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Forever or Never


A woman with long, deep black hair walked silently down an empty street. The streetlights above her dimly lighting her way through the night, as she took a deep breath. She repeatedly looked back over her shoulder, to ensure that there was no one following her. Snow slowly drifted to the ground in front of her, not slowing her down at all, as she continued down the street.

She looked up as she approached an intersection. She quickly turned right and looked over her shoulder once more. If they found her now they would surely kill her. She turned right once more and came into a dark alley, the designated meeting place.

All of these years in hiding had been necessary. For the safety of not only herself, but also for many others. Now it was time. Time to come out of hiding, resume life, and finally do away with them once and for all. She had to return now, people needed her. She just needed some help.

She stopped in the alley as she saw the person she was there to meet. It had taken a lot to make contact, he was not an easy person to find. And even when she made contact they had not believed it was her. Not that she could necessarily blame him, she had been 'dead' for a little shy of a decade. She had finally convinced them to meet her, knowing as soon as they met they would know it was her. They had said they would both come alone, but she knew that he would not.

The person standing in the alley looked up. And just as she suspected the second he saw her, he recognized her. They walked out of the alley, motioning for her to follow. They slowly approached an invisible plane waiting nearby. She had help now. They could stop them. She could return.

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