Chapter 3

No mercy

Before Aron had any idea what happened, he was covered in flames,and not knowing what was happening. The ground, the bushes, the wolves that were about to attack him, and even some trees that stood near him were ablaze. These were ordinary flames, for they were bright blue. Aron look at his hands and his arms, they were covered in fire but it didn't burn. For some reason it felt pleasant.

Now he knew for sure he was a mutant. That old Magneto guy was telling the truth after all. Aron felt guilty for not believing Magneto, though he didn't get a lot of time to feel guilty. A new group of wolves appeared. There was something odd about the wolves. They had this certain look in the eyes, Aron couldn't put his finger on it but it certainly was odd.

The wolves who caught fire were down on the ground, almost completely incinerated, some parts of their fur still glowing. Aron didn't know what he had actually done to ignite a fire like this, but it sure saved his life. His thoughts were again disrupted by the new group of wolves, one of the wolves growled deeply and launched himself at Aron.

In a quick reaction he waved his right arm towards the wolf hitting it with the back of the sword, knocking back the wolf a few meters. Aron surprised himself of the force that was behind the blow and the reaction to use the back of the sword not wounding the wolves more than necessary. Another wolf launched at Aron followed by another. Aron perfectly dodged the first attack while striking down the second wolf. Wondering how he actually did that he blew away the third wolf with a devastating blow with the back of the sword in his left hand. Aron caught himself enjoying it somewhere. It went so easily, like he did it for years already. Right foot back, left foot sideward, step back, strike, turn and strike again.

Where did he learn this? He didn't know how he was doing this but he did it right. The wolves didn't even touch him once, some did get back up though but after a second knockdown they would back of and run away in the woods. Aron tried to count how much wolves had actually charged at him now but he lost count at fourteen, because he noticed some wolves attacked him twice. The fight went on for a few more minutes when eventually also the last wolves would take a run for it too.

While piece was returning in the forest Aron sat down on a big rock. He looked at the three burned wolves who were still lying on the ground. The flames were gone, all of them. They didn't last long after the fight started. Obviously he couldn't control the flames yet, but the swords, the swords were a complete different story. They cooperated so smoothly with his desires. They didn't start to get heavy after striking several times, normally if you swing with something you expect it to get heavy, but this didn't seem to happen here.

Aron caught himself smiling while his heartbeat and breathing returned to normal. Why wouldn't he be smiling, he fought with several wild animals without getting touched. He wielded a pair of swords like he had been training for many years. He had been on fire and didn't get burned. Some crazy stuff was happening but Aron felt like he should be proud.

After Aron had been sitting on that rock for a little hour, overthinking the fight several times, he got up. He stretched and started walking again.

He heard the sound of a river a little bit further ahead. After a few steps a river appeared in the middle of the forest. A really clear river, maybe he could drink some of the water. It seemed completely fine to Aron and he was really thirsty. He hadn't had any water or liquid whatsoever for quite a while now.

And he had fought with some wild animals. It couldn't be so bad he assumed while he sat down and drunk some of the water with his hands. Aron drank a little bit more than planned, but it tasted so sweet and it was so refreshing he couldn't help himself. He looked up and saw the sunlight glittering in the river, a beautiful sight. Aron sat down comfortable and planned to stay here for while putting his feet in the water. Aron realised he hadn't put on any shoes or so, he had only grabbed his swords when he went outside. He looked at his clothes too, they were a little thorn up from the fight. The fire had left its marks on the shirt and the pants where dirty from the sand.

While slowly moving his feet through the water Aron started thinking about what to do now. He obviously couldn't return to his normal life, that part was clear. So, what now? This may be the perfect opportunity to start over, do things different. Starting with a new name. Aron didn't find his name so much special, really boring actually, but he didn't find himself that much special so it kind a fitted. But this Aron was special, really special. He was a mutant, a human like creature with inhuman capabilities. What should be a nice name, he didn't expect it to be so hard to find a new name for yourself. After a long time thinking Aron still had no name in mind and his feet were starting to get a little cold. So after a few more minutes he decided to leave his name for now, he would come up with a new name soon. For now he needed to get some proper clothes and somehow he had to contact his mom that he was alright. Well, alright? He wasn't sure if he was alright, too much happened in too little time, but he wouldn't tell his mom anyway. He would only worry her and it wasn't like she could help him.

Aron got up and walked in the direction where he thought he came from. Holding a sword in every hand, his head up high, he walked full confidence. He wasn't scared, he felt strong. Not knowing what was about to happen to him as he walked back deeper in the forest. Maybe a little bit too careless.

Once again a great job by my beta DecemberLeNoir. she's awesome