Hey everyone (:

I am sorry I disappeared for so long, but my Lap Top broke :(

But It's fixed again so I can finally work on my Story again ((:

Anyway you might have noticed that I have deleted all the Chapters? It's because I combined them to two Chapters, but you don't have to read them because nothing you won't understand the story if you don't read it again has changed...

So yeah in these past weeks some stuff happened and it was actually really good because it gave me time to think a lot about stuff...

It's all sorted out now and I read 'Stuttering' again to avoid more similarities and honestly I was sort of shocked myself when I saw that there were more of them than I thought...

I have changed them except the

- relatives

- San re- doing senior year

- San wanting to study something with music

- San running away

- San and Britt in front of the School waiting for Britts mom to pick her up (once)

There is another reason for San running away, but it will only be mentioned later...

The nickname is BAPIE now... I hope no one else uses that one? :D or I might run out of ideas because I had a few but they weren't really what I was looking for xD

I already had written down my 'newest' Chapter but since my computer broke down and all my documents are gone I have to do that again... But no worry's I will update soon ( in a few hours) but it will be a small Chapter because I feel bad already because I wasn't able to update for a long time.

Now to some Hater's here^^

I would have never thought I would have a few or something xD

But honestly? Why are you writing me hate messages only because you don't like my story or something like that?

I understand that you might not like the fact that Britt is only 13 and San is 19...

And I do know that Britt is still a kid... But it's only 5-6 years. How about 35 and 30? It's fine right? It's fine thought if you write that it's bothering you as long as you don't insult me.

By the way and that is not supposed to be harsh but I know that if you have sex with a 13 years old girl that it is in fact rape... But I have never said that she had sex, did I?

And now that I am thinking back I guess I have to say what I mean with 'hooking up'. To me it can just be kissing 'making out'... but it's NOT sex.

And this message wasn't supposed to be for those of you who say nicely their opinion even if they criticize me. But that's what I am asking you to do. I ask you to tell me things so I will be able to make them better and learn.

Like the person who told me the thing with 'Stuttering' . This person apologized later on and it's fine now because I am glad that this person pointed it out and apologized later on (sorry but I dunno if you are male or female^^)

And before someone writes something like I can't take someone disliking something I wrote so I should just stop writing already... I can understand that but if you don't like my story then stop reading or tell me nicely if you have something to say, just don't insult me personally. Because to be honest you don't know me and you know only the things I sort of 'let you see'.

Sure I like to write it and I have already written some story's but I have never published them.

And I write because it helps me to deal with things myself

Example: feelings, sexuality (labeling or not labeling oO),denying, feeling left out, family problems, like I once wrote the way Brittany's brain worked because that's how mine works and I got bullied for it until I went to a new school and I tried to make people not find out about it... and some other stuff.

I don't want to bother you anymore and I guess no one really read until the end xD but it doesn't really matter