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Goku=Ssj 2

Broly= Ssj 3


Future Trunks=FpSsj

Teen Gohan=Ssj 3

Naruto=Ssj 4 (Perfect and Samui absorbed)

Cell=Extremely powerful Ssj 3 and ki constantly rising (Broly absorbed)

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"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on."




It flooded his very pore, filled his every cell-god he hated the sound of that abominable verb-to the brim with unholy ki. And yet, Uzumaki Naruto wanted to weep. He was strong now. Stronger than he'd ever been in his shinobi days. Perfect. Complete. Whole. Every breath made the earth quiver. Each step made the crust of the very planet shift. He shifted ever so slightly, his armor rustling with the motion, casting sinister scarlet sparks in every direction. In this body he had everything he'd ever wanted and more. He was the strongest being in the universe. Cell was dead at his hands. Eighteen was safe. Nothing could touch her now. By these means he should be happy! Ecstatic!

And yet...and yet...he wasn't.

Because Samui was gone.

Naruto had blasted Cell into a thousand pieces, and then scattered those ashes to the wind, but she was still gone. The voice he'd heard in his head was nowhere to be foun; try as he might he couldn't feel his beloved blonde anywhere within him. That frightened him in a way words couldn't describe. Whatever their union had done, it seemed to have obliterated the last of the sentient circuits Doctor Gero had implanted him with. He was organic once more. Not a saiyan or a shinobi, but something in between, while still retaining all the benefits of both worlds.

A lonely, forlorn breeze caressed his face as he continued to stare down at the monster he'd become. He saw the clouds come-dark and angry-summoned by his power and Cell's destruction. When the rain finally began to fall he welcomed it, his hard eyes staring up unflinchingly into the drops, refusing to blink amidst the falling water. Lightning flashed through the heavens, but instead of emasculating his wrath, it only added fuel into the burning flame that was his his aura. He saw her face flash before his eyes and something snapped.

He felt his heart beating fast, hammering against his chest, pounding in his ears like the drums of a great hunt, out for his blood. Only hours before, he had felt invincible and yet now, now the fragility of life was all too evident. Samui was gone. His fault. All his fault. His sorrow and grief swelled up into hate. Hatred. For every step forward he took, one of his loved ones seemed to be hurt, or worse. This time Samui was truly gone for good. No regenerative fluke would be bringing her back. And it was all. His.



Blinding energy swirlied around him like an uncontrollable cyclone, obliterating everything as the super saiyan gave himself to his rage and began to scream. His voice smashed against the ground, shattering stone and emancipating earth as though it were so much paper. He roared until his throat was hoarse, until his lungs could no longer sustain the superlative shout ripping out of his mouth. An angry peal of thunder took hold of a portion of earth and shook it apart at his feet, sending shards of stone shooting into the stormy heavens above.

And then it was done.

Naruto cast a glance down at himself once more, the crimson-orange fur wreathing his body, sheathing his knuckles. He caught sight of his reflection in a shard of a nearby puddle, and what he saw there, left his throat dry. The face that glared back at him was hard and angular, its whiskered cheeks the only reminder that this was still his body. Saffron eyes shone fierce and angry-spiky ebon tresses framing his visage on either side a heartbeat later. It was a face straight ouf his darkest nightmares, a silent signification of the creature he had become to kill Cell.


He turned slightly, taking in the strange armor that adjourned his lower torso and shoulders. Not green like Cell's, not even a suit to cover him in its entirety. Pauldrons and vambraces, mostly. He didn't want them. The armor was a reminder of what he'd lost. Even as he thought of this the armor dissolved, rippling back into his skin. Hmm. Perhaps not as organic as he'd first thought. Another though was all it took to summon it again, but this time he let his mind wander, grafting it into a form he so desired.

Sure enough, the strange black substance obeyed, adding the cloak he'd once worn during his days as Rokudaime, the breastplate and greaves he'd worn as an Anbu before his ascension to his lofty title. He let it linger for but an instant before banishing it, leaving him clad in the battered orange pants of his gi once more. Power. It was all his. But what good was it if he couldn't use it to bring Samui back? For all the strength he'd took from this battle, he may as well be a powerless child where it mattered most

"So now I am become Death." he murmurred brokenly, raising his gaze to stare wearily at the full moon. "The Destroyer of Worlds...and yet powerless against it."

