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"Perfection is not what I want!"


Let the Games Begin


Gohan gasped in utter agony, fighting down the urge to protest as the command forced him into action once more, his aching muscles screaming as he pushed himself to stand up again. Despite the relative mastery he had achieved over the Super Saiyan form all of his wounds screamed at him to stop, begging him to cease the pointless exercise. But still his body blundered on, clamoring to its feet just in time to intercept another yet earth-shattering blow, catching the larger man's hand in his smaller palm when it should have shorn right through his arm.

This time, he actually managed to hold it for a handful of seconds before his opponent overpowered him. He caught sight of that absurdly long hair for only a split second before his adversary backhanded him, dragging a rough palm across his face with all the force of an atom bomb, catapaulting him into another rock formation. The blow didn't have any sort of contempt behind it, he simply didn't want to blow the poor boy's head off his shoulders when he wasn't ready. Despite that, Uzumaki almost winced when Gohan didn't immediately emerge from his tomb of stone.

Forget Goku and the other Z-Fighters, Chi-Chi would have his balls staked on the wall if she learned her only sign had bit the bullet during a training exercise. There was just something about righteous female fury that made even the most powerful of warrior cringe in dismay.

Just the thought was enough to make him cringe. But no, this was neccessary. Needed.

"Move!" He barked angrily, reminding Gohan that he had at least five seconds to emerge before he came in there after him. An explosion was his answer, the pile of debris disintegrating beneath another outburst of the youth's surprising power. Once more he'd somehow found the strength to stand. Despite his own exhaustion and lack of ki he still rose. Heh. Who said the kid wasn't a fighter! There was a steely look therein in his eyes one that hadn't been there a second ago. Naruto smiled. Just a little more. He just needed one...more...push.

"Good." His reward was the intensification of the pace, the blows falling like rain in the evening sky around him. "Use your anger. Let it all go! Remember what Cell did to all those people!"


Naruto deflected a strike aimed at his head, using his other hand to smash through Gohan's guard as though it were made of glass and bringing a knee up into his opponent's chin, sending him tumbling away. It would have been but a trifle for him to pursue and end the fight, but instead he stood his ground and barked out the order once more. "Move!" The word had barely left his lips before he quickly charged a ki blast and flung it after Gohan, who righted himself and knocked it away before launching a stream of them back. Naruto didn't even bother to dodge, letting out a kiai-infused yell and shattering the barrage of energy attacks as though they were made of naught but glass.

Gohan saw this and blanched.

"Is that all you have, Gohan?" Naruto taunted, beckoning him forward with his golden tail. "I thought you were a little stronger than that."


"Not hard enough, you aren't!"

Ordinarily it would have been his father training him; urging the young saiyan to push past his limits in the Hyperbolic Timer Chamber. But this was not the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. His two days spent in that strange dimension had been exhausted. There was no dialation of time to help him now. The Cell Games were tomorrow. And according to Naruto, he wasn't ready for them.

Not in the slightest.

Perhaps he had his own reluctance to blam for that one; while his father had easily managed to push past his breaking point and reach the Ascended Saiyan State-also known as Super Saiyan Two-thanks to a few harsh words from Naruto, he himself was only slightly stronger than he'd been before beginning his second day. Yes, Son Gohan, had hit a roadblock; he'd achieved total mastery over this Super Saiyan form but in spite of all his hard work, he simply couldn't progress any further without reaching the next level.

Hence the reason for this training.

The instant Naruto realized he hadn't unlocked Super Saiyan Two, he'd all but dragged the boy out into the wilderness to train. Chi-Chi be damned he'd said! You should be stronger than this! So here they were in the middle of nowhere, not a soul to see the one-sided battle raging onward. Gohan was completely outmatched against this Super Saiyan Three, he'd tried nearly every tactic he could think of; even flinging Naruto's own Shadow Clone Technique back at the blazing blond below him in an attempt to buy himself some time.

What he'd failed to realize was that Naruto had mastered that technique long before he'd taught it to him. He easily recognized the dopplegangers and dispatched them as though they were no more than insects. That was the power of this form. And he'd hinted that Gohan had the potential to reach it as well, to ascend to this unbelievably powerful form. Thus far, all he'd ascended to was a complete and utter beating. Naruto was a ruthlesss taskmaster like Piccolo, all things considered, but just like the Namekian, he wasn't unreasonable.

Because he had a bag of Senzu Beans with him.

