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Amelie's P.O.V -

Claire lunged towards the Collins boy, her fangs bared and her crimson eyes locked on his neck. She latched onto his arm and pulled his body against her own. Fear flashed across his face and he desperately attempted to escape from her grip. Before Claire could bite into his flesh, I stared at her with cool, grey eyes.

"Claire", I said.

She closed her parted lips and slowly lifted her head, her eyes changing from red to white. Her face contorted in pain and she stepped backwards, releasing Shane.

"You will not harm anyone", I ordered.

I ended the compulsion and stumbled backwards, my body slightly weak. Oliver reached forward, his hands outstretched but I steadied myself and put my hand in front of me. A sign that I did not require his aid. I didn't need help, from anyone.

"I'm fine".

I turned back to Claire, who lay motionless on the floor. Shane climbed to his feet, breathing heavily and he slowly stepped towards Claire. Eve shrieked and reached a hand out to grab him, only to be pulled back by Michael. Suddenly, a voice filled with hatred and dripping with venom, echoed around the room.

"Don't...stay away from me".

Claire's P.O.V -

My body shook as I staggered to my feet, facing away from each of them. I gazed through the window at the glowing moon and shining stars. I needed to get away from everyone. I needed to be alone. Memories raced through my mind. The torture I received from Ysandre and Francois. The pain I had felt. Pain.

The wave of pressure that had controlled me, was gone but the memory remained, lingering in my head. Tears welled in my eyes but I blinked them away. I learned to never show weakness. It only resulted in pain. Silently, I turned around and glided past everyone and out of the room. Voices drifted after me but I blocked them all out. My body was weak and I fought the urge to close my eyes, to fall into the dark. I disappeared from the Glass House in a blur.

As I stumbled through the dark streets of Morganville, I could sense the monster inside of me, clawing to escape.

What was the point in stopping it?

I was a vampire after all and it's only normal. Shane already hated me because of what I was and I wasn't important to anyone else. Morganville ruined my life. I've been threatened, bitten, tortured, killed and changed into a blood sucking leech. My thoughts were interrupted by the pounding of a heart in my ears. I gazed down the street and my eyes locked on a young girl, who ran through the darkness, frantically glancing around.

"Idiot", I muttered, under my breath.

Screw this town and everyone in it.

The monster who I had locked away, burst from its chains and took complete control over me, body and mind. A growl erupted from my lips and my fangs appeared, with an audible snap. My vision turned crimson red and I stalked towards the girl. She squinted through the dark with weak, human eyes and gasped as her gaze found me. I lunged, slammed her fragile body onto the ground and sank my fangs deep into her flesh, the sweet blood instantly flooding my mouth.

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