Naruto didn't-couldn't-fight the tears when they came. Not this time. It was like trying to swim upstream, he was helpless to fight against the current. Swept away. Hot, angry moisture gushed out of those red-rimmed eyes, sadness and sorrow flowing silently as he clenched his jaw against the cries threatening to tear their way out of his throat. Why? Why did she have to give herself up, and her child with her? Why did they have to die? Why wasn't he strong enough? Why? Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy...


Atop the cliff, the Z-Fighters were blissfully unaware of his tears.

Indeed, his scream had frigthened them, but it seemed as though the worst had finally come to pass. Many of them hadn't known Samui that well and while they were saddened to see her go so too were they delighted to realize that the monstruous Cell was also no more. For a time it had seemed dicey but Naruto's cold execution of the mad machine had swiftly allayed their fears.

"He did it...Cell's energy has completely vanished!" Piccolo exulted.

"Unbelievable." Trunks muttered. "He's...gone! I can't sense him at all!" No matter how far he strained his senses he couldn't detect so much as a glimmer of the monster's energy. Cell had been annihilated. Right down to the last atom of his being. There was nothing left to regenerate from. But that wasn't what galled him. One of Doctor Gero's creations-an android-had just saved the world. To think-he'd tried to kill him! This boded a great change in the young man, one that would shak him to his very core.

"Aw man," Goku actually seemed slightly dissapointed at the anticlimatic end. "I didn't even have a chance to fight!"

Gohan groaned. "Father...


Vegeta seethed inwardly, dark eyes shifting from father to son, then back against. He'd sensed it before when his rival had nearly jumped into the fray to save his progeny; the true depths of his adversary's power. The idea that a lower class warrior like Kakarot continued to surpass him was bad enough-but now that he's seen what Gohan and Naruto were truly capable of, he was more determined that ever before to reclaim his place as the Prince amongst his people. 'Just you wait, Kakarot, and you too, Gohan. I'll surpass you soon enough! And you too, boy...'

Krillin was having difficulty believing it all. "But...you mean we're really safe again?"

Tien offered a weary smile.

"Yeah, bud...

Yamcha was of a like mind. "Oh man, its been a few years since I heard someone say that...


In the silence that ensued, a lone android mourned. Goosebumps gripped her skin as the true fear of being alone hit her; she was the last one left.

Eighteen said nothing; worldlessly aghast that Earth's greatest heroes were unaware of the silent suffering take place only a few miles below their feet. How could they not notice? Even from here she could feel the pain radiating outward from Naruto, an ocean of misery threatening to engulf her completely, and swallow her whole. It was tangible. Was she the only one that felt this? This sorrow? This grief? Wordlessly she rose into the air and began angling toward the distraught...well, she could call him blond but he certainly didn't look like one now.

Regardless, he needed her, so to his side she went.


Naruto heaved a final, sobbing gasp, his sorrow spent, energies extinguished.

What was he going to do now? There had to be something, someway he could-

"Hey," a gentle voice resounded in his ear. "Are you alright?"

Crushed as he was by grief, he almost didn't hear his angel alighting beside him.

But he certainly felt her.

Everything went rigid when he felt Eighteen embrace him from behind. No! Not her, too! He almost jerked away, fearful that she would disappear as well, but when those slim arms did nothing more than tigthen around him; those supple fingers grasping at the fur and skin of his chest, he reluctantly allowed himself to drop back into her arms, turn into her embrace. It was a little awkward, he'd been taller than her to begin with, but in this form he was all but giant compared to her.

"God, you got tall." she muttered into his chest. Numbly, his mind proccessed the words. Witty banter. An attempt to distract him. He welcomed it. Welcomed her. Eighteen cringed ever so slightly as those strong arms tightened around her back and held fast. She could feel it; a raw anger thrummed deep through his body, white-hot and powerful. Not directed at her but rather, at the opponent he'd just vanquished. Nevertheless she returned his embrace, giving him all the comfort she could and more.

