, last night's fiasco played over in my head. He does that to me, then acts like it was nothing, he really does have a heart of ice.

I shook my head, not really my problem right now though. I looked up only to see Diatchi and his friends staring or glaring at me, or in Sparrow's case, waving at me. I flinched; they needed to stop doing that.

I knocked came from the door, distracting me from my thoughts. I turned to see my mother stood in the door way.

"Morning mom, what's up?" I asked, her eyes narrowed as she walked over to me.

"I could ask you the same question, but I guess it doesn't matter," she smiled as she walked over to sit on the edge of the window; there was a seat like thing there. She looked out the window to see Diatchi and his friends staring at us, "Ok, that's just a little bit creepy," she laughed a she turned back to me.

"Tell me about it," I sighed, "Anyway, what's up?" I asked, she smiled brightly at me.

"I wanted to tell you about the school arrangements," my mom answered, I looked at her silently, she took it as a sign to continue, "Academies, universities, colleges, elementary and middle schools are being built by the human community, considering Aliens don't know how to build them. The universities and colleges are almost done; it's the other schools we're waiting on. In the first few weeks you won't be able to see your friends as recently, but I will make sure you're put in a class with them. As for Amber, she's in university, so I will request that she has some of our friend's older sons and/or daughters looking after her. I know how innocent she is, and I know you will worry about her," my mom smiled as she stood from the windowsill.

"Thanks mom, that makes me feel a lot better," I smiled as she walked over to the door.

"No problem honey, be careful around town though, some of the aliens seem a little….shady," my mom smiled before walking out the room completely.

"The hell does she mean shady?" I jumped at the sound of Diatchi's voice. When did he teleport in here? Oh stuff that, why are his friends with him? Hang on; forget that, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY IN MY DRAWS?!

"What's this?" Roku asked as he pulled out my black lacy bra, my face went bright red.

"ROKU!" Sparrow screamed as she glared at him, "Don't intrude on people's privacy," she scolded; Roku gave her a confused look before shrugging and putting the bra away.

"Idiots, I'm surrounded by idiots," I muttered as I held my head while shaking it.

"Who you calling idiots?" Kai asked as he glared at me, I glared back at him.

"You, him, her and him," I stated as I pointed to the four of them, Sparrow stood by my side as I did so.

"So, Sparrow's not an idiot?" Jaylie asked, I glared at her.

"What do you think?" I asked as I placed my hands on my hips.

"KAKI! BREAKFAST!" I heard my mom call, I sighed as I walked over to my draws.

"BE DOWN IN A SEC!" I yelled back as I pulled some white trainer cocks out of my draw. I plopped onto my bed before I put them on, each of the Cyniclons watched as I did so.

"You know I'm only putting some socks on, you can leave," I stated as I glared at them.

"What are socks?" Roku asked as he looked at me, I stopped what I was doing midway as I looked at them, then their feet, they didn't have any socks on.

"Oh this is a joke right?" I asked, each of them gave me a confused look, though Jaylie, Roku and Kai's looked like they were pissed as well, "Socks are something you wear on your feet to keep them from getting blisters, you wear them with sandals or trainers," I added as I finished putting them on. I knelt on the ground as I fished around under my bed for my trainers, I only found on.

I slipped it on before looking around the room, how did it get under my mirror? Oh well, I smiled as I hopped over to it, don't ask why, I have no idea. I slipped it on before stomping my foot on the ground to ensure it had gone on properly. I smiled as I nodded my head; I turned to see the Cyniclons had teleported out of my room.

"Ok, those guys need to give me a warning when they're doing that," I muttered as I walked to my door, I took one last look around my room, something felt different. I shrugged it off before running down the stairs to my kitchen.

"Look at me, I can fly. They think they're so great," I hear Raiden mutter as I walked into the kitchen.

"Sup little bro?" I asked, he looked up at me before smiling.

"Only if you're buying," he answered, I laughed before taking my seat and eating my bacon sandwich.

"Seriously, what's up?" I asked as I looked at him from the corner of my eye.

"The aliens, they think they're better than us because they can fly and teleport," he answered as he took a sip of his coke.

"Can they sing, dance, play guitar?" I asked as I looked at him.

"Well no, but still," I smirked at the answer.

"Get my guitar, we'll show them up," I stated with a wink, Raiden smirked before rushing off into the living room. He entered again with my black guitar that had a red rose on it, and my amplifier. He hooked them up so the amp was facing towards the door, which was open. He then handed me the guitar, "Song name, now," I ordered as I tuned the guitar properly, it's been ages since I played this.

"Friendly Goodbye," Raiden answered. I nodded as I began with the music, people stopped outside as they began listening to the music.

'Freeze frame

I can lay it on real thick 'cause I know

How you don't like to get bogged down

With anything 'bout us

And our kick ass true love tale

Sorry I swore just then'

Cause I know, you hate it

And by the way that cake you baked me

Really sucked but I ate it

'Cause I loved you even more

That you could ever imagine

Here's a friendly goodbye5, 6, 7

Ain't that a bee with an itch?

Ain't that a mother trucker?

You can go to H E double hockey sticks

And F yourself

'Cause I'm flipping gosh darn sick

Of all the S words you put me through

So F U, F U
I can hang it out to dry 'cause I know

How you like all of your laundry neat

And not just thrown around

Like a chainsaw in need of juggling

Sorry I flipped you off

'Cause I know how you hate it

And that homemade porn I said

That I erased, well, I saved it

'Cause I loved you even more

That you could ever imagine

Here's a friendly goodbye5, 6, 7

Ain't that a bee with an itch?

