A small note: I just want to clarify that I am writing the characters in their manga-personalities, rather than their anime counterparts. I find Mayura's anime personality to be a bit exhausting!

Monique1992: I am happy you enjoy the story! To be honest, I was sure that I was writing a story for a rather quiet fandom but it pleases me to see someone enjoying it and people reading it! :)

The next few weeks were a delight for Mayura. Loki brought people into the study, one at a time, with Narugami watching over the scene, to prod Mayura into memory. Many gave the trio more trouble than they wished but the end result was the same. All the people Mayura thought that she had known were suddenly a group of deities. She was excited to come to terms with the memories that were locked away within her; it was as if, to her, each and every god or goddess took on a new glow. Worlds of wonder had been opened to Mayura, an idea that she could never dream of and it thrilled her.

Loki sighed; he wasn't going to hear the end of all these new mysteries ranging from knowing about Asgard to small tidbits of information about each god. Although he wouldn't admit it, it amused him when she would suddenly grab a pair of spiral-eyed glasses and ask him to tell her some mysterious story about a random god. This, of course, was always obliged, as he would tell her the most embarrassing story he could think of. After all, how could Loki resist having a bit of fun at the expense of his former assassins?

"Wow! Did Narugami-kun really go through with it?" Mayura was on the edge of the couch staring at Loki with large curious eyes. Loki smirked.

"Yes. Don't tell him this, but I have a picture of him dressed up as Freyja…" He searched around in his desk until he found a small picture of Narugami dressed in one of Freyja's dresses, with a veil over his head. The look on his face was murderous. Loki grinned at his blackmail before handing it to Mayura. The moment she saw it she was clutching at her stomach, laughing rambunctiously, and tears streaming down her face. Loki couldn't contain his amusement and joined in on the laughing, content to see his blackmail working as intended. The laughter died down and the two smiled at the each other.

"Ne, Loki-kun?" He turned to meet her eyes looking at his. "I think I am going to go home now, to work on my homework, before papa gets angry with me..." She sighed heavily. Homework was not Mayura's favorite thing in the world.

Loki stood up, walked over to where she was sitting on the couch and extended his hand to her. She took the offer and was instantly lifted up by him, moved closer to him. Mayura looked up into his face and was immediately taken into a hug. It was short but no less affectionate.

"Would you like a walk home?" Loki asked tenderly but not without a hint of a smirk. Mayura was catching on, however.

"Oh, Loki-kun, I know you just want to torture papa!" Damn, caught by Mayura! When did she become so observant? Oh, right, since Sigyn. Loki thought to himself as he let her kiss him tenderly on the cheek. She gathered her belongings, skipped out the door and raced down the stairs. Loki looked out his study window to watch her run off when he noticed two large ravens sitting in a tree across the street.

"Huginn and Muninn" Loki said to himself, as he glared at the ravens. They took notice of him and flapped away. "So Odin is going to make his move soon?" Loki felt a slight chill build up within him as he watched the birds flap away. Yamino coughed lightly behind him, bringing Loki out of his thoughts.

"Would Loki-sama care for dinner?" He smiled softly at his father who walked over to him.

"Yes, that would be fine. Yamino-kun… could you, perhaps, fix the spare guest bedroom? I'd like to see if Mayura could stay the night, tomorrow." Yamino bowed and left Loki to his thoughts, once again. He turned to stare out the window once more.

What could Odin be planning? The thought kept Loki awake well into the night. By the time the first light broke over the horizon, Loki was just starting to fall asleep. He had not come any closer to figuring out what Odin's next plan of action might be.

A few hours later, there was a soft knock on the door which was opened to produce Mayura. She was dressed in a simple yellow flowered sundress, with her hair up tied loosely befitting a Saturday. Smiling sweetly, she walked into the house and turned to Yamino.

"Loki-sama is still asleep, Mayura-san. Would you care for some tea while we wait for him to-" He saw her puff her cheeks out slightly in annoyance and whispered under her breath, 'ooohhh' before she spun around and stormed upstairs. Yamino faltered and laughed to himself as he went into the kitchen to entertain his older brother.

Loki's bedroom door flew open which did little to stir the sleeping trickster. No snake or goddess would get this mischief maker out of bed, or so he thought until he was shaken by an impact, forcing him to wake in an instant.

"Loki-kuun! It's time to wake up!" An overly cheerful voice for such an early hour screeched to him. Mayura was on top of him, as she jumped onto his bed. He rolled over, grabbed his pillow, and covered his head with it, attempting to drown out her voice. This only furthered her resolve and she tackled him. Cheerful, she bounced about the bed, laughing until her world was flipped upside down. Suddenly, she found herself on her back with a very annoyed Loki hovering over her, gently holding her wrists and keeping her pinned down.

"Mayura." He said rather simply.

"Loki-kun?" Her eyes were wide with shock. Loki grinned at the look on her face, clearly she did not expect him to be as energetic as she was. He lowered his face to hers and kissed her softly on her lips. He eased his grip on her but she did not move and instead wrapped her arms around his neck. They laid there, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing softly sometimes and more exciting at other times but never going much further than that.

Mayura was finally brought back to reality when she heard a sound from the downstairs indicating that Fenrir had gotten into a cupboard on his own. She rolled away from Loki, who groaned, slightly annoyed, at being interrupted, and started to smooth out her dress. Loki sat on the bed, and watched her while he rested his face on his hand.

"You look nice today." He said flatly, Mayura blushed.

"Thank you, Loki-kun!" She smiled widely and she left the room, leaving him to get himself ready for the day.

In the study, Mayura sipped a cup of tea while Loki walked in and took a seat at his desk.

"Mayura, would it be possible for you to stay the night here? Yamino-kun prepared the guest room for you. Odin, he… well, I think he might be planning something soon and I would like to make sure you're safe." She winked at him, smiled, and went to phone her father. A moment later she came back into the study.

"I told papa it was official goddess business and he had no choice but to agree!" She posed triumphantly, grinning to herself.

The day passed by uneventfully. There were no clients, no fushigi mysteries, not even a single normal mystery showed itself. Mayura sighed and went back to her runes. All the pieces were beginning to fall into place for her. She was now able to do all basic spells, most intermediate, and a few advanced ones. Every spell she learned and performed was greeted with much enthusiasm, she could conjure her own mysteries and that was definitely something. She made a small spark of light form between her two hands, basking the study in a soft warm golden glow.

The sky descended from twilight to night at a much quicker pace, Loki noted. So, this was to be the night that Odin had chosen, was it? Loki smirked to himself, satisfied in his accurate assumption. He turned to see Mayura concentrating excitedly on producing spells, Fenrir cuddled next to her. Yamino was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen for the day. A wind picked up, rustling the trees and the distant cawing of ravens could be heard.

All around the city, the gods of Asgard looked to the sky and saw the same thing as Loki. The sky was thick and black as pitch, with a heavy howling wind. This is the calm before the real storm, Loki thought to himself as he stared out the window at the swirling clouds. Mayura noticed him staring at the storm and joined him at the window. Grabbing his hand in hers, the two stood side by side silently looking out to the storm produced by Odin's fury.