"What, you like what I've done with the body?" Naruto's voice was deeper than before, with a harsh quality that immediately reminded Eighteen of Sixteen, that gentle giant that Naruto had fist fused with. The anxious, boyish tone was gone, replaced with a staid boldness—a calm composed nature, even. And yet under that composition, lurked a world of hurt.

"You tried your best," she said, switching topics. Naruto knew she was trying to soothe him. It didn't help.

"My best wasn't good enough."

"Oh?" a blond brow was arched up at him. "I think Samui and Cell might have something to say about that one."

"Whatever you say, shorty." she must've succeeded, because a slight smile tugged at his whiskered face.

"I am not short."

"Neither was Samui...

They fell into an agonizing silence at that.

His gaze traced the barren landscape, the craters he and Cell had carved into the terrain. The Earth would never be the same. And thanks to Trunk's boneheaded wish to restore his father to life, the dragonballs of this planet probably wouldn't be active for another six months. Six months! If she could be revived at all. Another pang tore through him at the thought. Damn it! Wait! Namek! That was it! All his problems were solved! He could to it right away! Not have to wait at all! Everything could be solved at the drop of a hat!

"That's it!" he exclaimed, a grin tearing across his whiskered face. "That's! It!"

"What are you-eeep!"

Eighteen yelped as he grabbed her by the waist and swung her around, pinwheeling her round and around like an out-of-control carousel. By the time he finally put her down her world was whirling, spinning about with his words; one big merry blur that she couldn't have understood even if she wanted to.

"Don't you see?!" At last, his speech resolved into some form of clarity. "Namek!"

"What's a Namek?" Eighteen asked blearily, squinting up amidst the raindrops.

"Not a who, where!" Naruto clarified, delivering a scorching kiss to her lips that left her dazed and reeling all over again. "They have dragonballs of their own! We can just ask to use theirs! We can even use them to cut the wait time on ours down to nothing! Ha! Its brilliant! Why didn't I think of it before?!"

His fellow android swooned slightly in his grasp. "I should be asking why you didn't kiss me like that before."

The super saiyan laughed and kissed her again. With his Instant Transmission and newfound powers, he could easily-

"Erm, excuse me!" A voice called! "You there! Mr. Uzumaki! Er, you are Mr. Uzumaki, are you not?"

He turned ever so slightly, regarding the one who had dared to interrupt their celebrations. Ah. It was the reporter and the cameraman from before, the very duo he'd saved from certain doom. Apparently they'd sidled up to him at some point Releasing the transformation was as easy as an even breath for him now that he had full control of his energy, but he chose to remain in this ascended state regardless. With a scarred hand, he beckoned the pair closer, waiting until they were close enough before speaking.

"I am indeed." he forced a smile to his face, even though he felt like crying. "Good to see you made it."

"Why, thank you! If you hadn't shoved us out of the way...oh, right!" Abruptly, he seemed to remember himself. "Can you tell us what happened to Cell?"

Eighteen frowned, a rare emotion overtaing her usually platonic visage. Anger.

"I'll tell you what happened-

"Cell is dead by my hand." Naruto interrupted; his words were hoarse, an animalistic growl. "I killed him. You can tell your "champion" that when he wakes up."

"But what happened to your female companion?" the reporter-Naruto had never deigned to remember his name-asked tentatively. "We saw her only a few minutes ago! Was she another victim of Cell?!" Alright, maybe this guy did have a flare for the dramatic. Naruto paused, remembering with an unwelcome pang of grief that his first love was dead.

"Gone," came the quiet reply, his words nearly lost in the downpour. "She...died."

"D-Died? Um pardon me sir, but I'm afraid I don't understand-

"No, you don't." A growl resounded in his throat. "She sacrificed everything for this planet, and your ignorance demeans her. Listen well; because I'm only going to say this once."


"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on." Naruto found himself continuing, saffron eyes boring into the camera, addressing millions upon viewers worldwide in the broadcast. "Ladies and gentleman of the world, this is the truth. Your best has never been nor will it ever be, good enough against monsters such as these. You place your faith in your champions, armies, and your nations and your governments and for what? That."

