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I sat in one of the chairs staring out the window over the Seattle skyline. My mind was awash with a billion thoughts, the majority of them focusing on the events of the past few weeks. I shifted my position as I reached up and loosened my tie and popped open the first two buttons on my blue dress shirt. There, that was better.

I grabbed the beer I'd taken from the hotel room's mini bar and downed a long drink. My eyes continued to gaze out across the city below me, people moving along in their afternoon rush; late afternoon now. It was close to five. I checked my watch to be sure. I was wrong. It was quarter after five. I took another drink from my beer and toed my shoes off. Might as well get comfortable.

I sighed loudly through my nose raking my hand back through my untidy bronze hair and settled back into the chair. I couldn't get a specific day out of my head. The events of which were forever going to be etched into my mind, and I knew they had altered the path of my life. It was because of her.

All it had taken was a sideways step and she was a part of my life, the most important part. Funny how things like that happen. I sighed again, frustrated this time, and got up beginning to pace around the room. As far as hotel rooms go this one was typical, a little on the pricier side, but not overly opulent. It had a queen size bed draped in a comforter that matched the fabric the curtains were made out of; a couch sat across from it next to the low dresser over which hung a large mirror.

To the right of the bed was a large floor to ceiling window in front of which sat two armchairs angled toward it with a round coffee table between them. The bathroom had a large glass enclosed shower with a massage setting on the showerhead. But I rarely spent time in there other than to take care of the necessities.

This room was becoming familiar and comforting to me. I'd spent so much time in it over the past few weeks that I could tell you where the painters had missed a few spots with the rollers on the walls; where the paint didn't lay quite thick enough and there were paler patches here and there. But still, the warm nutmeg color was soothing; like coffee with a little milk mixed in to provide a soft brown.

I walked over to where I'd plugged in my iHome and turned it on placing the blessed gadget in its cradle and scrolled through to my alternative collection. I needed to sit and think some more. I settled back down in the same armchair and took another long drink from my beer. As soon as the music drifted over to me I let my mind travel back to three weeks ago.

My life had become a simple, mundane routine of getting up each morning, showering, getting dressed, breakfast, work, and come home. It was an easy routine to remember, but it was monotonous and dull. And I wanted more. It was after three years of this and shortly after my twenty-fifth birthday that it struck me just how utterly lonely I was.

I had gotten so wrapped up in doing my job, keeping up with my performance in my father's company that I never took the time to try and find someone to share my life with. I knew I didn't feel complete, like something was missing, but I didn't know what. I considered getting a dog, but then I remembered my landlord didn't allow them.

For years now my mother had been trying to set me up with a girlfriend in the hopes that sparks would fly and eventually I'd pop the question. But none of the girls ever held my interest for very long. They were all attractive and well educated but none of them shared anything in common with me. I didn't even know what I was looking for in a partner.

After the fourth failure I told my mother to stop. I wanted to discover on my own what it was I was looking for. I wanted it to hit me in the face, or chest, or gut or whatever it felt like when you fell in love.

But in order to make a relationship work you had to have one in the first place, and that was why I was walking into the Barnes and Noble a few streets down from the building that housed both my father's company and my career. I had finished for the day and wasn't quite ready to head home to an empty apartment again.

I grabbed a coffee from the in-store Starbucks and made my way over to the 'Relationships' section. There were books in counseling, getting through fights and break ups, and divorce. I hoped that if I ever managed to get a relationship off the ground that I would not need to make a return visit for one of those particular books.

I continued to scan the plethora of titles noticing those 'For Dummies' books for and eHarmony. Definitely not what I was looking for. I felt like such a loser for having to find a relationship how-to book, but I was completely desperate and I needed a little guidance. I scanned my eyes over the spines choosing one that looked promising and stepped out in the aisle between bookshelves to look for a chair to settle in. I barely stepped sideways and my body rammed into another, distinctly feminine, body.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" the young woman gasped and exclaimed quietly. My now empty coffee cup tumbled to the floor where the contents were along with the pile of books she had been carrying. They were soaked in mocha cappuccino as was the front of her gray pencil skirt.

"No, it's my fault; I wasn't watching where I walked." I knelt and started helping her pile the ruined books up, one of which was mine. I reached for it at the same time she did and our hands touched. I felt a spark when her skin touched mine and I recoiled, hoping I didn't seem like an asshole in the process.

She gasped quietly and pulled back looking up at me. I looked at her as well and my breath was knocked out of me. I found myself staring into the richest, most beautiful chocolate eyes I had ever seen. I held her gaze long enough to be considered indecent between acquaintances, and quickly looked down to grab my book before she could see the title. I was suddenly ashamed of it.

