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Chapter One

Jason had just gotten away from Ra's and his Lazuras pit, and he was trying to piece together what had happened. The last thought to go through his mind was Joker and that dang crowbar. That got him to thinking that Batman's teaching and moral code were not working right. Scum like Joker and all of the criminals in Gotham had to be punished the right way, not just being sent to prison only to break out again.

The 17 year old thought about it long enough, thus he started into his plan. First was some of his own training with deadlier weapons than just bat-a-rangs. He found his own way to get the weapons he need, mostly from knowing people from his street urchin days and that when he was truly starting to understand what Batman was doing wrong.

The day Joker blew him up in that warehouse, was the day that the clowned prince of crime had also shown him the light. Once he got the weapons he needed, Jason made some targets, and wouldn't you know it they were in Joker's image. Once he started, he found that the training Batman had given him in accuracy was working, as he was getting better with hitting the targets.

Two Months Later

Jason was still training, and while he did, the 16 year old sensed something and started firing his guns. When he finished, he saw what he was sensing.

"Hello Jason." The feminine voice said.

"How are you and how did you find me." Jason said.

"I'm Talia Al Ghul, and it was easy, once I was near, I heard the gunfire." The woman said.

Jason knew the name Al Ghul as he heard it from Bruce. He was now curious as to why she would seek him out. Talia noticed he was not moving, and figured his Robin training had kicked in.

"You're here to kill me, aren't you? Couldn't handle the fact that I ran away from you and your highly trained assassins.

"No, Jason; you had quite an ordeal, and I can help you become even more deadly than you are right now. Please, let me help you, then you can get your revenge on Joker." Talia said, knowing that Jason would accept.

Once Talia said 'Joker', Jason tensed, and he had flashbacks to being stuck in that warehouse being beaten within an inch of his life by the maniac. Jason's stare went from curiosity to sheer anger, and he raised the gun he had. Talia thought he was going to shoot her, but at the last second, he turned the gun and fired three bullets right at the last standing Joker dummy. All three bullets hit the cardboard dummy right in the forehead.

"Alright, I'll accept your help, but once I leave, you don't ever track me down again, if I need help, I'll find you." Jason said, and with that, he and Talia started walking away together.

Five Years Later

Jason had done well in his training, and now he felt ready to get his revenge, but first, he had to have a plan for if and when he ran into Batman.

"I am glad to see that you're ready, but incase Bruce tries any of his stunts, I wanted you to have this." Talia said as she handed him a large hunting knife. "The blade will be able to cut Bruce's Grapple lines."

Jason accepted the blade, and finished packing without saying another word. Talia expected this as she knew he was about to embark on a difficult journey.

Well, there's the first verse, be watching for the next one.