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Morag hummed to herself quietly as she looked through the documents before her. While they were not as neat or precise as Andromeda's findings, Morag had no trouble deciphering Poppy's conclusion even if she did have to ask about some of the nurses' personal shorthand notations. It was obvious that the many years tending to magical children and all the possible ways they got sick or injured had created the need to make up many new terms and descriptions.

If Morag was a betting woman she'd put up serious money that the Weasley Twins caused the nurse to come up with a lot of new terms!

Finally the forensic witch looked up to find Poppy looking at her and was surprised to see she seemed nervous. "Am I that intimidating, Madam Pomfrey?"

Pomfrey chuckled nervously, "No, not at all dear. It's just I feel sort of like I'm up for my annual review from the Healer's Guild or the Board of Governor's inspection. Amazingly you are the first forensic auror to ever examine any of my work."

Morag was surprised by this, "I would have thought somewhere along the way in your long career that someone tried to criminally injure or even kill a fellow student."

The nurse nodded, "Indeed. Rare but it has happened. In fact to this day I'm surprised Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy made it out of school without bloodshed." The old witch frowned, "For that matter the same could be made for his father and godfather in regards to Severus."

Pomfrey stared in the distance, her gaze unfocused. Morag knew the look. A lot of the survivors of both of the Voldemort Wars often got that 'looking into the past' look when remembering the dead. The auror always tried to give people their space whenever it happened.

Finally the old nurse blinked and smiled apologetically before continuing, "With Dumbledore as Headmaster, my reports were always taken as gospel and never checked. I have often wondered if there were guilty student who got away with crimes because I'm just a nurse and not a professional like you."

Morag smiled brightly, "Poppy, you are so much more than a nurse! You're practically the mum away from home for the entire castle. I mean how many witches have you counseled through their first period? You did it for me and I think you did a better job than my own mum could have done."

Pomfrey blushed. It was odd to see her do so when her normal face was normally so stern and professional, "You are very kind. Perhaps I am a bit sensitive since I usually end up being the first one who is yelled at by irate parents of injured children."

Morag laughed, "Good thing Potter's family were Muggles or I'm sure you would have heard a lot given how often he was here during his time at Hogwarts. Even with him missing his Seventh Year, he still has the most days in the Infirmary if you don't count the Basilisk victims."

Pomfrey looked curious, "How did you know that? It's true but how did you come by that info?"

Morag looked a bit embarrassed, "Well there was a betting pool while I was a trainee going through my advanced forensic courses about how many days Harry would be down for injuries sustained in the line of duty. I figured I'd use his Hogwarts time as a baseline."

"My goodness! Did you win?" Pomfrey asked.

Morag shook her head, "No but I was close. I think my numbers were off because there are some times I'm convinced Harry was injured but recuperated somewhere else and that threw my numbers off."

Poppy laughed, "You certainly do Ravenclaw proud. You are right in your thinking. If you stay as his partner long enough I'm sure you'll find out where he recuperates in safety and anonymity."

Morag looked at the nurse expectantly but realized quickly the nurse wasn't about to break confidence with one of her most famous charges. It seemed to her Pomfrey had a fond spot in her heart regarding Harry as she had put up a plaque on one of the beds stating it was the Harry Potter commemorative bed. From a comment the old nurse had made when she pointed it out, his own godson Teddy has spent quite a bit of time in it as well.

Shaking her head, Morag looked down at her notes. She didn't like the conclusions the figures were telling her. While rather confident in her skills, Madam Pomfrey had seen a lot in her career. "So Poppy, I'd like to bounce my ideas off you and see what you think."

"Certainly although perhaps we should wait for Professor Tonks?" Pomfrey asked.

Morag shook her head, "No. I'd rather get your opinion and hers separately. Besides I'd rather not interrupt my partner. Harry said he had some important things to speak with the Professor about.

Morag was about to go on but was confused by the sudden embarrassed look on the nurses' face.


"Yes! Harry! Yes!" Andromeda screamed as her orgasm crested and her legs spasmed and threatened to squish Harry's head between them. The witch continued to alternate between moaning and urging Harry to continue before finally begging him to stop.

Finally Harry got up from where he'd been kneeling from in-between Andromeda's legs while she had leaned against her desk. With a lop-sided grin, he waved his wand and cleaned the witch's release off his face.

"So how was my oral report?" Harry asked.

"Able to get me an O as always, Harry," Andromeda said in a breathy tone while she struggled to come down from her orgasmic high.

Harry sighed as he settled into one of the chairs in front of the desk. He couldn't help but grin to think how many students had sat there getting lectured for various wrong doings. He doubted any of them would expect the stern replacement for Snape would ever use her office furniture for much more pleasurable activities!

Thinking of the consequences of such activities prompted to ask, "How does Orion take it that you are away so often during the school year?"

Andromeda shrugged languidly, "He is much like his father, I believe. He uses my absence to get into wild adventures and trouble. If he is not in the Hogsmeade clinic, he is in your bed in the Infirmary. I fear naming him after the Hunter and your father was a mistake."

Harry chuckled, "Could be worse; we could have named him Sirius"

"Merlin forbid that! I think the world isn't ready for another Sirius for a time." Andromeda perked up and looked pointedly at Harry's very erect penis, "However I think perhaps the world could use a Cassiopeia? I've seen your oral skills haven't declined but perhaps a test of your diction is in order. In doing so we can see how potent your Herbology planting skills remain."

Harry good eyebrow shot up, "Are you sure about that Andromeda? I mean school starts in two days. I wouldn't think you'd want to be pregnant during the school term. Plus aren't you getting a bit old to have children?"

Andromeda's eyes flashed but she took a breath and smiled faintly, "I keep forgetting how even after all these years you are almost worst than a Muggleborn. Where students like Hermione asked questions, you were conditioned not to. Well yes I am getting a bit on in years if you think 67 only in Muggle terms. Yet in comparison I'm closer to 42 in Muggle age. I still have a bit of reproductive life ahead of me yet and I want to do my part in ensuring House Black returns to its former glory."

Harry nodded his head in acceptance of her implied rebuke. She was correct; magical age was something he still had trouble wrapping his head around. Considering Andromeda had given birth to Orion James Black when she was easily old enough to be a grandmother in age still sort of boggled his mind.

