Mass Effect-The Bat's Legacy

This is what I have trained for - thought a dark figure that lurched in the shadows high atop the wide city landscape. The light dampeners had kicked in; it was dark out, darker than usual. Buildings and hover cars filled the dark sky with luminescent light.

The man shifted his weight to his other leg. He was not nervous; his training did not allow him to be nervous. He was excited and alert at the same time. Everything he had done for the past twenty years had led to this moment. The stalker of the night peered down to a ledge where several people were scurrying about. A zooming in sound hissed in the night as the figure used his ocular enhancers to get a better look at what was happening on the ledge below.

Humans and Batarians were busy loading up a cargo hover truck. They were loading large crates into the truck. In clear view were four humans, three male and one female. Doing most of the heavy lifting were the two Batarians, grunting as they together lifted a large crate. The grunts were picked up over the long range sonar equipped in the dark figure's helmet. He also picked up another voice not seen with the others, male, human. He was barking orders to the batarian workers. The batarians and other humans stop working and started yelling back at the man apparently in charge.

It's now or never-The black clad man leaped from the high ledge. The cape activated just as it should thought the man. It was the first time he had used it to glide through the air, after experimenting with different fabrics. It was a flexible polymer that was tough enough to withstand most cuts and even some projectiles. It activated when a current was put through it and became stiff enough to glide with. The man had slightly misjudged to jump and with a thought activated the jet boosters on the bottom of his boots. The small engines were completely silent and allowed the man to climb in the sky and position himself directly above the group of smugglers.

Nearly twenty feet above the hover truck the black armored man landed directly on top of it. The humans and batarians jumped back, startled. One of the batarians was the first to speak in his raspy tone "Who is this guy?" Before any of the others could respond, the mysterious figure reached for his left gauntlet which had a glowing black and blue omni-tool on it. He hit a holographic button and a pulse was sent out followed by a fizzing noise as every light within a thirty foot radius went dark.

The smugglers who had sidearms attached to their hips reached for their weapons and opened fire on where they saw the black clad person. Their shots made momentary flashes and they soon discovered that they were shooting at nothing but the air.

The armored man moved unseen and was directly behind the batarian who spoke earlier. With quick timing and flawless technique the armored man wrapped his right arm around the batarian's neck and flipped the alien over his own back, slamming the bulky alien into the metal floor, knocking him unconscious. The others heard the Batarian's fall and quickly began shooting again. The armored man quickly rolled to the side, avoiding the gun fire and at the same time bent his wrists down activating his omni-tools. Two monomolecular, shruiken-like blades fell into both of his hands and just as quickly were thrown with deadly accuracy to knock two different weapons out of the hands of the human smugglers.

The Predator class pistols fell to the ground and even before the smugglers who were carrying them could react they each got the wind knocked out of them with a blast to their chests. The concussive forces originated from the tops of the wrists of the masked man. Three down, four to go.

The mysterious assailant faded into the darkness and was stalking behind one of the female humans. She had no weapon and was scared. "Where is he? What's happening?"

"I don't know, keep your guard up, turn your omni-tool light on would ya?" replied the last remaining human male.

"It's not working, nothing is working. He must have detonated some sort of EMP" noted the scared woman.

"Shut up, both of you" growled the batarian. The burly alien scanned the area with his two pairs of eyes, designed to detect movement.

The night stalker was positioning himself just behind the remaining two human mercenaries, when the batarian spotted them and yelled out "Behind you!" The two humans quickly turned around and noticed the blackened figure moving behind them. Knowing he had been spotted, the masked man grabbed each of the human s shoulders and flipped himself over them landing behind them.

Just as he landed in the middle of the three smugglers, the lights above them flickered on. In broad view now, the masked man stood upright and surrounded his body with the thick black cape, draping it around him. The batarian was the first to attack, by throwing away his weapon in a sort of rage fit and bull rushed the strangely dressed vigilante.

