Another boring day Aron thought to himself, walking the same way to school as always. He arrived some moments later at the school, and immediately felt the attention of the older boys suddenly turned to him. It wasn't positive attention, but it was one of the few things that did actually change every day: the harassments. Aron did not hear it, but he could notice because the boys always started laughing ridiculously loud, and sometimes it was so loud he could hear it over the music in his earphones. He didn't care, because he stopped caring a long time ago, ever since he came on this school somehow they had to bully him, they needed it. These were some poor souls who were following each other out of fear for the person with the biggest mouth. In this case: Rick. Rick was just like any other popular boy, girls were fighting over him, and guys were kissing his ass to be safe of any targeting. Aron didn't feel like going with them, actually he didn't even feel like going with anyone, not anymore.

Once inside the school he walked to his locker, first period: biology. It was easy and boring but there were worse classes to start your day with. When he packed his books and locked down his locker, he went to class. First period second period third period, finally fourth period, this was what makes his day worth living every day again and again: physics. Not that the class was any fun, not at all, but the person who was sitting next to him. She was what made his day worth living. Her eyes were dark red, her skin white as milk, her hair was black as the night and her smile, her smile was the cutest thing Aron had ever seen.

"Hi Aron" Kathrin said with the most beautiful voice of the whole world. It took Aron a few seconds to figure he had not replied yet.

"H-hi," he replied.

"Wow, Aron had an exciting day until now I see?" Kathrin asked.

"Yup," Aron answered, suddenly feeling confident. He didn't need to be nervous, they had been friends for some time now but Aron always had an eye on her, but he wasn't really planning on telling her anytime soon.

Would I have a chance? Or should I just leave it like this, I'm not planning on letting this feelings cost a friendship, especially this friendship. It means the world to me, it's the only thing what's keeping me going. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a huge explosion a few corners away form his school. What the? Mutants? Why would mutants come here in this boring place? Aron didn't know if he should be scared or happy. There was finally an adventure coming in to his life.

Once he arrived at the place where the explosion had occurred he found out he should neither be scared or happy. No... no... t-th-this can't be true. This is a really bad nightmare, I fell asleep in history class, and there is no other explanation, but why does this look so real and why does this feel so real? No, this can't be happening.

There was blood everywhere and lying there in her own blood, Kathrin, Aron couldn't believe it. All these feelings were coming over him, all of a sudden. What has happened? Aron couldn't handle all of this, there were too many feelings to handle, he fell to his knees and passed out, and at least, that's what Aron thought.

Where am I? Oh yeah the explosion, I passed out... why? Aron was sitting in his bed with a look on his face like he saw a ghost. Come to think about it, where the heck am I and how did I get here? He was sitting in a bed and it wasn't his own bed, he could see that much. The walls were light green and the roof was white. There was a chair in the left side of the room, on it were laying his old clothes, covered in blood and dirt. There was lying a lot of blood at the explosion area, but he couldn't possibly get so much on his clothes from just passing out on the floor. Furthermore there were leaning two swords against the chair. What were those doing there? When he looked better at his clothes he noticed they were totally ripped apart and screwed up. What did happen there? Had there been another explosion? How come I'm still alive then? He look at the clothes he was wearing, they were comfortable but boring, a white shirt and a white short pants. He threw of his blanket and stood up. He walked to the chair and picked up one of the swords and pulled it out of its holder. It's a Japanese sword, only one side you can slice with. I liked this sword way more than the once knights used, it's just something about the style. But I still didn't know why they were standing there. "What are they doing here with my clothes," Aron asked out loud. That's what I want to know said a strange voice.

Credits to my awesome beta DecemberLeNoir a.k.a. LokiOfBayern.

And some credits to whenever she is raging for making me write this.