They painted Malfoy Manor. Hermione and Draco. They refinished the floors and bought new , they had to give the dang thing to the Ministry of Magic. It was apparently "still" their property. They moved into a much smaller cottage with big windows and lots of doors. However, they did on occasion visit the manor, which was now a historical site, to relive old memories,like ones in Draco's bedroom.

Lucius and Narcissa went on a trip around the world, like six or seven times,and Hermione imagined they'd never settle down again. She guessed that's what being trapped as house elves for so many years did to a and Hermione saw them on occasions, but mostly recieved owls from Narcissa telling her all about the food they ate and the magical sites they saw. (Sometimes, Lucius would throw in a complaint or two about some muggles.)

Ron and Harry, and the rest of Hermione's friends, were less than happy with her decision to be with Draco Malofy. No matter how hard she tried, Draco would always be enemies with Harry and Ron. They could never see what she saw in him - what she saw in him was a brand new world. It was everything Voldemort and the Death Eaters had feared. The kind of love that destroyed things.

The way it had destroyed the Fluxon Changer, though it's magical power dissipated into the woods around the manor leaving plenty of ghostly stories for the folks at the tavern in Parson to talk about. Hermione never got her job back at the Ministry of Magic. She didn't particularly want it - she didn't know what she wanted to do and that was okay. Not everything had to be planned out anymore. As long as she had Draco to endure it with her, a little chaos was okay.

It took Hermione awhile to figure out who the woman had been in Diagon Alley. For a while, she'd believed it to be the Fluxon Changer since it had taken the form of Draco's first wife Astoria in the catacombs of Malfoy Manor. That wasn't possible, she quickly realized, because the Fluxon Changer was as trapped in Malfoy Manor as long as it wanted the curse to hold. From all her research, Hermione discovered that the Fluxon Changer received the most power from grief and despair. Draco and the Malfoy's were a perfect target. So was she. Thankfully,love was still stronger, just as it had been for Harry.

It wasn't the Fluxon Changer in Diagon Alley - it was actually Astoria - an echo of her love for Draco, but more of a spirit than a ghost. She had led Hermione to the Manor - had given the address to Hermione's boss. She protected Draco from himself the way Harry's parents had protected him from Voldemort.

Love broke the spell; once again it saved everything.

Draco wanted to get married. So did Hermione, but she wanted to give it time because of what happened during Draco's last marriage. She needed to be sure he was really ready to move on, and she didn't want to push him the way people had pushed her to move on after the war.

Waiting was okay. There would be tomorrow and then the day after that and the day after that.

Finally, though, on a hot summer's day, Draco took Hermione back to Malfoy Manor and all the way up to the room that had once been hers. Even with the changes, it still smelled and felt the same. It still felt like home.

Smiling brightly, Draco knelt down on one knee and said the thing she knew he thought he'd never say again. In that moment, saying yes to Draco was the easiest thing Hermione had ever done.

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