Ain't that a mother trucker?

You can go to H E double hockey sticks

And F yourself

'Cause I'm flipping gosh darn sick

Of all the S words you put me through

So F U, F U, F U, F U

I'll send you a post card

That says I'm glad you're not here

I'll buy you a t-shirt

But I'll use it to wipe up the beer

That I spilled while I was spilling my guts

To my friends about you

And I really don't have anything else

Nice to say but F U, F U, 5, 6, 7

Ain't that a bee with an itch?

Ain't that a mother trucker?

You can go to H E double hockey sticks

And F yourself

'Cause I'm flipping gosh darn sick

Of all the S words you put me through

So F U, F U, F U, F U, F U

That's right'

I smirked as I heard mummers and whispers coming from outside. Raiden walked over to the door to see we had attracted quite a large crowd of Cyniclons and humans. The girls came walking up the path with Sparrow, each of them had a smile on their face as they did so.

"Yo Kaki, that you?" Hope asked as she looked at me, I nodded my head.

"Who knew you still had it?" Skye asked as she winked at me, I glared playfully at her before laughing.

"That was very nice Kaki, what was it?" Sparrow asked with a little confusion, I gave her a dumfounded look.

"It was called Friendly Goodbye, I play the guitar," I answered as I looked at the black and red guitar that I had set down near the wall.

"Don't you ever play music?" Ember asked as she looked at Sparrow, who just gave her an even more confused look.

"What's music?" she asked as she looked at all of us. Amber's mouth went wide as she tried not to throw one of her little 'music attacks' as we called them.

"No music? How can you live without music?" she asked as she almost fainted. Amber may be a girly girl, but when it came to things like music and video games, she was almost a pro at them.

"Woah, sis, you ok?" Ember asked as she looked at Amber, who had steadied herself.

"Yes, I'm fine," Amber answered as she looked at me; I just shrugged before picking my guitar up again.

"Raiden, could you turn the volume down?" I asked, Raiden nodded as he turned the volume on the amp down.

"I'm going to Katsu's, bye mom, bye Kaki," Raiden called as he gave both me and mom a kiss on the cheek. I began showing Sparrow all the chords for the guitar, how to strum it, pick it, basically I showed her how to play it.

"That's pretty much all there is to it, it gets easier as you play it," I stated as I shrugged, Sparrow nodded her head as she smiled at me.

"So, what were you doing with your voice?" she asked, we looked at her wide eyed.

"You don't know what singing is?" we asked in unison.

"Come to think of it," Skye started as she began thinking.

"It kinda makes sense in a way," Hope finished, Amber nodded her head.

"Yes, if you think about it, Cyniclons are different form us, there are bound to be things they have that we don't-,"

"You mean like that stuff Skye was eating yesterday?" Ember asked, I made a pretend puke face at that, how could she eat what she didn't know?

"Yeah, and there's bound to be things that we have that the Cyniclons don't," Amber finished.

"Like music and singing," Ember smiled as she stated the example.

"Who knew Amber was so smart?" Skye asked, which earned her a light punch from the girl, but the two soon laughed.

"So, you sing and play these…"


"Instruments?" Sparrow asked as she looked at the guitar in her hands, we nodded our heads as we smiled slightly.

"Pretty much, if you ask any human school there subjects Music will come up in every one of them, I can guarantee it," I answered as I looked at the door, which was still wide open.

"RAIDEN!" I yelled as I walked over to the door, Jaylie and Roku were glaring at me from Diatchi's front lawn, "Ok, that's not creepy at all," I whispered as I closed the door before walking back over to the girls.

"Why don't we sit down?" I asked as we walked into the living room. The girls began to lounge around on the sofas, chairs or floor. I looked at Sparrow, who gave me a shy smile, "Make yourself at home," I smiled as I jumped onto the spare sofa; Sparrow looked at me in shock.

"C'mon Sparrow-chan, it's fun," Ember smiled as she jumped on the sofa.

"EMBER!" Amber yelled in a scolding tone, Ember immediately sat on the sofa properly, we all laughed at her as Sparrow jumped onto the sofa next to me.

"WOAH!" I screamed as I fell off the sofa, Sparrow looked at me in shock. I glared playfully at her before we all began laughing.

"Fight me, fight me," Ember smiled as she tackled me to the ground, we then began rolling around on the floor. Amber shook her head as we did so, Skye, being the cheeky bitch she is, began refereeing, deducting points off me every time I touched Ember, while Hope sat calmly with Sparrow on the sofa.

"Is it like this every day?" Sparrow asked as she watched us roll on the floor.

"Coffee table," Hope stated, Ember and I stopped rolling.

"Back it up," I ordered as we began rolling the other way, Amber sighed as we did so, but she smiled nonetheless.

"And yes, it's always like this, get used to it, you're our friend now, there's no way you won't be dragged into anything stupid we do," Amber smiled as she told Sparrow that. Sparrow just laughed at her.

"It's not stupid stuff we do, it's crazy stuff," I corrected as I rubbed my head, having banged it on the floor a moment ago, "Ember," I stated as I pointed behind Sparrow, who slowly turned.

"SPARROW-CHAN!" Ember yelled as she tackled the girl to the ground, I quickly moved out the way as the two began laughing.

"Well, I think Ember needs to lay off the sugar," I sweat dropped as I watched Ember roll around with Sparrow.

"Ya think?" everyone else asked, minus Sparrow and Ember, who were still sparring on the floor.

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