"Well I'm sure the magic of House Black will be happy but I'm thinking you're hanging on to being a mother. With James already moved out, this being Lily's second to last year at Hogwarts and Orion being a Firstie in a few years, well your home is going to get a bit quiet." Harry said.

Andromeda didn't saying anything. Harry noticed she didn't seem inclined to disagree.

"Andromeda, how come you're still single? You are beautiful, powerful and easily have decades ahead of you. I'm sorry that Ted is dead but perhaps you should look to your own needs and live a bit more. As much as I love our time together, you deserve a wizard of your own. One who appreciates the woman I'm happy to know." Harry said sincerely.

Andromeda stayed silent for a moment before smiling coyly. "You are right Harry and I guess I do use my time as a Professor as a bit of a shield. However there isn't much I can do about it right now and right now I know what I want. I also know where I want you to put what I want."

Harry felt himself stiffen even more. Merlin! Andromeda was his oldest lover but she had a burning lustful look to put the horniest teenager to shame. He spelled a condom on his straining member along with a few other cautionary spells, "Perhaps Cassiopeia can wait till Beltane?" he whispered into Andromeda's ear as he slid into her and pushed her back onto the desktop.

Andromeda made a moan from deep down in her throat, "Yes, oh yes, Beltane would be best. Always better to honor the ancient fertility traditions."

Andromeda arched her back and begun to buck her hips against Harry. Harry responded by capturing a taut nipple in his mouth which he began to greedily suck.

Andromeda ran a hand through Harry's hair, "Besides, that leaves us months to practice!"


Morag finished making the last of her notes and frowned. She was sure that Andromeda would confirm her suspicions just as Pomfrey had. While most wouldn't think Poppy as much more than a nurse, Morag knew the witch probably knew more than most of the senior healers in the Guild. Pomfrey might not have the magical acumen to detect what Morag had but she certainly had the experience to know when something wasn't right.

Pomfrey clearing her throat caused Morag to look up.

The older witch had an odd look on her face which in a way worried the younger witch. "Is there something wrong, Poppy?" Morag asked.

Pomfrey was silent for a moment. Finally she took a deep breath, "Detective MacDougal, how much do you know about your partner?"

Morag blinked at this. Poppy was the last person she'd expect to gossip about Harry Potter! "Not as much as most. I have been across the pond for a long time. Harry did school me in a few things about his life today."

Poppy nodded, "Good." The older witch broke off and looked unsure as how to continue. "Morag dear, I just want to give you a bit of warning regarding Harry. The Prophet and the like all go on about him but they don't realize some of the underlying truths about him. I probably know more about him than even Hermione Granger. I'm worried about you. I don't know much about auror work but I doubt this case is going to be resolved quickly which means you're going to be spending a lot of time around Harry and I think you need to know some things about him."

Morag found she couldn't read the older witch's face. "Go on," she said cautiously.

Pomfrey sighed, "I realize you are not only a Pureblood and steeped in our traditions, I know you are a trained professional. The issue I am worried about is one which is rarely talked about, almost never written about and just ignored most of the times because few wizards or witches have the magical power to make it a bother."

Morag's eyebrows went up, "Is this about Harry's aura?"

Pomfrey nodded, "You've felt it then?"

The ginger witch snorted in exasperation, "Bloody hell hard not to, if you'll pardon my French."

Pomfrey nodded again and didn't seem offended, "Yes I figured as much. The issue I wish to bring up is you have many factors working against you, my dear. You are young, unmarried, powerful, trained to pick up on clues and most importantly...you are a virgin."

Morag blinked in astonishment, "How did you...?"

"How do I know?" Pomfrey asked with a small smile. "It is rather simple, really. All Hogwarts students come under certain enchantments when they enroll here at the Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches. Many do not fade even after you graduate. For example, ask your partner about something called the Marauder's Map. It works because once you are a student or faculty, the Hogwarts wards always recognize you."

Pomfrey gestured towards the door, "In this case, the minute you walk into this room, a very basic but powerful scan is done on you. Did you ever wonder why I never took my reading glasses off when you were a student? The reason is similar to why Harry wears his when he no longer needs them. The information from the spell shows up on my glasses. When you walked in I could see your heart-rate, body temperature, a rating of how tired and hungry you were. I also saw you were still a virgin. I'm sure a woman in your field of expertise would understand why I might need to know that...never mind that I am a nurse in a school filled with teenagers."

Morag mulled this information over. Pomfrey was right. There were a lot of spells, rituals and whatnot which needed someone to be a virgin. Given how important being a virgin on the wedding night to some of the older rituals, she could see Pomfrey wanting a heads up if one of her patients wasn't one. That and she'd bet her wand Pomfrey's spell would show if a witch was pregnant. Only the 1,000 year old wards of Hogwarts would make such a diagnostic spell work so well.

Morag turned her thoughts to the topic at hand, "So you are saying since I am a young, unmarried virgin that I am open to something from Harry's aura?"

Pomfrey sighed and looked tired, "I'm sorry if this offends you and your feelings of tradition, but I am very much in the camp with people like Harry, Hermione Granger and Susan Bones which want certain aspects of magical living be brought more out in the open. Simply put is Harry is very powerful magically. I don't think I need to tell you how that power is transmitted through his aura and makes him seem more attractive to witches. What most people don't realize how powerful this affect truly is. This is made even worse by family magicks."

Morag sighed, "So you're trying to say that magic is going to suddenly make me want to drop my knickers and shag the Man-Who-Disappointed? Sorry, Poppy, that's not going to happen."

The elder witch pursed her lips, "I didn't say it was. I just wanted you to be very aware of the fact that Harry's aura will affect you. Do not be so sure you can withstand it because it is subtle. Plus you own magic is certainly working at you to breed. All I'm asking is you think about what you are up against. While most of Magical Britain see Harry as wizard who can't keep it in his pants, I know that for one he's never had a lack of witches willing to fall into bed with him and secondly he is a consummate professional. Yet time and time again we see him in the scandal sheets."

Morag looked up and frowned, "What are you trying to say Poppy? I'm a big girl now and an auror so you don't need to beat around the bush."

Poppy smiled slightly, "Yes, of course you're right. My point is while Harry does have a more 'I don't give a damn attitude' these days, he still is very much the Harry Potter I have watched over for many years. That he continuously ends up in witches beds when he shouldn't tells me his own magic and that of his families are acting upon him."

