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I look around the kitchen, which quivered in fear every time Raven approached to try and cook an edible meal, which she had tried to do each day of this week, in what I can only guess was some hopeless attempt of proving Robin wrong.
The cupboards were open, every single one of them, their contents overflowed onto the work space. Excess food she didn't use scattered, on the floor, even on the ceiling. Pots and pans, knives and forks, and god knows what else filled the sink to the brim and over. It was a state of chaos that only Raven could recreate time and time again.

"That went well" I tease, leaning on to the kitchen table, my elbow pivoted, my chin resting in my gloved hands. She does not turn to look at me, only scowls, before placing her exploded risotto in the bin. "You know, if you'd just accepted my help then may-"
"Shut up" She snaps, stressed, and now hungry. "Just shut up" She picks up a trusty spatula and bends down, trying to scrape the remains of burnt rice off of Cyborgs fancy, and not to mention expensive, oven.

Normally, I would refrain from saying anything about Ravens cooking disasters, but as I had stood there and watched her, and of course offered my assistance which she promptly ignored, I felt I was allowed to say 'I told you so'.

"At least your powers didn't blow it up this time"

She pauses briefly, turning her head up slightly, her glare fixed on me. "Did I not tell you to shut up?"

I shrug my shoulders and walk to the fridge, grimly looking in at the now unorganised sight. I looked desperately for my tofu, but to no avail. Realising it was probably under a heap of junk In the kitchen, I groan.

"Raven did you touch my tofu"

"I didn't not touch your tofu"

"What does that even mean?"

"It means it was on the side when I started, and I did not move it, therefore, I did not touch your tofu"

"Only you could lose something without touching it, you know that Rae?"

"-van, and yes, it's a gift. Now I advice that if you ever want to see that crap you call food again, you help me clear up."

I grumble, weighing my options, help Raven clean up and therefore not annoying Cyborg, because he would not see the almost beautiful mess she had created, or leg it, hoping all was well by the time I came back. My mind first thought was to run, but as per usual, my stomach over powered it, and I found myself tiding a mess I didn't make. I don't even clean up my own stuff, why help Raven do hers?

Looking down briefly, Raven now held a bottle of oven cleaner, and head was half way inside. I could not help but think that was a bad idea.

I step over her legs to collect more washing, at which moment in time she sits up, head butting my butt.

"Ow" She says, degusted.

"Sorry, buns of steel you know" She shakes her head and rolls her eyes, untangling herself from under my legs, seemingly more careful about where she places her head.

"Come on, now that was funny"

"It was stupid"

I ignore her, almost proud of how well I'd cleaned up the kitchen, first times for everything, I guess.

She stands up, moving things back into cupboards, and switching on the kettle, finding a mug and throwing a tea bag in. She frowned and stared straight passed me, not thanking me for my almost half an hour hard work.

I tried to prompt her, but her, being Raven, having no experience in social etiquette took no notice as my hands circled each other. I sigh, but soon my expression is one of happiness, because I see my poor and tortured tofu crumpled up on the table.

"My baby!" I cry out, holding it to the side of my face. "I'll never let this evil women hurt you again. I promise" she raises an eyebrow, perplexed as she sipped her tea.

"If you really loved it that much, you wouldn't be mutilating it." She observed, her hands gently wrapped around the warmed cup. Her eyes landing on my skilled hands, cutting the admittedly unattractive white block. I smiled, throwing a square into my mouth.
"Want some?" I wave it in her face, she turns her head, scrunching her nose. "I know you're hungry"

"I'd rather starve... or failing that wait until Cyborg comes home"

"Ah! But can your earthquake mimicking stomach?"

She holds her stomach, embarrassed. "It's not that loud, it's just your ears."

"It'll taste real good. Promise"

"After you failed to keep your promise to the tofu, I'll pass."

I shrug, finding a freshly washed frying pan, carefully turning the knobs to the perfect temperature, after that, I add the oil and then throw the tofu in, moving it around with a wooden spatulaque thing. Raven stares over, her face twisted with what almost looks like jealously. Odd.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"What?" I question.

"Know how to do, you know, the cooking thing, with food and stuff."

I didn't really know how to answer , I hadn't learnt to cook, everything I did was very simple. It wasn't like the things Cy cooked up, as he had tons of recipes in his database.