The stipulation was deceptively simpe; Gohan would only be given one should he manage to steal it from the speedy saiyan. Thus far, he hadn't been able to take one. His fingers hadn't even brushed their bag! Naruto had managed to outfox him in every possible way. And now he struck again.


Chastising himself for the simple slip, the son of Goku desperately flung himself aside as a series of narrow energy beam pierced the space he'd just vacated. Too slow. Naruto whispered into existence above him, a well placed kiai sending the poor boy hurtling back down to the earth. With his energy at an all time low, it was all he could do to sustain his Super Saiyan form, let alone sofen the landing with his own ki. Ribs rattled as the young super saiyan struck the ground. Naruto was on him an instant, striking at ten different angles in a single second, battering the boy bloody before flinging him back to the broken earth.


Yet again the command came, this time Gohan didn't have the strength to respond.

"I...I can't!" he rasped out, choking on his own spit. "I don't have anymore energy."

"Is that so?"

A change seemed to come over his mentor then, those jaden eyes becoming more akin to angry emerald than anything else. It was similiar to a look Piccolo often wore when they trained together; it was an expression he knew all too well. This was worse. It was as if a light had died in the blonde's eyes; he wasn't the pragmatic saiyan/android hybrid anymore. He was a shinobi, and the look in his eyes bespoke death.

"That's too bad, Gohan." he sneered, a touch of red energy suffusing his sweeping aura. "It seems I have no further use for you, then."



That was all Gohan could think as the Super Saiyan Three sheathed his elbow in the boy's stomach. It was in his every pore, and suddenly he was sticken. Paralyzed.

Pain flaring like he'd been struck by a bolt of dead lightning in the stomach, Gohan doubled over the fist imbedded in his gut. Sweat flew off his hair as it made a forward whipping motion, and bile and a bit of blood was coughed up as a result of the attack causing blood to well up in his throat.

"Does it make you angry?" Naruto snarled in his ear, his voice layered with anger. "Knowing how weak you are?"



Like an ant he was smashed down again, snarling. This was too much! Naruto's power pressed down all around him; it was as if an ocean had settled upon his shoulders, crushing him without so much as a thought. The very act of breathing was a painful act in and of itself. He couldn't handle this power! He was going to die!

"Is this all you have?!" Naruto growled, seizing a fistful of golden hair and dragging him off the ground. "Its not enough!" Whipping his hand around he slammed the younger saiyan into the ground with enough force to form a mile wide crater. "You have more! I know you do! So...bring it out! Bring everything out! EVERYTHING!" He held him there, steadily grinding the boy's face deeper and deeper into the dirt, uncaring for his cries of agony. "Everyone will die, Son Gohan! Do you understand me?! Your mother! You father! Piccolo! Krillin! Everyone! If you don't show me your full power right fucking now I am going to kill them. All of them. Slowly."

Something broke deep inside of Son Gohan. The strings of his emotions, held taut for so long, suddenly snapped. Something came loose deep within him, welling up despite all attempts to prevent it. Wait. Why was he resisting? Why was he holding back at all? Did he want to die? Did he want to lose everything? No. No! NO! Throwing caution to the wind, Gohan gave himself to this power, embracing it at the very core of his being as he'd always been meant to do.

...you." his words were broken but savage, muffled by the earth.



The entire crater was suddenly swallowed up by the brilliant aura of the gold-bathed fighter, thick cutlets of lightning exploding into existence around him, his muscles swelling with power. But, even that wasn't enough to free him from the foul grip crushing his skull. Super Saiyan Two wasn't enough. If anything Naruto squeezed harder, those large fingers pressing down with enough force to draw blood. Desperate, Gohan dug deeper, plunging headfirst into the well of power he knew he had somewhere deep inside. Naruto had told him countless times that he had great power within him; power even greater than his own. All he had to do was release it, drop all restraints. If he didn't draw it out now, then this would all be for nothing, nothing at all!

His body bucked, convulsing with the energy warring within him, stronger than ever bfore. Kicking and thrashing, scratching and screaming, he hauled it out.


Naruto jerked back as the boy erupted into brilliance, all his power pouring forth in a single, monumental scream. Smoke sprayed out from the crater, forcing him to raise a limb and shield himself from the boy's roaring aura of power. For a second-just a second-he wondered if he'd gone too far. Then he remembered what was at stake-Eighteen, Samui, their unborn children-and decided that the ruse had been worth it after all. He had called upon the darkest part of himself and it had answered, pushing Gohan into a corner until he had no choice but to come out swinging. With an effort, he forced it back into its cage, willing it away as he waited for a sign of the boy's new power. He wasn't dissapointed.

