[A drabble about Vanitas' remnant and a single flower growing in the middle of the barren wastelands of the keyblade graveyard.]

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Wrote this short story on my Vanitas' remnant rp account and decided to post it on here 'cause I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you enjoy!

A sad existence. A lonely place. A world long forgotten by those whom once wielded the keyblade. A place that was filled with the lost memories of the people from long ago. All was gone from this barren world except for the remaining weapons of those whom once raged war. All weapons stabbed into the ground, standing upright like graves of where owners of these weapons had died. Their existence disappeared along with their triumph. Bitter memories were nothing more than the dust clouds that were scooped up and made to dance gracefully in the air, to swivel around the keys to create a symphony of sadness.

Alas, this world wasn't completely alone. No, there was a creature who resided there. Something more lonely and more sad than that of the dead. It's empty soul seemed to sway throughout the wasteland in a bitter existence for it was nothing more than the physical manifestation of what remained of Vanitas's a creature's powerful thoughts and feelings. So strong and so compelling where these emotions that it caused it to leave behind a remaining spirit— a creature with the memories of what once was.

Upon stepping along the dust and gravel, something had caught this pathetic creature's eyes. No reason to wear a mask and conceal his appearance, those crimson ruby like orbs had settled down on something that glowed with color for it seemed to stand out against the grainy color of dust, dirt, and rust of the keyblades. The remnant had never seen anything like it before.

A single white rose stained with the color of blood along its tips.

The creature had never seen anything so beautiful in his dismal life. He stared at it for what felt like eternity before eventually reaching out to let his fingers graze across the top of its soft petals until one petal had slipped off to float towards the floor which caused the remnant to pull his hand away quickly in hopes of no longer defiling the fascinating subject. He did not deserve the presence of its beauty. Why did it present itself in such a warm way to him?

But, he did know one thing for sure, and that was that he was determined to keep its refinement intact. He wouldn't let a single thing harm this specimen— not even him.

Days turned into weeks even if time didn't matter to the creature. He knew what plants needed in order to survive: water and sunshine. Yet, water was a hard source to find considering the placement of the world. But, if it was for the small plant, he would go to the ends of the world to find it. Puddles here and dew over there, he continued to search and feed the flower with plenty of sunshine and the source of food that he could find.

But, why?

Why wasn't it enough?

Before his eyes, he watched with the hours as the flower slowly began to wilt. Its petals drooping and browning in the same sadness that was held in the eyes of the monster. He stared at it and once again, took the courage to reach out for the flower and let his fingers lift the depressed petals in hopes of letting it sit upright but to no avail… the petals merely dropped back down as if it had given up.

"I'm sorry, little one…." He whispered as his eyes softened. It was a true fact and the remnant saw it with his own eyes— nothing in this world could be saved. Nothing in this world could be beautiful. Hope was lost and shouldn't be lingered on. This world was meant to be empty and alone and just like the death of the past; this single flower was to join them.

…Days later… the flower was gone.