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Sarahs POV

She is waiting under a little roof in front of the restaurant for Chuck. He insisted he would get his car because of the rain. Sarah is actually kind of glad he did, it gives her time to think. She can't believe she almost told him that she works for the CIA. That would have gotten the both of them in a lot of trouble. Normally she would have been more careful but when she's with Chuck she totally forgets who she is. Being around spies and bad guys almost all her life she never found someone she could just talk to. Someone she liked to be around. Someone who makes her feel like an actual person, not just a spy. Her mother told her this many times before but feeling it is different. The weirdest thing is that she has known him for two days and her feelings are getting a hold of her.

Chuck pulls up in a big navy blue pick-up truck. It looks really bad ass with the all-terrain tires. On the door it says:

C. Bartowski

Outdoor Activities


He hops out of the truck pulling something out of the back. It's a piece of tarp. He holds it above their heads as they walk to the car.

"I am sorry. I don't have an umbrella." He opens up the door for her, reaching out to help her in the truck but she jumps in with ease. Spies are used to strange vehicles. From little electrical cars to German tanks. Sarah has driven them all. When Chuck steps in himself he is soaking wet.

"You are soaked! Are you sure you want to do this tour now?"

"I do. The mountains are beautiful when it's raining."

"Maybe we should just call it a day. You might not mind but I am not interested in becoming a wet paper for the day."

He turns really red and pulls over. "I am so sorry Sarah! I kind of forgot to ask you. You are right we should call it a day."

Oh no! She thought he would come up with something. She was having so much fun hanging around with him. What was she supposed to do now! The spy inside her screamed the word, 'seduce'. But she didn't want to think it was all about sex between her and Chuck.

"I have a great idea!" His face lights up.

"Please do tell." She gives him an encouraging smile.

"When it is raining like this the sea is really rough and we could watch it from the top of the lighthouse. It's indoors."

"You have access to the lighthouse? You keep surprising me, Mister Bartowski."

"Well I didn't have access at first but I snuck in there so many times that the guy who owns it just gave me a key."

They laugh about it but Sarah can see his mind is miles away.

Chucks POV

He is remembering the good times he had in the lighthouse. It's his place to escape to. After his horrible Stanford experience he could come up here and think about everything. Feeling like you are on the top of the world watching over the ocean seeing nothing for miles and miles. He never takes anyone with him, not even Morgan. Ellie has been up there once but that was an accident. Sarah is already special to him; she deserves to be up there with him.

Chuck always had like a sixth sense for troubled people. Whenever somebody is feeling down he can just sense it. Sarah is sending out a really depressed vibe. She feels lonely, sad, hurt and a little afraid even. She deserves the best seven days of her live and he is going to make them happen.

The drive from 'The Seanote' to the lighthouse only takes a few minutes. When they pull up he holds the tarp above their heads to keep them dry while they walk towards the big wooden doors.

"Are you ready to climb all these stairs?"

"I'll race you." She has a teasing smile on her face.

"You are on." Chuck storms towards the stairs with Sarah on his heels.

Halfway he hears a scream behind him. Turing around Sarah is lying on the steps grabbing her ankle. He kneels down beside her. "Are you alright?"

"I am now." She jumps up and passes him.

Chuck stares at her with mouth open . He never expected her to be one to play dirty. When he reaches the top Sarah is standing there with crossed arms.

"You play really dirty, Miss. Walker." He wags an accusing finger her way.

"Maybe I just wanted to beat the local superhero."

"Stop it. You are making me blush."

"I am pretty sure your cheeks are just red from running up those steps."

"But it was worth it right?" He looks out the windows. High waves, rain smashing against the window and wind blowing around the lighthouse making all kind of noises.

She stares out of the window. Chuck isn't one-hundred percent sure but he believes she is a bit happier. It was a good idea to bring her up here. Suddenly her face changes from happy to shock.

"O God! Chuck I think there's a boat lying upside down there."

Chuck follows her arm to see what is going on. She is pointing at the open ocean. He grabs a pair of binoculars he left there to get a closer look. No boat but real whales.

"Don't worry. Look." He hands her the binoculars.

"Whales." Her mouth drops a little bit.

"We get them here a lot. Especially when it's stormy weather."

"They are magical."

Their moment is interrupted by Sarah's phone. She looks at the screen and her eyes widen. "Shoot. I totally forgot about that."

"Everything alright?" He takes back the binoculars from her.

"Do you mind taking me home? I forgot about something important.

"Sure." He must admit he is really disappointed.

They walk back down and get in his car. It is still raining but it's getting better. The drive to Sarah's house is silent. He walks her to the front door holding the tarp above her head.

"I really had a nice time, Chuck."

"Me too. We should do it again sometime."

"I would like that."

"Good. I will talk to you later."

"Thanks again for the great time." She gives him a hug.

"Yeah." He clears his throat. "No problem." His knees are actually shaking. Before he makes a fool of himself he walks back to his car. Before he drives away he looks at the house again.

Man he is in deep trouble. After he heard she was leaving in seven days he promised to not fall in love with her but he can't help it. Two days and he knows it already. Chuck Bartowski is in love with Sarah Walker. How is he going to be around her without falling in love more and more. What did he get himself into…

Sarahs POV

She is really bummed about ending her date with Chuck so soon. For the first time in ages she was genuinely enjoying herself. When she is back home she locks herself in her room waiting for Director Graham to call her back. She doesn't have to wait long he calls her almost immediately.

"Walker, secure," she answers the phone.

"Walker did you forget about our meeting?"

"No, Sir."

"Good. I won't take notice of this. Hoping it won't happen again."

"It won't happen again, Sir."

"I am calling about your next mission. We decided to brief you early to make sure you know everything before we start. It's a really important it runs smoothly."

"I understand, Sir."

"The file has been sent to you already make sure you know everything."

"Yes, Sir."

"One more thing, Agent Walker. Your leave might end a little sooner."

"Excuse me, Sir, but that wasn't our deal."

"I understand you are upset but this is a really important mission."

"I will not stand for this. We had a deal."

"Let me get back to you on that. After all you and Carina were the only ones to agree to do this mission."

The line went dead. Sarah has made up her mind she is not going to let the time she can have here go to waste.

An amazing smell fills her nose. That can only mean one thing. Her mother's homemade bread and pork roast. Almost falling down the stairs she runs downstairs. Molly is already sitting at the table.

"You are late. I get the biggest piece of bread now."

"Be nice to your sister, Molly."

"Yes, mummy. Sorry, Sarah."

"No worries, Squirt. I have a surprise for you by the way."

"You do?!" Molly's eyes light up.

Sarah sits down in silence carving the bread to tease Molly a little. Her little sister is almost exploding with curiosity. When her mother sits down too she decides to break the tension.

"So Molly, do you want to know your surprise?" Sarah says taking her eyes of the carving but still managing to cut a straight line.

"Yes please!" She is jumping up and down on her chair.

"Please tell her before she ruins my chair." Her mother tries to hold her still but she keeps jumping.

"I am taking surfing classes as well. We can ride a wave together in some time."

"Awesome!" Molly jumps off her chair to hug Sarah. The rest of the evening Molly is talking about surfing. Suddenly she freezes a little.

"What's the matter, Molly? Don't you like my roast?"

"I can't go to my surfing class tomorrow." Molly looks down at her plate.

"Why not?"

"I told Mr. Chuck's secret. He will be mad."

"I am sure he won't be mad, Squirt." Sarah gives her little sister a comforting smile. He won't know what hit him if she shows up in her bikini tomorrow. No way he will remember.