Amazingly Miku was released from the hospital the next day. somehow her bandages was off her arm and head, she could only guess that she had accidentally ripped them off in her sleep, wich was strange. but because of that the doctors got to look on her arm and head wich was perfectly healed. she shocked and amazed alot of doctors. and even more, her wrist ,wich was suppose to have a crack in the bone, had been healing real good.

she still had a bandage over her wrist but she could pretty much move it. though it did hurt now and then. what amazed the doctors was how fast she healed. not that Miku really complained, she was glad to be out of the hospital so soon.

Miku walked out the door and down the street. she was going to school and even though her parents would want her home, she didn't want to be. so she had to talk them to letting her go. and a little afraid they'd change their minds once again she was in a small run. though after a few meters she grew to a halt. sensing something coming towards her she turned around.

only to see two deep blue eyes looking straight into hers. both were wide eyed and Miku gulped. 'great, can she be any closer to me? again! okay I have to calm down and back away, cause I do not want to kiss her! alright maybe I do but I'm not suppose to! Miku stop talking to yourself and back away idiot!' she blinked a few times to get her surprise away to finally be able to back a step back.

"H-Hi Luka..." she said and the pinkette looked like she was woken up from some kind of trance.

"O-Oh... hi Miku..." 'Baka! what the hell are you thinking? I just wanted to catch up to her, but don't stop just in front of her! luckily for you she backed away, or else you'd had kissed her dummy! remember how people in this period thinks of stuff like that.' Luka told herself trying to calm her racing heart down. "S-Sorry, I wanted to catch up to you so I kind of ran in that kind of speed."

Miku realized she was talking about the speed vampires have and took a deep breath. she just had to do that, why didn't she just call out for her?

"It's okay... ehm... so how you doing?" Miku asked, trying to get away the feeling of awkwardness between them. she remember Luka not being in the room when Miku woke up the morning in the hospital.

"I'm suppose to ask you that. sorry if I left without notice I just.. eh.. I had to get something done.." 'yeah right, you're just trying to cover up that you literally ran away as fast as you woke up. but maybe it was good that I did that, I was afraid I'd die when I found her so close to me. she was so adorable~' Luka could probably live on that memory alone for years. when she woke up she found Miku close up to her, sleeping, and Luka herself was hugging her. she remember blushing and quickly but carefully removing herself then running out. she swore if she had stayed any longer she would probably have lost control.

"Oh, okay that's fine. I just wondered sense you didn't even leave a note or something to tell me where you went." Luka face palmed and groaned. she knew she'd forgot something, though she was in a hurry.

"S-Sorry, I should have done that. but anyway are you alright? I was surprised when I heard you'd been released." Shrugging Miku folded up her arm and showed it to Luka.

"I'm fine, My arm is fully healed and so is my head. my wrist is almost healed just hurts a little bit still." the pinkette looked on her with amazed and shocked eyes. "I get that alot." Luka shook her head and looked away.

"I'm just surprised. normally humans takes ages to heal from such things." you could say Luka was surprised. she knew humans don't heal this fast, do they?

"I don't know." Miku said and shrugged. "I've always been a fast healer. you know I mentioned being hit with a car? when I broke my leg? it took me a month or so to recover from that... my parents often think it's something wrong with me for recovering so fast but no doctor can say what it is. the reason why I'm not doing a bunch of tests right now is because they've already done that multiple times, but no one can figure out why. so I would appreciate if you don't ask me to many questions about it." Luka said nothing, just looked on Miku for a while.

"Is that why you don't like doctors?" Miku stifled a growl.

"As fast as they got to know they didn't think twice about doing tests on me. I was just nine when it all really started.. one of them wanted to know so badly so he literally cut me just to see how fast I healed. I never told my parents about it so they took me back to the hospital for tests for a little while more, they just wanted to know if it was anything wrong with me, they never wanted me hurt. so they continued to take me there until the doctors gave up. and I've not trusted one single doctor ever sense." Miku shivered at the memory and Luka felt a little guilty for making Miku remember.

it was quiet for a while with Miku looking down on the ground and Luka just standing there looking sadly on her. "S-Sorry, Should we go to..." but the tealette stopped talking when Luka was no longer in front of her. instead the pinkette was behind her, putting her arms softly around Miku's neck. taking in the smell of Miku's hair Luka rubbed her face on the side of the human's head.

