This is my first major project and I hope you enjoy the story. Just a quick warning: there will be moments of rape, abuse, self-harm and attempted suicide. If these are sensitive topics to you, then please read at your own risk. There will also be some bits of bad language here and there. Anyway, enjoy!

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Claire's P.O.V

It's cold...and dark...where am I?

My eyes slowly opened, gradually adjusting to the dim light of a bulb hanging from the ceiling by a single string. It hung still and motionless, occasionally flickering ever so slightly. I blinked to clear my vision, wincing at the continuous throbbing pain in the back of my head. Confusion settled deep in my stomach while I surveyed my surroundings, taking in every detail the small room offered.

The walls were damp with mold and the dull coloured paint was peeling, revealing the concrete underneath. There was no furniture or anything to indicate that the room had once been in use. The wooden floorboards had rotted away and some had even been pulled up, leaving large holes in the floor. I craned my head, noting how sluggish and heavy my body felt with each movement but gritted my teeth, focusing on finding an escape route. However, my hope dwindled when my eyes landed on the single window in the room, which was boarded up, nails haphazardly placed into the wooden planks.

Breathing deeply, I pulled my gaze away and instead stared straight ahead at the door, my mind racing with different thoughts. It was entirely my own fault that I had ended up in this situation. I knew the dangers of Morganville, I had lived through them and yet, I still made probably the single most stupidest mistake of my life by walking home while the sun had already begun to set. But maybe it was inevitable that this had happened.

Feeling the aches and pains all over my body, I carefully began to move each of my limbs in an attempt to get the circulation and strength back into them. It was obvious that while in my unconscious state, I had been in the same position but for how long, I wasn't sure. Finally realising that there was something restricting my arms, I looked down to see that both of my wrists were bounded by heavy chains that clasped tightly around my skin. I huffed out a breath, moving again to push myself upwards and propped against the wall. The floor was cold and damp, staining my clothes but that wasn't important now.

I just needed to get rid of the tiredness coursing through my veins before anything happened and get my thoughts in order, to think of a way to escape. Suddenly, I heard quickened footsteps and then the door in the corner of the room opened, the hinges squeaking loudly and with an ear piercing wail. My heart pounded inside my chest despite my efforts to remain calm and I felt the sweat form on my skin, body trembling.

So it wasn't a hallucination...they really are still alive.

The two vampires stepped forward under the glow of the lightbulb, the floorboards groaning and creaking in protest to their movements. A tiny bead of sweat trickled down my face and my throat tightened, a scream clawing its way upwards. I raised my eyes to meet their own, shivering at the sight of the crimson tint to their irises. The grins on their perfectly pale faces made anger bubble inside of me, reminding me just how much I despised the both of them.

I had believed them to be dead but clearly that wasn't the case and here they were, just another surprise on another day in Morganville; Francois and Ysandre.

Francois smiled wickedly, his fangs gleaming under what little light there was and his pupils dilated. He stepped closer and knelt on the floor beside me, reaching over and lightly stroking my face. I flinched immediately at the touch, squirming away from his hands but the chains around my wrists held me in place and prevented any way of getting away from him. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Francois slapped me, my head snapping to the side from the sheer force of the blow. A sharp burning sensation engulfed half of my face and tears welled in my eyes, knowing in my mind that this was only the beginning.

Sickeningly sweet laughter sounded across the room, turning my stomach with anger.

How I hated that woman.

"Francois, I thought we would have more fun than simply giving the girl a few slaps."

"We not worry."

The fear and panic fully registered in my mind and I felt tears slide down my cheeks, lips parting in horror at the thought that I would never see my friends or my family again. It was obvious that Francois and Ysandre had brought me here to hurt me as much as they could and then eventually kill me. And although I knew the reasons as to why the had taken me, I just couldn't comprehend it completely. Why me? But deep down I was relieved that it hadn't been someone that I cared about.

I'd rather it was myself than any of them in this situation.

Ysandre stepped closer and using a manicured fingernail, sliced my cheek, her eyes boring into my own. She grinned, tilting her head ever so slightly so that the glossy waves of dark hair bounced with the motion. With lightning fast movements, she brought her hand back and slashed my skin with her sharp nails, leaning forward and breathing deeply.

"Mmmm, her blood smells delicious. Don't you agree, Francois?" Ysandre spoke in that slow, bitter sweet voice.

Francois chuckled darkly, wiping his finger across one of the scratches on my face and licked the drop of blood from his skin. My stomach twisted in disgust and I swallowed back the bile in my throat, turning my head away. His growl startled me and suddenly, he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head to the side, completely exposing my neck. I gasped from both fear and shock, staring at the two seemingly starving vampires in front of me. There was no way to get out and with my arms bound, it was pointless to even struggle. Ysandre clearly had better control over her hunger and she spun around on her heel, facing away.

"Lets go. Leave her for now." Her voice took on a certain edge. "We need to hunt."

The words meant nothing to Francois who suddenly lunged towards me, hands gripping my upper arms and his fangs sank deeply into my neck. I screamed, the pain engulfing me. Warm blood trickled down from the puncture wounds and soaked into the fabric of my shirt, staining it with the dark colour. The chains rattled wildly as I struggled against their hold, desperate cries and screams bursting from my lips. My body was becoming weaker until I couldn't fight anymore and instead, slumped forward, eyes blurring in and out of focus.

Francois had been pulled away by Ysandre and her voice reverberated around the room, vicious and terrifying. "You idiot! Learn to control yourself! We've barely started with her and you almost drain her! Do you want to ruin everything that we've planned!?" She released the fabric of his shirt and pushed him in the direction of the door, slowly following after him.

Her high heeled boots clicked loudly on the wood of the floorboards. I weakly raised my head, noticing that she had paused in the doorway and was staring at me with calculating eyes, inspecting the wound in my neck. It wasn't fatal, I knew that much already. Ysandre had pulled Francois away before he could cause any permanent damage or even death. The blood loss was the cause to my tiredness and weakness, the pain numbed down to a dull throbbing. I knew that it was only going to get worse. That was my final thought as I watched both vampires disappear and the door close before I slipped into unconsciousness.

To be continued...