Ok so this is technically a story about Draculaura's past before she became a vamp and how. It is based on the small peice that was given in the fourth book "Back and deader then ever" by Lisi Harrison

"Laura. Laura, wake up! You have to help your mother pack!" Said a maiden staring doqn at the young fourteen year old.

"But Mother said I may sleep til I feel like waking." Laura said muffeled in the pillows.

Laura was usualy up easily but today she felt drowsy. It was the middle of winter and a thick snow coat littered the ground in Transylvania, Romania. Her mother was a widow even if she had no idea if her husband was really dead. He had disapeared the night after Laura's mother awoke the next morning of the doing. Laura spoke english and Romanian fluently and had a love for animals. Her favourite colour was pink and she and her mom got on very well in colour theme terms. She had long black hair that reached her bottom and bright blue grey eyes that reminded anyone of a stormy sea. She was trully a sight to behold.

"Laura! Do you want the master to get mad! You know what he does to us servants if we don't do as he asks and you know what he will do to your mother? Why, she's the house keeper and she is supposed to make sure Mr.D's things are always on schedule and if you don't wake up you won't be able to help." The maiden said.

"Fine, I'll get up!" She said standing up. Today she felt different, sort of light headed but that did'nt matter.

She quickly raced to the bathrooms and got into a salmon pink dress and a white aprion.

"Morning Mother." She greeted.

"Morning dear." Said her middle aged mother who was packing a box with ornaments and eyeing a checklist. "Darling have you organised Mr D's breakfast, you know how he is after a journey." Her mother said without looking up.

"I'll get it ready mother." she said hurriely on her way to the kitchen.

When she entred ther kitchen everybody was busy preparing the dinner for tonight because there was to be a big feast for a farewell party.

"Morning Laura!" Called the chef who was reading through the cook book.

"Do you know where Mr D's breakfast is?" She asked.

"Oh! I'm sorry dear you'd have to make it today." The chef said still staring at the cook book.

Laura groaned under her breath as she walked to end of the huge luxurios kitchen. It had five stoves and a large pantry and multiple sinks. The floors were black and the walls the peach colour that was said to chase flies away, not that there were many flies in the cold they had. There were many different types of meats and very few veggetable items as the mastrer and his brother, Vald did'nt take much liking to them.

Laura however was against the eating of animals as she took up the passion of taking care of sick and injured animals and hoped to become a animal docter one day but in her time 1899, women were nothing and much less young girls like herself. She had only taken care of the family dog, some bats that fluttered around the tower at night and some poor mice that had been attacked by the chef, and all of them always lived.

As she wisked some eggs she thought of what it would be like if women had power to do things but soon got bored at the thought of thinking about politics. Her thoughts were soon flooded of the boy she had met on the feilds a day ago. He was obviously from the mainland or America as people called it and his name was Valentine but she could tell he was full of himself. She had also thought of some other boys she'd met but she tried her best not to think about boys no matter how boy-crazey she was, she lived in a time where romance was for the French and those girls that ended up living in rich families but she was only the house keepers daughter working for one of the royals of the country, that did'nt make her important.

She had alomst cut her finger with the knife she was handling because of her thoughts of her unimportance to the world. She looked down and saw the dish was ready to be served, she just hoped she did'nt take too long and that there was still time to put it on the table before Mr D arrived.

She quickly grabbed a lid for it and jogged out the door towards the dinning area. She went through the large passage ways covered with portraits of the ancestors of the master. She soon reached the door that lead into a huge dining room with a long table that could host twenty or more poeple at a time. She had never sat at a table for a meal before, she usualy took her food and ate in the kitchen with the others. She set the food down at the head of the table and stared at a granfather clock. It was twenety past nine, and the master was not due till half past so Laura looked around. Nobody was there or coming and she most certainly did'nt want to do the washing so she decided to take a huge risk for her age, to play pretend just like she did as a young child. So she tied her dress up to around her thighs and untied her hair from it's neat bun so that it fell down around her back. She passed to the other end of the table and sat there. "Why Count Dracula, what a beautiful home you have!" She said in her snootyest voice. Then she passed to the other end and said in her deepest Romanian voice "Why thank you miss Laura."

Then she went back to where she started and pretended to make a toast and then she ran to other side and so on until after a few minutes she fell over one of the chairs and landed on the soft persian carpet, but as she looked up she came face to face with a pair of shiny black shoes and as she looked higher up she saw a pale face staring down at her. She then realised this was Mr D and even if she had;nt ever spoke to him before she felt calm but emmbarissed.

She quickly stood up and pushed her dress back down around her legs and curtsied, "I'm sorry Mr D I..I mean Master." She said almost covering her face. He just looked at her and then spoke, "Vhat is your name, miss?"

"L-L-Laura." She stuttered getting afraid.

"Alright miss Laura I think you have some more important duties to attend while I have my breakfast." He said sternly.

Laura left the room with the speed of a train turning bright red all over, but when she got out she saw mos of the the servant girls standing there watching her with amazement. "You-you SPOKE to him!" Said one of them.

Slowly Laura nodded before walking off.

How long was he there?

Is he mad?

Howcome I never heard him?


Why did I role play him?

Why was I so childish?

These questions all boggled in her head not knowing the answer to any of them.

HOPE YOU ALL LIKED IT! More coming soon!