Turning, he pointed a lone finger at the charred earth where the ring had once existed. "None of this is a trick. The powers we possess can be duplicated through hard work and training. But some call this a trick; they refuse to believe that their eyes tell them. And so they fight. And they die. Its a neverending cycle. If the Earth doesn't learn from this disaster then she will suffer the same fate time and time again. Next time I might not be there to prevent it. So learn from your mistakes and heed this warning. Cherish life. Don't threaten it. Because if you do, if you threaten the innocent, if you attack the weak and the helpless, if you think yourself above the law...we will be there to stop you."

His words reverberated through the hearts and minds of millions, those scorching saffron orbs searing into their very soul. The words were not a threat. They were a promise. A promise to bring down hell upon any who would dare to do harm to the people of Earth. An oath, to-

"It's a trick!"

"Case in point." Eighteen muttered, disentangling herself from her beloved's arms as the camerman snapped around, focusing on this new threat. Beside her, Naruto bristled.

Somehow, someway, Hercule had found his way back to the land of the living. "Its a trick, I tell you! There's no way this half-pint could've defeated Cell! I tell ya, its all an illusion of some sort!" Truly, his stupidity was painful. In his base state, Naruto might have been able to ignore him. But as a Super Saiyan Four, with all restraints removed, there was no such change. Saffron orbs slid aside, regarding him balefully from the corner of his eyes. A vein throbbed in his forehead.


"Yeah, that's what it was, alright, bub! A trick! All of it, a trick!" the large man blundered on, heedless of the verbal mine upon which he was about to tread. "Even that woman, she's probably not even dead! She's gotta be hiding around here somewhere-


The interrupting thunder savaged the ground as a storm of blinding lightning and howling wind erupted around Naruto. His eyes had vanished, the pupils now white and deathly. As his energy rushed out, the air around him was suddenly warm and thick. At his feet, the increased intensity of his aura crushed rocks into fragments of nothinigness, the golden light trapped within his body trying its hardest to escape as the storm gathered about him; black clouds blotting out the moon overhead, casting him in radiant glow. His head jerked round southward and back down, his blank eyes fixed on Hercule.

"You." A muscle jumped in the demigod's jaw as he spoke. "You...dare...

"M-Me?" Hercule asked, his jaw hanging open. He was beginning to realize just how inordinately angry the super saiyan was.

"You dare make light of Samui and her sacrifice?!" At the words, Naruto spun a half-circle, growling in frustration, swinging a clenched claw in the direction of the bulky brawler and exerting the full weight of what was now his, this newfound, unstoppable power. Hercule's voice cut off in a choked squeak as Naruto squeezed, telekinetically hoisting him off the ground by his throat. Nothing was held back in that instant. That single gesture immediately started to crush his trachea, the larger man's face purpling beneath the strain, the lack of life-giving air to his brain.

"I find your lack of faith...disturbing." Naruto rumbled. "Do you not believe? Do you not understand? Are my words lost on you?"

Hercule gagged, but still, clung to his beliefs. After all, they were all he had left.


Shouldn't have said that.

Something in those words sent Naruto into a rage. All pretense of perfect civility vanished in that instant.

"What do you know of loss, little man?!" A single backhand send the world's strongest sprawling like a helpless child, his body skidding and sliding against the stone. "Where were you when we were fighting for you and your precious planet just now?! Huh?!" Another shattered Mr. Satan's jaw like so much glass, reducing all that blubbering to little more than incoherent sobs; because despite the beating he'd sustained the stranglehold still persisted, still squeezing his life away. "You were hiding! Like the coward you were! And when I'd all but give my life for this world, when I've lost one of the most precious people to me, you dare to mock her?! THE RESOLVE SHE'S SHOWN?! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!"

Hercule was foaming at the mouth now, his hands scrabbling weakly against the vice that was slowly choking the life out of him in the rain. The mighty man had since fallen to his knees, crying out in furious, strangled yelps. Still Naruto squeezed, sneering as he continue his invisible stranglehold, forcing the afro bearer to his knees. Lightning crackled around them in a furious tempo-the storm howling its fury, displaying his anger for all the world to see and fear.

"Twenty-One! Stop!" Eighteen grabbed at his wrist, shivering as a chill of fright, coupled with the cool wet rain that soaked her, shot down to her toes. "You're killing him!"

