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The scene was like that of a movie; ambulances with a few traumatized and luck survivors either lying inside or sitting on the edge, fire trucks everywhere and a flaming plane in the background.

Those who didn't need to go to the hospital right away were left there, waiting for family or friends- just someone- to pick them up.

That's why Ikki was there. He had to pick up Kazu. Because they'd called the Noyamano's house and… And Kazu's family was dead. He was lucky to even be alive, considering all the casualties. Although they'd all wanted to go pick the jet up, Ikki'd insisted on going alone, because you never know how someone might react to losing their family. Immediate contact with so many people may not have been the best idea. That was his excuse.


The boy looked up at his friend, his eyes seeming completely dead. It was scary.

"Let's go." He spoke with a rough and hoarse voice, dried from the fumes and the yelling.

"Here." Ikki handed Kazu the ATs said blonde had left with him during his trip to America. There was no point in revealing his strengths and weaknesses to people who could come over and challenge them at any time. Not to mention the fact that the King of the Flame Road had been pushing himself very hard (maybe even too hard) and deserved a break from Air Trek.

The ride back to Ikki's house was silent, only the sound of ATs whirring could be heard the whole time. Kazu kept his eyes to the ground, occasionally glancing up to make sure he was going the right way, and Ikki was focusing on his friend. The blonde's vibrant blue eyes were now dull and bloodshot from all the crying he'd clearly done, his body seemed somewhat fragile beneath the classic hoodie. And Ikki wasn't too sure, but Kazu's thin frame seemed to be trembling ever so slightly.

When they arrived, the silence enveloping the traumatized boy continued. In sign of thanks for the Noyamano's letting him stay, he simply bowed deeply, in the traditional Japanese style. The girls all hugged him, tears in their eyes, before Ikki managed to free his friend and bring him to the room they'd be sharing.

Okay then, this is already very angsty, so I'm not sure if I should include cutting or not.