Blood ran down the ground. soaking the already wet alley. a loud groan went through the air. though not far after the person groaning fell to the ground with a loud thud.

once pure white fangs were now red with blood. licking around it's mouth the figure smirked. drying the rest away from it's lips with the palm of it's hand, the figure started walking away from the corpse not caring that someone might find it in the morning. by then he would be long gone.

the only thing you would be able to see in the dark rainy night, would be two glowing red eyes. and if you ever saw them for real that would be the last thing you'd see.

"So.. Miku have you heard?"


"They found another body yesterday. don't tell me you haven't heard." Miku fiddled with some of her teal hair and were quiet for a while.

"Sure I've heard about it. but don't tell me you believe in the rumors Rin." the blond shrugged and continued to eat her mandarin. they were in the lunch hall waiting for Len to come back, he were getting more food.

"Well.. you can't say it's not suspicious. I mean come on. all the victims haven't had any other injury. no sign of struggle,stabs beat ups no nothing. except two small holes by their necks. and many scientists have figured out they died out of blood loss."

"Well isn't it possible they could just been stabbed by one of those two handed forks?" but Rin shook her head.

"No, there's no way. like I said no sign of struggle. and I don't think these ten people who's been killed have agreed to die."

"You can't think that it's a mythical creature, a fantasy, that caused them dying? I mean it's not possible." Rin grinned and jumped from her seat.

"Well you can deny the possibility. I mean it's said vampires only come out at night. and all these murders have happened in dark alleys, and from examination the body, scientist have concluded that they've all been killed during night time." sighing Miku started to rub her temples.

"Rin.. a murderer can't kill someone in the bright of day now can he? it's probably just some lunatic tricking his victims or something. it can't be vampires." and before Rin could say anything else her brother came out of nowhere with his plate of food.

"I'm back... let me guess, Rin talked about the killings that have happened recently and also talked about the rumors of vampires?" nodding Miku put her teal gaze on Rin's twin.

"don't tell me you believe it too?" Len put down his plate looking away, trying to hide the fact that he did. "Can you be more easy to read? But thinking serious, how could it be vampires? Vampires are just something someone came up with long ago. a legend."

"But what if it wasn't just a legend. tell me, how would you feel if you knew a vampire?" Miku sighed out of pure frustration. Rin really didn't give up did she?

"I don't know! I would probably freak out, or just be cool with it if it wasn't a bad one. I can't say for certain sense vampires aren't real." Rin grinned and left at that for now. glad that the blond was off her back for now Miku looked over the lunch hall. she could see popular gangs, dorks, idiots and the bully gang. her school wasn't that great. it was kind of messy when it came to people and had many weirdos like Rin.

though she couldn't deny that the two twins were her friends. they were weird and believed in mythical creatures, but okay for friend standards. when Len was finally done eating they went outside. sitting on one of the benches Rin was having a lecture about vampires. though to Miku it went in her ear and out the other. but it wasn't just because she wasn't interested.

it was also because she had spotted someone in the crowd. there were gangs everywhere and for someone like Len or Rin it would have been impossible to spot this certain figure. but Miku could see it like it stood right in front of her. it was a woman. she looked like she was seventeen or eighteen at the most. silk pink hair was flowing down to her hip, and to Miku this woman had a wonderful body figure. but what caught her eyes most of all was a pair of deep blue eyes with a speck of ice in them.

and the weird thing was that she was looking back on Miku with the same surprised yet warm gaze that she was giving her. a small smile came up on the womans features and Miku almost choked on her own breath. she couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. when the bell rang Miku came back to reality and looked aside to see Rin and Len walking towards the building.