Miku was shot into silence, not being able to move. her heart was thumping so fast she was afraid it was going to bust her rib case. did Luka just seriously smell her hair or was it just her imagining things?

"Sorry... I didn't mean to make you remember such things.." Luka whispered and Miku placed a hand on the pinkette's arm. she wasn't going to make Luka release her, on the contrary, she pressed her arm a little closer and tightened her grip.

"It's alright.. you didn't know. besides I'm glad I got to tell somebody. I haven't told anyone about what happened in the hospital, not to mention the tests. the only thing my parents know about is that it involved being stung with needles. I got alot of that too, to be honest there were alot of doctors who got mad at me for not telling them how I recovered so fast, that's the main reason they cut me, just to study how fast I recovered.", Miku chuckled nervously.

"It could be small paper cuts to wounds as deep a nail. when it was all over my family and I moved away from that town. I blamed it on being hard in the school, but I really wanted to get away from the hospital there. and even now I kind of fear doctors, I know they don't have anything to do with what happened, but I can't help but to not trust them... that's why I was so cold to the doctor here." Luka didn't say anything, she just stood there, comforting the tealette the only way she knew how.

she didn't know much about human doctors, sense she hadn't been needing to ever go to one, but she knew they weren't suppose to act like that. she didn't even think about how fast Miku recovered anymore. she was sensing that Miku was troubled about remembering.

she didn't quite know why she cared so much about this peculiar human girl. all she knew was that she didn't want Miku to cry, nor for her to feel sad. she wanted to kill her brother for hurting Miku and making her cry like that. though when Luka thought about the fight a flash of red liquid pierced her mind.

gulping silently she realized she was actually by the tealette's neck. as she took a deep breath Miku's scent invaded her nose. her mind was growing blank, just as it had in the corridor the first school day. her mouth started going towards the humans neck as her breath started to quicken.

'no I don't want to! I don't want to hurt her!' she tried to resist but she just couldn't, it was just something with her neck that was very inviting. though a sudden laugh from the tealette made Luka wake up.

"Luka stop it! that tickles, seriously." Miku laughed trying to get away from the vampire. blinking a few times Luka pulled back and Miku took deep breaths as she recollected herself. "Geez... do you have to cheer me up like that?" still blinking, in a try to get rid of her confusion, Luka looked on the tealette who now had turned her face to her.

"Luka? are you alright?"

"H-Huh?" she said stupidly and Miku furrowed her eye brows and tilted her head slightly.

"Is something wrong? you're acting odd, usually in this situation you'd tease me." shrugging Luka shook her head in a try to get rid of the fog in her head.

"I-I'm fine.." she said releasing Miku and rubbed her eyes. 'she's a bad liar that's for sure.' Miku thought, still looking on Luka. "We should get going.." trying to smile she took Miku's hand and walked down the street. checking the clock Luka groaned. "We're going to be late at this speed... Miku?" looking up the tealette waited for her to continue.

"I know what we can get to school in time. but you need to promise me not to freak out, hold on tight and not struggle so I'll drop you." Miku didn't even get a chance to answer nor say against it before Luka picked her up in a bridal carry and started running.

to muffle her scream Miku buried her face by Luka's neck. she was very freaked out sense they were going as fast as a freaking racing car, if not much faster. she was also blushing because of the way Luka was carrying her. the vampire however was pretty pleased. Miku was so cute when she blushed.

after about ten seconds if not less they arrived at the school. "Ops, I overshot it.." Luka said and Miku opened her eyes. she was surprised to see they were on the school roof. and at the very edge as well. she wanted to scream but she only squealed quietly and hid her face again.

