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Everything was perfect! The guests had arrived, the band was playing the Chauldage to which people dance to on the ballroom floor. The chanderleir was decorated with even more crystals than it possesed, the windows were halfway draped with golden curtains and the floors were polished to their unique marbel texture. The food was made all ready in the kitchen and was being placed apon the dinner table that stood in the main dinining area apassageway futher. What made it even more spectacular were the guests from all the places you could imagine! They were all dressed in their finest dresses and suits. It seemed like a dream where everybody was happy. All of the servants were happy, all accept Laura.

"Laura! Can you sheck if the muffins are ready!?"

"Laura! Could you see to it that the shelves in the dining area are clean?!"

Laura had her hands full and was having such a bad time. "Why does this happen to me and not the others?" she said softly as she carried trays of maincourse meals out. She was'nt allowed to dance or eat or even look too long at the guests. She esspecialy avoided the master since her preformance this afternoon mist of the older servants were laughing at her, only if she were sixteen she would jion them. They were allowed at the party to take care of the children brought by guests but Laura was still a "child" to everybody else.

She looked around at the fancy dresses and thought how uncomfortable they must be and then her eyes fell apon the master. She saw him gaze at her with wonder and she got a fearfull shiver, fell and tripped falling on the marble floor dropping food all over the area she fell on.

Instead of helping her they women laughed and the children teased the men stared and Laura...she cried. She cried and cried until she ran out burying her face in her hands. She was'nt crying because she had fell and scraped her hands and knees, not because people had laughed at her, not because she had emmbarrised the master and not because she felt jealous of the people at the party, it was because she felt trapped.

She saw how all those people had choises in life and could think about what they wish and talk to who they feel and could be themselves but she, the daughter of the house keeper had no choise. She could'nt choose what to do or what to say. Everything was her fault or her duty.

She ran up the steps to the bell tower ignoring the cries of the chef asking her to clean up the mess. She ran up and up not caring about the pain she was experiencing in her legs and lungs.

Soon she got to the top and felt weak so she sat near the window, watching the snow covered forest wishing she could just get on a horse and ride to it and live there taking care of the wolves and bears that lived there. She would need to runaway and learn to ride a horse and have to make some more dresses for she only had three.

Troubledby her thoughts she finaly fell asleep on the window of the belfy.

Flap, flap, flap. CRASH! Flap, flap, flap. CRASH! Glass breaking and tumbling noises followed by squeaks.

Laura woke up from the noise. She knew she had been asleep for a long time for she could no longer hear the ballroom music. Flap, flap, flap. CRASH! Laura knew that sound. She heard it whenever a bat hurt it's wing or was leaning to fly. She knew what to do for she had done this lots of times since she was eight years old. She crept up to the attic area to find all the bats out but one unusualy large one on the ground flapping violently trying to fly up towards the window.

"Oh! Why, you poor fellow! What have you done to your wing?" Laura said coming towards the bat. It stopped fluttering and looked at her with frightened brown eyes but it did'nt move away like other bats do. "It's ok, I'm going to help you. I've dne this before and when I pick you up please don't flutter about?" She said very gently hoping the bat will understand.

She stooped down and sat infront of the bat. It just looked up at her not even shrinking back.

"Now, let me see what type of bat you are." She said while gently lifting it. "You must be some kind of fruit bat cause vampire bats are very small and oh..." She said as she saw it's fangs. "You're a vampire bat. Maybe a new species becase you are very large for your breed, are'nt you boy? Well, are you a boy?" She asked turning the bat around but it quickly fluttered so she had to put it down. "Ok, I won't look there!" She laughed as she thought of it's human like nature. "Let me feel your stomach if you are a girl maybe?" She strugled to get the bat to open it's wings but she soon felt it was a boy.

"Alright, now let me fetch you some raw lamb from the kitchen and then I'll fix that wing of yours!" She said setting the bat down.

She soon returned holding a bowl with small bits of raw meat and a bags filled with first aid supplies. She let the bat feed until it was full. It did'nt eat the meat it only sucked out the blood.

"Alright now I need you to trust me. I'm going to take hold of your wing and put some healing medicine on it and then bandage it up, alright?" She said staring at the bat in the eyes. She lifted him gently and it winced in pain as she unfolded it's broken left wing. There was a peice of wood in it and it was twisted. "How did you get that miniture stake in your wing?" She asked it.

She felt it press up against her stomach as she removed it and then applied the healing lotion. "I'm going to bandage it up for you and I'll check on you everynight for seven nights from now, alright?" She said bandaging the wing into a closed postition.

She then hugged it close to her and it seemed to relax. She then stroked it's fur gently and rocked it until it fell asleep. She quickly made it a nest with one of her summer dresses and thn put it in the library storage where she usualy took care of the bats she cured. She gave it one final kiss on the forehead before leaving to go to bed.

"Laura! Laura! Laura! Wake up! My dear congradulations!" Shouted the nurse as she ran up the stairs to awake Laura.

"My dear! You have gotten the best opportunity!" She yelled as she shook the sleeping girl.

"Nmg. What is it?" Laura said opening her eyes.

"Laura! The master wants you and only you to tend to him for the next seven days! He even scheduled the move for thursday instead due to his broken arm!" The nurse shouted happily.

Laura's eyes went wide with excitement. She was finaly allowed to talk to him and she won't have to clean and sew all day like the others. Without a word she ran to the bathroom and put on her best dress. Her green frock which she got fir her birthday last year and was in best condition.

"Now be carefull. He is a bit shakey from his injuryand I even found him in the libray strorage when I went to wkae him up." The nurse said surprised.

Oh dear, what if he saw my bat! What if he wants to talk to me about keeping strange pets? What if her yells at me for leaving my dress there? Laura thought

Laura crept slowly to the master's study. He was sitting in an armchair with his left arm bandaged up. He wore a black suit and was facing the door.

"Yes, sir, you called for me." Laura said in a soft voice,

"Yes, I did. I found zhat you have quite interesting skills vith medical activity and better than the nurse so I vould prefer zhat you take care of my injury. Cleaning it a dressing it, bringing my food and my messages and reading zhem to me." He said

"But, sir, I was never taught to read or write." Laura said worried.

"I shall teach you how to read, write in both english and romanian asvell as french." He said smiling at her.

"I shall fetch you your breakfast." Laura said walking out the door.

Is this really happening to me? How can this change happen overnight?"

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