"Like his apparating semen?" Morag asked.

Poppy blinked at this, "He told you?"

Morag nodded.

Poppy pursed her lips again, "Well you see the problem. Just keep this in mind. If you indeed end up being Harry's partner for awhile, I would recommend talking to Dr. Moon. She has done the most study on this subject. I'm sure she will have good advice for you."

"Well we'll be seeing her later today to have your evidence looked in the Isis Foundation labs." Morag said.

Before she could continue, the door opened up and Harry and Andromeda came in looking a bit distracted.


Harry saw that his new partner had all of Poppy's evidence ready for transport to the Isis Foundation labs. He also saw how Poppy was looking concerned. Knowing the old witch like he did, Harry wondered what she was worried about now. It certainly worried him when she had that look.

Before he could say anything, however, Morag sniffed and frowned, "What happened to you?"

Harry looked confused as he and Andromeda took a seat, "What do you mean?"

Morag sniffed again, "You smell like you've been scourgified."

Harry blinked at this and looked at Andromeda before answering, "You can smell that? Wow! I never realized there was a 'scourgify' smell."

Morag looked at Pomfrey and wondered why the nurse suddenly was almost giggling. "Well I wouldn't call it a scent exactly but first off you don't smell normal. I mean you don't stink or anything but I can't smell your jacket. Plus the spell does create a sort of minty smell. So did Peeves prank you or something?"

Ignoring Pomfrey's tittering, Harry decided to lie like a champ, "Peeves? No...nothing like that. Andromeda was showing me her lab. I was curious how she taught differently than Snape. Some of the cauldron's she has going smelled rather rank. Knowing Poppy like I do, the last thing she would like for us to do is stink up her infirmary."

Morag gave him a searching look before giving a small shake of her head and a shrugging of her shoulders. "Professor Tonks, I'm glad we finally get to meet. I've heard many good things about you. Dr. Greengrass thinks very highly of you."

Harry let out his breath quietly. Good, he wasn't busted.

Morag gestured to the materials arrayed on the table, "I wanted to ask you for your opinion of what you feel the tests from the students mean. I've looked them over and have my own opinion as well as Poppy's own."

Andromeda smiled, "Dr. MacDougal, it is a pleasure to meet you. Please, call me Andromeda."

Morag returned the smile with another a small nod, "Only if you call me Morag."

Andromeda took a breath and looked at Harry, "Even if I didn't already think it, I believe you being here is ample proof of what we're seeing here. While the tests didn't find anything conclusive, the fact we didn't is damning in its own right for possible new scheme of sports doping."

See Morag nodding in agreement, Harry asked, "How so Andy? Can you explain it for us non-doctors? I fully understand the concept of negative evidence can be evidence itself but what you said doesn't make much sense to me."

Andromeda smirked slightly, "It makes a lot of sense from a biological sense, Harry. The issue with using magical enhancements is twofold. The problem with magical doping is many standard muggle means detect them in addition to magical diagnostic spells. Worse, from the perspective of the drug makers, our auras act as a diary of what has happened to us. So if we take magical stimulants; it is very difficult to keep that from showing up in one's aura. So enhancements need to be effective but also leave few traces."

"Or leave traces which are considered natural," Poppy interjected.

"Hence using students as test subjects," Morag concluded.

Harry frowned, "Non-doctor here, gals."

All the witches chuckled at this before Morag went on, "Harry it is simple in one sense if you know what you are looking for. Students are young, growing and going through puberty. So their magic, their bodies and their body chemistry are in flux. Testing a new product on them has two advantages. One it is harder to detect among all the normal chaos of puberty. The other is because the bodies are going through changes, whoever is doing this can see how it affects their growing magic and body."

"What it means, Harry," Andromeda said seeing that Harry wasn't making the connection, "The drug or potion can be tested on growing children. When properly done, the enhancement will act upon an adult in a way much more like normal aging growth along with effects consistent with the high adrenal flow of the game."

The light went on in Harry's brain, "So you're saying that whoever is doing this is taking advantage of the high excitation of the player's aura during the game. The same reason why Quidditch players are all super-randy after a game?"

"Or aurors after a tense mission," Morag pointed out.

Harry nodded his head at this. After a mission with lots of spell-fire and actions, it could get a bit frisky back in the locker room even though all the aurors and agents had long gone past puberty. "So I take it we need to do some subtle testing of this year's Quidditch players here and in all of the Saint Schools?"

"That is what I would recommend, Harry," Poppy said solemnly.

Harry looked at Morag, "So if Chester Mountbatten was killed because someone felt he would fail the test, what is so special about it? I was too busy with the Olympics to be fully briefed about it."

"I don't know given that the test was kept very secret," Morag replied. "We'll have to have Dr. Moon explain it when we get to the Isis Foundation."

Harry's eyes narrowed and he scowled. Both Poppy and Morag were surprised how dangerous the wizard suddenly looked.

Used to seeing Harry's mood swings, Andromeda asked, "Something wrong?"

Harry ran a hand down along the scar on his cheek, "Well first off beyond the fact we have a potential trail going from Hogwarts to our perps, the fact there is a leak either in the Isis Foundation or at from one of Hermione's people at Project Prometheus…or both."

Harry abruptly stood up, "I think our next step is heading over to the Foundation. I've already come across one possible leak of sensitive information today so I think we need to get too this quickly."


Morag looked at Harry with an unspoken question on her lips but Harry gave a small shake of his head and a look which clearly said later. Morag nodded quickly in return. She was pleased Harry was good at giving non-verbal clues. While she hoped she didn't have to fight along side him given her specialty, she remembered how having a partner who didn't need to shout orders during a fire-fight was something you always hoped for.

Andromeda stood as well and embraced Harry, "Good luck to you Harry. Remember, don't work yourself too hard. I need you to be healthy for our practice runs."

Morag looked suspiciously between the other three as this set Poppy twittering again while Harry looked a bit embarrassed. The look on Andromeda's face wasn't one she expected from a Professor. She looked back at Harry and something clicked in her mind.

Bidding the two Hogwarts staff good-bye, Morag followed Harry as he purposely walked back to the entrance hall. It was obvious he had a lot on his mind. Even so, Morag wanted to get something out in the open.

"So, do we need some sort of partner code to use when you going to be off shagging?" Morag asked after they passed the huge doors in the entrance hall and were walking off the grounds.