"Good." the god rumbled, his eyes narrow and intent. "He deserves death for mocking her sacrifice!"

"Maybe, but not like this!"

Naruto snarled.

"Exactly like this!"

Eighteen froze subconsciously, drawing back beneath that portent glare. Obviously, Naruto wouldn't dare hurt her, but she still felt unsettled, vulnerable, trapped. Those were human feelings, right? Something that was completely irrational, and yet felt completely real? She pulled what remained of her shirt closer around her chest, gathering up her courage.

"No." when next she spoke her tone was stronger than any steel, her hand wrenching his arm down and away. "This isn't you. I know it. What would Samui say? Would she want this?"

Those words threatened to tear everything apart for him, his blissful rage shattering beneath the weight of those syllables.

"I...she...would...no. No. She would not." Naruto blinked once, twice, three times, his mind slowly clawing its way back from that dark and bleak place corner of his mind. "No!" He dropped Hercule like a hot potatoe, grimacing at how close he had come to falling. No. He wasn't a killer. He didn't slay the innocent. No matter how much Hercule might deserve death for his ignorance, it wasn't his place to mete out judgement on the man. His eyes narrowed, for the briefest of moments, he considered doing it anyway.

"Get him out of my sight." he growled. "Or the earth's about to be down one less idiot! Go on now, get!"

Hercule needed no further encouragement!

Naruto watched him flee into the night, and once more the temptation rose to shoot him in the back.


Eighteen's gaze held him.

"Fine," he sighed, his gaze slipping back to the now trembling reporter and camerman; the pair having fallen eerily silent in the wake of his power. "I suppose you two want a story, don't you?" He was inordinately filled with glee when they nodded, pleased to realize his earlier outburst against their so-called "champion" had actually shorted the device out. If that shatterd lens and rising smoke was of any indication, they were probably the only ones to witness the self-styled were

"If you want a story, meet me in West City tomorrow at high noon." he spoke calmly and clearly, ennunciating each and every word. "You'll have your story then. The Earth deserves to know the identiy of her champion-not that lumbering lummox who would've taken the credit and deceived the world as a whole. The truth was owed them, after all. "Until then, gentlemen."

Eighteen barely had time to squeak before her beloved grabbed hold of her and moved. A brief flicker of Instant Transmission carried them away, bringing the dynamic duo face to face with their new friends once more, the latter taking in those shocked, slightly gleeful expressions at a glance.

"Looks like you did it, huh?" Goku asked solemnly.

"Yeah. I olbiterated him down to the last molecule. He won't be coming back this time."

"You did it!" Gohan was the first to congratulate him, that childlike enthusiasm momentarily supplanting his more aggressive persona. "I knew you could."

"Thanks, kid." Naruto chuckled. "You weren't so bad yourself." he dimly recalled the young saiyan flinging himself into the fight when he'd gone down; if not for him and the precious seconds he'd bought they might not be standing here at all

Gohan seemed inclined to add to his previous statement."I'm sorry about your friend...

"Yeah, me too.

Suddenly, that sad smile solidified itself into a stern frown.

"Meet me back on the lookout." he said. "I'm going to fix this."

"Wait!" Piccolo interjected. "Just how do you plan to do that! Even with your new power, the dragonballs...

"Let me handle that." The shinobi smirked, grabbing hold of Eighteen once more. "Back in a bit!"

Another flicker and they were gone.

(One trip to Namek later...)

The warm orange rays of the rising sun kissed the unbroken horizon, casting a warm glow on the lookout once belonging to Kami. Earth's greatest heroes had not yet rested from their battle with Cell; having instead all but gathered here, their faces turned down to the earth below in silent expectation, allowing the occasional gust and the warm light wash over them. Indeed, the breeze cascading across the Lookout was gentle, a stark contrast to the roaring maelstrom that had consumed the earth just hours before.

The clouds above were now nothing but small, scattered wisps, tinted golden from the sun. The sky itself seemed to reflect their exhaustion as it brightened from black to blue. A thin cloud of smoke still lingered above them, the lingering clouds the only evidence of Naruto's transformation.