She grabbed my empty cup and the pile of books and we stood together silently. I saw her glance me up and down under her lashes and then her eyes fell on my stained dress shirt and tie. "Oh God, your suit is ruined. I'm so sorry, it must be expensive."

"It's nothing, don't worry." I glanced to her skirt. The front of it was spattered in dark spots. "It's not as bad you skirt."

"Oh," she looked down at the stains and brushed them with her hand her face flaming with red. I gasped this time. She had the loveliest blush against her ivory skin. My eyes drifted to her nametag pinned onto the vest over her t-shirt. 'Isabella'. Even her name took my breath away. She was dressed conservatively in stockings and heels, but it was professional and at the same time sexy. Without the pumps she had to be 5'4''.

"I'm such a klutz." She muttered as we continued to stand there awkwardly. "Uh, the men's room is right over there if you want to wash up, I'll get you another coffee. What book do you have?"

"Oh, uh it's nothing. I wasn't actually intending on buying it." Lie.

"Well, I can offer for it to be on the house since technically this accident was my fault."

"No, no it was mine." I insisted. "And, please, you don't have to do that. I'd prefer if you didn't."

"I have to damage that out now; really it's the least I can do for ruining your clothes."

And what was I supposed to do for her?

I took a hesitant step toward her when I heard an all-too familiar crunch under my feet. Oh shit, I knew that sound. Isabella gasped and her hand flew to her head. "Oh shit," she muttered. I picked my foot up and sure enough underneath it was a pair of busted glasses. If I didn't feel terrible before I definitely felt mortified now.

I bent down and carefully picked up the broken pieces glancing sheepishly and apologetically up at her. She looked sad but not devastated. "Uh…just leave the little pieces and I'll get the vacuum for them. Actually just put them down on the floor, I'll just throw everything out at once. Um…I'll be right back. Like I said, the men's room is over there and I'm gonna grab you another coffee."

Before I could get a word in to protest she was rushing away. I was such an ass. Not only did I destroy her pretty skirt, I demolished her glasses. I glanced at the designer on them. Damn it, DG was interlaced together on the side.

I sighed heavily and got to my feet leaving the glasses on the floor as she asked and looked around in the direction she had pointed for the restrooms. I left my book as well and walked over nearly slamming through the door in my frustration. I was angry with myself. I was such a fuck up. I stood at the sink staring at the stains on my shirt before grabbing handfuls of the paper towel from the dispenser and ran them under cold water.

This was going to do me absolutely no good and I was better off just throwing the shirt out when I got home. I had a million white dress shirts. But I stood there rubbing at the stain muttering under my breath about what an ass I was. I meet a nice girl, albeit in an awkward way, and the first thing I do is get coffee all over her skirt and smash her expensive designer glasses.

Yeah, a relationship is right on the horizon for me.

I finally gave up and tossed the used towels in the trash, washed my hands and tried to get my hair back to the way I liked it, but it had a mind of its own the way it always had and refused to be set in any kind of order.

I left the bathroom still muttering and tried to pull my jacket closed over the worst of the stain as I walked back to the scene of the crime. Isabella was there on her knees scrubbing at the carpet, a spray bottle beside her along with a small trash bag and a small hand held vacuum. She finished scrubbing and looked up at me. "Oh, I didn't see you there." She got up and collected everything putting it off to the side.

She walked over to the small table surrounded by armchairs and picked up a fresh coffee cup and a small plastic bag. "One new cappuccino and your book, as promised."

I sighed, but took the bag and thanked her quietly. She leaned toward me and put her hand to her mouth as she whispered, "There's also a ten dollar gift card in there as well, from my manager." She pulled back and said in a normal tone. "Incentive to come back."

"Thank you," I said again. "Isabella, right?"

She glanced to her nametag and scoffed quietly. "Yeah, I need to get that changed." She looked back up at me, "I prefer Bella."

"Bella," I repeated, loving the sound of her name on my tongue. "Edward," I shifted the plastic bag to the hand holding the coffee cup and offered her my free one. She took it and shook once before letting it fall.

"It's very nice to meet you, Edward. And I'm sorry once again." She offered me a small smile.

Mine grew a little broader as I heard her speak my name for the first time, relishing in the way she said it so softly. "Please don't apologize." I whispered.

"All right," she said hesitantly, drawing her bottom lip between her teeth and chewing on it innocently as she shifted on her feet. "Well, hopefully I'll see you around here again." She turned her back and gathered everything she had been cleaning with and started to leave while I stood there frozen and looking like a complete idiot.

"Wait," I called quietly. She turned and looked back to me. "Uh, listen…Do you think maybe I could take you out to dinner? It's the least I can do for the damage I caused to your wardrobe."

"You really don't have to…"

"Please," I pressed, "I insist."