"I don't know" I admit, "Just do"

"How come I have an IQ of approximately 134, and I cannot cook anything? Surely it follows a logical step by step process, and yet I can't do it." She genuinely asks, an unexpected look of confusion over comes her expression.

"Sorry" I apologise for some unknown reason, sheepishly looking down at my fired tofu.

"Don't be sorry for knowing something, I'm generally curious" and to my surprise, as I turned to look at her, she did, infact look curious, not anger or jealous, but eager to know. This slows my pounding heart rate down, no longer worried that I had to say a answer that Raven deemed correct, or else be punished for my stupidity.

I um and er for a moment, it was a difficult question, but I wanted to answer it, it would be too easy to shrug, to say I didn't know and move away from the topic completely, but... I wanted to know why Raven didn't understand it, I too, was curious. She raises her eyebrow and gestures for me to continue.

"Guess I musta watched people cook, yanno, like my parents, then the Doom Patrol. Rita would always cook a separate meal for me, so I'd watch and run around and get things... sometimes she'd let me stir " I muttered softly to myself, watching my arm methodically stir the tofu, smiling fondly at the memories. The memories Raven didn't have.

"Oh" she said bluntly, taking a rather large gulp of tea, in order to finish it quickly. She places it back in the sink, her face now sombre. She regrets asking, I know it, she goes to turn and leave, but before that, a guilt pain pings in my heart, and I shout her name. "Raven?"

"What" She says, now disinterested.

"You... you can help me, if you wanna. I know you don't really like tofu, but I'll add some sauces to it, you know, make it taste... edible for normal people"

I never really expected her to take my offer, to be perfectly honest, but I hoped it would perhaps, make her smile. My ears sink, disheartened as she takes her leave, her deep blue cloak sweeping behind her as she walks through the heavy metal door, her head shaking as she goes.

She leaves me in total silence, bar the sizzling of the white matter, which I notice has been fried too long. I frown as I prepare my meal, I worried for her, I worried for her past and for her future, she just seemed so... lonely. Even when she was with people, she was still lonely, I do not know how she does it really. Being with someone, and yet, being alone at the same time. It almost scares me, I fear for what she thinks. I can imagine, her, sitting on the utmost left side of the couch, watching us and just... thinking. It really does make me wonder, because I know she isn't really reading, the thick book that is changed about twice a week is just a front, an excuse she uses to watch us.

I shiver a little, my tofu taste full and bland, and even half a bottle of soy sauce did nothing to help ease it, my belly excepted the food and finally left me alone, with all its grumblings gone.

"Gosh" I say to myself "She really has had it bad" I muse. Slowly and deliberately chewing my lunch, trying to ease the flavour out of it. "So stuck with her past that she can't learn new things"

It was like that with Raven, no technology, it was too new, it frightened her, though she'd never admit it. She still wrote her reports on paper, which was annoying when Robin had to sit there and type them up for a god damn hour, though he'd never begrudge her, just quietly murmur about how stressed out he was and how he didn't need this. I can see why it annoyed him too, because Raven always got her reports in on time or earlier, and they were so well written, so detailed, that it annoyed him that a women of that intelligence could not turn on a laptop.

The truth of the matter is, that she won't turn on a laptop, that she won't turn on the oven, the only reason she uses a kettle is because she would drown without her ten servings of tea a day, and even though she's been using the same kettle for two years, she still watches it. Making sure it doesn't do something new.

And she really would rather starve then try again, you know? I know why she comes in and cooks alone, one because she doesn't like criticism, be it constructive or otherwise, and two she does not want to see people to see her deal with such odd inner deamons.

Of course today I had stumbled in and put her off, she thought everyone had left the tower to go tend to Mumbo Jumbo, as he had escaped from prison. In previous years, it would have taken all five of us, but, as our skill grew, the numbers needed decreased. She looked twice when she first saw me, blushing, and quickly explaining her self, as to ensure I wouldn't judge. I admit, though I had intentions of helping her, I rather enjoyed how her long delicate fingers shook as she turned on the cooker. It was ironic about how such an strong women could be taken down by such a simple task.

"Ah" I say to myself, "I can't do anything now, she'll get over it one day... Or at least I hope she will... It wouldn't hurt her to start by asking for some help." Slowly, I rise, sliding my cutlery and plate into the sink, leaving them for Cyborg to wash up.

I thrust my hands into my pockets, and whistle a tune, trying to forget about my team mates troubles, as it was easier that way, to forget.


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