"And that's the gist of it," the shinobi explained, depositing the newly gathered balls at their feet. "The Nameks were quite understanding once I explained the situation to them. Nice guys, really. I used the first wish to eliminate the six month wait on these bad boys this time, and the second to repair the planet at large. As to the Third," and here he and Eighteen did share a strange, conspiratory glance, "Eh, that's not really important. I was tempted to bring Samui back on Namek, but it just felt right to do it here, ya know?" Indeed, the speed of a Super Saiyan Four was not somthing to be underestimated. It had taken him less than an hour to gather up the balls on Namek and make his first three wishes, and only slightly longer to retrieve Bulma's radar and hunt down the ones on Earth.

"So..." Goku began, "Who wants to do the honors?"

"I never really thought about that." Naruto admitted, glancing at Dende. "I guess I could...

"Alright then, its all yours!"

"Alright then...Eternal Dragon, by your name I summon you...COME ON OUT, SHENRON!" Naruto triumphantly yelled.

Immediately the sky began to dim, as if the sun had been turned down. When it had reached a full black, the dragon balls themselves glowing even more brilliantly than before, streaks of lightning appearing around them. Naruto had never laid eyes on the Eternal Dragon himself, but he could feel his heart thrumming impatiently to the strange pulse of the balls. Something was about to emerge from them, he could feel it in his ver bones. Somethign massive. It was a memento the shinobi wanted to be forever engraved on his memory.

Suddenly interrupting Naruto odd reflections, Shenron burst forth from the dragonballs. As his dark green body snaked its way through the horizon, the entire form seemed to emit a feint light which made him distinctly visible against the black canopy. The great dragon finally finished positioning himself in the sky and began lowering his enormous head closer to those who had summoned him.

"Wow." Eighteen murmurred. "What in the heck is that?"

"That'd be Shenron!"

"Ye who have summoned me," The Eternal Dragon thundered, "Speak and I will grant thee any wish of thy desire!"

"Wait, only one?" Krillin frowned at the statement. "I thought we had two-?" Naruto was swift to elucidate him.

"Because a certain bonehead decided he wanted to wish his father back early, we only have the one this time." The reborn shinobi snapped angrily. Thankfully, the demi-saiyan at least had the wherewithall to appear embarassed. But if his sheepish smirk were anything to go by, there was more to the story than he'd let on.



"I wished for everyone killed by Cell and the androids to be brought back to life." he clarified. "It didn't seem fair, just hogging it all to myself. So I used the wish to revive everyone who'd met their end at their hands."

There was a silence. Naruto gulped.

"Wait, everyone?"

As if to puncuate that very thought, a familiar, guttural shout filled the air.


Naruto bristled instinctively at the sound of that distant voice; only one individual had ever called him that in his lifetime. Senses screaming in warning, he raised his gaze into the heavens just in time to catch sight of an unmistakeable green comet shooting down from on high into Earth's atmosphere. An all too-familiar energy pressed down on his shoulders seemingly out of nowhere, growing stronger with each passing moment as its owner neared the lookout. There was no maddened laughter to accompany his return, however. No destruction to herald his return.

Still the shinobi remained stiff, very nearly expecting a fist to slam into his face. When it didn't strike him, he turned, baffled.

Broly alighted before him, dark eyes narrow and intent as he powered down from his Legendary state.


"Uh-oh." Goku gulped. "Looks like he's ready for round two...

But the super saiyan didn't attack. Growling softly, he turned for Naruto.

"What sorcery is this?" He demanded to know, his words filled not with anger, but wonder. "How am I alive?! I'm certain that creature killed me on New Vegeta; yet I woke to find myself restored! Whole!" He made no mention of his lengthy interstellar travel, nor the days that'd taken him to find and lock onto their energy signatures, before finally making his way to Earth. That he'd arrived now seemed a strange coincidence, Naruto thought. Or was it something more?

"Answer me!"

"Easy there, big buy." the blond soothed. "I guess Trunks ended up bringing you back as well with his wish on the dragonballs."

"Dragonballls? Wish?"

Naruto told him.

Surprisingly, the larger saiyan did not lash out at him when he finished. Instead he stared, his dark gaze roaming across the assembled warriors with something akin to intrigue. Still the Z-Fighters regarded him warrily, hesitant to trust this hulking warrior. In the end, Trunks was the first to reclaim his voice.

