Chapter 2

The Voice

Aron turned around, startled by the sudden sound of a stranger behind him. In right corner of the room stood an old man. His hair was grey and he had a relaxed expression on his face. Aron didn't feel threatened by his presence, and this surprised him somewhat. It was very strange but this man gave him a curious feeling of comfort, and of safety.

"Who are you? " Aron asked.

"Magneto," the old man answered, his face expressionless, eyes fixed intently on him.

Magneto? Strange name, is it even a name? Aron took a little bit too long thinking about it because Magneto asked if something was wrong.

"No, it's nothing," Aron replied hastily, his trail of thoughts broken. "But what happened, where am I?"

Magneto chuckled softly, his eyes twinkling. "So many questions boy, so much questions" he said.

"To be honest, I only brought you here. I arrived too late to see what happened." Magneto said.

"Okay," Aron said still very puzzled, "but why did you bring me here?"

"Because you're special," Magneto said, and he began walking slowly out of the corner of the room, and towards Aron.

"You are not an ordinary human boy, Aron. YOU are a mutant." Magneto said with pride and triumph in his voice.

I… I… I'm a mutant? Me? No way! He must be lying, he must be. I've no special powers at all. I've got no muscle power and no stamina. How can I ever be a mutant? It's just not possible.

"I understand it's hard to believe me," Magneto said carefully. "I'm just some random stranger to you, appeared out of nowhere, telling you that you are a mutant."

Aron only looked straight forward far in the distance. Aron couldn't think clear anymore. The only thing what went through his head was the word 'mutant'.

Aron sat down on the bed he just woke up in, put his hands in his hair and looked down at his feet.

What kind of sick dream is this? This can't be real, I'm having a nightmare, but why does it feel so real? Why?!

Aron stood up again.

"I need some air," he said, turning around and walking out of the room leaving Magneto alone. On the way out he grabbed the two swords, why he did that he didn't know, but he felt like taking them with him.

He walked through the hall, which was long; he came by a lot of doors. He turned left at the end and kept walking. But it was another long hall and it looked exactly like the previous one. Aron turned right at the end of the hall and he walked straight in to another long hall. And then, panicking slightly now, he started walking faster and faster, turning left again. But the halls didn't stop, after he turned left five times and right five times he started running. Round and round he went without realizing he was going around in circles, he thought that this was to be his fate from now on, going round and round until he collapsed from confusion and dizziness.

When was this going to end? Why are there no windows in here? This is madness, this is a maze. Left, right, left, right. Aron kept switching so he was sure he didn't walk in circles, and just when he was about to freak out he ran in to a big hall.

He slowed down and slowly walked further into the hall. He looked around. This place is huge. Aron thought. He looked forward to the doors. Aron slowly walked to the doors. He placed his hands on the door and pushed. It took some force but they opened. The fresh air went through his hair and Aron felt relieved. The nightmare was over; he walked outside and heard the sound of water falling. A lot of water falling. A waterfall. He was facing a huge waterfall. It covered up the entrance of the building. The building was actually one big mountain with the building in it. Aron figured it had to be some sort of hideout.

Aron turned to his left and started walking down a little path that was coming from the side of the waterfall. Finally outside Aron didn't feel like he was in his nightmare anymore. Now he could think. Think of all that happened. Think about what Magneto said think about the accident, think what he should do.

How long have I been here? Mom is probably worried; I should let her know I'm still alive, but how? Maybe that magneto guy will let me call her. And Kathrin…. Kathrin… I almost forgot, she was at the explosion, is she alright? Aron felt bad. How could he possibly forget about her, of course a lot happened just now, but Kathrin… is she still alive? She couldn't be dead right?

Aron was thinking so deep he didn't notice entering a forest. Still walking straight forward without knowing where he was going he woke up from his thoughts bye a growl.

Aron looked around to see where the growl came from. He grabbed on too one of the swords and pulled it out. Another growl, a longer one. Before the second growl stopped a third and a fourth one appeared. Aron was scared, scared to dead. The growls were coming from all around him, he was surrounded. But what had surrounded him? Wolves? Bears? Maybe a tiger? He didn't know where he was or in what country, so who knows what wanders around in these forests. Aron was shaking. He was so scared. The bush rustled, Aron turned to it and pointed his sword at it.

"Stay there!" Aron shouted in panicked alarm.

But the bush kept rustling. Aron pulled out the other sword too and hold it a little bit behind him.

What if they strike from my back first, Aron thought. He let loose of the holders and they fell on the ground before him. All on guard Aron noticed another bush starting to rustle too. Gathering all his courage he prepared for a fight. Getting a little bit on his toes and bending his knees a little he grabbed on to his swords really tight.

Bring it on, Aron thought by him. Whatever you are, you won't kill me, not today.

A growl, something jumped out of the bush behind him. Within a second Aron was covered in flames.


Once again great work by my awesome beta DecemberLeNoir

Writen for the awesome Whenever She Is raging