Luka looked down and saw that some of the students had gotten a look on them. she cursed silently to herself. she couldn't jump, or disappear all of a sudden. that would draw even more attention than being up on the roof. all of a sudden the door to the roof bashed open.

"Luka! Miku!" the sudden voice startled Luka so her foot slipped. feeling how they started falling Luka held Miku in an iron grip around her waist, while she reached with her free hand and caught the edge. it was really no problem for Luka, sense she had the strength of a vampire, but she had to pretend it was hard for her to hold them up.

she blinked towards Miku so she wouldn't feel to alarmed. Miku only nodded and held the pinkette around the neck for it to seem like she was holding onto Luka for dear life. shouts and screams was heard from bellow and someone quickly got to the edge where they were hanging.

"Damn it, I'm so sorry. here Miku-chan take my hand." it was Rin and Len.

"Rin you idiot! you don't shout to someone who's on the edge of a freaking roof!" Miku shouted and caught Rin's hand. though to be honest she felt much safer with Luka holding her then the hysterical blond.

"Geez, you sound very confident for someone who's about to fall to her death." Rin said as she pulled to get Miku up. nobody saw it but Luka helped to push Miku up, sense she knew neither Rin or Len could do it alone. (and if you wonder she's pushing her up by her feet.) well up they turned to get Luka up. but she was amazingly already halfway up.

"That was a little to close for comfort." She said as she sat down on the roof, a good ways away from the edge. Rin took a deep breath and looked on the two of them. they looked pretty fine for two people who almost fell off the school building.

"Can I ask what you were doing? and why it looked like Luka was going to drop Miku off the roof?" Len said and as fast as he said that Luka felt like hitting him full force, not caring if he would fall of the building without a head. sensing this the tealette growled and punched Len hard so he fell over.

"Idiot, do you really think Luka would drop me? if she had wanted that she wouldn't have saved me." Len rubbed his aching head and looked very apologizing on the pinkette. Miku cast a look on Rin who was having a quite teasing smile on her face. "Rin don't.." but the blond placed an arm around her shoulders.

"Did you guys just come to school from your honeymoon or something? cause it was a pretty bridal carriage there Luka-san." both blushed and Miku looked away.

"R-Rin! that wasn't.."

"Aw~ you're blushing darling. why didn't you invite us to your wedding?" Miku growled and pushed away Rin from her.

"S-Shut up, I-I was just about to fall and Luka caught me that's all.." she stammered and looked on Luka. understanding Luka nodded and covered her eyes, mostly so her blush wouldn't be to obvious.

"That's right... We were just talking while Miku balanced on the edge, though she slipped and I just quickly grabbed her. it was a coincidence that it ended up in a bridal carriage." she said forcing her voice to be stable. but Rin's smile didn't disappear.

"You idiots done talking?" they all turned. Luka and Miku starred while the twins only looked questioning on the new comer.

"Who are you?" Rin asked and the blue eyes smiled.

"Well, I'm someone who's gonna see to it that you guys get off the roof and to class. mostly because we have no idea where the classroom is do we?" Luka groaned when two others came through the door.

"Luka, Miku-san are you alright?" two boys came to their sides and helped the two up.

"Yes, we're fine Kaito. now I wonder what the hell you're doing here? Lily?" the long haired blond shrugged and smirked.

"We're here because Luki was seen just outside the school when you guys were dangling from the roof. and because we kind of wanted to start in school as well."

"Luka's brother?" Len asked and Lily looked on the two humans who she had almost forgot were there. she smiled and walked up to them. grabbing them by their clothes she pulled them up.

"Ow! hey be careful!" Lily chuckled and looked on Rin.

"Now now we don't want to fight. right?" to this Rin actually opened her mouth to say something but shut it and kept quiet. "Good girl." Lily patted Rin's head like she was praising a puppy. "Here, I won't eat em so you two can have em." Lily gave the two a mandarin and a banana. they quickly disappeared from Lily's hands and she smiled as they ate the fruits.