"Don't tell me you're here to fight...?"

Once again, the legendary warrior defied all expectation. He laughed. It was a surprisingly normal sound, devoid of the madness and insanity that had plagued his words before. Finally, his gaze sought out Naruto.

"Come, rival. Let us reason together." he said. "As difficult as you might find this to believe, the truth is I really have no desire to kill you at present. Also," His head inclined in a slight nod, flabbergasting the Z-Warriors even further than before, "I would like to...apologize, to you all," his tongue seemed to have difficulty wrapping around the word, "For attacking you while I was in my Legendary state."

"Well...he's surprisingly more lucid than I remember." Eighteen scoffed.

"Yes, lucid. That's the word." Broly grimaced, touching a large hand to his head. "Death...enlightened me. As did he. As I floated in the void, I realized I am not a true saiyan warrior if I do not retain my mind in combat against my foes. Your mate has given me something to aspire to. I sensed his new power during my travels; there is no one stronger on this planet than he. That is what he is to me. A goal to surpass-present. You may find this hard to believe, but I do not wish to harm him until I know my strength can match his-h

"Wait a minute!" Vegeta bristled, irate at having been ignored overlong. "Legendary Super Saiyan, ha! Who the devil is this?! Where did he come from?!"

"Hrmph," the legendary saiyan snorted. "Be quiet, little prince. You should be grateful I have no interest in you."

"What did you just call me?!"

"Weakling." Broly's deadpann was barely concealed. "As I said before, I have no interest in someone so lacking."

"Oh yeah?! Is this what you want?" Vegeta taunted, pointing to himself. "I don't think so; you're scared, aren't you? Go ahead and run away!"

There was a silence as the two pureblods, pauper and prince, stared one another down.

"May I?" Broly grunted at Naruto.

"Sure," his rival waved him on. "By all means. Just don't break anything!

"Hrrrrrr...aaaargh!" A sustained grunt sent the saiyan's hair standing on end, flashing into saffron, then staining into greenish-gold. Muscles bulged. Ki flowed, sending his energies skyrocketing, jaden irises vanishing entirely as the proud prince looked on in hopeless horror. No, not him, too! A savage grin twisted at the corner of his mouth, threatening to overtake his viage entirely. Only a supreme effort held the madness at bay, prevented it from subsuming him entirely.

"You were saying something, little man?"

Vegeta looked as though he'd just seen a ghost. "No..I...you...

Exhaling softly, Broly released his hold on the transformation, his massive body shrinking down to its base state once more.

"I wish to stay on this planet." he continued, black orbs gravitating towards Naruto once more. "Is this acceptable?"

"Completely." Naruto chuckled quietly. It was time, it seemed. He risked a glance at Eighteen.


She nodded.

"Dragon!" he barked out, commanding everyone's attention."I wish for Samui and her child to be separated from me, restored to life ,and brought to this location!" He worded the wish carefully, pushing all that into one senten ce, but even he didn't know if the great lizard would be able to grant such a was a terrifying silence as those red orbs leered down at him. Was this within the dragon's power? Would it refuse him? He didn't think he'd

At last, the great beast spoke:

"That...is not an easy wish." it grunted. "But...it shall be granted!"



Naruto felt a strange tugging sensation deep within him, as though his cells were being tugged apart, fused together, only to be torn aparts once against. Something emerged, and yet something remained. He felt faint, dizzy, but when his power dropped only slightly, he nearly panicked. His Super Saiyan Four form remained, but weaker, no longer godlike in its power. Strange. He felt imperfect, but the grasp of his power and the new form he gained still remained. He could feel Eighteen supporting him, holding him up as he dropped back to his base state. But that thought fell away when a faint sheen of motion caught his eye.


There she was.

Her bright blue eyes lit up as he stepped towards her, a gorgeous white grin streaking across her mouth as she stood and ran to him like a child welcoming her father home from a long business trip. He could only stand dumbfounded as her lithe form slid gracefully across the lookout to him in a single movement. Had she always been so beautiful? Why had he never noticed before that his cherished companion was this sexy, cream-skinned woman? Had the past few minutes changed her? Sure her hair had grown out a little, but she otherwise looked the same as she always had.