'didn't bother waiting huh?' she thought and got up. though she looked over to where the woman was but she was gone. that's strange. she had been there a second ago. she was a little disappointed to be honest. she couldn't describe it but she felt like she would meet her again. shrugging it off she ran to class, not noticing the shadow just behind the gates smiling.

sighing Miku ran down the street. her dad had just called asking her to hurry home. not knowing why she had just started running not saying proper goodbye's to Len and Rin. her mind was still fixated on the woman though. she kept remembering that smile and those eyes. she turned a sharp corner and into an alley. sure, her parents didn't want her to go into any of those because of the murders, but come on vampires?

though suddenly she drove into a halt. feeling a cold chill going through her she shivered. and now she was feeling weird. that's what she gets from listening to Rin. she looks around but can't see anyone. 'weird.. why does it feel like I'm being watched. maybe I should get out of here.' she thought and started walking. though it still felt like someone was following her. suddenly she felt a hand over her wrist that pulled her backwards.

she was pulled behind another wall and someone was holding her to the spot. she wanted to scream but her mouth was covered.

"Quiet.. if you make a sound he'll find us." she recognized the voice to be female. even though she didn't know what she meant she kept her mouth shut. and then she heard walking steps and someone came around the corner. it was a man. he had his body bent down in a weird kind of way. like one of those zombies you see in movies. his clothes were torn but what made Miku freak out the most was the glowing coming from his eyes.

sensing her panic the woman held her in a tighter grip. seeming to calm Miku down a bit the man walked past them and disappeared. peeking out the woman relaxed and let Miku go. almost instantly the tealette made a three meters distance between them.

"W-Who...?" she stammered before trailing off as she saw the pink hair flick as the woman turned to face her.

"That was close. don't you know it's dangerous to walk into dark alleys nowadays?" Miku's teal eyes stared at the woman for a moment. what was the odds that you would meet the same person that have been on your mind for the whole day, in a dark alley, not to mention she was just saved by her. "Hmm... haven't I seen you somewhere?" she asked in a playful yet happy voice.

"N-No.. B-But I've seen you by the gates of my school.." Miku was in pure shock. she had just seen an odd looking killer from what she knew, and she was talking to a beautiful woman who only smiled warmly at her.

"I remember. I saw you looking at me before." Miku felt her cheeks heat up and she turned her head away. "You know.." she heard the woman's voice closer then before. " you smell pretty sweet. and you look adorable in that blush." she turned her head to find the woman's face too close for comfort. "I'm Luka Megurine. who are you?" she asked suddenly and Miku gulped and stepped a whole step away from her.

"M-Miku Hatsune..." she stuttered and Luka giggled. and Miku found that too adorable to even recognize her own thinking. she couldn't even think. she had just given her full name to a total stranger. though Luka had done the same but still. 'Miku pull it together. you don't know her, and she doesn't know you there's no way you...' but she was interrupted in her thoughts by her hand being taken.

"Well, Miku-chan. if you don't mind, I would love to be friends with you. I'm new in this neighborhood and can't really my way around. I'm not asking for a tour or anything, just asking if you could be my first friend?" She couldn't believe it. now everything was certainly just her dreaming right? she must have fell asleep in class or something. cause this couldn't be happening right?

"S-Sure..." was all she could muster. anyone could see that Luka was smiling out of pure happiness of getting a new friend, but all Miku could see was a cute girl smiling towards her. she turned her head to be sure the pinkette didn't see her blush. pulling slightly Luka was able to get the tealette out of the alley. she was still flustered but tried to hide as much of it as possible.

"Well Miku-chan, I need to go home now. or else my family is going to go worried. but I bet we're going to see each other alot more after today." wanting to ask why that was Miku opened her mouth but was interrupted by her phone buzzing. reaching out to her pocket she found a message from her dad. 'I guess he's getting impatient.' she thought as she read his question of a search party, to come look for her.

"Y-Yeah.. I need to go too.. when dad starts joking about sending of a search party for me, I know he probably wants something." Luka laughed and Miku giggled with her.

"Yeah, well see you Miku." Luka started to walk down the road and Miku looked on her until she was out of her sight.

"No way! you were almost attacked!" Miku pulled down the blond girl on her seat again after her sudden outburst. attracting some attention Miku sighed. why did she tell Rin this? she should have known she would announce it to everyone in the classroom.

"Take it easy Rin. as I was about to say, Luka saved me and that's all that matters."

"Wait stop! Luka? who the hell is.." but the teacher came in and Rin had to shut up. Rin sat down in her place vertical from Miku's table.