Harry stopped and looked at her, "Excuse me?"

Morag didn't blink, "I said, do we need a code-word? I mean it seems there was more than just discussion going on between you and Professor Tonks. I'd rather not have you get into the habit of lying to me and I don't want to send someone to seek you out only to have them find you in a…compromising position shall we say."

Harry continued to just stare at her.

Morag frowned, "Forensic auror here, Harry. Forgive me if I am good at picking up clues. But Andromeda's rather passionate good-bye along with you both conveniently being scourgified of smells. Now that I think about it, Andromeda winced a bit when she sat down. Roger her a bit roughly…partner?"

The wizard frowned at her emphasis on the word partner. He was silent for a moment before he sighed, "Yes you are right. I guess we do need to establish some ground rules. I'm sorry I lied to you. It was very unprofessional of me and it won't happen again."

With that, the hit-wizard turned and continued toward the apparition point.

Morag stared at his retreating form for a second before hurrying to catch up. She hadn't expected him to fold so quickly.

Perhaps Poppy hadn't been kidding about his professionalism after all.



Harry nodded to the old auror as he stepped off apparition pad with Morag. The auror touched his wand to a crystal on the desk to turn the pad to active again. The three other pads were empty. Just like at the Ministry, the pads not only directed incoming traffic properly, it kept people from splinching if too many people tried to apparate to the same place at the same time.

"I'm surprised there aren't more people here, Herman," Harry said politely. He might not get along with most of the DMLE aurors but Herman had earned the respect Harry showed him. Herman Marchbanks had lost a leg in the Grindelwald War, his left arm in the first Voldemort War and had taken a nasty curse which almost killed him in the Second. However the old warhorse still happily served even if only as an apparition point guard.

The auror shrugged, "You missed the rush earlier as there were lots of people going into the Alley today. Out of habit I think, given how much has been moved to Dumbledore Alley. Quite a few people came back rather early looking a bit cross. Figured they'd forgotten how there isn't much left in old D-Alley for school supplies these days."

Harry made a face, "How are things in the Alley? It was jumping the other night."

Herman gave a rusty laugh, "Well it has quieted down well enough. Heard you got Smith's knickers in a bunch. He's all sulky given the reprimand he got for his team responding so slowly. He blames you, of course."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Of course."

Harry saw Morag look at her watch and figured they had better get going. "How are we doing on time?"

Morag shrugged, "You would know Dr. Moon's hours better than I. We still have a good two hours before they officially close. I doubt she'll toss us out after business hours end."

"Let's get going then." Harry turned to Herman, "Good seeing you Herman. Don't let anyone give you shit about your hair." While Herman had survived the Death Eater curse, the treatment for it had given his hair an odd green sheen to it. The old auror laughed it off saying he was just showing off some Slytherin pride but Harry knew some of other aurors needed to realize their jokes were long past being funny.

"You haven't been to the Isis Foundation have you?" Harry asked as he went through the hallway to the front of the EuroChange. While a respectable Muggle business, this branch not only fronted as the apparition point for Diagon Alley but one could even exchange galleons for Muggle currency.

"No, but it isn't far is it?" Morag replied as the pair stepped out into the late summer sunlight.

"Nah, about three blocks give or take," Harry said easily.

The pair walked across the street and made their way up Charing Cross Road. Harry couldn't help but look up even though he knew he couldn't see Pansy's rooftop apartment from street level.

"It's weird not being able to apparate directly to the Alley," Morag observed.

"All part of the post-war security. The hit-and-run raids the Death Eaters showed the need for apparition wards. All those petty guerilla attacks from DE dead-enders didn't help. With all the magic from the shops and factories, there were only two places in the Alley where the secure points could be placed." Harry observed.

Morag looked at him oddly as they passed the Leaky Cauldron, "So why didn't we apparate to one of them?"

Harry sighed. He didn't want to tell the truth about not wanting to see Hannah. While they could by-pass the Leaky Cauldron by way of the side alley, he thought Morag would see that as odd. It seemed Hannah always was behind the counter when he came through. So he knew she'd invite them back to a hearty dinner and after him already trysting with Andromeda, he didn't want to tempt himself with Hannah. As much as they tried not to have sex anymore, so far they never made it more than a month or two and it had been awhile. As much as he enjoyed his time with Hannah, he felt guilty for not being able to give her what she craved. Another person whose life he'd fucked over without meaning to.

"Well we could but it is a bit into the Alley. It's faster to jump to the public access. Don't tell me you're a typical Pureblood and going to complain about walking an extra block?" Harry gently teased.

The ginger witch snorted, "I've done both the New York and Boston marathons. I could run you into the ground."

"Good for you! We need more Magicals willing to get off their bums," Harry said with a smile. This bit of info explained a lot about her trim physique. Most witches tended toward a more zaftig body style given their more sedentary lifestyle.

He had overheard Susan complaining about it to Daphne Greengrass over cocktails during a Ministry Ball a few years ago. Since Susan had always been well endowed, it seemed even with a Magical's enhanced metabolism she had to do a fair bit of exercise to keep from getting fat. He knew Lavender Brown hadn't bothered. While still very pretty, Lavender certainly had packed on a few pounds. Not that Ron seemed to care. Harry often wondered if Ron ever looked below her chest from what he'd seen of the pair when they were together.

The happy smile suddenly slid off his face as he noticed an odd sight coming towards them, "Oh bloody hell!" Harry cursed.


Morag stiffened and couldn't help but reflexively have her wand shoot into her palm from her wrist-holster at the tone in Harry's voice before he put a quick, reassuring hand on her forearm.

Morag finally caught sight of what made Harry swear. "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

Coming towards them was Ron Weasley pushing a wheelbarrow like cart. While the cart was rather nondescript (if a bit out of place for the area) it was the fact it was piled high with all sorts of items that drew the eye. All of these were perched precariously atop each other without any visible restraints. Worse the cart was painted in garish Weasley Wizard Whizzes colors which made it stand out like a crup in a kneazle show.

Morag could understand why Harry was mutter dark obscenities under his breath as he picked up the pace towards his erstwhile friend. She was scowling herself as she noticed a pair of what looked like tourists using their smartphone to tape the odd sight. The fact Ron was singing a Chudley Canons' fight song off-key didn't help.

