Demeter (Dem) and Bombalurina (Bomba)

*Demeter's POV*

It was kind of funny being out with Munk in the city. He was always watching our surroundings like Macavity would jump out at any second. I had to constantly tell him to calm down, and that I'd know if Macavity was near. He took me to a fancy restaurant for cats: Feline Fillet. We shared a pigeon salad (yum!) with a side of mouse a la mode. Then, he took me to a club/bar: The Tabby Strip.

I would say that we danced for a good few hours, and had a few drinks. Most of the toms in the club watched me with interest, but I focused my attention on my one tom. Munk started to look a little tired, so I led him out of the club. We walked over to the center of the city and sat on the stone wall, watching the water squirt different colors from the fountain.

"Dem?" Munk said. We had been nuzzling affectionately when he pulled away from me.

"Yes?" The warmth from our contact left my body. I shivered slightly.

"I want to ask you something – something important," he twiddled his thumbs.

"Mhm?" I inquired. He took my paws in his own and gazed into my eyes.

"Demeter, I love you. You make me feel like the luckiest cat in the world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my mate?"

Shocked briefly passed through my body. Munk asked me to be his mate? I grinned and jumped into his lap. We fell back against the stone wall. I pressed my lips against his before pulling away to answer.


*Bombalurina's POV*

I stirred awake as I heard a knock at my door. I opened it to see a glowing Demeter. She had returned to the junkyard just then and had to share the good news with me. I stepped aside to let her in and we sat on my couch.

"Bomba, you'll never guess what?" Demeter said happily.

"What?" I was tired. I was not in the mood to play guessing games.

"Munk asked me to be his mate!"

My entire world froze. Demeter was engaged? I slowly returned to normal and forced a smile onto my face. "Really? Oh my Everlasting Cat! I am so happy for you two!"

"I know! Hey, are you ok?" She noticed my smile faltering.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I gave her a tight hug to assure her. Oh Everlasting Cat, the contact felt good. I released her before I could get caught up in my feelings. She left to return to her fiancée. I shuddered at that word. I sat back on my bed.

No, of course I wasn't alright. The one queen I ever had eyes for was now engaged. I leaned back onto my pillow and stared at my ceiling, a tear trickling down my face. Outside, I could hear the squeals of the queen kittens from the good news. I threw my blanket over my head to drown out the cheery noises.

That night I couldn't sleep.