She wrapped her arms around his neck with a delighted sob. Still in his state of shock, it took Narutoa moment to react and place his own arms around the thin waist of his fellow shinobi. He buried his face in her neck, enjoying the warmth of her skin on his cheeks and the smell of her hair in his nostrils. He felt her arms tighten around him and her breathing quickened, her breasts, heaving up and down against his chest. No time for thought.

No time for anything.

Suddenly she's in his arms, crying, kissing him, saying his name over and over and over and then there were tears staining his face and he's happy, oh so godamned happy; because she's back and she's here and he's never going to let her go, never again...


"The baby?" Naruto asked of Samui between kisses, flushing.

"Here." she whispered, touching a hand to her stomach. Then she saw Broly. "Wait, what's he doing here-

Broly inclined his head.


"Ahem!" Eighteen coughed. "As entertaining as this is, need I remind you we have children present? You probably just scarred Gohan for life."

"Humans," Piccolo muttered, shaking his head.

Both Naruto and Samui jerked back as if they'd been burned.

"Uh, dad?" Son Gohan blinked. "Why were the making kissy-faces like that?" And why was he suddenly thinking of Lime, he wondered?

"Ehehehe, well you see son, when a man loves a woman very much, they-

"Stop right there, Goku!" Piccolo barked! "He's too young to hear that!"

"Ah, well." Samui purred. "I'm glad you wished me back. That was...cool of you."

"Love you, too." Naruto snorted.

"Its perfect." Eighteen agreed, taking up residence on his other arm.

Naruto laughed; it was a deep, pleasant sound.

'That's right,' he decided. 'There's no such thing as Perfection. Cell never realized that. When you become Perfect, there's nothing left to achieve. If that's the case, then I'd rather stay as I am, flaws and all, holding on to what matters the most. Yes, that's it. My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I am...

Grinning, he tightened his arms around his two loves, past and present.


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Naruto watched his progeny with pride.

"What's got you so fired up?" he wondered aloud.

"Trunks...and Bulla called last night... Said...they're going to be in the tournament...now...I want to!" each word was ground through clenched teeth as she struggled to move, her small body tottering under the heavy weight of the gravity chamber, her long, ebony locks plastered to the side of her young face by sweat. 'Gotta...show 'em...whose...boss!" She was on nine-and a half!-the two years she'd spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber having served her well in regard to her younger sister. She'd only begun to struggle under 500x normal gravity, a setting that strained him even in his base state. That pleased him to no small length.

Of course, he only ever trained with his girls one on one-the last time they'd trained together those little tykes had very nearly knocked his block off! And he thought Otherworld had some strong fighters! Although he had picked up some interesting techniques the last time he'd visited...

"Daddy!" she whined, reminding him that for all her prowess, a saiyan child was still a child. "Are you even listening to me?!"

"Maybe." he couldn't quite keep the smile from his face as he watched the little waif from the corner of his eye, her words tugging him back to the present. "And what are you going to do about it? Tell me, how do you plan to hit me, let alone spar, when you can barely move? Your sister did better than this, you know."

"Oh...yeah?" She straightened, panting, eyes flashing at the mention of her twin, and her more...unique abilities. "Th-Then I'll just have to go...SUPER!"


Naruto spun on a dime as his daughter began to chance. She screamed and the room screamed with her; jagged streams of light erupting up from the floor, shaking the gravity chambe to its core. The tremor was faint compared to what he could truly do, but it was there, there as she erupted in a flare of gold, her dark locks standing erect and on end. Seafoam green eyes regarded him cheerily, a bright grin overtaking her whiskered visage as she stared him down. She was smiling, he realized, completely in control. And he knew that smile. It was nothing good.

"Here I come, dad!"

The blonde blanched.

"Hey now, there's no need to get so excited-GAH!"

Naruto twitched slightly as a sparking fist displaced the air where he'd been mere moments before. He blocked them all with some effort, his hands a furious blur of motion-

Then one tore through.

His head snapped to the side, shock overtaking his features when those clenched knuckles ground into his visage.

"Of course," he muttered to himself, spitting aside a wa. "Its a super saiyan bargain bin sale!"