Morag hurried after her partner. From the sound of it, this wasn't the first time the ex-Gryffindor had done something like this. This surprised her given the briefing about the increased punishments for breaking the Statute of Secrecy in Magical Britain after she'd returned.

She watched as Harry set himself directly in the path of the cart. To an observer it would look like a stupid move since the cart's load blocked Ron's vision. However Morag suspected he had cast a supersensory charm which allowed him to see roughly where he was going.

Sure enough the ex-auror stopped with a scowl of his own, "Get your arse out of the way! You're blocking legal commerce!"

"You're damned right I'm blocking your legal commerce!" Harry snarled.

Morag quickly stepped around the cart to ensure Weasley could see her. She was glad she did given the look on Ron's face when he realized exactly who was blocking his way. She saw how Ron's wand shot from his own wrist-holder.

Harry noticed it as well but only gave a nasty laugh. It was obvious to her that he would almost welcome Ron trying to take a shot at him.

"Mr. Weasley, let's not do anything rash, shall we?" Morag said in her best auror voice. While she had been given all the basic auror courses, she hadn't done anything like beat work in over a decade. Morag was glad Harry's reputation would probably keep even the likes of Ron Weasley from doing anything stupid in full view of Muggles.

As she watched Ron ignore her so as to continue to scowl at his ex-best friend, Morag reminded herself he was using an obviously charmed item in front of Muggles, "Mr. Weasley; I said let's not do anything rash. As an ex-auror, I would hope you'd remember it is best to look at a peace officer when she's talking to you."

Ron turned to her as if he'd just realized she was there. He gave her an obvious look up and down before his eyes centered on her chest.

Morag tried not to grind her teeth at this. It was bad enough she had been tagged "The Righteous Bum of '85" back at Hogwarts but she'd grown into a set of breasts which so many of her male aurors kept staring at.

"Eyes up, Weasley! Talk to the lady and not her ladies," Harry barked.

Morag couldn't help but flash Harry a quick smile for this. With his reputation, she hadn't expected Harry of all people to be one to yell at people ogling her.

Ron looked up with a start and was about to speak before he gave her another look before a look of recognition crossed his face. "Bloody hell! If it isn't the RB of '85!"

Morag's professionalism warred with her desire to hex the ginger git. She wondered if anyone had the stones to refer to Lady Bones as the TT of '85 given that she'd bet money most wizards ended up talking at the 'terrific tits' instead of her face.

"Call me that again Weasley and you'll find it can mean raging bitch," Morag said in a tight voice.

"Hey now; no need to get all shirty!" Weasley complained. "Can't a guy compliment a pretty bird he hasn't seen in years?"

Before Morag could do more than blink in surprise that Ron thought righteous bum was something you used as a compliment to an auror on duty, Harry stepped around the cart and gave it two taps with his hand.

"Weasley; gets this thing moving. Now!" Harry ordered.

"I was moving till you had to get in my bleeding way!" Weasley spat out as he began to push his cart again. It was obvious that the cart was charmed to make the load be almost weightless.

Morag shook her head as she noticed two passing pedestrians remark at how strong Weasley must be to move such a loaded cart so easily. By the dark look on Harry's face, it was obvious he caught it to. She could see his wand hand twitching as if yearning for a good hexing.

The pair walked behind Weasley who into the small alley next to the Leaky Cauldron's side entrance. Morag's highly trained senses felt the slight tingle when they crossed the Notice-Me-Not barrier.

Ron Weasley rounded on Harry, "Now what's the big deal? You can't just go stopping me for no reason. I'm a busy man and I don't need the likes of you harassing me."

Morag blinked at this. It was one thing to be caught doing something you weren't supposed to but Weasley seem too oblivious to why the two had stopped him! Given the curses Harry had used earlier, this wasn't his first offense.

Judging by the look on Harry's face, Morag guessed that he had had enough of the ginger's thickness.


Harry counted to ten in Gobbledygook. Then he counted to twenty before deciding to go the auror route, "Mr. Weasley, you seem to be unclear as to why Detective MacDougal and I stopped you. Is this correct?"

Ron gave him an odd look, "Yes, Mister Potter, I don't know why you're keeping me from my business. Bad enough I can't get this stuff in either Alley and have to go out into London. Don't need you giving me a rash of shit over it."

Harry couldn't help but give a slight snort at this and went on in a passable impression of Snape, "That's Agent Potter to you, Mr. Weasley."

Ron's face flushed a darker red than it already was but Morag cut him off, "Mr. Weasley, you are aware of you were operating a magicked item in full view of dozens of Muggles. As an ex-auror you have to know the illegality of your actions."

Ron turned to the witch with a sneer, "Oh it's illegal now to push a cart? It's not even magical."

Harry held up a hand and began to tick points off, "You used sticking charms to keep the load from falling off. People observing you could see no way you could be so easily avoiding things in your path. Lastly, your items are easily seen as being heavy yet you effortlessly can move your cart. So yes, your cart isn't magical but the spells on it might as well make it one."

Ron let out a hoot of laughter, "So what? They can't see the spells so who cares if anyone saw me lift up my cart. What's going to happen if a few people wonder how I keep my gear so tight? Tell their cat? Go on about it over tea? Nothing is going to come of it."

Harry and Morag exchanged a look. While Morag rolled her eyes at him, Harry realized that perhaps Magicals needed a form of the internet sooner rather than later to keep people like Ron from being so clueless.

"Okay Ron, for old time's sake, I'm going to cut you some slack but you've got to do something for me, okay?" Harry said.

Ron looked startled before looking happy before his face turned suspicious. "Like what?"

Harry pulled out small item out of a pocket and tossed it by Ron's cart. A flourish unshrank what became a net. Another set of wand movements and the net covered the cart before hardening to yellow and red stone. Harry cast an additional aversion ward. He turned back to Ron as he pulled out the old mokeskin pouch Hagrid had given him long ago. From this Harry pulled out a specially treated leather case from which he took out his smartphone.

"Nothing to worry about Ron. Just going to take a picture and we're going to go for a quick walk. Won't take more than 10 minute. Unless of course you'd rather I just arrest you and let you take your chances with the Magistrate?" Harry made a 'after you' gesture towards Charing Cross Road.

"Arrested for what? I didn't do anything!' Ron complained but moved pass the barrier.