An unseen wind tore through the crater, revealing the boy's form to the world.

Gohan stood taller than he'd ever bore, his hair longer, standing sharper with only a single lock still falling down over his forehead, the rest spilling down his back in a cascade of molten gold. It's color was now a deep saffron's, shimmering with untold energy; jagged arcs of blue electricity swirled around them both. His eyebrows were gone;deep ridges standing out where his brow had once been. His jaw was set, serious and sober, eyes balefully set on the horizon ahead of him. Naruto felt his own grin grow as he looked on, dropping the menacing facade he'd erected, until this very moment. The boy's powers were raw, ki seething untamed just below the surface.

And it was stronger than him.

The older saiyan whistled, his whiskered cheeks pulling themselves taut in a stern smile.

"Now that's more like-

That was all he had time to say before the demi-saiyan's fist cut across his face. Rather, it tried. But Gohan was unused to his new power, and in the crucial seconds it took to adapt, Naruto had already caught the boy's fist in hand and held it away. A spark of pain lanced up his arm and into his shoulders-shit, the kid barely had a handle on this power and it already hurt this much? Damn, give him a few years of training and he'd been unstoppable. Even at full strength he found himself hard-pressed to hold the boy back.

The twin Super Saiyan Three's leered at one another for a long moment, neither speaking.

"Easy there, tiger." Naruto warned at last, his voice a dangerous growl. "Don't lose yourself. Remember who you are." It took a moment for those words to settle in, but gradually, the boy's furious expression faded. He made no move to release his hold on the new form, but his aura abated to a less lethal level.

"You...tricked me!" he growled in realization, his voice on edge.

"And it worked swimmingly." Naruto chuckled, sticking out his tongue bedevilingly. "You wouldn't have reached this form any other way without risking the lives of your friends. I told ya, all you needed was a little push to get there, and you did it!" his eyes creased in a smile. "I'm proud of you, kid."

"I...you...that...it wasn't fair!"

"I'm a shinobi." The blonde's deadpann was barely concealed. "We do whatever we can to ensure victory, ours, or those of another."


Naruto took the next hit stoically, his face turning as the boy's fist creased against it.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"For insulting my dad." the boy said simply.

"Are you satisfied?"

"...not really, no."

"That's the spirit!"

Naruto said nothing more he merely smiled and spat out a tooth. Ah, it'd grow back anyway. Just like that the monster was gone; he was the gentle shinobi once more. He was satisfied. He'd stirred a chance in Gohan, one not so easily undone, by Chi-Chi or anyone else. That had been his goal all along. Now that Gohan had reached it, there was but one thing left for him to do.

"I've got one last thing to teach you, kid..."

"Well, you look like shit."

Naruto craned his head as he trudged back into Capsule Corp, almost smiling as Eighteen's familiar retort reached his ears. Gohan had pushed him a bit there towards the end before the boy finally got a handle on his incredible power, at least to enough of a degree that he could wield it without imploding. He was well aware of the painful bruises all over his body. From his ripped clothes to the remnant of the acrid fumes that clung to them, he was a pathetic sight. He looked across the way towards her, half-expecting to find her finishing up her training...and his jaw dropped.

"Look, I know you're pregnant, but already?" He pointed at the strange dish in her hand as she lounged on the couch. "Pickles and ice cream?"

"Its not my fault if I have cravings!" she pouted.

"You're not even showing yet!"

"By the way," Samui piped up, distracting them as she dined on her own odd dish of waffles with ketchup. Yuck! "That kid...what was his name...Trunks? I think he made a wish on the Dragonballs while you two were away, having you bonding moment." Ah. That would explain why the sky had grown dark during Gohan's transformation. That hadn't happened when he'd ascended to this level, so he'd thought it odd at the time, but at least now he knew why.



Naruto's only response was a half-hearted shrug. If the kid wanted his father back that badly, fine. Vegeta was no threat to him now-and even if he were, he'd just kill him again. So long as he had Eighteen and Samui by his side everything was alright. Besides, it wasn't as though the prince was honestly foolish enough to attack him again-


Hey, he hadn't called him an android at least-

Naruto sighed as the door slammed open with a sudden burst of ki; calmly raising a hand to extinguish the blast that followed. His fingers closed around it, snuffing the golden glow out like a harmless candle. Lowering his still smoldering palm he inclined his head towards the figure standing in the door with a slight smile.

