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This is a story about Sarah who visits her mother before going under deep cover again. She meets Chuck and –of course- they fall in love. Chuck has moved to Freeling after his sister went to UCLA and enjoys living here. He can do practically everything and the whole town knows and likes him. Sarah is enjoying her days with Chuck but the fact that she has to leave in seven days is hanging above their heads.


Chuck's POV

Chuck Bartowski is enjoying his morning run when a high pitched sound draws his attention. He turns down the volume off his iPod to listen close. Sounds like the sounds are coming from the rocks near the lighthouse. Maybe he should take a look. The rocks can be very slippery and if anyone is walking on them they could injure themselves.

Climbing up the rocks he can see a woman struggling to make her way. "Are you alright miss?" He waves his hands too to get her attention.

"Fine! I just want to see that stupid ocean." She falls down again.

He hates to see her struggling like this. As a kid he used to play her a lot, he is used to the slippery rocks. Tourist aren't. It wouldn't be the first time a tourist died here. Hitting their heads on the rocks or not being able to walk after a fall and dying from the cold. He hurries himself over to her "let me help you" He reaches his hand out to the woman.

"I am fine. I should be able to climb some stupid rocks."

He can see she is trying hard not to smack his hand away. "Come on just let me help you so you can climb 'the stupid rocks' and see 'the stupid ocean'." She chuckles a little as she grabs his hand. Hand in hand they walk towards the edge of the rocks. When they reach the end the ocean can be seen.

"It is beautiful" The lady has tears in her eyes.

"Great surfing today." He keeps standing there like a total idiot not knowing what to see exactly.

"I had no idea it would be so beautiful"

"You act like you never saw the ocean before" He playfully bumps her shoulder.

"Actually..." She stares downs at her feet "I have never seen it before."

He bursts out in laughter but when he sees the serious look on her face he stops "O... You are serious."

"Stupid isn't it?"

"No. I am just a bit confused. Why did you climb all the way up here you could have walked to the beach."

"My mother told me this was the most beautiful spot. She was right."

"You visiting with your mother?"

"She lives here."

"What's here name? I might know her."

"Emma Walker."

"I didn't know she had another daughter." He has a puzzled look on her face. "I teach your little

sister Molly to surf."

"I have been gone for a very long time." He can hear a little sadness in her voice.

"Welcome back to Freeling. I am Chuck." They shake hands.

"Thank you. I am Sarah."

"Do you think you can manage to get back by yourself? I need to get ready for the little surfers."

"Sure I'll manage."

He walks back to the trial he was running before. Before he runs away he takes a long look at the beautiful long blond haired woman on the rocks. Somehow she just glamered him with her beauty. Note to self: keep away from Ellie. If he lets the two meet he'll never be able to escape his sisters whining. 'Ask her out' 'Just one date' 'You know who is really nice Chuck? Sarah.' He can imagine them having dinner and Sarah being forced by Ellie to date him. That would be really awkward.

Sarahs POV

It's nice to just speak her mind like that. Not thinking about which cover you are holding up, just being you. But even with strangers she always had trouble revealing everything about herself. This stranger was different though. With his dark chocolate brown eyes he just amazed her. Normally she would have just said she was an old friend of her mother but not to him. How he did it she doesn't know but he made her tell the truth.

It's a really small town so she would probably see him again. She can definitely suffer through another meeting. She has this funny feeling inside she has never felt before. Maybe she should talk to her mother about this. It's really weird to feel something you have never felt before.

After staring at the ocean for a few more minutes she carefully makes her way back. How stupid is it that she fell before? She is a spy for heaven's sake! She should be able to climb some rocks. On the other hand she wouldn't have had this moment with Chuck.

When she enters her mother's house she is almost run over by Molly. "Hey! Where are you going Squirt?"

Molly turns around bumping her surfboard against the doorway. "I have to go to my surfing class."

Sarah looks on her watch. "You have like a half hour why the rush?"

"Mister Chuck always tells a crazy story before the class I don't want to miss it. He is really funny."

"Alright. Watch out when you cross the street."

"I will." Molly runs out the yard onto the street.

Giggling about her little sisters enthusiasm she walks into the kitchen looking for her mother. Her mother is washing dishes while wearing her favorite apron. Sarah bought it for her once and she never used another after that. "I am back." She grabs a towel to help her mother dry the dishes.

"So what do you think? Beautiful isn't it?"

"It's magical!"

They wash the dishes in silence when the warm fuzzy feeling she had before comes back again. "Mom. Can I ask you something? Something weird?"

"Sure honey."

"I met this guy by the ocean and know I have this strange feeling."

Her mother grabs her hands "did he hurt you?" Her mother examines her face with concern.

"No not that kind of feeling. I feel so… warm and fuzzy inside. Like a marshmallow."

A smile appears on her mother's face and a little tear wells up in the corner of her eye. "You are in love honey."

Sarahs eyes widen in shock. Was her mother right? Is she in love? This can't be happening. Spies do not fall in love. It's just impossible.

"Don't look so surprised honey."

"I don't understand…"

"Honey you are a human being just like the rest of use. We fall in love."

"Spies don't fall in love."

"You are more than a spy."

"I barely know him."

"Well tell me what's his name? I probably will know him."


"Chuck Bartowski? Molly's surfing teacher?"

Sarah nods.

"Well Sarah let me tell you this. Chuck is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met and I think he is perfect for you. Just give it a shot."

"Mom you know I can't. I am leaving in seven days."

"Well you better make it happen than. Tell you what. You go and pick up Molly from her surfing class. That way you can ask him out for coffee or something."

"What if he says no?"

"Look at you! Who would turn someone like you down."

"Do you even know if he is single?" Sarahs says still blushing from the last thing her mother said.

"No I don't actually. You are right. You should probably find out if he is available before you jump him."

"I won't jump him!"

Her mother laughs as she walks out of the kitchen. "It might be the other way around." She says before walking into the living room.

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