"Let's test that theory shall we?" Harry said. He walked briskly back towards where he had first seen Ron. At the intersection at Shaftesbury Ave he finally spotted what he was looking for.

Turning to Ron he pointed up to a CCTV camera almost hidden among traffic signals, "Do you see that Ron? Do you know what that is? You should because I talked about it when I busted you for public urination and setting off magical fireworks during the Olympics."

Ron squinted and looked confused, "What am I looking at? You mean the lights? What's so special about them? They're everywhere."

Harry sighed while Morag gave out a snort, "Are you being intentionally thick, Mr. Weasley? Harry's talking about the video camera. The thing on top of the lights; the one that's pointed right at us right now."

While Ron frowned and looked again, Harry checked an app on his phone before dialing a number from memory. Not only did he need to make a point to Ron, he was wondering why his office hadn't caught it before he himself had. The face recognition search had been tailored to identify Weasleys as a priority. The fact they all had such bright ginger hair helped.

"Eye in the Sky, what's your emergency?" The male voice sounded a bit flustered.

"Eddie, it's Harry. I need for you to check camera Charlie Sierra India two one niner. You should have had a hit." Harry replied.

"Damn you eyes Potter! Why do you always call when there is a problem? Give me a second, mate." Harry could hear a lot of conversation going on in the background. Eddie Perkins was one of MI-7 agents who worked in conjuncture with London Metro to catch possible infractions of the Statute of Secrecy via London's web of surveillance cameras.

"Is there a problem, Eddie?" Harry asked.

"Oh we just had a server crash and the back-up didn't engage properly. We got things fixed but now we're backed up on our alerts by two hours. Were trying to catch up as quickly as we can. Okay, hang-on; you said CSI-219, right? Yeah, here it is so give me a second."

Harry waited. He could almost feel the impatience rising off Ron.

"Oi! Oh for crying out loud!" There was no mistaking the disgust in Eddie's voice. "Merlin damn all Weasleys to hell! Sorry about this Harry; we should have been all over it. What do you want done? I take it you're on the scene?"

"Yes I am along with DMLE Detective MacDougal. Look, let me call you back in a bit. However, can you email me the feed to my open account? I need to prove a point," Harry said.

"Roger that; I'm off," Eddie said before breaking the connection.

"What's all this about?" Ron asked. "Who were you talking to?"

"All in good time, Ron." Harry said as he passed his smartphone to Morag, "Could you take a picture of me and Mr. Weasley here?"

He almost chortled at the look of utter confusion on Ron's face. It seemed to amuse the witch as well given the small smirk on her face. Harry couldn't help but think again how good she looked.

Morag fiddled with the unfamiliar phone for a second before taking the shot and then another for good measure.

Taking back his phone, Harry quickly emailed it to two people. Finally he looked back up to Ron. "Ok Ron, you asked what you did wrong. Since you didn't pick up on the lesson last time, I figured I'd try one more time while you were sober. Now I just sent the pictures Morag took…"

"What pictures? I'm not stupid Harry," Ron said crossly.

"Oh for Merlin's sake, Weasley! The phone has a digital camera. It doesn't need the big flash a magical camera needs to impress the image on the film so it can move," Morag said just as crossly but almost in a whisper so the pedestrians walking by couldn't overhear her.

"More to the point, Ron, is that a digital photo can be used and sent in many interesting ways. All of them extremely fast. Come with me," Harry gestured up towards Shaftesbury Ave. Ron looked mutinous for a moment before Morag nudged him none to gently to get going.

The quickly found themselves in front of the Isis Foundation. It looked relatively quiet with only two clients filling out paperwork. Harry was rather surprised to see Millicent Bulstrode at the receptionist desk. He gave a small wave through the window before dialing another number.

This call took longer to pick up. "Hello? You bloody well be dying, calling this early!"

"Love you to Kylie," Harry replied.

"Harry! What's shaking? Already pining for your Aussie girl?"

"Always!" Harry said with a grin. Kylie Martin was an Australian auror Harry had met at an international conference and they had gotten along very well. After a drinking contest (which Kylie won) Harry found they got along even better in bed. This, of course, had a predictable outcome.

"Is Olivia excited to be coming to London?" Harry asked. Olivia was his daughter with Kylie who would be starting at Hogwarts on the first.

"Oh she's bouncing off the walls. Do you want to talk to her? She's been a good sport about getting up with her old mum since I'm allergic to that damn jet-lag potion. As much as I'm going to enjoy the trip, I hate synching myself before I go. I tell you, it's a curse to be Australian and stuck being allergic to the one potion you really need!" Kylie groused.

"Yeah well I wouldn't have called otherwise. I know not to 'wake the beast' before seven. Look love, need a favor. Are you at your computer? I sent you an email. I need you to open it up. When you do, I'm going to give the phone to Ronald Weasley. You remember him from the '96 Expo, right? I need you to describe in detail the picture." Harry explained.

"Yup! I've got it right here. Put him on," Kylie said.

Harry turned to Ron, "Do you remember Auror Kylie Martin?"

Ron nodded.

Harry passed him the phone which he took like it might bite him. Harry smirked as Ron said hello cautiously and began to mumble a bit while talking to the Australian auror. After the incident with the Dursleys, Ron seemed forever careful about not talking too loudly on a phone.

Harry's smirk turned into an evil grin at the look on Ron's face. Harry gestured for his phone, "Thanks Kylie. I'll be seeing you on the First?"

"Oh I think you'll be doing more than seeing me!" Kylie said in a very suggestive tone. "That is if your friend Melissa can watch Lachlan?"

"No worries, as you'd say, Kylie. Although I'm not sure if Hogsmeade can take Lachlan and Orion in the same house. I apologize in advance for all the pranks and bad language he's going to teach our son." While Olivia hadn't been planned, their son Lachlan had been. Kylie had bounced between quite a few wizards and witches before settling into what seemed to be a semi-stable relationship with a witch named Carol McKenzie who worked in the magical animal conservatory office of the Australian ministry. Kylie had said since she might not ever end up with a wizard again, best be safe and get the second child she wanted.

"Do you want to be know that I'm bringing Carol or do you want to surprised?" Kylie asked mischievously.

"Depends on if you expect me to perform stud duty or not," Harry said quietly so Morag and Ron wouldn't overhear. Carol had wanted a child of her own and Harry knew Kylie had offered Harry up so that her kids and Carol's would have at least one blood tie. Last he had heard Carol had been undecided on the issue.