Reacting to the charging batarian, the masked man quickly reached for four-eyed alien's head and slammed it down. The batarian's face crunched onto the caped crusader's knee and was then thrown aside. The crusader then focused all his attention on the remaining humans. They had their weapons ready and just as he turned they unloaded their sidearms. The shots rang out and connected on the vigilante's armored chest. A blue light flickered as each slug impacted his chest, signifying the shields were still active.

Barely staggered, the black masked man thrust his palms outward towards the two humans and blue lightning sparked from each of his omni-tools. The blue energy reached the humans instantaneously and overloaded their own unseen shields. The sparks also over heated the smugglers weapons, causing them to fall to the ground. The male smuggler was offset by the attack and by the time he looked up to see the vigilante, all he saw was a big black boot before it slammed into him face.

The woman looked at her partner fall unconscious to the floor and then panned slowly to the towering black figure standing in front of her. The caped man took one step towards the frightened woman when a voice came from inside the masked man's helmet.

"Incendiary projectile incoming, Sir". The vigilante whipped around in time to see the flaming tech hurling towards him. He flipped backwards, narrowly avoiding the scorching flames.

"Thanks Alfred" the vigilante muttered under his breath.

"That's why I am here, Sir" The night stalker let out a slight sigh underneath his sealed helmet, noting the sarcasm in the A.I.'s voice. The crusader turned to face the source of the tech attack.

"So you're the one causing all this trouble, it was hard enough getting the lights back on. You come in here, take down all my guys and for what?" The caped man stood upright and once again draped his thick cape around him, saying nothing. The apparent leader stood in front of him with the scared female mercenary behind him. "Briggs, pull yourself together" The cowering mercenary behind the crusader stood up, still breathing hard and readied her weapon. "Ok bud, time to stop playing hero. What do you think your chances are?"

Unbeknownst to the mercenaries, the steadfast crusader reached with his right hand to behind his belt and equipped a grapple line to his omni-tool. In an instant, the masked man thrust his right wrist towards the woman behind him as a metallic wire shot out of it and connected right above her collarbone. Magnetically attached to her slightly armored clothing, the vigilante yanked on the line forcing the woman at him. When within range, the masked man grabbed the woman's clothing and head-butted her, causing her to fall.

As soon as the female had fallen to the ground, rifle fire opened up from behind the vigilante. The first shot missed, flying just over his left shoulder. This gave the caped man enough time to duck and shift quickly to his right. He spun around and lifted his right arm and pointed it towards the mercenary leader who was shooting a Mattock class assault rifle. Two shots strike the masked man in his chest, but he did not falter. Three curved spikes on his right forearm, which were originally pointed towards him, repositioned to face the shooter.

By the time the third and fourth shot were fired, the spikes started to glow a dark blue and fired out, flying towards the gunman. The spikes struck the mercenary up his left side, with one in his rib cage and two in his arm. The sudden pain caused the smuggler to stagger back in pain and back into a wall behind him. The Mattock rifle fell to the ground as the mercenary attempted to remove the spikes from his arm, when the masked man walked up to him.

The mercenary leader was about to say something, but before he could get anything out the masked man grabbed the smuggler's armor just below his neck and effortlessly lifted him into the air. The mercenary let out a yelp as he was hoisted up by one arm, staring into two terrifying white eyes that seemed to penetrate his very soul.

"What do you want, who are you man?" gurgled the now frightened smuggler.

"I'm Batman" the caped crusader growled as he tightened his grip, bringing the mercenary to eye level before smashing him against the steel wall, letting him slide down to the floor unconscious. Batman scanned the area at the mercenaries on the floor and detached a small device from his belt. He tapped the top of the small beacon, activating it and causing a slight hum to come from it. Tossing the device to the ground and satisfied at his work, Batman looked up above him and then jettisoned into the sky. The jets under his boots let him fly to a ledge high above the city skyline.

Batman examined the entire region from the top of the tall building. He noted the four other arms of the Citadel and watched as several frigates and other vessels jumped across the skyline. A familiar voice buzzed in his head, "Successful first run, wouldn't you say Sir?"

He exhaled; calming himself as slowly nodded his head, "It's a start"