"Well students, today we have a newcomer to the class. She moved here only some days ago so be nice." did he say she? 'don't tell me..' the tealette stared as the new student came in. she wore the blue and white school outfit, and all the boys in the class almost melted in no time. but Miku's eyes weren't fixated on the body, her gaze was on the blue eyes that seemed to be smiling towards her and her alone. "introduce yourself will you?"

"Okay, hi everybody. I'm Megurine Luka, I'm seventeen and I moved here only three days ago. I hope you'll take good care of me, thank you very much." Miku felt Rin's stare in her back but she ignored it. the only thing she tried to do was trying to keep her eyes averted from Luka's. though she couldn't say it was an easy feat.

"Okay, we're glad to have you Megurine-san. hmm... you can have the seat behind Hatsune over there." oh great, now what was she suppose to do? when Luka past she stopped at Miku's table. not wanting but doing it anyway Miku looked up into the pinkette's eyes.

"Nice to see you again Miku-san."

"Y-Yeah... you too Luka.." smiling Luka went to sit behind her. and if Miku didn't know better she beted on that she had everyone's attention. smiling awkwardly she leaned down her head on the table.

"okay let's start shall we? and sense it seems like you two know eachother why don't you show Megurine-san around after class Hatsune?" looking up to nod she dunked her head on the table again. 'okay, now I'm screwed. though even if I know the bully gang and popular gang is going to be on me I'm pretty happy I get to show her around.' she want to turn and look at Luka but then it would be to obvius that she's glad.

"Mi-ku-chan~" she instanlty looked up and saw Luka stand just next to her. "Class have ended. you're suppose to show me around." blinking Miku looked over at Rin's seat. 'gone.. no surprises there.' getting up from her seat she got her things and put them in her bag.

"A-Alright.. let's go then, I guess." She kept feeling these icecold glares on her back,front and sides.

"Come on slowpoke. you're suppose to show me around not the other way around." Luka grabbed her hand and pulled her up a little bit. she almost tripped but caught herself. still holding her hand the pinkette smiled playfully. Miku noted up that Luka was that kind of girl that were full of teasing yet playful energy.

"You know there's not that much to see. you could probably see the whole school in just ten seconds." at this Luka slowed down a little bit. not sure she knew why Miku turned her head to her. "What is it Luka?"

"Y-Yeah.. I probably could... though if I did that you wouldn't come with me?" what was she talking about?

"You're acting weird Luka.. was it something I said? whatever it was I take it back. I don't think it matches your image to look so depressed. come on, we're suppose to look through the school right? and no matter how small it may be we're going to look it over together. I'm maybe being a little over dramatic, but I wouldn't just leave you to look through it alone. I mean who's going to tell you what's what then?" Miku tightened her own grip on Luka's hand.

she didn't notice but this sent a shiver up Luka's spine. though it was a nice kind of shiver. she got showed around and laughed as Miku joked about one of teachers, who apparently always acted grumpy, and got even grumpier if he hadn't gotten any coffee that morning.

"And that pretty much concludes the tour of the school. told you it wasn't much to see."

"Oh, I think I saw alot. and at a great view." Miku raised her eyebrows in confusion but Luka just giggled. Good, seems like she's back to normal.

"well hello there girlfriend!" both Miku and Luka jumped as a blond girl jumped hugged the tealette from behind.

"Jesus Rin! do you have to scare me to death?"

"No, because I think you want to die like an old hag right?" Miku sighed and didn't notice Luka's look get very concerned.

"Rin! why do you always need to scare people? is that your first impression on everyone new?" Rin was quiet for a while.

"Nope! just you Miku dear." Miku was ready to strangle her but struggled away from her embrace instead.

"You're impossible Rin." the blond bowed.

"I try."

"Well anyway..." Miku turned to Luka who was smiling as best she could. "Luka this is Rin Kagamine. she has a twin, Len Kagamine.. where is Len anyway?" Rin shrugged and looked behind her.