"She looks like a big sister to them don't she?" Gakupo said to Miku who only sighed.

"That's great. I've been trying to get Rin to shut up for years and here you guys come and she shuts up in a matter of seconds." Lily shrugged one shoulder and looked on Luka.

"Luki was here? why would he come to a human school?" Luka asked. the three vampires shrugged and looked over at the school gates.

"Don't know. but for whatever reason he was so indiscreet he appeared before the students. already some rumors are going around school." Kaito explained and Luka thought for a while.

"Maybe he wants Miku. he wasn't able to kill her after all."

"That's true but why would he go after her when he knows Luka's with her? I mean sure he doesn't care and thinks of her as a nuisance but he knows that Luka is much stronger than she was before, so why would he come after Miku when she got both us and Luka here." Lily pointed out and the three thought once again.

"Ehm.. what are you talking about?" Len's sudden question made them jump.

"Oh, nothing! nothing at all!" 'very discreet Lily.' Miku thought with a sigh.

"They're just talking about Luka's brother. Luki's been pretty shady lately and when me and Luka met him he was pretty drunk. so he almost killed me through one of his raging rampages. that's why I was in the hospital. and they just saw Luki outside school, they're just talking about for what reason that's all." Miku explained and shot a quick glare to the vampires for not being careful.

they all smiled nervously and looked sheepish.

"We need to go to class! let's go!" Luka took Miku's hand who took Len's, he took Rin's who took Lily's and she took hold of the two boys. they ran down the stairs and through the corridor. they got plenty of looks as Miku told Luka to slow down but she only laughed.

"I'm Lily, this is Kaito and Gakupo." they had reached the classroom and now the three vampires were introducing themselves. the teacher nodded and gave them the places where they would sit. and Miku just cursed her luck to have Lily sit at her side and Gakupo and Kaito sit in front of her. she was completely surrounded by vampires.

"Yo Miku, nice to sit by ya." Lily said giving Miku a quick wave. though she got a warning glare from Luka wich made her look in front of her again. the two boys also said hi to her and she only laid her head down on her desk. 'why does these thing happen to me?'

"Well Hatsune-san. seems like you know all of our new students so why don't you show them around after class?" Miku looked up and sighed but nodded.

"Yes... sure.." 'and let the staring begin.' she thought and put her hands over her head as she laid down on her desk. and as she predicted she felt piercing stares going through her from all around her. not only from the boys this time but also from the girls. this was going to make her insane. and after class the two new boys was overrun by girls.

Miku tried to get out of the crowd when someone grabbed her arm and pulled.

"And you're good!" Lily said and let her go. Luka took a deep breath and let go of Lily. "Geez, that's insane." Miku chuckled and shrugged.

"not as insane as when Luka came here. the boys were very desperate." Luka let out a half laugh and looked over on the two boys. they were desperately trying to get away. "Should we help? I mean it's not their fault they're totally insane." the two girls sighed and agreed.

"Yo!" Lily shouted and all the girls turned to her. she grinned and stuck out her tongue to them. "You're really slow. don't you see that those two already have dedicated their love to someone else?" she said and gave Miku a quick glance. "And now comes the part where we run off so they can't catch the two boys lover." she said and Luka caught the tealette into a bridal carriage and ran out of the classroom.

"I'll so kill Lily for this." Miku muttered as she buried her face into the crook of Luka's neck to not scream out in surprise when the pinkette started to run in the speed of light.

"And you're safe princess." looking up she sighed as she saw they were on the roof again.

"Didn't we just come down from here?" Luka let her down while she put on a teasing grin.

"Sure, though it's a nice view and I don't think anyone's going to look for you here. sense they don't expect for anyone to get up here so fast." Miku frowned slightly and sat down.

"They wouldn't be looking for me if Lily didn't pull that lover thing. I said we should help them but not so I get the crowd all over me. like I don't already." she muttered. Luka smiled and sat down next to her. though Miku avoided the blue gaze. plainly so she wouldn't hug her or do something weird. instead she uncovered her wrist and moved her hand a bit. it didn't even hurt anymore.

