Hello ladies and gentlemen! I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the cast of authors that will offer up their stories for the Drabble Wars September edition. We will begin to post the drabbles this Friday and will have each story completed by Sunday night. They will range in size and updates will be at the whim of the individual authors.

First I will give you info on my story...

Title: Every Other Weekend

Summary: Bella and Edward married right out of high school and had their son, Drew. Several years and another baby later, she feels unloved, under appreciated and asks him to change. When he doesn't she divorces him. This is her struggle to see each him every other weekend when the feelings are still there for him. Does she put herself out there and tell him when it looks like he has moved on? Will the twists and turns of life bring them back together? If so, will it just be as partners in parenting or will it be as a true couple in love?

It has 60 chapters so I will post 20 per day, usually 5 at a time. It is mostly Bella's pov but every 5th chapter you will get Edward's take on things. It has a banner and polyvore sets (link is on my profile page), so go and check them out!

Now for the other participants...

1.) Allienicole16

Title: One More Night

Summary: Bella and Edward have a horrible relationship. He screams, she screams, they throw things, doors get slammed. Just all around bad. Finally, they've just had it and they both decide just one more night. But he's said this thousands of times before. Can he actually do it this time? It's based on the Maroon 5 song of the same name.

2.) WhiteWolfLegend

Title: The Mircle on Green Mile

Summary: Bella is the first ever woman in charge for what she does, the head officer on the Green Mile, Death Row. When a certain Emmett McCarty comes to her row, things change and her outlook on life will never be the same.

3.) LoopyLou992

Title: Suitcase

Summary: Alice returns home early and is greeted by a sight which makes her heart stop, Jasper's suitcase in the hall. Inspired by Emile Sande's song of the same name.

4.) quietdrabble

Title: The Body Artist

Summary: Seduction and sex mingle with art and emotions, causing a potential scandal of mass proportions to ensue. Edward is a New York artist, and Isabella is an enigma that changes everything.

5.) Ana Fluttersby (previously Anabella Cullen P or Ana B Cullen P)

The Strength of Destiny

Summary: They have met and have had sex on multiple occasions, but they don't know each other's names or contact information. They are leaving it to chance.

6.) TwiLighT7242

Title: How to Attain Perfect Happiness

Summary: 25-year-old writer Bella decides to take a break from her career by flying to a country she's never been to, a few more weeks earlier than her bride-to-be best friend, Alice, expects her to arrive. But, tell me, how can a person enjoy her vacation when she gets stuck with a very big BLAST from the past, and gets bombarded with wedding plans and errands? Will she survive?

Can't wait to see what you think of them all!