"Something you wanted...


The Prince of all Three and a Half Saiyans stormed into the room with a growl, fully transformed and ready to fight. And for a moment, Naruto thought he would. Instead he just stood there-silently smoldering in anger as he realized his attack had been negated so easily. One glance at the ex-jinchuuriki's golden hair, jaden eyes, and incredible aura and it looked as though he might suffer an anneurism from sheer anger. As it were a slight sneer creased his face.

"I understand I have you to thank for my stay in Otherworld."

"What, they didn't send you straight to Hell? Or is it H.F.I.L? I always get the two confused."

Once more the prince's face purpled in anger.


"Bulma's pregnant again, by the way." Naruto cut in, enjoying his consternation.


"Relax, its not mine. I'm not like that" Naruto casually inspected his nails as though he could find a nonexistent grain of dirt in them. Gero had been far too meticulous to allow something like that. "Pretty sure she's going to name the kid Bra, though. What a name! Ain't that a surprise? You might have another little super saiyan on your hands soon. Of course, she won't be able to compete with my girls when they get older but eh, you can't win them all, am I right?"

Vegeta's mind needed a mental reboot. He'd just been hit with so much information that it was difficult to stay angry with the blond, let alone the fact that this abomination held enough saiyan DNA to transform into an unstoppable juggernaut as though it were nothing. Still, the idea of another heir-one that apparently hadn't existed in his son's timeline-was enough to intrigue him. Children, he said? Well then...his be many times that of any demon spawned by these damned washing machines! Yes, that was it! It was enough to cool the man's anger, if only marginally.

"We will speak of this later, boy!"

Naruto saluted smartly."Yessir, your royal assholeness!"

If looks could kill, the last Uzumaki would be a pile of limbs on the floor. Grumbling to himself about toasters and whatnot, the brooding saiyan stalked back outside. He did not return.

"So how'd I do?"

"Eh, I give it a nine." Eighteen shrugged, digging out another spoonful of ice cream.

"What?!" Naruto whined, despondent. "Why not a ten?!"

"Because you didn't kick his ass." Samui added primly.


There was another silence.



"Can you get me more of this?" Eighteen lazily held out the now empty bowl. When she'd finished it off, she had no idea.

"Look, I really don't think that stuff's good for you-


"ME TOO!" Samui joined in thunderously, quashing any arguement he might've attempted.

"H-Hai!" Naruto scampered to do just that, cringing slightly to himself; he knew better than to argue with a pregnant blonde! Let alone two! Forget Cell...

...he was more afraid of his girls!

It was with a perfect smile that Cell watched his opponents assemble before the ring he'd created the next evening. They were all here, each and every one of them. Those saiyans and their half-breeds, Piccolo and the humans, even Eighteen and that other lesser model he'd tried to blast the other day. Looking back he found it hard to believe he'd actually been afraid of her uniting with Naruto. Clearly, that had been a mistake on his part. Nothing could touch him now! Certainly not...


Had Cell an eyebrow, he would've quirked it. So, they'd seen fit to revive him after all. How quaint. If the prince's stoic expression was anything to go by, he'd done quite a bit of powering up since his return to the land of the living, even going so far as to achieve the natural Super Saiyan state, same as Goku and Gohan. He hoped for his sake that it he had more than that. The gam would be dreadfully boring otherwise. But where, oh where was the main event? Where was Twenty-One? Where was Naruto? He didn't see him amongst the others. Surely he hadn't decided to run away. Wait. It was faint but he could sense it-a short fluctuation of power in the distance, growing stronger, approaching rapidly.

There, last but not least.

"Ah, there you are, Naruto." a grin creased his face. "And just in time, too. I can hardly wait."

He appeared swiftly on the horizon, his aura a strange tinge of goldish red.


His body tingled with anticpation as the super saiyan landed, a stray spark scrawling outward from his form. With the power he'd gained from Broly his victory was all but guaranteed. He would savor what each of these fools had to offer, and then he would end them. Swiftly, of course. It would only be merciful to kill them quickly after all this planet had given him.

"So, who'll be first?"