"Miku?" on reflex she turned her head.

"What is..." though she cut as she felt something barely touching her lips. Luka was a little shocked as well. she had been leaning over Miku's shoulder to look on her wrist and was about to ask if it hurt, but she didn't expect Miku to turn her head like that. non of them moved neither did they breathe, one sudden movement would make the distance between them disappear.

as much as Miku wanted that distance to just seize existing, she had to find a way to move away. Luka didn't know how much she wanted what Miku wanted but she was to occupied with the tealette's smell to even know her own feelings. being this close made the human's smell clear like a thick fog just lifted. this was bad, if she didn't move away she would probably...

Miku's eyes widened in shock as Luka's eyes slowly started to flicker red. slowly starting to breathe Miku opened her mouth to say something but the only thing that came out was a gasp as the pinkette started to place butterfly kisses on her neck. she bit her lip and tried to get away from her but she was using her strength as a vampire to hold her in place.

"L-Luka..." her breath cut as Luka licked on her neck and opened her mouth to bite. closing her eyes tight Miku waited for the pinkette to bite her. but suddenly she stopped in her tracks. her mouth inches away from Miku's neck but she was starring blankly in front of her. suddenly she gripped the tealette's school shirt tight and forced her mouth to close.

"N-No... I don't..." Luka whispered restraint clear in her voice. her heart was racing as she opened her eyes and noticed that Luka was shaking. it was faint but she was shaking. 'this can't be easy for her... she did tell me my blood attract her more than any other human's.' she thought and took a deep breath as she hugged the pinkette and drew circles on her back with her hand.

"It's okay Luka... It'll be fine.." she whispered reassuring words and tried to calm her friend as much as she could. oddly enough, after a few seconds Luka started to be able to move her own body again. slowly her glowing eyes faded and she withdrew her mouth from Miku's neck. she blinked a few times and then looked on Miku who was smiling towards her. "See? not so bad now was it?" Luka didn't speak, she just looked on her with quite confused eyes.

"Luka? hey, are you alright?" Miku started to get worried. she put a gentle hand on the pinkette's cheek and looked her in the eyes. "You're starting to scare me, Luka!" she slapped her lightly but she still didn't move. Miku tried shaking her a bit and waved her hand in Luka's face. "Wake up will ya?" she started to panic. though all of a sudden the vampire caught her in a bone crushing hug.

"I'm so sorry!" she almost shouted and Miku gave out a surprised gasp. now Luka was shaking again though it was from holding back tears. "I-I didn't mean to..." she trailed off and Miku didn't quite understand what she was so sorry about.

"What... are you talking about you idiot." she said and made Luka meet her eyes. "There's no reason for you to cry, come on.. isn't pure bloods suppose to be tough? stop crying." she said her voice soft and caring. she tried drying her friends tears with her hand as she kept the eye contact. mostly cause she wanted Luka to have something to focus on so she didn't drift away again.

"B-But.. I was about to... I could have hurt you.." she said grabbing Miku's arm. the tealette sighed and looked away for split a second before looking back.

"You're real stubborn when it comes to blaming yourself when you haven't even done anything."

"But I almost bit you!" Miku growled in irritation. this girl was really stubborn. she hugged Luka around the neck and shot her into shocked silence.

"You wouldn't bite me... I know that because I trust you, and if you did bite me it wouldn't be your fault. vampires drink blood and that's facts. and if my blood attract you so much so you lose it it isn't your fault." Luka could barely believe what she was hearing. Miku had just been exposed to how it was to have a vampire right by her neck, but she still didn't leave nor showed any sign of fear towards her.

this fact made her heart skip a beat and that weird human feeling overwhelmed her again. it made her heart beat faster in her chest and make her want Miku closer to her. she hugged the human back around her waist and nuzzled into her hair. they stayed like that for a while, not even caring about how long. the tealette was blushing lightly but given the situation she didn't care.

