Scared to death, I paced outside Ariella's door. This day had come so much sooner then I truly expected. Nine months. That's the amount of time I have waited for this day. The day, my child is brought into this world.

Yes, I'm scared, I'm worried that I won't be able to be the father I should be with my Unseelie nature. I hear yet another scream of agony as a contraction hits my mate. This had to be hard on her. Ariella is centuries younger then I am, I can't even fathom the pain she must be in.

"Relax Ash, she's tough she can handle this. As I recall she has had worse pain before." my brother Sage says stepping in front of me to stop my frantic pacing. For once my brother decides to be supportive. Surprisingly, I fin it kind of nice.

"I know Sage, but I can't help but worry about her. She's young, and doesn't know really how this stuff works." I say with a sigh then a wince hearing her scream again. From what I can tell by what the healers are saying, it's almost over.

No less then ten minuets later, the exhausted head healer calls me in smiling saying, "Congratulations your Highness. You've been blessed with a daughter."

I hesitate going in, what will my child look like? Ariella? Me? Only one way to find out. I walk into the room to see Ariella holding a tiny, blanket wrapped bundle that's cooing at her as she nurses from her mother.

Ariella smiles at me exhaustedly. "Ash, come meet your daughter." like a man hooked on seduction, I walk over to sit at the edge of the bed looking down at nu daughter's small but adorably pudgy face.

Seeing her look up at me with gray eyes like mine, I could feel the grin splitting my face not caring wether my brothers saw my emotion or not. I was too damn happy to care.

"She looks just like you brother." Sage murmurs sounding slightly sad as if he wished he could be a father by now.

"I feel sorry for her. To look like Ash? Ugh. I shudder at the thought. " Rowan says walking in with a smirk.

I sigh and turn a leveled glare on my middle brother. "Can't you go be a jack ass some place else?"

"Of course not little brother."

No less then three seconds after he said that the already cold room got even colder as the presence of the Queen of the Winter Court steps into the room flanked by two guards.

"Leave him be, Rowan." Mab murmurs but the athority is unmistakable in her lowered voice. Of course, everyone in the room turns to bow to their queen. Well, except for a worn out Ariella of course.

Mab silently walks over to the bed to look down at my precious infant. "Beautiful baby Ash. You must be proud."

"I am my Queen." I say softly careful with what I say.

"I wish you the best of luck my son, parenting isn't easy." she says with a half smile turning to face me. "But do tell me Ash, what have you named her?"

I look to Ariella, my head tilted to the side. When she smiled at me I knew exactly the right name to say.

"Her name, My Queen, is Cassidee"

And with that, a new princess of winter was born. But little did we know, two months later, we would lose Ariella to a waveryn attack.

Since then the only thing keeping me going, was Cassidee, and my need for revenge against Goodfellow. Damn him, not only did I lose my wife. But my daughter also lost her mother...