Cell's eyes cut across the arena, glowering on the fuming form of Hercule. The imbecile had remained silent until now, shocked by so many fighters landing, but he would be ignored no longer! How dare they ignore him like this! Did they have any idea who he was?!

"Now listen up you ignorant hicks! IIIII-


The so-called champion dropped like a sack of bricks.

Naruto's fist descended suddenly, smashing the fool on the back of the head with less than one percent of his power. It was a mercy, really. Cell was in no mood to play games; the poor human would've been atomized if he so much as set one foot in the ring.

"You're not strong enough, champ." he replied scornfully. "Leave this to the professionals."

"Oh, my!" the television announcer cried, aghast at Hercule's sudden knockout. "This...this strange newcomer has just dropped the World Champion of Martial arts like a ton of bricks! Who is this mystery man, this stranger who felled the people's champion with a single blow?!" Naruto blinked in surprise, completely and utterly baffled as the microphone was thrust before his visage, the camera zooming in for a close up of his face for all the people of the world to see.

"Erm...I'm Uzumaki Naruto." he waved, grimacing slightly. "Hello?" What the hell was this thing? He'd never seen a camera before in his life! Whomever this fellow was, he certainly switched loyalties rather quickly.

"Do you have any words for the people on how easily you defeated the humanity's champion?!"

"Because was weak?"

"And do you now plan to defeat Cell yourself?!"

"Of course!"

"Baka." Eighteen groaned, facepalming. "We're going to get so much publicity because of this."

"Yes, but he's our baka." Samui seconded with a slight smile. "What is that thing, anyway?"

"That, is a camera."

"And a camera is...?"

Another facepalm.

"That aside...its time to get down to business." Ignoring the persistent mike-wielding man, Naruto stepped into the ring. This was it. He would be the first to fight. Despite Goku's eagerness to take on Cell's newfound power, he was determined to have his turn first. That loud fool, Hercule something or other would live to see the next day...maybe. We all know what happens when an ant tries to stand up to a hurricane, don't we? Imagine the fate of Earth's Greatest Champion if you will, when forced try and face such a foe so superior to him.

'Nuff said.

"Are you first, Naruto?" Cell sighed as he beheld his adversary, purple eyes twinlking in the full moonlight. "Such a pity. I would've liked to save the best for last." He was so very glad he'd decided to hold the games at night, rather than the afternoon. He felt it lent a more menacing air to the fate of Z-Fighters, forced to face him one by one until the shadow that was his perfection purged them from the world...how very fitting. If the best of the bunch wanted to be the first to die, then who was he to refuse him? It would only serve to cause his friends to despair. He could just see their faces now...

As if sensing that very thought, Naruto laughed; it was a deep throaty sound. A spark of red flitted through those jaden eyes and for a moment-just a moment-the mighty android felt a prescence. A cold chill draped its pall across him, eliciting a slight shiver from the supposedly unfeeling piece of perfection.

"I'm going to crush you..." it said, snarling in vicious delight. "I'm going to destroy you...I'm going to mince you...

Cell blinked, wondering at the voice he'd heard. How odd. Must've been his imagination. Surely there wasn't another consciousness trapped within the man. That was preposterous! Even if Doctor Gero had done such a thing, he was superior! He was Cell! No disembodied voice would rattle him.

Naruto breathed out once, exhaling a thin cloud of steam into the night sky.

"Sorry to dissapoint you."

"Dissapoint me? Ha!" Dr. Gero's -second!- greatest creation readied himself for battle, sliding one foot forwards, arms raising at his sides. "Far from it! This is everything I've wanted and more! We've become stronger, the both of us, since we last met! I can't wait to test out this new perfect body of mine! This our place! Our battle! To the victor goes the spoils! This recchid little planet...and all who inhabit it!" The tension seemed far too thick; not even the sharpest knife could hope to cut it.

"Then what're ya waiting for?"

"This." the green android grinned merrily, making a swiping motion with his finger. "Ding!"

Scarce had he spoken than Naruto flashed away, vanishing in a small thunderclap.


Cell blinked, momentarily feigning shock. This was part of the game after all. There was no point in playing if he couldn't enjoy himself.

"There you are!" he raised a hand over his back, narrowly catching the electric blue blur snapping towards his head. Beneath them, the ring groaned in pain, a tiny crack etching itself into the stone surface. Naruto held back a snarl one he realized he'd been blocked, his aura spiking dangerously as he struggled against the hand locked around his leg. Cell's grip was surprisingly strong, but not unbreakable. He tore his foot free and did a three-sixty, violently smashing his head into his opponent's unprotected neck, vaguely aware of the announcer shouting some more gibberish to an unseen audience. He really was curious about that...oh, right! In his curiosity he'd nearly forgotten about the fight.