"Aw~ that's so cute~" the sudden voice made both of them jump and turn their heads. though Luka didn't let go off Miku's waist. Lily and the two boys were standing there by the door, the blond had a tilted head looking dreamily at them. blushing furiously Miku tried covering her face with on hand while the other rested on the pinkette's shoulder.

"Exactly how long have you been there?" Luka asked a little flustered as well.

"Not so long, a few seconds at least. don't worry we haven't heard the conversation if you've had one, we came up here and saw you two hugging and let me say it looked very cute~" Lily sang and the two blushed even more and Luka withdrew her hands so Miku could step away. though to Luka's surprise she didn't. looking on the human she was very flustered but she didn't move away from her position. a little confused but shrugging it off guessing Miku was to flustered to even move she put her arms around the tealette again.

"We just came to tell you class is starting shortly. and don't worry Miku the girls have probably calmed down and you'll be safe to move inside the room." Kaito said smiling towards her. though she barely noticed as she just nodded and then noticed Luka still holding onto her.

"W-Well... W-We should get to class then.." she stuttered and gave Luka a quick glance before she made the pinkette withdraw her arms and step away. she left the roof with the four vampires and when she arrived at the classroom she got glared on by the girls and then jumped on by Rin.

"Sense when did two freakin guys confess to you huh!?" groaning Miku face palmed and gave Lily a glare wich the blond just answered with one of her bright smiles. "Don't tell me you turned both of the poor guys down." she was about to speak when Lily cut in.

"Of course not, she said yes to Kaito didn't she ice cream head?" Lily turned to Kaito who blushed and gulped.

"I-I'm not so sure.. I-I mean.."

"Aw~ look he's shy. come on Miku reassure the poor guy." Miku was ready to kill Lily. though when she thought about it, if she said yes to this maybe she could forget about Luka. they are both girls and Luka is a vampire, so is Kaito but at least he's a boy.

"Sure.. why not..." she heard herself say and at this Lily stared at her not to mention Kaito did. though he slowly started to smile.

"W-Wait... the crazy girl with weird hair color say what?!" Rin said so loud so the whole class heard her. Miku shrugged and look on Kaito who had put on a rather stupid smile.

"I said..." she looked on Luka who also seemed very shocked. "Sure, why not, if Kaito wants to, if it's not just Lily making stuff up, sure..."

"I said it to mostly tease Kaito cause he told me... but to believe you actually said sure to a relationship... ehm.." Lily itched the back of her head and Kaito took a deep breath and walked up to Miku.

"I-I would love to know you better Miku-san. and to maybe be someone special to you.. I know we haven't really talked that much and stuff but... I thought you looked real cute and stuff the first time I saw you so... ehm... this is my confession, not Lily saying to joke..." Miku took a deep breath. she knew she had a crush on Luka but they were both girls she wouldn't feel the same anyway, the reason she's with her is because her blood is different and she wants to find out why.

but if she could learn how Kaito is maybe she would fall for him and then it wouldn't be any problem with them being the same sex or anything. sure this was pretty sudden but maybe it was for the best.

"Sure... I'm not sure about my feelings for you Kaito but as you said we haven't talked that much.. but I think you're a nice guy.. and when I get to know you better you may be more than just a nice guy to me." she said trying to smile. Kaito who seemed overjoyed hugged her gently and she hugged him back. many were quiet for a while until the boys in the class clapped and praised Kaito, while the girls started spreading rumors around.

"Thank you Miku.. I'll try my best.." Kaito said joy overflowing his voice. Miku let out a light giggle and looked over at Luka who was looking on her, a smile on her face though oddly enough it looked more sad then happy.

"Alright, I vote for a quick cheer for the new couple, and yes you too girls. I know you just lost a chance with him but come on be happy for him." Lily said and they all followed her example. though Luka was quiet during the cheer. she didn't know why but her chest was hurting and she found it hard to breathe. another human feeling she didn't recognize. but whether she recognized it or not, she knew it was triggered by Miku looking so happy with someone else then her.

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