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Claire's P.O.V -

I stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror, lips pulled into a wide smile. My hair, which I had curled, bounced against my shoulders as I twirled, admiring my dress. The deep blue fabric clung to my waist and flowed outwards from there, to just above my knees. The thin straps on my shoulders, were almost invisible. It suited my complexion perfectly, along with my dark brown hair, with hints of red. There was a soft knock on the door and Eve peeped her head around the wood. Her eyes brightened and she smiled, as she stepped inside the room and closed the door behind her.

"Oh, wow. I knew that was perfect for you", Eve said, and clapped her hands together.

"It's beautiful. Thank you, Eve. But...why did you want me to wear it?", I replied.

She lightly tapped her nose and placed her hands on my shoulders, pushing me towards my desk. I carefully sat down and watched as Eve hurried from the room and returned a moment later, her make-up bag in her hand. Uh oh.

"Eve, why are you do-", I began.

Eve clamped her hand over my mouth and shook her head, eyes filled with determination.

"Don't ask. Just close your eyes and let me work my magic".

With a frustrated sigh, I closed my eyes relaxed in the chair, while Eve spilt the contents of the bag onto the surface of the desk and hummed happily. After a moment, a soft brush ghosted across my face. This continued for a few minutes and I began to notice voices downstairs. The words were difficult to understand as they spoke quietly and I couldn't determine who the voices belonged to, and Eve continued her humming.

'What's going on?', I thought.

"Ok. You can open your eyes!", Eve announced.

I slowly opened my eyes and glanced up at Eve, who smiled brightly and pointed towards the mirror. I straightened up and crossed the room in a blur, my dress flowing out behind me. A small gasp escaped my lips. Eve had perfectly applied black eyeliner and dark grey eyeshadow, which worked well with my pale complexion. I turned to face Eve and in a blur, I crossed the room and wrapped my arms around her, careful to not hurt her with my strength. She giggled and returned the hug, before stepping back to admire her work.

"Perfect. Now wait here and don't move a muscle. That should be easy for you, considering you're a vampire", Eve said, with a wink.

She disappeared from the room and I obeyed her orders, but my thoughts raced around my head. Why would Eve go through all this trouble? Were we going somewhere and why? I sighed and plopped down on my bed, eyes drifting around the room. My gaze landed on the picture frame on the locker beside my bed and I reached towards it. Slowly, I traced my finger along the picture and my smile faded.

"Mom...dad...I miss you", I whispered.

Suddenly, I became aware of footsteps getting closer to my room and I quickly placed the frame back on the dresser. Eve opened the door and stepped inside. She grinned and held her arms out, before twirling in a slow circle.

"Well? What do you think?", She asked.

I stared at her dress with envy, but admired each tiny detail with my perfect vision. Eve wore a black corset, with buckles and chains and ribbons, paired with a knee-length skirt, which billowed outwards. Her black high heels, with skulls on the side, made her legs appear longer. Eve's jet black hair hung in waves past her shoulders. As usual, her makeup included heavy eyeliner, down to the black painted lips.

"Wow, Eve. You look...amazing", I said, smiling.

She squealed and lunged forward to grab my hand and dragged me from the room, down the hallway and towards the stairs. We stopped at the top of the staircase and Eve turned to face me.

"Ready?", She asked.

"For what?", I questioned.

"You'll see".

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