"Aaaaaand...chest!" he snarled, driving a fist into


Cell grunted, genuinely surprised by the unorthodox maneuver, cringing against the attack. Naruto didn't wast any time, driving the base of his knee into his the dark demon's back, intended to cripple him with a single blow and end him with the next. And he would have too, if Cell hadn't vanished into thin air. A slight rustle of movement was his only warnings, then fist met fist and elbow greeted elbow as the green androided fell on him in a flurry of blows. To the naked eye theire attack was little more than a blotted blur, but to those of the Z-fighters, nearly a dozen blows exchanged in an instant.

"Not bad, Naruto." he rubbed a hand against his shoulder. "It seems you've managed to increase your power quite a bit since last we met. I may actually enjoy myself. Shall we continue?"

The blonde's only remark was twofold.

"Super Kaioken."

The ring buckled beneath him with these words, cratering outward beneath the sudden explosion of power. Still higher the aura raged, lage chunks of masonry floating upward as he rapidly ascended to new heigts-that saffron gold of his Super Saiyan Three aura mingling with the trademark red of the Kaioken. Smirking, he beckoned and frowning, Cell advanced.

It was a complete reversal.

Naruto made a massive mockery of the larger warrior, sidestepping rapid kicks and powerful punches with ease, all the while leaving his arms crossed on his chest. When the hybrid finally decided to block, it jarred every bone in Cell's body...but not nearly as badly as when he received a single kick to the middle of his back, making his teeth rattle violently as he skidded across the tiled surface of the ring. When he got up, he actually felt pain. Pain, flooding this perfect body of his! Granted, he wasn't yet fighting at fulll strength...but still! Another punch met a similair fate, his fist shattering a large portion of the ring when it failed to hit its elusive target.

"What's the matter, Cell?" Naruto called, whispering into existence behind him. "Is this all you have? I'm not even warmed up yet."

"We'll just see about that!" An eerie green aura-Broly's aura-overcame the perfect android, his muscles bulking ever so slightly beneath the strain. Not enough to affect his speed, but clearly enough to increase his new abilities tenfold.

Cell charged the smiling saiyan, who leapt into the air with only the smallest instant to spare. He'd clearly underestimated his opponent's new speed. Before Naruto could spin around for the defensive, Cell overwhelmed him with a series of well struck fist to the stomach. For the first time since their fight had begun, the whiskered warrior actually hissed in pain. One hand drifted to his stomach, cradling what had to be a broken rib even with Gero's modifcations. How wrong he was. Because the blond was smiling.

"Now that's more like it." his smile was light-hearted, his grin only growing. "I was curious to see if you were holding back...seems I was right."

"You have no idea!"

Then he was gone again.

"So much for the warmup!" Doctor Gero's greatest creation spun around with a sneering laugh, his form rippling as the blonde's fist hurtled through the space he'd just occupied. Afterimage. Naruto vanished again as well, his predecessors heel phasing off course as he disappeared for a second time. That was all the Z Fighters beheld before the shockwaves started-silent explosions shearing through the air over their heads in rapid succession, the earth quaking in fear under their feet as the two titans duked it out.

With the fate of Earth on the line!

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"Why?" a voice whispered from the pillar of heavenly gold that had eclipsed the final transformation. "Why did she do it?"

Cell balked as Naruto strode out of the mighty, his imperfection left behind in that shining radiance. This form was slim, lacking the bulky armor of android sixteen. It was sleek, deadly. Lethal. Every step produced was empty of sound, so unlike the trademark click-click-click that accompanied his own locomotion.

Naruto was reborn.

"I never wanted this. Never." there were angry tears in Naruto's eyes, hot moisture streaming upward with the wind summoned by the arrival of his new form. "She should've just let me die." Bright orbs the color of sapphire and jade leered out at him, skin kissed by the sun, a healthy tan complexion matching the matte black armor grafted to his body, an eerie resemblance of his own green armor...yet more somehow, as if he had reached a new pinnacle of power that Cell himself had yet to realized

Molten gold hair whipped upward with a furious shout, his lone tail thrashing angrily at the remnants of the ring behind him. The night itself trembled around them.