"Eat your veggies, boyo! You're going to need your strength!" Kylie all but cackled. Apparently Carol had made up her mind and now Harry was going to have to satisfy two Aussies in bed.

"I'm hanging up now. Exposure to too much Aussie craziness causes cancer you know," Harry quipped. He cut the connection and dialed another number. This time it picked up much faster.


"Hey Colin! Glad to catch you. Need a bit of a favor. Are you near a computer?" Harry asked his oldest son. Unlike Kylie, Harry knew it wasn't that early in Massachusetts.

"Uhm, yeah I am. What's up?" Colin asked

"I need you to look at the picture I just sent you. Oh and after I hang up, you need to call Rose if you haven't already. She's a bit peeved at you, son. She feels since this is the 21st century that you have no excuse, safari or not, not to call her." Harry explained.

Harry could hear Colin's fingers tapping at his keyboard, "Oh crap. Is she really mad or just slightly mad?"

"I'm thinking angry in that 'time for a good prank' sort of way," Harry replied.

"Just great," Colin deadpanned. "Okay I got it. Wow, Uncle Ron looks like hell."

"Hold that thought. Here he is. You can tell him yourself," Harry passed the phone to Ron. This time, at least, Ron was a bit more animated. For all the fallout of the adults, for the most part all of them tried to be civil to the next generation. Colin was good friends with Ron's son Hugo so while Ron and Harry were barely on speaking terms, Colin was still welcomed. Of course he was Ginny's child as well.

After chatting with his nephew for a bit, Ron finally gave Harry the phone back. "Okay what was the point of all this?"

Harry wanted to kick the ginger in the shins, "Come on Ron, don't play games with me. I was able to send a picture from my phone and have people in the States and Australia to be able to look at it in minutes."

Ron rolled his eyes, "Yes I got that. Okay I'll admit that Muggles can be pretty inventive. I still say so what? What has this got to do with me?"

Morag snorted, "Weasley is your brother using you to experiment on? I know you Gryffs aren't big on thinking but I'd think it's pretty obvious how this all relates to you."

Harry nodded, "Come inside and I'll show you."

Harry walked into the office, "Hey Millie. Could I trouble you to tell Lilith that I need to talk to her officially in a minute or two? Plus can I use one of the computers in the office?"

Millie shrugged, "Sure thing Harry. You do sort of own the place."

Harry smiled, "So what are you doing flying a desk?"

"I'm just filling in for Vanessa. She got a call her son's got an ear infection and needed to be pulled out of school." Bulstrode cocked her head towards Ron, "I hope you realize we've got enough Weasley juice to last a lifetime."

"He's not here for the Foundation, Millie. Just a little police business." Harry explained. He gestured for Morag and Ron to follow him to an empty office outside the main office pool. Harry fired it up and pulled out his mokeskin pouch again. From the leather case, he took out a flash drive.

After logging in and checking to see everything was ready, he turned to Ron, "Okay Ron, here's the deal. The reason Morag and I stopped you is while you were not overtly casting magic, you were seen using the results of magic. Results which caught the eye of people who thought it weird enough to photograph or tape."

Harry pulled up the video feed Eddie had sent him. "Watch this. This was taken today." The video ran for two minutes which clearly showed Ron coming around a corner pushing the cart. It was also clear that without being able to see in front of him, Ron had been able to dodge every obstacle in his path and the load on the cart never wobbled.

Ron just stared at the screen. Harry wasn't sure if the lesson was sinking in or he was just entranced by the computer.

"Now today while we had stopped you, I saw some people taping you…" Harry said

"Taping me? What?" Ron interrupted.

"It means video-taping you," Morag said. "They were recording you in the same way the CCTV camera did."

Ron's eyes bulged out, "That little thing can record moving pictures too?"

Harry's shoulders sagged a bit. No matter how often it happened, Harry still couldn't believe how obtuse many British Magicals could be about technology. Many of the new people working in Diagon Alley off the family farm for the first time in generations still seemed to think Muggles had technology from before the Victorian Age. They had had far too many incidents of them walking into traffic and getting clipped by cars. Now it was a requirement to take a class before getting a permit to work in the Alley.

It was obvious that Ron hadn't had the class given that he primarily worked out of Dumbledore Alley instead of the old shop which now was used only for product production. That and Harry was sure people thought Ron knew the score given the fact he had once been an auror.

With a nod, Harry got back to the matter at hand, "Yes Ron. It can be used as a phone, a camera, a video-camera and I can access the internet with it. The point I'm making is anyone with one of these can take a photo or a video and post it just like I did. Then it can be seen all around the world if it's funny enough."

Ron looked confused, "Funny enough? What do you mean?"

Harry pulled up a file from his flash drive and played it. It showed a very drunk Ron and some of his equally drunk friends setting off Weasley Wizard Whizzes brand of fireworks. While none of them made anything as ornate as the dragon Fred and George had used when they had left Hogwarts, they were impressive (if impossible) by Muggle standards.

"Okay this video was taken by a tourist from Greece who was in London for the Olympics. This was filmed about fifteen minutes before I showed up to bust you. The guy couldn't believe how good your fireworks were so he posted it on a few websites. The video went viral and it took us 72 hours of frantic work to get it deleted from the web. Given incidents we've dealt with in the past, we'll see this pop up on the web for a few more months due to people saving it and then reposting it." Harry said.

"There is a reason they are called viral videos, Mr. Weasley," Morag interjected. "If a picture or video is interesting enough, it gets reposted to new sites where it is seen by more people who repost it. It spreads across the internet just like a virus."

Morag leaned over Harry and began to type in a search keyword. While she was pulling up the website she was looking for, Harry couldn't help by notice how good she smelled. Gritting his teeth, Harry tried to ignore the swelling in his pants. He'd be getting plenty of good, sweaty Aussie sex soon enough.

Morag straightened up and looked at Ron. "Look at this. It is a representation of how one person can post something and how it can grow." She touched a key and the simulation ran. It looked like a slow-motion growth of a crystal. "Each of those filaments represents an area, not a single person. So each one could represent hundreds of people. As you can see, in a matter of hours, a photo or video can be seen by thousands of people around the planet."