Bella drew in a breath and held it for a minute as she deliberated. "When,"

"Tomorrow," I asked, praying she said yes. "I can come here and get you and we can go from there, if you like?"

"All right," she said after another minute. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow night, Edward. I get off at six."

"I'll be here," I promised.

That day would forever be burned into my memory. It was the first day I started to live.

I was broken from my reverie by the sound of a card in the lock on the other side of the door. I opened my eyes realizing I was pinching the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger and sat up in the chair. The lock beeped and clicked and the door opened slowly a moment later as my personal miracle walked through.

Bella shut the door behind her and greeted me quietly as she walked in, placing her clutch and room key beside my wallet and key on the dresser. She toed off her teal peep-toe flats and walked over to the window shutting the curtain before I heard her settle at my feet.

"Hey," I said softly. "You look beautiful today."

"You say that every time." Bella murmured as she ran her hand up and down my thigh.

"But you really do look beautiful today." I repeated.

"Thank you, Edward." She sat up on her knees so she could reach me and pressed a light kiss to my lips. "How was your day?" She asked in between subsequent kisses.

"Boring," I answered against her lips, threading my fingers into her hair. She sighed and grabbed fistfuls of my shirt pulling me up off the chair and toward the bed. I ditched my jacket and tie on the way there and gratefully fell to the soft surface with her, wrapping her up in my arms as the intensity of our kissing increased until we were both panting for air.

We shed our clothes quickly, forgoing all the usual niceties that we engaged in on other afternoons of the same nature. I could tell from the way Bella weaved her fingers into my hair and pulled that she had had the same frustrating day that I had had. We were both desperate for release right now, desperate for each other.

After sheathing myself in latex I pulled Bella as close as I could and pushed all the way into her at once. We weren't slow, we weren't gentle, and we didn't take our time. We fucked each other like we had on our third date. It was a need for pure physical contact, nothing else.

We released within moments of each other, shouting the other's name as our hips snapped in perfect rhythm and opposite directions. I collapsed afterwards and rolled over pulling the condom off to drop it in the trash next to the bed. When I turned back over, Bella grabbed my face and pulled me in for a deep kiss that left us both breathless once again.

"God, I needed that." She gasped when we broke apart. Bella rolled over and cuddled her head on my chest the way she always did, wrapping one arm across my torso.

"Me too, I had one of those days. Spent the entire morning and afternoon thinking about you. About how I couldn't wait for the day to be over so I could get here and see you."

Bella picked her head up supporting her weight on one arm, her eyes gazing down into mine with the softest expression. She curled her fingers into my hair before closing the space between our mouths.

We lost ourselves in the kiss easily and were soon starting round two. This time we were slower and gentler with each other as we ran hands and lips over skin with the lightest pressure. Bella curled herself back into my side once we finished and we laid there in comfortable silence for an hour or so.

I ordered room service when she got up to use the bathroom and pulled my shorts back on. I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom and was sorely tempted to join Bella in there, but someone had to be out here to answer the door when dinner arrived. So I made myself comfortable at the end of the bed watching the news on the TV and waiting for a knock at our door.

Our dinner still hadn't arrived when Bella wandered back out into the bedroom smelling fresh and slightly like vanilla, which I credited to the samples in the bathroom. She had wrapped up in one of the hotel robes, her still damp hair hanging down her back, darker than its normal brown since it was wet.

"What did you order?" she asked sweetly as she placed herself in my lap and leaned in kissing my neck.

"Just sandwiches, I can't eat anything heavy right now."

"Yeah, me neither." Bella agreed, but her voice sounded off. She sighed lightly and got up heading back towards the bathroom.

I followed her this time stopping in the doorway and watched as she brushed her hair, her eyes on mine in the mirror. "What's wrong?" I asked after a minute of silence from her.

"Nothing," Bella responded quietly her eyes dropping from mine. I was just about to call her out on her lie when there was finally a knock at the door. I accepted the two trays and tipped the hotel employee before shutting the door. I sipped on my soda while I waited for Bella to come out and join me.

There was still something off in her expression when she exited the bathroom, and I noticed that she had put my dress shirt on. "Sexy," I commented as she sat down across from me at the little round table by the window.

"I knew you'd think so," she smirked back at me. We started to eat in silence, both of us just looking around the room, at our plates, at the window…but never at each other. The atmosphere was never this tense between us and I wondered what could possibly be going on inside Bella's mind to cause so much anxiety.

"Can we talk about something?" Bella asked suddenly as we were finishing our meal.

"We can talk about anything." I answered, staring at her as I willed her eyes to look up at mine.

Then Bella picked her head up and asked me a question I never expected.

"Why are we hiding like this?"

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