"No clue. he got lost somewhere when I was searching for you." Miku doubted that. Len doesn't usually get lost. and suddenly it hit her, Len was her friend and she was a friend to Luka.

"Can those guys get more desperate? Luka can you wait here for a minute? I'm going to look for Len." she ran off before Rin or Luka could say anything. running down the halls and out on the schoolyard she looked around. and then she saw him. Len was by the school wall, surrounded by five other guys.

"Come on, tell us where your buddy is and we'll reconsider breaking your face." one of them said but Len shook his head.

"N-No.. I-I told you. I don't know where Miku is.. a-and if you're really this desperate t-then why don't you talk to the new girl yourselves?" either Len was being brave or he was being plain stupid. one of them raised their fist but it was there Miku intervened. she caught the boy's arm and stopped him.

"That's enough! he haven't done anything. you're after me right? so leave him alone!" the group turned to her and grins appeared on their faces.

"Well well here come's little Hatsune to save her dork for a friend. aren't that what they are Hatsune? all your friends are dorks." Miku crossed her arms in anger.

"Maybe they are.. and? is it something wrong with being a dork? and besides are you saying Luka is a dork now too?" their faces grew angrier and afraid of what they might do Len jumped on one of them.

"Miku-chan run!" but he was hit to the ground and the boys stopped her from running anywhere. one of them held her by the arms and the other raised his hand to hit her. Len wouldn't be able to get there in time and no one else would be able to either. Miku closed her eyes readying herself for the pain. but instead the boy grunted and fell down with a loud thud as he got hit in the chest.

"Five against two? that doesn't seem fair to me. and buddy you better let go of her." the boy let go of Miku and she fell to her knees rubbing her wrists. she then looked up into blue kind eyes. "I know you told me to wait but this didn't seem to go so good for you so.. I couldn't just stand there looking now could I?" she helped Miku up from the ground and went to help Len up. when the blond boy was up he looked on the boy on the ground.

"You knock him out?" she shrugged and put on a small frown.

"Don't really care. he seemed to be wanting you two to pass out or worse, so if he's pasted out I couldn't care less. and boys, we're going to class now and you should do the same. and do me favor.." they looked on her as she hugged Miku with a grin. "Don't mess with my friends please." they didn't say anything. Miku blushed and got away from the embrace, though Luka caught her hand and pulled her as she started running.

"Luka!" but the pinkette just laughed and continued her run. Len ran after them and as they got back into the building Luka drew to a sudden halt. that made Miku run past her and Len ran into her. still having the connection of their hands Luka fell right over her. as she got up on all four she looked down on shocked teal eyes. Miku's heart was going highwire and she felt the heat go up to her cheeks.

Luka stared at her for a while before she leaned downward. Miku's heart speed up and she seemed to have stopped breathing. Luka placed her face by Miku's neck and carefully sniffed on it. feeling Luka blow on her neck the tealette flinched but still didn't do anything.

"You really do smell different. and your neck looks good." was she hearing right? what does Luka mean by that? wait, what had Rin told her the other day? dead bodies and the only wound was two holes by their necks? Vampires suck blood from people's necks don't they? what the hell is she thinking, Luka can't be a vampire, they don't exist right? but Luka's breath on her neck made her think otherwise.

though all of a sudden Luka's eyes widened in realization. she quickly got up and ran away. Miku sat up confused and shocked. what the hell had just happened? Len was laying beside her apparently knocked out or something sense he wasn't moving. though she couldn't think of anything else then what just happened. or what could have happened.

she took a deep breath and after collecting herself she got up and pulled Len to his feet. after leaving him to the nurse she went to class. the teacher announced that Luka had gone home because she was feeling ill. Miku bit her lip and looked down on her hands. what if Luka really was a vampire? what would she do? she couldn't think of just ignoring or not be with the girl anymore, no she had to deal with it then right? but what if the pinkette was thinking of drinking her blood? no then she would have done it in the hallway.

Miku groaned and slammed her head on the table. why did these things have to happen to her? for the rest of the day she couldn't think of anything else then Luka and that wasn't helping her concentrate on what the teacher was saying.

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