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Chapter 1 (Good Bye)

Edward's Point of View

"I promise this will be the last time you see me. But if you could make me one promise and I'll make you one also. Promise me that you will be safe. Don't go looking for trouble. And I promise it will be like I never existed." Regretting my words, I grabbed her in an embrace and slowly went away and ran towards the opposite direction.

It was the most painful thing that I ever had to do. I hated lying to her but I knew this was the only way to protect her from me my family and Victoria. The dangers of my world. With one last glance I ran away.

Bella's Point of View

3 Months Later

I couldn't believe he said that. The pain in my chest became unbearable these last three months . I kept having nightmares and screaming like I was never going to wake up from the terrible ,dark dreams that were always pulling me in ,but ending in my sorrow. Every night was the same . It was Edward the last time I was with him I began screaming because I missed him so much and I couldn't handle it any more.

When I woke up from the vivid and terrifying nightmares every night I would wake up with sweat all across my body like I just ran a damn Olympic race. Out of breath and out of strength to do anything.

Then, I had an idea. I remember Ed the guy who left me on my very tragic 18th birthday the day jasper couldn't control himself and in the process him pushing me out of the way so I wouldn't get hurt but got hurt anyways.

Anyways before all of that I remember him saying who Carlisle hung out with before he knew any of the other Cullens. The Volturi who lived in Volterra Italy. It was the place where he would go if he knew something had happened to me and couldn't live with himself anymore.

He said thinking back "The Volturi was the closest thing that we have to royalty." They could be quit terrifying. Well back then I didn't approve of the idea but now for myself I actually thought of the idea.

But could I do it? I would miss Charlie, Mom, and Phil and my friends. Could I just pick up and go without anybody stopping me or holding me back? Could I do it and still be the same? Looking back at every thought and memory all I could feel was anger.

Anger at the Cullens leaving me, anger for them leaving me unprotected, and anger at them for deciding that I couldn't handle being the target of every bad vampire out there.

So, I just let my adrenaline and my instincts take over. I went up to my room and got a suitcase from my closet and packed some clothes and basic necessities that I would need and grabbed some money from the trust fund and collage money that I saved up from my job and went to my truck. Drove to the airport and bought a ticket.

And in the morning, I should end up in the very place that would be home – Volterra, Italy.