Nolan leaned back into his favourite chair in his office, working late on the latest nolcorp project. Since last night's burning of mason Treadwell's house Nolan had not received a call from Emily and had not slept much, he dint know what, but something was getting him down. Nolan thought of Emily for a moment, then shook his head, he had started thinking about Emily more and more often, he always pushed the thoughts back but he just cound't help it. He checked his phone for the time; it was very early in the morning, about 2:00am. 'I need to sleep' Nolan thought to himself, reluctantly turning off his laptop and shuffling into his bedroom, locking the door behind him, just for safety measures.

Emily woke up in her bed, small rips in her attire from last night's hook up. She grinned as she remembered how mason Treadwell's life had been fully destroyed, and that she had Daniel right where she wanted him. She turned over and grabbed her phone and unlocked it, the light illuminating her face. She had one text from Nolan. She read the text which was a simple smiley face Emily smiled, and then started to worry a tiny bit, with no reason to, but just that little nagging feeling that doesn't go away. Emily phoned him almost emeidielty. The call was answered by a half conscious Nolan. "Nolan! Are you ok!?" Nolan was confused. "Ems? Ems calm down I'm fine!" he managed to grumble. Emily breathed, then covered her mouth. "Nolan did I wake you?! I'm so sorry!" Nolan chuckled "nah its fine, I'll just get you back when your asleep" he laughed, "I challenge you to that." She smirked. "I accept that challenge" Nolan replied flirtasiouly, Emily could just see him winking as he said it. "See you later right?" Emily asked. Nolan smiled and shifted to a comfier position. "I'll call you after I have a few more hours sleep yeh? I mean all this hacking is really tiring." Emily laughed, "Sure see you later Nolan" the call ended, both parties were happy smiling and revived from the recent flirt filled conversation. Finally at 9:00am Emily was in her pyjamas eating breakfast while on speakerphone with Nolan, who was also in his pyjamas while eating breakfast. "I'm so sorry, I don't know why, I just freaked out earlier, I don't know what came over ...umm, can you come round, say half 9? Emily asked between spoonfuls. Nolan smiled. "Yep, I'm free all the time now that I finished the nolcorp project last night." Emily finished her breakfast. "So, I'll see you later?" Nolan took out a cup of coffee from his favourite machine in the whole entire kitchen. "Definitely" and with that they ended their call. Looking forward to seeing each other later that day they hurried to their rooms to dress, the thought of why they were making such a fuss was lost in a dark corner at the back of their minds.

Nolan stood on Emily's porch, dressed in his usual quirky fashion. "Emily?" he shouted as he rapped he knuckles against Emily's door. Emily drew back the white curtains, smiled, then opened the door, and let Nolan in. "hey, how ya been?" she asked as she grabbed a towel and slung it over her shoulder. Nolan looked Emily up and down; she was wearing a cute simple pretty white halter neck dress. "I'm good ems, you?" Nolan was confused. "What's with the towel?" Emily grinned. "We're going to the beach, just you and me." Nolan frowned. "Ok ems I told you leave the jokes to me, now what's the towel for?" Nolan crossed his 's face lost all happiness. "I mean it, I've been so caught up in my plans I decided we should hang out more" Emily looked down. Nolan opened his mouth but struggled to say anything. "Ems, I'm sorry, I would love to hang out with you more, come on lets go." Nolan took Emily's arm, hoisted the picnic basket onto his other arm, letting Emily lock the door and with that, they both walked down to the beach.