Harry grunted in agreement, "Ron, over the years you and your brother's have inadvertently created three viral videos. In addition, there was a website called, "Spot the Ginger!" where a guy was collecting photos and video of various Weasleys doing stupid things regarding Muggles. Your cousin Maxwell, for example, was caught on camera wandering around with a brand of all things. When asked what the hell he was doing, he said he didn't trust "them queer Muggle lights" so he had his trusty brand. Now Ron, I would hope even you could see a wizard walking around with a magical brand is going to catch people's eye."

Ron was silent as he watched the video of himself which as on a loop.

"Then there's Ginevra. She's been spotted a lot of times at Muggle clubs wearing clothing which she's magicked in one way or another."

Ron scowled at this.

Harry nodded, "Exactly. The dresses showed plenty of skin. But that's not what makes people look at them. They are wondering how the dress stays on. While there are Muggle ways to do it, they tend not to work very well especially if you move a lot. I've seen one video of Ginny dancing in a club and on the tape you can hear these women wondering how come her dress isn't falling off."

Morag patted the computer, "More and more of these computers are in homes all over the world, Mr. Weasley. That video those tourists took of you just 20 minutes ago may already be spreading across the world and endangering the Statute of Secrecy. Even when it is something rather benign like the videos of Ginny in a magical dress, we have to take them down. Sometimes we have to hack into people's computers and delete the files remotely. All of this draws attention to people who like to look into places they shouldn't. This means a lot of obliviations."

Morag looked to Harry but he just nodded for her to continue. Maybe Ron would listen to the message coming from her rather than him.

"The risk is a person or a group discovering magic, gathering a lot of evidence and then posting it all at once. We have a plan for when this eventually happens but we can't be sure it will work. So we need to concentrate on keeping stuff like this from ever getting onto the web. Now do you understand what you did wrong?"

It seemed it finally had as Ron's shoulder's sagged a bit.

Harry dialed Eddie again. "Eddie? Right, I've got a pick-up at the Isis Foundation. Class X-Ray. Also need you to run a search on the parameters from the video you sent me. Both Detective MacDougal and I observed at least one instance of him being taped. Also need an evidence pick-up just outside the Alley. I've got it under standard stone-tape and an aversion ward. Codeword is Keeper."

"Got it Harry! I'm heading out now," Eddie replied.

Ron looked at Harry in confusion which was rapidly turning to anger, "I thought you said you were giving me a break?"

Harry shut off his phone and put it away, "I did. I'm only going to charge you with a Class Three violation given that it is obvious you haven't gotten the proper training which was a Ministry oversight. If I had charged you with a Class Two violation like I'm well within my rights to do, you'd probably be doing a stint in Azkaban given your prior incidents."

"I've never been convicted," Ron huffed.

"Yes and I'm sure that cut rather deeply into your brother's bottom line," Harry said with a hint of a sneer. Even with all the new regulations and Kingsley's reforms, passing some galleons under the table still got around a lot of laws if you knew the right people in the Ministry. Dennis had looked into it after the fact and came to the conclusion Percy had been involved but there was no way to prove it.

"However, while you've never been convicted in magical court, I have jurisdiction through the Muggle system. The MI-7 charter has the authority to arrest you and try you. Given the fact double jeopardy doesn't apply, it would mean your prior incidents would be added to this incident and you'd be tried for all of them at once. The bright side is when you got tossed into jail it wouldn't be Azkaban but one of Her Majesties' gaols," Harry said with a fake smile.

Ron gulped audibly as it become apparent to him how much trouble he had just dodged.

"So why don't you take a seat and I'll have some tea sent in so you can meditate on your sins till Agent Perkins gets here." Harry said.

"Don't I get a floo call?" Ron asked.

Harry scowled. Spoken like a true perp; they always knew what they could get away with. "You'll get your call after you are processed down at the station. Don't be an arse about this Ron. I know you can at least remember the booking process well enough."

Harry turned to Morag and gave her a 'watch him' look to which she nodded. Harry stepped out of the office and went into the adjoining one. He cast a privacy charm and went through the process of getting his phone out again. Harry lived for the day when electronics could be better shielded against magic so he didn't have to keep going the troublesome process of protecting his electronics. Bad enough he couldn't use any alert feature to tell him when he had messages.

Harry quickly dialed up the FaTE offices. While every call to the special phone Dennis had made it crash that much faster due to all the ambient magic, Harry wanted to give Dennis a heads up that Ron was going to be arrested. Hopefully they could catch Percy passing the galleons if there was an attempt to get Ron acquitted again.

As he heard the phone begin to ring, Harry thought that for once, Ron was going down. Harry had thought Ron might have learned a lesson in personal responsibility after his stupidity had brought his budding Quidditch career to a halt. Yet Ron had quickly turned it back to Harry. The parents of the beater who had hit the bludger worked for one of the companies Harry inherited from the Black side of the house. So obviously the guy had it in for Ron.

Never mind Ron was too busy flirting with some female fans when he should have been paying attention, While rare that Keepers would get hit by bludgers, it wasn't rare enough for it to be a conspiracy especially since it was just a practice. That and the Cannons were famous for weird accidents. None of that matter to Ron. He blamed Harry for the nerve damage which screwed up his eye-hand coordination which demoted him to simply coaching instead of playing.

Even when he knew better, Harry had given Ron chance after chance. Today's stupidity, however, was the straw that broke the thestral's back. He knew busting Ron was going to make his popularity plummet even further in the Weasley clan but the Statute took priority.

Harry just hoped they had caught things in time. The last time they had missed a Weasley taping it almost ended up on the Yank show Mythbusters. Harry silently thanked Merlin that Kari Byron was a squib and she screened all the videos the show was looking at possibly featuring. The show had turned out to be a pretty good detection method as they ended up getting many similar videos. It certainly made MI-7's work easier along with similar agencies in the Magical world.

As Dennis picked up, Harry could only hope Ron's viral video days were finally at an end.


Chapter Seven Preview: We meet Dr. Moon and get a glimpse of the Isis Foundation. Just a bit of awkwardness when Dr. Granger comes calling as well


Author's Notes: Good news and bad news on the real life front. While my wife lost her job, a friend of mine gave me her 3yo gaming laptop which makes my writing a lot easier. Of course this was to facilitate working on a story we put together. So good and bad regarding amount of time I can write.

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